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tv   News  RT  April 30, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing. to the max and stacey. breaking news on our international event self-proclaimed interim president. receives the. rising of the government itself it's. ten. russian national jailed in the u.s. for working on the registry of foreign agents been feeling reporters' questions. she was quizzed by the investigation how she coped with solitary confinement.
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that's coming up a u.s. army veteran. is arrested in california for plotting attacks against christians jews officials believe he was seeking revenge for the new zealand truth . to the world this is your our international pleasure than your company thanks for choosing us freeing news updates i mean you know neal we begin the news on the program venezuela self-proclaimed interim leader called for a military our pricing describing it as a final phase clashes have been folding in the capital caracas where protesters threw rocks on the authorities the poitier guess.
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but our senior correspondent iraq as the of joins us now for more on this rather run may day no in caracas a few hours on from not an initial call from why to how do things stand well it's still very tense the situation is volatile clashes continuing in. very worrying scenes today. of cocktails flying around the capital we saw vehicles on fire military vehicle boss. we also saw military vehicles run over protesters earlier on there's this shooting you can hear it quite clearly in
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almost any video coming out of the venezuelan capital as i say very very tense situation no concrete information on casualties yet if anyone's been killed or injured i suppose you know that will come once things settle down a little bit but as i say very tense the capital is also on a state of alert the metro has been shut down parts of it because of the security situation protesters tried to storm a military base as well we saw clashes there wielding machetes and with sticks with stones molotov cocktails but. judging by the footage they were beaten back as i say it's back and forth now police in the military holding their lines against protesters i've got to say though there are tens of thousands of people out in the streets it seems like. it's a small group from most of the pictures. we've been seeing. all of this started
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earlier on when the self-proclaimed president of venezuela. he came out with a video backed ringed by a number of soldiers and proclaim that this is the last thing is of his uprising against the venezuelan government and president maduro. was today brave soldiers brave patriots brave people who are following our constitution and answering the call today the armed forces are standing behind the people and the constitution by all accounts you know a successful revolution may be a little bit overambitious for him at this stage there aren't many soldiers that came out and switched legions and joined him but the soldiers that have say that they don't want a confrontation but that they're backing him why do and the people. this
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is own presence here is only to guarantee that the voice of the bin is well and people will be heard but worse is coming from all of us as united people we want to move forward we want peace and you don't want to confront. from what we understand. these soldiers a small group of them haven't joined in on the clashes in the clashes and so far it's been civilians protesters against the military which is by and large this is being confirmed by embassies and the minister of defense sticking by. the president of venezuela the government has been saying it's responding to a small coup that was their response they're sticking with it seems just judging by the pictures the reaction has been trying as you say shooting on the metro some
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roads as well that's essentially at the information that we can verify and that while the that is a real and government has acknowledged that there has been this coup attempt that they've said that a small group of soldiers have mutinied have committed treason and that they will be addressed the before the days out that is what they said. they're also saying that the military is almost entirely still backing still loyal to the president nicolas maduro so why do calls for the military to. to switch to his side so far they've gone unheeded. stand firm in defiance of the constitutional order and peace of the republic assisted by the law reason and history always never trait.
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these protests have been going on since january when nicolas maduro who was inaugurated for a second term then. why do proclaimed himself president the new president of venezuela he was quickly recognized by the united states most immediately in a number of countries that groups the fifty countries in food more than a month now it's the same fifty countries recognize. as the president of venezuela. the international can most other countries. consider to be the president of venezuela and we've seen these escalations now for a while. clashes in the streets big protests huge crowds for model and for do but as i say there's been this stalemate and this is just the latest escalation it's been generally accepted quite a would not be able to without it i cite help take over at the country even by
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states that support him i think the acknowledge that his call it was it was a call for arms first of all but also it seems to be a popular uprising because there were going to be already marches planned for today what's been the reaction to this internationally so far what we know well it's been expected within an hour top u.s. officials the national security advisor john bolton foreign secretary they came out and they said we wholeheartedly back what do is doing leading a coup staging a revolution they said we fully back him because this is the will of the venezuelan people because this is the millions that support. but this is been the u.s. ally and they've backed him from the beginning apparently financing his operations offering him support and counsel. he's visited the united states repeatedly
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other latin american countries as well european nations fifteen all as i mentioned but other countries turkey china russia they support model he's the acting president he's the legally elected president and they're urging for car. ok thanks for taking us through it. yeah developing day very much in venice we are senior correspondent rutgers the of bring us right up to date on our thanks rob. well just staying with the story i spoke earlier to political analyst chris bambery he believes the silence that we have been hearing for quite a while from washington and europe over go i doze our pricing is hypocritical or issue venezuela is the loyalty of the army because the army is central to the maintenance of the existing we do rule regime there or why in the army that is
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a strength it's also weakness the interesting thing is the silence from washington paris london bowl in madrid over over all this i mean just just imagine you and. the cattle and president appeared in front of a bunch of armed soldiers i don't know if he was launching a military opera seemed to break away from spain there will be complete his styria in brussels and we're poker see here is utterly amazing this man is basically say he wants to institute a civil war to overthrow the existing government he's back to the recognized as the president by the by the west the united states there we inquired about this. moving on. the russian national jailed in the us for working as a non-registered foreign agent has been answering reporters' questions by phone. i did not expect a the sentence to be this harsh for not registering as a foreign agent i got the same sentence as the person who sold
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secret information to the chinese government it was the same sentence eighteen months i think it's absurd he was maria's first aberrate interview since her arrest in july last year she was uncertain question via telephone from a detention facility in the us where she is now being held uncertain the question was handed to her in advance by different news outlets including r t the first one was the most over this one why at all maria pleaded guilty instead of insisting on her being innocent and as you remember last friday she was sentenced to eighteen months in jail for failing to register as a foreign agent often she had pleaded guilty in december and she explained today that it was a commonsense choice between two evils since i accepted the deal while
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the maximum sentence would have been five years otherwise it could have been as much as fifteen so i think any sensible person would have done the same thing but there was also a question about the connection between me. and the mohler team this is a group of special investigators investigating russia's alleged meddling in the us elections of two thousand and sixteen of the name of the team was mentioned by the federal judge who sentenced maria to eighteen months in jail and the question was how was the ria connected to their investigation and here's her on. people from the millers team talked to me for five minutes total and as everyone knows i was not my. in this report in any way there is no relation between my case and this report the whole questioning took five minutes total the closer folders
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and never called back and never came back there were several questions about the challenges maria has been facing in a prison emotional intellectual physical psychological and maria said that she had tried and actually had managed to invest the time and attention facilities to educate her spending time the libraries reading and learning but she said that the main goal was to keep her safe and to save her mind what i made every minute counts so i had this little sheet of paper with my schedule so i put my socks on this is the only way not to go crazy is to get busy i exercise for an hour and a half pull ups and whatever you could do in a small so reading of course. marie you're already served nine months out of
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her eighteen month sentence and there was a question about what she's going to do you watch when she's finally freed and she said she hopes that once she is released she will be immediately deported to russia and she's right now thinking about a teacher and career. to another story we're closely following today a u.s. army veteran has been arrested and charged in california over an alleged terror plot the justice department say the twenty six crew was planning a large scale new york bomb attack on a nationalist rally in los angeles mark stephen domingo had served in afghanistan you recently converted to islam and was allegedly also plotting attacks on christians jews the police a justice department statement was seeking revenge for the shootings in two mosques in new zealand last month. in online posts and in conversations with an f.b.i.
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source domingo expressed support for violent jihad a desire to seek retribution for attacks against muslims and their willingness become a martyr according to the affidavit following an attack on a mosque in new zealand on march thirteenth domingo posted there must be retribution domingo is also alleged to have said he would swear allegiance to isel if the group were in the united states it comes amid growing international fears about planned islamic state terror attacks mohammed should feet chief executive of the ramadan foundation in the u.k. told me he believes the suspects on the deployment in afghanistan could be partially to blame. there's a lot of stress disorder the psychological problems mental health that many officers who were involved in the army in the occupation in afghanistan and iraq would of the scenes that they would have seen the bloodshed in killeen and all of that included would have had a profound effect on people because the authorities in the militaries around the
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world haven't been able to invest in mental health support posttraumatic stress disorder no support for those soldiers they are left to their own devices and in many cases there are people who are left homeless living on the streets and their psychological it is not being supported. join us for more global news after this.
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the people that are now doing those manufacturing jobs also start end of it because that's where the innovation happens on the factory floor so the fact that floors been moved to china as you point out the b.t.o. let china in we've moved all our jobs manufacturing over china now all the innovations in china so we don't it's not it's not created in california built in china dallas going to be created in china built in china. or back with an intriguing old update supporters all the u.s. presidential hopeful bernie sanders have launched an online campaign for him to be the democratic nominee in the twenty twenty election they were not otherwise
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they'll vote for trump you're shocked. on the surface donald trump and bernie sanders seem like chalk and cheese polar opposites although trump has got to be defeated donald trump is a puff a logical lawyer really embarrassed a sauce every single day crazy bernie he's crazy is a bed bug but you know he doesn't quit crazy bernie i tell you i got to hand it to bertie sold out to the devil so here's a shock for you donald trump is genuinely concerned about bernie sanders especially his nomination by the democrats in two thousand and twenty the democratic national committee sometimes referred to as the d.n.c. is again working its magic in its quest to destroy crazy bernie saunders for the more traditional but not very bright sleepy joe biden here we go again but this time please show a little more anger and indignation when you get trump has good reason to be
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concerned back in two thousand and sixteen twelve percent of bernie sanders supporters turned against hillary clinton and they ended up voting for donald trump donald trump wouldn't be sitting in the oval office without them and new polls show that history could repeat itself twenty six percent of bernie sanders supporters would not vote for elizabeth warren in the final election despite the fact that she has similar policies to her democratic rival and this growing overlap between trump and burning supporters seems to be a growing phenomena i'm seventy eight and have been waiting for bernie oh my life if it's not burning my vote goes to trump out of pure spite now i can believe that i have some trump voting friends who always said that if trump wasn't running they'd vote for bonus sound as easily they have a lot of voter overlap even another democratic candidate in the race brought it up it just kind of turns you against the system in general and then you're more likely to want to vote for this which could lead to somebody like bernie can we do
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something like we've been finding out of people here in new york have noticed this trend i'm sure a lot of people are for. fed up with our current dysfunctional government people are fed up with the traditional politics over the last twenty thirty years just think because he's an outsider and he's against the system and he was like the year he was treated very badly during the two thousand and sixteen election politics in the united states is taking an interesting turn seems that now a days voters are less concerned about what you stand for and what you represent as a candidate but rather about how loudly you speak out against an establishment with many detractors kaleb mopp and r.t. new york. another story i want to bring your attention to today twenty eighteen was a record year for global military spending heading not seen since the end of the cold war according to the annual report by the stockholm international peace research institute the u.s. and china are responsible for huff of the one point eight trillion dollars spent last year all the big spenders list washington and beijing are followed by saudi
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arabia india friends those three states make up around ten percent of the cash used to develop armies make weapons and other military equipment russia sits outside the top five and even cut spending by three and a half percent in contrast to the u.s. and china both increasing funding by five percent or so the first time washington has boosted spending since twenty ten one should point out as well dr nunn from the institute conducted the study shared his concerns with me. in the way the u.s. has a global military presence whereas china look at each other the u.s. is looking to improve its capabilities through better weapons high quality weapons more weapons it's more of a race between china and the u.s. and the child is looking to assert its hard to reach not and call all militias up and just the u.s. close fearing things we're going to an interesting period where we will be seeing
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major increases in some of the maybe the biggest of the powers in the world very much concern for us that the world is reaching a new record high and that's what. they think of american diplomacy secretary of state mike palm pale has claimed that russians have been interfering in american politics since the one nine hundred seven days and will continue to pose a threat for decades to come. the russians interfered it happened in the run up to the election in two thousand and sixteen we have the we have the mission now to make sure this doesn't happen in two thousand and twenty there were threats or elections ninety seven right and they interfered our elections in the eighty's and we should expect in two thousand and fifteen twenty fifty the russians will be added still i must say i was stunned at his reference to nine hundred seventy four and the one nine hundred eighty s. what is he talking about i mean we're talking about the era of gus hall and the communist party when he ran for president was zero support and this was the time of
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the of the old soviet union what relevance does that have today the idea of putting more sanctions round by round is simply this that russia is our eternal enemy they were our enemy under the soviet time they're our enemy and now they will be our enemy in the future this is kind of a manichean binary mindset that simply has no place in a rational political discourse but different story but in a similar vein norway is also preparing for some russian meddling to surface on a partly quite literally this time in the form of a friendly beluga whale that approach fishermen off the coast sporting a comer a month and a harness bearing the name of russia's northern capital fishing for the fox. here's a situation a cute white sea mammal starts playing with a couple of fishing boats. or the. creature clearly wants to grab people's attention and even tries to pull straps and
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ropes. the crew treats the little whale with some yummy snacks but realizes it's probably peeved by a tight harness around its body. because it takes a while and some real effort to take the straps off the unfortunate friend the white chap swims away enjoy the harness clip is branded equipment st petersburg which turns out to be a real russian firm making extreme sports equipment now how about this story. a group of norwegian fishing vessels have survived an attack. a rast the boat the tide hard this round its body with the name of the lot of our booms hometown on it made locals think the whale was a russian navy weapon norway is now on high alert amid fears russia could have
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trained entire teams of sea creatures for spying and combat missions some of you might roll your eyes and think what a weird paranoid freak out well i'll tell you what pretty much all the media out there reported the encounter of norway's northern coast and in some cases my impression of the catchy coverage wasn't too much of an exaggeration whale found off noways coast believed to be spying for russia. there's a new alleged russian spy it's a below go in kernel beluga off of course if it says st petersburg on that thing the cute creature must be a russian spy or not to underestimate what britain is probably a better word than luke a whale found wearing a harness to carry camera could be russian weapon whales trained by russia's military may be harassing fishermen from nature are in no way ok i'll tell you
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a secret the likes of the russian or u.s. navy's started training sea mammals for things like the mining rescue operations spotting underwater threats decades ago just google it but it never really put their neighbors in panic mode this time though beluga whale with russian harness raises a lot in norway i just hope those who wrote those do stay away from some of the following displays of russian humor. live from moscow this is our changed national stay close to our four great program starting in moments of season.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the pope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one all to give you. i'm going to talk about football narvi or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here. this is a period of sort of full scale of the first flash flood if. you might begin the minute that it was my go to the. losing is its ability.
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to get enough that all laong solicitor got it would put me on the management of that it's a little bit silly words that mean that you'll know ball. went up well it was pretty but growing closer to the coverage is there too which could go along with the general but i come. here to move your money you don't need to storm the lead here so my look for a mood should bastards in the clue which are coconspirators some are going to. make this manufacturer can be sentenced to the public. when the roaming classes project themselves. in the final merry go
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round the sun in the one percent. doing all middle of the room signal. is really cold. for.
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the most time when we do hear me my family always specially don't have summer time or spring time when i do fish and basically here we try to catch a lot of bass you've got big mouth bass small mouth bass and also you've got blue deal and. sometimes you can catch a catfish but the most time we're after bass with fish you just saw in the past the time away and make space for reliance and so that's why we try to come out here and feed and get away from you know everything basically. my dad you told us to feel sure we know we told him the fish they live fish and we spend a lot of summer out here most of the so. rarely ever see black people featured so i get out here to those i got a smell new.


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