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programs and even though i have to be here and i have no choice i'm not giving up i'm staying strong. so with god's help everything will be ok. thank you in two final questions. what was your role in the u.s. as you see was the ultimate goal for you. what did you want to achieve going forward what was the ultimate agenda for you what have you achieved and was shouldn't have achieved. well i can so you that when it came to the u.s. . problem. i was looking for. something new to do in my life. you know i've been doing the same thing for five years. so. i decided to do something new.
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because. i believe i know how hard it must have been for him and to to raise money to help my family and me he's he's great i mean also. of my. close friends alexander my child the people who stood up for me and many many others but. you know i thought that i should get another degree and i only consider the u.s. or britain because they're famous for their universities so i have always believed and continue believing. in string thing. as probably every russian person i lost someone in the great war my.
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and father spent his entire life looking for the grave of his brother and he succeeded. turned out to be on the island i am against the war so i believe there should be between our countries. this was my goal and i expressed it openly and while i was in there. of course i came across obstacles because there were speculations about russia and i believe it's connected with the. domestic politics and the issues there and i have to choose another direction and before i got arrested. i got their permission to work in the u.s. and. i worked and it was a surprise i wanted to work in this field so after all of this is all
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over i am seriously considering it considering teaching. it's too early to speak about any specific plans. now will you file an appeal. will. be released on parole so that you can go back to russia in november. placed on the ice since the migration since all you'll be deported immediately. and when will you be deported and what you do back home well you've reported responded to that question partially that's the final question. well this is what my legal team is now working on and what you. know they are more knowledgeable. in the legal areas than i am so. we are considering filing the peel yes and. i'd
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like to again underline that please we are in need of financial support so if you can may be. the russian people or. organizations. so the next stage. is i'm going to be transferred to a transit center. or tomorrow. they will send me to. federal prison i will spend some time there. but after that. i know fortunately i can tell you what's going to happen and will really transfer me to an ice my graduation center i don't think they're going to even sell me about this i hope that from the federal prison i will be deported
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right back home. free or every every year you were given so-called good time so maybe i will be released on parole hopefully i will do you whatever i can. while i'm still here. i'll continue reading religious books and russian classical literature you won't believe me but this library has a lot of books so i read a lot of those so yes gave their month of of so. i rewrote all of them. and when they when they first got here i was learning gaining any again by hard just to keep saying so i'll probably also be working on doing some work in crimson troubled. least some sort of teaching because this is what my first
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degree about. i voluntarily told kids to pass their school exams. and after i come back to russia well time will tell you. as i said i think i'll turn to teaching at some point anything else you want to add. yes if you things i'd like to think everyone who supported me my family first of all and i mentioned you thank you for your support as well everyone who donated money everyone who has prayed for me i'm sure there are a lot of people like that and i feel your support i'd like to think our embassy for not. taking my political views into consideration they
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defended me as a russian national. and of course i'd like to mention all of my friends who are character witnesses on my trial they wrote you letters telling. me. what i mean and. you know the all the people who did not leave me in this hardship. and also my friend james bear for. he's right maintain close contact with me. and he supported me during my darkest hours rather was in solitary he talks to my parents and a. big thanks to him so this is all if you have any more questions.
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do we have any questions you think there was pretty extensive. can you hear me yes. the final question that we have. everyone's been talking about the mother report. any details with with us. any specific questions or you're not allowed to do so with the oscars. there are no restrictions. you know. i can tell you openly that they asked me about an article in the new york times where it. featured
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paul eriksson's e-mail and he wrote an e-mail to jeff sessions if i'm not mistaken so they asked me if i know anything about that letter and. you believe mr erickson had any information on russia i don't really i can't really tell you any details because i didn't know about this e-mail and they learned about it from the media still i have i had no idea about any of it and they were very surprised they said how come you didn't know well i didn't so there's nothing else i could say. or you know. you know or so. oh you you no one else not the attorney general no one. you didn't didn't ask me to lie so i told the truth i didn't know anything about it they
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didn't ask me about any specific people so there is nothing to say they're my crime is not registering as a foreign agent but otherwise there is no connection between me and then you know the cases thank you head of may holidays in victory in russia. he likes to congratulate you on these days and always remember that russians never give up thank you so much. thank you very much. oh me if you my parents. of course wanted me to take part in the mortal regiments march with them they've been doing that for a few years so happy victory day to you and god save you think you. did. fascinating conversation there i hope you
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caught most of it there maria boots speaking via telephone from u.s. prison where she rules on string questions fielded by news clips maria going through really the range of emotions she's been going through since she first learned that she was found guilty. of being an unregistered foreign agent by the u.s. government meaning that she would be spending eighteen months in prison she was speaking from a detention center where she's been for the past nine months but really some of the things she was seeing there are really making a heartfelt plea hoping to raise money for a possible appeal she says she's been spending up to twenty two hours a day in solitary confinement she now expects to be sent to a federal prison where and when that will be it seems that she's not aware of who
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we are not either she spoke of. when she eventually leaves prison hopefully as she said sooner rather than later she wants to become a teacher her parents grandparents had been her grandmother telling her that we're russian we will get through this so for the past thirty minutes or so we've been listening to maria russian gun activists essentially on a registered lobbyist in the u.s. who's in prison for the next dean months a fascinating conversation with people in moscow to her prison cell in alexandria virginia about the tension center. ok let's move on no five forty two pm here in moscow let's look at other stories where across this hour are u.s. army veteran has been arrested and charged in california over an alleged terror plot the justice department says the twenty six year old was planning
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a large scale neal bomb attack on a nationalist rally in los angeles mark steven domingo had served in afghanistan he recently converted to islam and was allegedly plotting attacks as well on christians jews the police justice department statement says domingo was seeking revenge for the shootings in two mosques in new zealand last month in online posts and in conversations with an f.b.i. source domingo expressed support for violent jihad a desire to seek retribution for attacks against muslims and their willingness to become a martyr according to the affidavit following an attack on a mosque in new zealand on march thirteenth domingo posted there must be retribution domingo is also alleged to have said he would swear allegiance to eisele if the group were in the united states it comes amid growing international figures by planned islamic state terror attacks muhammad should freak chief
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executive of the ramadan foundation in the u.k. believes the suspects army background might be partially to blame. there's a lot of stress disorder the psychological problems mental health that many officers who were involved in the army in the occupation in afghanistan and iraq would of the scenes that they would have seen the bloodshed in killeen and all of that include it would have had a profound effect on people because the authorities in the militaries around the world haven't been able to invest in mental health support posttraumatic stress disorder no support for those soldiers they are left to their own devices and in many cases there are people who are. left homeless living on the streets and psychological support it among the stories ahead saudi arabia hosts some investments summits with global finance chief seemingly deterred by last year's murder of journalist jamal khashoggi stay with us.
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now doing those manufacturing jobs also start to innovate because that's where the innovation happens on the factory floor so in the factories or been moved to china as you point out the china we've moved all of our jobs manufacturing over china now all the innovations in china so we don't it's not it's not created in california built in china is going to be created in china built in china. seem wrong. but i. just don't. get to shape out. and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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we're back with our team international supporters of the u.s. presidential hopeful bernie sanders have launched an online campaign for him to be the democratic nominee in the twenty twenty election they warn that otherwise if that doesn't happen they're going to vote for one donald j. trump. on the surface donald trump and bernie sanders seem like chalk and cheese polar opposites oh no trump has got to be defeated donald trump is a puff a logical lawyer are you embarrassed of us every single day crazy very he's crazy
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is a bed bug but you know he doesn't quit crazy bernie i tell you i got to hand it to bernie sold out to the devil so here's a shock for you donald trump is genuinely concerned about bernie sanders especially his nomination by the democrats in two thousand and twenty the democratic national committee sometimes referred to as the d.n.c. is again working its magic in its quest to destroy crazy bernie saunders for the more traditional but not very bright sleepy joe biden here we go again but this time please show a little more anger and indignation when you get trump has good reason to be concerned back in two thousand and sixteen twelve percent of bernie sanders supporters turned against hillary clinton and they ended up voting for donald trump donald trump wouldn't be sitting in the oval office without them and new polls show that history could repeat itself twenty six percent of bernie sanders supporters would not vote for elizabeth warren in the final election despite the fact that she
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has similar policies to her democratic rival and this growing overlap between trump and bernie supporters. seems to be a growing phenomena i'm seventy eight and have been waiting for bernie oh my life if it's not burning my vote goes to trump out of pure spite now i can believe it i have some trump voting friends who only said that if trump wasn't running they'd vote for bonus and as easily they have a lot of voter overlap even another democratic candidate in the race brought it up it just kind of turns you against the system in general and then you're more likely to want to vote. which could lead to somebody like you could lead to something like we've been finding out of people here in new york have noticed this trend i'm sure a lot of people are fed up with our current dysfunctional government people are fed up with their traditional politics over the last twenty thirty years just think because he's an outsider and he's against the system and he was like the year he was treated very badly during the two two thousand and sixteen election politics in
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the united states is taking an interesting turn seems that now a days voters are less concerned about what you stand for and what you represent as a candidate but rather about how loudly you speak up against an establishment with many detractors caleb mop and r.t. new york. after a year in the financial wilderness saudi arabia has been ushered back into the fold some of the world's biggest firms gave riyadh their seal of approval last week on investment for in their last year they boycotted this similar gathering over the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi you're sarrasin your correspondent right because they've. the smell of money can be intoxicated or even a year since the gruesome murder of washington post journalist jamal has shoji and the worldwide condemnation over a saudi official suspected role in it but it seems enough money can sway anything
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throughout last week who's who of the financial elite hunkered down together at a saudi financial summit i find it's a very important interesting place for us to build a relationship the transformation of the region has been quite amazing the list of speakers and those in attendance was impressive top dogs from banks including h.s.b.c. morgan stanley j.p. morgan chase sausage the asian our former e.u. prime ministers the vi p. real deal now juxtapose that with the conference the saudis held in october dubbed davos in the desert at was talk sic c.e.o.'s investors made their excuses left and right and center but not for long because the you resistible smell of money soon returned the factors issues in the press does not tell me i must run
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away from a place ironic given that he said that at the ritz hotel in riyadh where eighteen months ago dozens of saudi dissidents and royal rivals detained apparently tortured and forced to give up billions of dollars to the king so who cares if an outspoken journalist was butchered and dissolved in acid who cares if saudi arabia just executed thirty seven men reportedly for political reasons crucifying one of them whose saudi billions could be just the thing to make america great again. saudi arabia very rich country we defend them. and. they have nothing but cash. you know you have people wanting to cut off saudi arabia they've bought four hundred and fifty billion dollars i don't want to lose them i call the cain i like the king. i said king.
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we're losing our founding king and you have a lot of money. the it's bad for business is bad for everyone so perhaps goes without saying that with some things it's best to forget like murder torture mass executions and depression i mean put yourself in the very very expensive shoes the c.e.o. of investment firm blackrock manages more than six trillion dollars in assets trillion for reference the us government budget for next year is just under five trillion talking about trillions of dollars human rights and well just people generally become a little less important that's not to say the c.e.o.
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of blackrock is a bad guy now mr fink was recognized last november by the crisis response group the international rescue committee for his spirit and passion for humanitarian causes real people guy charity and all that said the smell of money trillions does crazy things to you so no you can go on boycotting and criticizing saudi arabia but the guys with the money hold the strings they're interested it's business as usual. the face of american diplomacy secretary of state mike pump alehouse claim that russians have been interfering in american politics since the one nine hundred seventy s. and will continue to pose a threat for decades to come. the russians interfered it happened in the run up to the election in two thousand and sixteen that we have the we have the mission now to make sure this doesn't happen in two thousand and twenty there were threats or
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elections ninety seven four right and they interfered or elections in the eighty's and we should expect in two thousand and fifteen twenty fifty the russians will be added still i must say i was stunned at his reference to nine hundred seventy four and the one nine hundred eighty s. what is he talking about i mean we're talking about the era of gus hall and the communist party when he ran for president was zero support and this was the time of the of the old soviet union what relevance does that have today the idea of putting more sanctions round by round is simply this that russia is our eternal enemy they were our enemy under the soviet time their enemy and now they will be our enemy in the future this is kind of a manichean binary mindset that is simply has no place in a rational political discourse or i different story but in a similar vein norway is also preparing for some russian meddling to surface on apparently quite literally it this time in the form of
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a friendly beluga whale approach fishermen off the coast sporting camera munt on a harness bearing the name of russia's northern capital fishing for the fox here said the potential. here's a situation a cute white sea mammal starts playing with a couple of fishing boats. are the only. creature clearly wants to grab people's attention and even tries to pull straps and ropes. the crew treats the little whale with some yummy snacks but realizes it's probably peeved by the tight harness around its body. it takes a while and some real effort. to take the straps off the unfortunate friend the white chap swims away enjoy the harness clip is branded equipment st petersburg
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which turns out to be a real russian firm making extreme sports equipment now how about this story. a group of norwegian fishing vessels have survived an attack. alas the boat the tide harness round its body with the name of the lot of our putin's hometown on it made locals think the whale was a russian navy weapon norway is now on high alert amid fears russia could have trained entire teams of sea creatures for spying and combat missions some of you might roll your eyes and think what a weird paranoid freakout well i'll tell you what pretty much all the media out there reported the encounter of norway's northern coast and in some cases my impression of the catchy coverage wasn't too much of an exaggeration whale found off noways coast believed to be spying for russia has
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a new alleged russian spy it's a below go in colonel bellew golf of course if it says st petersburg on that thing the cute creature must be a russian spy or not to underestimate weapon is probably a better word the nuke a whale found wearing a harness to carry a camera could be russian weapon. whales trained by russia's military may be harassing fishermen from nato ally in no way ok i'll tell you a secret the likes of the russian or u.s. navy's started training sea mammals for things like the mining rescue operations spotting underwater threats decades ago just google it but it never really put their neighbors in panic mode this time though beluga whale with russian harness raises alarm in norway i just hope those who wrote those do stay away from some of the following displays of russian humor.
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you know watching our tea from moscow i mean enemy with our headline stories in less than two minutes. they can come and blow our brains out at any given time if we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill people. war illegally get away with. the whole of the fire crawls
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stillbirth you all the trouble here's briefly all the points it's hollow following the k.k.k. what exists because america wanted to exist the of the biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country and they're dead to me they're worse all than the people who destroyed the world trade centers of the scroll while. the people that are now doing those manufacturing jobs also start end of it because that's where the innovation happens on the factory floor so the fact that floors been moved to china as you point out the b.t.o. let china end that we moved all of our jobs manufacturing over china now all the innovations in china so we don't it's not it's not created in california built in china is going to be created in china built in china.
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it's. going to. be. a brick. news this hour on r t international venezuela's self-proclaimed interim president. calls for a military all pricing while the government saying it's putting down a coup ten. also ahead on the program the russian national jailed in the u.s. for working on known registered foreign agent has been fielding reporters' questions maria explained how she was quizzed by investigations and how she coped with solitary confinement. a u.s. army veteran turned alleged sympathizer is arrested in california for plotting attacks against christians and jews officials.


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