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tv   News  RT  April 30, 2019 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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breaking news this hour on our international venice will a self-proclaimed interim president. receives the backing of the us he calls for a military all pricing while the government saying it's putting down a coup ten. also ahead on the program the russian national jailed in the u.s. for working registered foreign agent has been fielding reporters' questions. explained how she was quizzed by investigations how she coped with solitary confinement. a u.s. army veteran turned alleged sympathizer is arrested in california for plotting attacks against christians and jews officials believe he was seeking revenge for
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the new zealand mosque shooting. your tuning in from right around the world this hour and a warm welcome to moscow and to our to international my names you know. we begin with breaking news on the program venice wheelus self-proclaimed interim leader of house call for a military operation describing it as a final phase right now just look at some live pictures from caracas there have been claims of shots fired. between the police supporters of. the interim president the government say it is quote putting down a small attempt by army traitors who are working with right wing oppose so you can see just some of the action there. the army trying to clear the
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road of opposition protesters now one my dog who declared himself leader in january after the speech of the elections was flying to earlier in the morning by soldiers on a highway near the. base in caracas also there another prominent opposition figure leopoldo lopez who's been under house arrest since twenty four dean in a three minute video posted online wide oakland he's not getting military support. today brave soldiers brave patriots brave people who are following our constitution i'm sure in the cool today the armed forces are standing behind the people and the constitution. well in the very contrast to the president maduro says he's talked to military leaders who said they affirm their loyalty to the people the constitution
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and their homeland the u.s. government accuses neighboring colombia of plotting the uprising after the leader there a call for the venezuelan armed forces to bach. but the defense minister in caracas is the army will not betray maduro that would stand firm in defiance of the constitutional order and peace of the republic assisted by the law resume and history always loyal never traitorous. well u.s. national security advisor john bolton tweeted a reply appealing to the venice will an armed forces to protect the people all secretary of state might bump said the u.s. government supports quote the quest for freedom other latin american countries including argentina chile peru of all so called for the army to block to brazil seize it sorgen ising an urgent government meeting to discuss the situation or
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comment from the russian embassy in venezuela as well as come in stating the president has the situation under control the army still stands behind him opposition leader one by two has been courting support from the united states and a number of european nations since making his first move in january invoking the venezuelan constitution president material but still only the twenty one from eighteen alexion to cling to power since then the material governments face pressure not least from washington which is accused of meddling in its affairs. a military intervention. let's get some analysis on the program right not political journalist check joins us we're happy to do always good to have an expert at close that program when something like this happens one why do you heard there are very very
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prominent this morning just those of us when i was waking up essentially calling for a military why do you think he has the confidence after some weeks of relative calm to do this he believes he's got the military on his side does he. well i don't think you know. actually from my point of view this is. the united states and also colombian president. declared that he supports the military on prosing so-called military uprising in fact if you look at the situation it is east got outkast which is. really an area of the capital city oakland has little of it. behind him and the most of this of these actually quite this is psychological there are that why your people like you
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a lot of the law are spreading. across and there are going to swell up well it will hold it will sit there lay by the opposition so-called opposition. by the united states that it's now or never. it appears that it will be no more because the student gentleman should be and movie roles likely to us that and tried for three reasons after what they are doing they're basically calling for a cool they are. a lot the small group of the military officers of and as well an army of basically the same scenario that the girl had in america seventy three and she were already chaplain or else throw. it in the chest this very this very dangerous for this not only as dangerous as he would like us the well that's what i was going to ask you just this could get
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following that statement by quite open because we've heard i'm just looking at some live feeds coming in that shots have been fired that was responded with tear gas by authorities as well there trying to clear some roads in the meantime as you said you believe that this will not be. fully fledged op rising but tensions are high there had been calls for people to come i don't in the streets today anyway how bad will this get. oh i think this is going to finally lead studer to more much more of this isis were action all of our tool for venezuelan government look at the latin america in the last several years ago surely a back of that they were drawn to reduce their own composition from abroad from our back before and gone through its look at brazil on the bar. she was basically the
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people's through to constitutional coolidge also which was back to the united states of the us and she did not think the result is so the situation which we have now of rule of the silver as a result of the companies being basically planted at the internally and from the worse so when israel should not allow this to have a hero of the situation very closely and i believe they will not allow just another aspect to really get your thoughts on under the leader of colombia has called on the venezuelan army to give their backing to quite oh what interest could bother to have in venezuela. well we'll go to has a great interest already for many years somebody still going through sort of those early day and night a while or a little bit as little of what is a socialist going through or just promoting go into the passion was sort of like serials promoting planned out it was a more liberal spurlock but of all the african heads of what is the early spring all the good the nationalism pulling down a lot that america along the other hand is
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a puppet of the rest of the globe that all the rest of go this particular of the united states it is flooding to bring nato to south america which is absolutely shameful act and. will basically these two go on the most are the balls that are going to stick or move to god because of the. america because brazil is a different story brazil has all that i president of the brazilian army still are i believe sympathetic to the earth through the area revolution i mean but has little or. brazil and there be t. be there on the other syllable or their model so that it will see corporate exert it will probably will sort out who is going to send the army to brazil there will be uprising yes so many facets to this story thanks for taking us through some of them political analyst and journalist and dreadful check. thank you so much. u.s. army veteran has been arrested and charged in california over an alleged terror
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plot the justice department says the twenty six year old was planning a large scale neal bomb attack on a nationalist rally in los angeles mark stephen domingo and served in afghanistan he recently converted to islam and was allegedly also plotting attacks on christians jews and the police a justice department statement to mingle was seeking revenge for the shootings in two mosques in new zealand last month. in online posts and in conversations with an f.b.i. source domingo expressed support for violent jihad a desire to seek retribution for attacks against muslims and their willingness become a martyr according to the affidavit following an attack on a mosque in new zealand on march thirteenth domingo posted there must be retribution domingo is also alleged to have said he would swear allegiance to if the group were in the united states and quote it comes amid growing international
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fears of a planned islamic state terror attacks mohammad shafi chief executive of the ramadan foundation in the u.k. told me earlier he believes the suspects army deployment in afghanistan could be partially to bring. those a lot of stress disorder the psychological problems mental health that many officers who were involved in the army in the occupation in afghanistan and iraq would of the scenes that they would have seen the bloodshed in killeen and all of that included would have had a profound effect on people and because the authorities in the militaries around the world haven't been able to invest in mental health support post-traumatic stress disorder no support for those soldiers they are left to their own devices and in many cases there are people who are left homeless living on the streets and their psychological it is not being supported by. the russian national jailed in the united states for working as an unregistered foreign agent has been answering reporters' questions by phone. i did not accept back to the
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sentence to be this harsh for not registering as a foreign agent i got the same sentence as the person who sold secret information to the chinese government it was the same sentence eighteen months i think it's absurd. we're finished that was one of the people around. table in moscow of the conference call i was listening in as well maria fascinating thirty minutes or so took us through some of the key coalmines made by maria. well hi union first of all i have to say that i was maria's first abrogating to view since her arrest in july last year she was uncertain question via telephone from a detention facility in the us where she is now being held on syrian question is
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handed to her in advance by different news outlets including r t but she started with ease to greetings couldn't those who are celebrating these days together with the russian orthodox church mentioning that although in a jail she managed to make kind of a cool each. a special russian easter cake and she was very happy about it but the questions the first one was the most over this one one why at all maria pleaded guilty. instead of insisting on her being innocent and as you remember last friday she was sentenced to eighteen months in jail for failing to register as a foreign agent whatever that means as she said and we also heard that from the re is a lawyer of course acting as an agent on behalf of a foreign government ease of validation of the u.s. laura but as the lawyer says the law doesn't make it clear exactly what kind of actions what kind of acts could be considered as
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a violation in this case so it doesn't clarify anything and this is why this case has been very unclear. so but he she was sentenced to eighteen months in jail office she had pleaded guilty in december and she explained today that he was a common sense choice between two evils let's take a listen. i was confined to my cell and for two hours. i had to take a shower to use the phone it's very hard psychologically speaking well i decided to go for instead of insisting on innocence since i accepted the deal well the maximum sentence would have been five years otherwise it could have been as much as fifteen so i think any sensible person would have done the same thing. there was also
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a question about the connection between money. and mahler teen this is a group of special investigators investigating russia's madelyne alleged meddling in the us elections of two thousand and sixteen of the name of the team was mentioned by the federal judge to sentencing the reader to eighteen months in jail and the question was how was the ria connected to their investigation and hears her on. people from the miller's team talked to me for five minutes total. and as everyone knows i was not mentioned in this report in any way so you know there's no relation between my case and this report the whole questioning two five minutes total the closer folders and never called back when they came back . there were several questions of course about challenges has been facing
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while than detention centers physical intellectual emotional psychological and surprisingly she told the journalist that she tried and she actually managed to invest time in detention facilities to educate herself to improve her knowledge is she spent. so much time in the libraries of reading and she also is sad that. she felt the support from her family and from all those people who were on her side so she was very optimistic about that let's take a listen. i made every minute counts so i had this little sheet of paper with my schedule so i put my time on this is the
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only way not to go crazy is to get busy so i exercise for an hour and a half pull ups and whatever you could do in a small so reading of course. marie you're already served nine months out of her eighteen month sentence and there was a question about what she's going to do you what when she's finally freed and she said she hopes that once she is released she will be immediately deported to russia and she's right now thinking about a teacher. back to you. and talking is true to your conference earlier in the day with maria but. supporters of u.s. presidential hopeful bernie sanders of launched an online campaign for him to be the democratic nominee in the twenty twenty election they warn that otherwise
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they'll vote for donald trump here's artie's killer pop in with what we know. on the surface donald trump and bernie sanders seem like chalk and cheese polar opposites all of those got to be defeated donald trump was a pup a logical lawyer really embarrassed of sorts every single day crazy very he's crazy is a bit but you know he does it with crazy bernie i tell you i got to hear the dirty sold out to the devil so you. as a shock for you donald trump is genuinely concerned about bernie sanders especially his nomination by the democrats in two thousand and twenty the democratic national committee sometimes referred to as the d.n.c. is again working its magic in its quest to destroy crazy bernie saunders for the more traditional but not very bright sleepy joe biden here we go again but this time please show a little more anger and indignation when you get trump has good reason to be
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concerned back in two thousand and sixteen twelve percent of bernie sanders supporters turned against hillary clinton and they ended up voting for donald trump donald trump wouldn't be sitting in the oval office without them and new polls show that history could repeat itself twenty six percent of bernie sanders supporters would not vote for elizabeth warren in the final election despite the fact that she has similar policies to her democratic rival and this growing overlap between trump and burning supporters seems to be a growing phenomenon i'm seventy eight and have been waiting for bernie oh my life if it's not burning my vote goes to trump out of pure spite now i can believe that i have some trump voting friends who always said that if trump wasn't running they'd vote for bonus sound as easily they have a lot of voters over the top even another democratic candidate in the race brought it up it just kind of turns you against the system in general and then you're more likely to want to vote. which could lead to somebody like you could lead to something like we've been finding out of people here in new york have noticed this
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trend i'm sure a lot of people are fed up with our current dysfunctional government people are fed up with their traditional politics over the last twenty thirty years just think because he's an outsider and he's against the system and he was like do you know he was treated very badly during the two two thousand and sixteen election politics in the united states is taking an interesting turn seems that nowadays voters are less concerned about what you stand for and what you represent as a candidate. but rather about how loudly you speak up against an establishment with many detractors kaleb mopp and r.t. new york we keep the news rolling in seconds time this is our two interest. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't. get to shape
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out. come out ahead and in the game because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic to follow only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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twenty eight to a record year for global military spend heading highs not seen since the end of the cold war according to the annual report by the stockholm international peace research institute the u.s. and china are responsible for huff of the one point eight trillion dollars spent last year on the big spenders lists that washington and beijing are followed by saudi arabia india and fronts those three states make up iran ten percent of the cash used to develop armies make weapons and other military equipment and russia is on its side the top five down from fourth to six on cut spending by three and a half percent. in contrast the u.s. and china both increasing their funding by around five percent the first time
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washington had boosted spending since twenty ten. with us now on the program happy to see is dr ninety one researcher for the institute that produced the military spending report welcome to the program the one point eight trillion dollars spent globally that was i think about incentives two point six percent rise from twenty seventeen worrying. well it's not worrying given. the growth rate over the last few years it is the second consecutive year increase what gets people talking is that the increase is very much due to the u.s. and of course china and the us of course is beginning it's a very costly arms acumen and you can one say she program which for the next thirty years could cost between one went to the one seven trillion dollars which is almost the entire global spending this year. is it a significant enough rise to be called
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a new arms race as we're hearing. it is a significant rise compared to the global low that we saw in one nine hundred ninety eight it's been increasing since that roughly. and it's more of a race between china and the u.s. given that the china is looking to assert its up as a regional and global malicious pop and that and just the u.s. global severe influence. why do you think just two nations make up fifty percent of the total spending. while the u.s. has a lot of interests around the world you see it in europe see it in asia pacific some us up americas and even africa in the way the u.s. has its global military presence west china look to challenge us looking to improve its capabilities through better weapons high quality weapons more weapons so in a way these two countries the biggest economies in the world nationally will be
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considered the largest spenders how is the near future looking you know we're almost halfway through twenty nine thousand do you expect the report to show another rise in military spending for this year. we believe that the u.s. will continue to increase as part still in the parts of its procurement around china will continue to increase military spending in line with g.d.p. growth so as to be increased as china will increase russia would use a lot we saw decrease this year is beginning again another arms cumin and monetization program and so we proceed russia's going to increase in twenty nineteen twenty twenty so overall you will see these three countries spending upwards in the future you know that's interesting just on russia. i know you've just alluded to it there but is it encouraging that that countries like russia for two years in a row have cut back spending because taking the big picture to kind what does that actually change does it encourage others to cut back in a likewise manner or are in fact grasp an opportunity to advance their spending.
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well one of the issues is that you come to russia most of central and eastern europe still see russia as threats and so even though russia is reducing its spending most of the countries such as the end of the way romania bulgaria and create are still increasing its spending and given the major threat that it's uses russia. how much does a g d p have a bearing a want to spent on the military you know what we what we talk about really industrialized western countries switzerland scandinavia for instance. what these kind of spending around one point two to one point two percent of g.d.p. on the military if you look at russia it's almost at all percent of g.d.p. us it went or percent and then the highest in saudi arabia almost nine eight six percent. ok just kind of what what were your initial thoughts when you saw the
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final study on this for twenty. well we saw that the. interesting will go into an interesting period where we will be seeing major increases in some of the maybe the biggest will pass in the world u.s. it china. cummings increases in russia so very much a concern for us that the world is reaching a new record high. thanks very much for your time and talking us through that to from the stockholm i should get this right now and shouldn't i it's important the research at the stockholm international peace institute bringing us a live reaction on the program this hour dr none. a lot of us are law from we'll keep you right up to date on what is happening right across including that breaking news from venice will air in thirty minutes time stay with r.t. international.
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holiday international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries. media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for all terms of media or part of a global news conference to participate and send us your published works in video rich and folks go to award dot altie dot com and enter now. this is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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demand that seems cool sets. especially objects from the me. on the i knew that that is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. what politicians to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to. have to go right to the press was like before three in the morning can't be good. i'm into. the holes in the law.
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i am x. times are this is the kaiser report what happens when you combine five g. satellites and artificial intelligence dystopian nightmare or a liberating technology let's find a space well one certainly finds competition for american corporations that apparently we can't compete against so it's my way or the huawei i like my way always that is in the title my way or the huawei how us all to made em over china's five g. giant fell flat in south east asia apparently southeast asia is ignoring the u.s. threats to not use five g. that the fire.


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