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our hope is that we can get a change in the regime in caracas as soon as possible so the venezuelans can return and help rebuild their country the united states backs the venezuelan self-proclaimed interim president quite as he calls for a military uprising the government in caracas says it's putting down a coup attempt. national jailed in the us for working as an unregistered foreign agent has been fielding reporters' questions explained how she was briefly quizzed by the motor investigation and how she coped with solitary confinement. britain's prestigious cambridge university launches an investigation into profits it might have made from the slave trade during the colonial era.
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of our live news from russia this is our c.n.n. national brain moscow where it's just one in the morning here it's six pm in venezuela where we've been focusing on for the past few hours and developments there in venezuela is long a long time ally. and venezuela's opposition leader white though has claimed asylum at the chilean embassy in the venezuelan capital caracas leopoldo lopez is the founder of volunteers popular the party the quarterly and he's seen as one of the key figures behind quite a his move to claim the presidency lopez was sentenced to thirteen years in prison in twenty fifteen for inciting public unrest but on choose day he was reportedly freed from house arrest by his guards this comes as a mass unrest in the country after a call for a military uprising in venezuela describing it as the final phase and now top
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officials in the u.s. say he has their full support. i'm monitoring the situation in venezuela very closely the united states stands with the people of venezuela and their freedom. as this where with you america will stand with you until freedom and democracy are restored by and. today interim president who i'm going to do announce starts of a person. the government foolish supports the venezuelan people who in their quest for freedom and democracy democracy cannot be defeated almost immediately after white house call clashes broke out on a guarded bridge near the capital caracas local journalist norris i gotta say is in the midst of the unrest. like. people like you. wouldn't play till you can hear a little bit of the illegal people. like mark here.
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today brave soldiers brave patriots brave people who are following all constitutional and the call today the armed forces are standing behind the people and the constitution. the best. part of material local health services now put the number of injured fifty from tuesday's rallies in venezuela earlier i talked to our senior correspondent greg as they have on the latest developments in the country. i dare say there will be casualties there we don't have any concrete figures yet we had.
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the opposition backers of one why do the self-proclaimed president of israel. shooting at security forces we saw security forces prove mcdougall military members police driving vehicles into protesters threw things at things a very ugly and it seems both sides are culpable here you know no innocents but things have calmed down a little bit after the opposition tried to storm a military base they were beaten back we shouldn't machete wielding opposition demonstrators charge down the fence we saw. army soldiers shooting in the air thousands of promo doodle demonstrators showing their loyalty to the government showing their backing to the current government of venezuela for a bigger effect for more military units to defect to join his cause unfortunately for him we haven't heard of any other units any of the troops. joining his cause
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the minister of defense of venezuela has said that the army remains loyal to. and that these defectors will be arrested. stand firm in defense of the constitutional order and peace of the republic assisted by the law reason and history always loyal never traitor. speaking he was from abroad whose good meetings with of was international well and international reaction has been pouring in led by the united states which reacted literally within an hour of. those call for an uprising saying that they fully back him on the other hand we've had mexico for example staying out of it none of their business we've had turkey the president of turkey edouard coming out very strongly condemning foreign meddling intervention and that is really saying that
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it's the venezuelan people that bus the side who leads them the united states who has threatened venezuela threatened with. military action presumably john bolton said that if that is really the thora he's used force to crack down on these demonstrators he reminded them that the united states still you know has all its options on the table so the military one as well is also ironically enough called for other countries to stop interfering in what's happening in that is we need better as well ruled by the people of venezuela and not by extra forces now very strange coming from the united states government which is the first to recognize one why do as the president of venezuela he sanctioned it is frozen billions upon billions of venezuelan government money to sanction state
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companies that has left the government and the able to pay to pay people to provide assistance to provide medical care and it has promised to keep ramping up that pressure until they get what they want which is from a due to leave. and. become the official president of venezuela so you know mixed messages certainly from the united states i guess if there were protests as of surrounding the venezuelan embassy in washington d.c. blaming the u.s. for the ongoing crisis the embassy staff left the building last week after a u.s. imposed deadline passed activists say they have blockaded the embassy to prevent the new program stuff from entering the last time i talked to one of the peace activists inside the compound but we are here twenty four seven living in here sleeping here working here from the day during the day in order to maintain our presence here in the building and as a interim protective president intil be billet the government of venezuela can find
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another protector for this building or intil the truck to distribution stops trying to orchestrate this clue so what this is about the us government this is about known to us imperialism saying no to us intervention in the affairs of other countries saying that the us has no right to overthrow the government of another country we've seen it before and we are not going to tolerate it again. routine of the russian national jailed in the us for working as an unregistered foreign agent has been answering reporters' questions by phone. i did not expect to the sentence to be this harsh for not registering as a foreign agent i got the same sentence as the person who sold secret information to the chinese government it was the same sentence eighteen
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months i think it's absurd he was maria's first abrogating to view since her arrest in july last year she was uncertain question via telephone from a detention facility in the us where she is now being held on syrian question was handed to her in advance by different news outlets including r t the first one was the most over this one why at all maria pleaded guilty instead of insisting on her being innocent and as you remember last friday she was sentenced to eighteen months in jail for failing to register as a foreign agent off the she had pleaded guilty in december and she explained today that it was a commonsense choice between two evils since i accepted the deal while the maximum sentence would have been five years otherwise it could have been as much as fifteen so i think any sensible person would have done the same thing there
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was also a question about the connection between my boo tonight and the mohler team this is a group of special investigators investigating russia's alleged meddling in the us elections of two thousand and sixteen of the name of the team was mentioned by the federal judge who sentenced him to read to eighteen months in jail and the question was how was the ria connected to their investigation and here's her on people from the miller's team talked to me for five minutes total and as everyone knows i was not mentioned in this report in any way. there is no relation between my case and this report the whole questioning took five minutes total the closer folders and never called back and then we came back there were several questions about challenges mary has been facing in a prison emotional intellectual physical psychological and that she had tried and
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actually had managed to invest the time and attention facilities to educate her spending time at the libraries reading and learning but she said that the main goal was to keep her save and to save her mind i made every minute counts so i had this little sheet of paper with my schedule so i put my socks on it this is the only way not to go crazy is to get busy i exercise for an hour and a half pull ups and whatever you could do in a small so reading of course. maria already served nine months out of her eighteen month sentence and there was a question about what she's going to do when she's finally freed and she said she hopes that once she is released she will be immediately deported to russia and
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she's right now thinking about it. father was listening to the q. and a session and showed some force on his daughter's case with us. for us for a family and i have no doubt colleagues and friends too it's hard to come to terms with this prison sentence which in our opinion is unjust considering the conditions she's been kept in for the past nine months but she's already not she did not commit such a serious crime to justify that. bridge university in the u.k. has launched a two year inquiry into how the eight hundred ten year old institution benefited from slavery during the colonial era. it is only right that ken bridge should look into its own exposure to the profits of course the way but during the colonial period we cannot change the past but nor should you seek to hide from it ok bridge university isn't the only institution looking into its imperial past other
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prestigious universities in both britain and the us have done the same in recent years facing up to their past and the potential gains that they made cambridge his rival oxford faced a long dispute over a controversial statue of a nineteenth century colonialist but claimed it would for face severe financial cuts had it removed the monument university of east london try to set up a one hundred million pound fund for reparations over slavery saying the money should be put aside to support ethnic minority students over in america harvard has removed master from its academic titles and georgetown students voted in favor of reparations for the descendants of nearly three hundred slaves sold by the university in the nineteenth century well we heard some opposing views earlier on whether paying out reparations now is the right way to atone for crimes of the past . these decisions are very much long overdue and one would have thought that a country such as britain coming to terms with his colonial past would have made this these sorts of efforts much earlier but nevertheless i do applaud.
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cambridge. go for taking this initiative and i think other institutions like the british museum the british library all of the colonial there are. in britain as a consequence of colonial plunder should now be in an act silva reparation return today countries of origins look no one can argue that slavery was a good thing it was an horrendous thing. course we should learn and teach our kids and educate ourselves indeed about the horrors of slavery let's just remind ourselves though there we were the first to abolish it i don't think there's any nation in the world that has not the being enslaved or being involved in the slavery trade including the continent of course of africa itself but i think this idea of paying reparations is ludicrous please spare me the horse a shirt this wasn't me or my generation or did it did this we do need education
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people need to be aware of it but who would you give the money to africans living in this country africans in africa we're talking about four hundred years of slavery we're talking about people robbed of their religion their language their culture and their familial resources taken up dropped in another island surrender treated what he was horrendous for hundred for four hundred years these words were set in prisons he saw president in history is impressive in modern times so if you start looking at this were involved so president like arnold nations like ghana of already sell their. peroration schemes gambia the same way sierra leone all of those of had reparation an apology schemes for last twenty five thirty years so britain is really just catching up i understand what slavery was and it was horrendous what i'm saying is we're now yes lot but yeah make sure we educate make
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sure nothing like that can ever happen again but if you to come up with a scale of slavery or african slavery was bad that bracelet very it's kind of stupid it's silly cambridge university the asli looking into the history and if they want to necessarily having gone and not being very well making yourself look absolutely silly cambridge university should be congratulated for looking back at what they do but there's no need for the whole says should there's no need for us to be paying money to some black people which black people would be would it be there without the supporters of left wing us presidential hopeful bernie sanders say they'll swing right towards donald trump and that's their man secures the democratic nomination we'll take a look at where the opposites attract after the break.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. want to. get it right to be close it's like the forks three of the morning can't be good. i'm interested falls in the waters in the. first six.
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again supporters of u.s. presidential hopeful bernie sanders have launched an online campaign for him to be the democratic nominee in the twenty twenty alexion they will not otherwise they'll vote for donald trump has altered his column open. on the surface donald trump and bernie sanders seem like chalk and cheese polar opposites although trump has got to be defeated donald trump is a puff a logical lawyer are you embarrassed a sauce every single day crazy bernie he's crazy is a bed bug but you know he doesn't quit crazy bernie i tell you i got to hear the difference bertie sold out to the devil so here's
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a shock for you donald trump is genuinely concerned about bernie sanders especially his nomination by the democrats in two thousand and twenty the democratic national committee sometimes referred to as the d.n.c. is again working its magic in its quest to destroy crazy bernie saunders for the more traditional but not very bright sleepy joe biden here we go again but this time please show a little more anger and indignation when you get trump has good reason to be concerned back in two thousand and sixteen twelve percent of bernie sanders supporters turned against hillary clinton and they ended up voting for donald trump donald trump wouldn't be sitting in the oval office without them and new polls show that history could repeat itself twenty six percent of bernie sanders supporters would not vote for elizabeth warren in the final election despite the fact that she has similar policies to her democratic rival and this growing overlap between trump and burning supporters seems to be
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a growing phenomena i'm seventy eight and have been waiting for bernie oh my life if it's not burning my vote goes to trump out of pure spite now i can believe that i have some trump voting friends who always said that if trump wasn't running their vote for bonus sound as easily they have a lot of voter overlap even another democratic candidate in the race brought it up it just kind of turns you against the system in general and then you're more likely to want to vote for this which could lead to somebody like bernie can we do something like we've been finding out of people here in new york have noticed this trend i'm sure a lot of people are for. it up with our current dysfunctional government people are fed up with their traditional politics over the last twenty thirty years just think because he's an outsider and he's against the system and he was like the year he was treated very badly during the two thousand and sixteen election politics in the united states is taking an interesting turn seems that our days voters are less concerned about what you stand for and what you represent as
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a candidate but rather about how loudly you speak out against an establishment with many detractors. r t new york. next up asteroid mining is set to become the next frontier in the aerospace market as countries like the u.s. japan and china invest millions of dollars in the search for rock materials and precious metals and now it seems germany is joining the mission to reach the previously untapped resources several years ago it was the us they became one of the first nations to begin encouraging private companies to invest in space mining and if successful it could shock the market back on earth for gold silver and platinum the small but wealthy be used to books and books or potential in the extraterrestrial project investing twenty eight million dollars in the u.s. for berlin is now rolling back some of its legislation to attract companies to fund explorations we heard from the founder of one mining corporation who says the sky is not the limit. when you talk that kind of this late me aren't a lot. about it but that's not stopping one gemini's protect what
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interest is not things that it's made in because obviously space meaning is an urgent market so our main competition undercut and younger still light sentences and planted explosives where the only meeting end is a good twenty teams but they were moving into the east and has been to mock says each of them and since then speech thing flew over europe. and did it about journeys that minute scientists have to take advantage of the next to be russian people as well bask economic potential asteroids despite the high blocks from burgas revealed that it lost thirteen million dollars investing in the development of space mining so far the director of a risk analyst group told us that there are other non-financial dangers as well. space lightning is a very important topic but ownership is going to be a big big topic to understand who owes these minerals are they going to lyon and
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also if something goes wrong about a space and space debris how will that affect the international order and who will be resourceful for such mess it's true that space debris is a major major concern for all countries involved in outer space with germany if they say to their companies you know we give you sort of rights or we listen your liabilities if something happens in our space that affects other satellites or other countries then the logic doesn't really apply there would be no sustainable. us has been accused of manipulating travel procedures in order to hinder russia's participation in the united nations the russian foreign ministry made back claim after washington refused to issue a visa to the head of a russian delegation on disarmament the russian scientific expert was due to attend a briefing on the goose's chemical weapons in syria the united nations says it's looking into the issue ultimately the cost of storing. the reason behind such a harsh statement coming from russia's foreign ministry is the fact that they had
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a fresh as defense ministry research institute mutely park lansky was denied a u.s. visa now he was supposed to travel to new york and there at ten and a un security council session he was due to brief the council on russia's account of as a suspected poison gas attack in syria now the ministry added that the us authorities were obviously as seeking not to allow jack different from asian about what happened in syria to be heard at the u.n. and as it turns out such situations are becoming quite common now the park lansky opposite follows quite as similar as visa denial to the had of the russian delegation of a un desire moment commission in march at the ministry now believes that the us site repeatedly try. to prevent true information from spreading by preventing a prominent chemical expert from going to new york the u.s.
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government was clearly trying to prevent objective information on the incident from being told from the un tribune after groundlessly putting the blame for it on the syrian authorities washington doesn't want the international community to understand that last year's american aggression against syria was carried out under a fabric it pretext the attack on the city of duma which is located very close to the capital damascus took place in april twenty eighth seen and a right after that so u.k. u.s. and france launched more than one hundred missiles against what they say were syrian chemical weapons facilities and now last month inspectors from the organization for the prosecution of chemical weapons said that a toxic chemical that was used in the attack was a likely chlorine syria rejects all of these findings and the russian military also said that it has found no trace of chemical weapons used when they inspected parts of the city and at the same time the u.s.
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has been blaming repeatedly the syrian government for being behind the attack now r.t. has requested an official comment from the u.s. state department on this developing story but we haven't heard any response as of yet ok that's it for now sean thomas has your next update in just over half an hour . this is a sticker from the water bottle found in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there's a litter box or throwing it away industry should be blamed for all of this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. it's tickle caseloads excuse. and may look at soon school sets for their class to. stay
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on your phones at special projects funding me. on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team from now the mountains of waste only grow higher. seemed wrong. but we're all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days because as a kid and in detroit equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart. she still look for common ground. my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united
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states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless number of people who are in prison for. certain since for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of the business it's just it doesn't get easier.
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way. the most time with here made my family always special don't have summer time and spring time well i did if you should you basically here we can try to catch a lot of bass you've got big mouth bass small mouth bass and also you got blue deal in us. sometimes you can catch a catfish but yeah most time we're after a bath with fish you just saw in the past the time away and make spits more reliance and so that's why we try to come out here and feed and get away from you know everything basically. my dad you know called us to fish and we know we taught them to fish they live fish and we spend a lot of summer out here most of the stuff.
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we rarely ever see black people featured is that all i get out here today as i got a smell near. her. august twelfth was a tragic day here in charlotte so many things happen. you have a memorial for have a who passed away tragically because of hatred here in our community. many people got together to try to. show that we needed a change here in the city.


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