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greetings and salutations well hawk watchers it appears the regime change vultures are circling venezuela once again on tuesday morning the us backed self-proclaimed venezuelan president one weibo took a break from all over the g q photo shoots to announce to the world that the final phase of operation liberty is now underway after you claim members of the venezuelan military and now jumped ship to his side this announcement led to much rejoicing in the mainstream political circles here in washington d.c. most notably from chief glad o. cheer leader senator marco rubio took to twitter to explain that this half hearted who kind of sort of was not really a coup and that the uprising was not ideological but the result of desperation after years of hunger disease and mass migration caused by the monroe jeem corruption incompetence and abuses they they see no other options left to bring
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change. but my friends wouldn't rubio and all the other regime change change talks don't tell you is that the major major cause of all this suffering is not actually due to my duros government or its policies but more than likely caused by the crippling u.s. imposed sanctions currently laid on the country see new reports by the center for economic and policy research has found that since the economic sanctions were implemented by the trumpet ministration back in two thousand and seventeen get this more than three hundred thousand people are estimated to be at risk from lack of access to medicines or treatment an estimated eighty thousand people with hiv have not had antiviral viral treatments since two thousand and seventeen and that the sanctions have led to an estimated more than forty thousand deaths from two thousand and seventeen to two thousand and eighteen and that oil production when most vital resources in the country has fallen by thirty six point four percent since january two thousand and nineteen. so my friends were but his way once again
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making headlines headlines rubio tweeting away and operation liberty off to a spot start let's pull back the curtain read between the lines and start watching the hawks. what. looks like real that this would. get to the bottom. like you that i got. with that we. would. listen. to. welcome everyone to watching the hawks i am tired rover and time to have a listen now with the latest on the news out of venezuela here is our team marcos rachel. clashes broke out between police and protesters near an air force base in
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caracas hours after venezuelan opposition leader won by joe called for a military uprising hundreds of protesters took to the streets and they were met with a heavy police presence there were reports of shots fired but it is still not clear if anyone has been injured from live gunfire there are also reports that one of the government's military vehicles plowed into rows of protesters on the street and one protester responded by setting the vehicle on fire why do was seen marching with a crowd hours after he posted a video online claiming it is time for citizens to take part in a military uprising to overthrow president nicolas maduro. but when the international community broadly supported our fight we would be with the people of been in swale at this moment we make a great call to public employees into a fundamental component not only for the transition but for the reconstruction of then it's well to recover national sovereignty so why do i was joined by
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a former anti-government activists who was arrested in two thousand and fourteen while he has been on house arrest since twenty seventeen he told reporters that he is now free thanks to venezuela's military protesters were seen throwing rocks at police and the police responded by deploying tear gas one journalist on the ground reported that tear gas was also fired towards quite joe who was surrounded by around seventy young armed men dressed in military uniforms reports also noted that two hours after quiet joe tweeted his initial call for an uprising there were no other signs of military activity pro-government supporters were also present on the streets and a group was seen gathering in front of the presidential palace to defend meant dura oh the elected government was quick to dismiss the protests and venezuela's defense ministers of the military quote rejects the coup movement that aims to fill the country with vi. and madero also released a statement saying that he has spoken to all of venezuela's senior military
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officers and they assured him of their total loyalty now the venezuelan government has threatened quiet joe with arrest and legislators stripped his immunity earlier this month so now it remains to be seen if the clashes will continue and whether the government will arrest the opposition leader who has the full support of the u.s. and its allies in washington racial flovent are to see. everything jumping off them but it is what it will to wow really certain things about this that are just going to begin with you have a military of military takeover of the government that's literally the definition of a covert ok then it's not a crew but it's not occur it's not a coup kind of it's regime change once so many of our soldiers and lots of them actually stage because yeah it's not a coup because in denmark yeah you know it's interesting too because when we when this first hit our desks this morning and we're looking at it you brought up
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a really interesting point of you know the effect that these sanctions have are actually probably more of an issue for the better one people than the government ever could hope to be you know. jeffrey sachs with the co-authors of the center for economic and policy research the paper that i mentioned earlier he actually said this the effect of u.s. sanctions he said venezuela's economic crisis is routinely blamed on all venezuela but it is much more than that american sanctions are deliberately aiming to wreck venezuela's economy and thereby lead to regime change that's a bold statement from this guy who's doing this report because his numbers back it up when you look at the devastation of the sanctions of course of that country both the united states our government and my personal government as an american that the government has one hundred percent said in no uncertain terms that sanctions are meant to change behavior it is meant to get people to push to do something or. to get the people so angry at their leaders for not succumbing to our pressure they're
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going to suddenly make this change they're going to force change their sanctions are going to force change by getting you know it's what you're seeing in russia well if we sanction them more than they all vote against putin so that will be nice to them and i think they're trying the same thing again in venezuela that they've tried so many times the thing is now in the information age. people know and they can see the difference and they can see the difference in who is protesting for your side and when you see that like book and so it's like there it's like they took some old play book from what twenty years ago i would have started it was like oh well we just follow a to b. to c. everyone will fall into one and no one will know what the u.s. is trying to do here for and but everybody assumes through its kind of. the digital world that watching john bolton up there. wasn't a lot of food but it's like three guys it's like one soldier throwing a canister and then throwing it back in this canister and that and and i think the
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good thing is that there weren't a lot of injuries i think there were a whole bunch of people getting hurt what's sad is that i think people in washington in the trump administration that has a drop in restoration i think people in the pentagon in the state department for many many many years this is hardly just are have been really excited about the idea of getting into venice when they're going to do that is that true is. true for the book but we know as we're. getting to a new report from the institute on taxation and economic policy that study tax fairness across the united states the lowest income twenty percent of taxpayers face the state and local tax rate more than fifty percent higher than the top one percent of households in addition they found that sixty of the united states largest companies not only didn't pay a dime in taxes but instead enjoyed some pretty healthy rebates in the process three point seven billion in the case of j.p.
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morgan chase so one member of their c.e.o. jamie dimon famously went viral earlier this month when u.s. house representative katie porter stumped the banker of all bankers when he couldn't explain our chases on entry level bank tellers aren't paid a livable wage during that same hearing representative said the axing asked diamond be. organ chase spent his company's three point seven billion in tax rebates here's what he had. what we've said is that america should have a competitive tax system is to q move long term effect of capital retained in reinvested in the united states which will drive wages and growth for ever that is the benefit it was never meant to be this week or this month or even this year and we also make the point a lot of that benefit will be competed away it will eventually end up in wages or prize to consumers or something like that as we all compete. and
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showing once again that chasen diamond the bank of the people the chase twitter posted then deleted those monday motivation which included such brilliant advice to those with low bank balances as make coffee at home taking cabs you know and eat food you already have in your fridge. power sharing from the very best who cried poor to the american people for a twelve million dollar bank bailout after a crash they caused so how does that iraq's twenty nine and i have one million dollars a year in salary have a right to blame the poor for the crisis he and his kleptocrat buddies created. loosely not my friend you are correct if you win those around loose. you know it's one i would love to go all of you know anybody who has
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a mortgage or chase and go you know i got this and i know we talked about that these payments were going to go in but we didn't mean that those payment we were going to pay off the mortgage to pay or tomorrow or this month or this year but i'm telling you the benefit of me having this house for free it's going to trickle down to you. it was the result of a burden of fact that jamie dimon who we literally have considered like the bank of banker vision just put his face on monopoly and be done with the fact that jamie it was really great that hearing would. be like you know brought out the fact that look your own employees don't make enough money they're like five hundred five thousand dollars in the hole by the air here they don't even make enough money off what you pay them well maybe if you know that men employees should be making her coffee at home and not taking cabs and. what it's ludicrous the only thing max is like. you know it's you know it's more ludicrous you know it's even bigger
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ludicrous than is the fact that j.p. morgan chase is not the only company companies that avoided all federal income taxes all federal income taxes in two thousand and eight her amazon chevron delta airlines netflix molson coors m.g.m. resorts international yes struggling mom and pop businesses was up but i just wanted a. lower. tax break i'll ever will molson coors and g.m. international ever make it through these tough economic times these are hard times to the hard times but as you told me earlier today people are catching on to this kind of garbage about trickle down economics doesn't think we've heard it since we were kids it was literally a joke when we were children when we heard reagan you know when i was a child watching reagan like a cartoon talk about trickle down i was like that doesn't make sense it still doesn't and this is one thing a recent washington post poll actually showed that sixty percent of all voters
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polled say the country's economic system mainly benefits those in power and seventy two percent say the same for the nation's political structures so here's the deal people know that the system isn't fair for anybody who isn't in the top one percent so this constant story over and over of trying to get everybody to buy into those so we just don't know socialism no sharing no nothing until then just here look at this. jamie's got it he don't you gotta change nature i'm a cottage i was enjoying life and ls and guys like jamie diamond all right i'm going to break the clock watchers don't forget the left it's over if you think of the topics we've covered on facebook you tube and twitter and see our poll shows at our teeth dot com coming up we delve into the latest news on the u.s. military operations in africa with the host by any means necessary for your stateroom watching the hoffs.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can sink i was going to the.
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by the way ways of the slide here. not even the one. on the water. total. not even the. oh oh. your go to post for the move for your. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on all sides clearly dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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thanks to. that. such. while us meddling in venezuela is making headlines across the atlantic ocean on the other side of the globe the united states military is being accused of meddling
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over an entire continent there a mix of documents obtained via the freedom of information act interviews published reports and a recently leaked defense department list of unnamed u.s. military operation of named in u.s. military operations journalist nick turse and shandi naylor b. and yahoo news have released a new list and map of what they call the thirty six operations and activities that are or were until recently ongoing in africa almost all are unknown. the general public this map and the list that accompanies it pain a very startling portrait of just how pervasive u.s. military operations have become across the continent of africa so pervasive that stoneman douglas high school shooting survivor and gun control activist david hope tweeted out alexa what does the u.s. military imperialism look like. surprisingly after the washington examiner inquired about it the united states african command or afrikaans actually took the time to respond to mr holmes tweet africa spokesman karl white told the examiner quote u.s.
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africa command with our partners strengthen security and fourth is counter is transnational threats and conducts crisis response in order to advance u.s. national interests and promote regional security stability and prosperity joining us now to discuss africa and its impact on africa as well as its dealings with criticism and the host of by any means necessary and sputnik radio eugene carrier have thinking so much for joining us thank you so much for having me you know it's interesting gene i have to start and ask you this you've looked at this subject matter quite a bit if there is so what kind of impact is africa having on africa and the countries the u.s. military is operating in there and building bases in the are we promoting regional security stability and prosperity. said to inform you that we are not at the impact of african has been very significant and i think it's an interesting piece and to compare it for just you know people who don't know a lot about it to sort of if you know a little bit about u.s.
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strategy in latin america in the seventy's in the eighty's you're small number of troops but you're building up these massive military so you look at mali you look at the share you look at nigeria you look at many of these different places d.-i see them and others and what you'll start to see is that in the context of all these anti terrorism quote unquote operations is always wrapped up on that is a lot of civilian buz is for instance in cameroon which nick turse already had revealed a couple of years ago the u.s. sponsored forces were deeply involved in torture we see this quite a bit in mali in these arab countries that are in the saheli in the region because you have a number of you know quote unquote insurgencies that have long roots there in the colonial borders that exist in some of the cross border populations like that's why people and others and they're just criminalized lumped in with isis and other types whole villages can be raised people are consistently arrested and so i think what we're seeing is something that's very consistent about u.s. strata. it is they build up these military forces it becomes an institution of patronage and thus it helps push forward corruption in a lot of different ways and it also helps empower them because when the u.s. is backing you and this is a u.s. led antiterrorism operation you can do whatever you want and it allows
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a very corrupt and i think oftentimes highly authoritarian governments a real instrument in which to crack down on anyone they find to be problematic whether or not they actually are who they say they are right and problematic based on their idea of what their our national interests and for it. for that of that was really the home big they are now the scope the scope when you see it is staggering to me looks like maps that you're saw you know the turn and century and major colonization it was like the dutch are here they are here and i you know it seems that we just like picked right up in the same spots and dropped right back down why do we have such a matched massive presence there and what has it always been the case that there's been some sort of foreign military in there or have we been in there for a very long time well certainly if you look at france especially they have a long history of many of these countries particularly in west africa many of which former colonies in africa for the but this is
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a massive moving forward of that militarization of the post colonial era germany and france are actually deeply wrapped up in afrikaans efforts to move forward here and are also having significant numbers of forces so certainly i think that this is the past maybe five or six years an inflection point on this issue i think there's really two main reasons the united states is there i think one is containment right i think to a large degree the united states is trying to address the completely failed strategy that they engaged in post nine eleven which has opened up this pandora's box of you know quote unquote islamicist terrorism i mean whatever the problems are that that i think we've seen the ripple effects of that in a lot of marginalized communities in africa you look at a lot of these countries where there's a lot of serious issues you know there's issues between pastore alist and farmers there's issues of divergence of certification and climate change and many of these conflicts become wrapped up in individuals taking on certain ideologies or try. well i was certain groups internationally in order to gain their own supplies and money and the like and so a large degree i think the united states is in a containment mode i think secondarily this is also a power projection platform and some of it is i think basic stuff i mean you look
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at all these areas geostrategic lee important somalia absolutely why did we even destabilize the country in two thousand and six because we didn't like that government being close to the world shipping lanes i think obviously you look at the resources that exist in places like d.r. c. or libya where they're bases but in west africa same thing and i think you look at china which has become the top trading partner of africa during this period the united states in the european powers in general don't have the same things to offer economically socially and so on are just unwilling to make those deals so this becomes a way to become very close to these governments to get deeply embedded within them to control and have good relations with the most important element of that which is the security services and that form of intelligence and security cooperation also brings a lot of cover rights of your country mali or whatever if a popular movement overthrows you china doesn't really care right though do business with whoever shows up but if you're doing security cooperation against isis with the united states someone tries to overthrow you the u.s. is going to back you and so it really starts to create this area of client states which of course keeps these countries to some degree locked in relatively
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significantly to the western economic structure but i think more importantly it gives the u.s. a very important voice in crucial governments in a geo strategically important region and in some cases like i think libya like somalia i think it's much more directly related to either the movement of goods or resource extraction and you know we know so much about how the state department has run their anti-terrorism which i think can pretty much be summed up in we give warlords bags of cash you know and they can you not bomb this area but just just rape and murder over here and just don't rape and murder of right here and i think some of that is what you're saying is that that seems to be the only way that they're there processing at all i think you asked for that i mean you look at somalia i mean they're operating black sites their airports that are there some of the forces that they're backing are some of the you know. ironically enough people that the clinton ministration said were the worst warlords on the planet of the one nine hundred ninety s. in the black hawk down era now they're the greatest defenders of truth and freedom and democracy and so it all really just boils down to you know the geopolitics of
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it one day you can be a friend one day you can be an enemy but it's certainly not based on any of the things they claim it's based on and i think it's highly problematic actually when we start to look at what's happening in these countries especially a country like mali especially a country like the air where we've seen these forces directly deployed to suppress especially in mali popular movements that are trying to push for social and economic change in that country. some porton that like yes everyone right now is focused on venezuela as we should be because you know it's a major you know hot button issue right now we've got to pay attention to but we also cannot forget about where this could happen down the line or hasn't happened in mass i'll swear but one of the reasons we do that one of the reasons we're able to do that is through good journalism asking the right questions i'm curious what is afrikaans relationship to journalism been like since you know in the last few years i know recently mick journalist nick turse you mentioned earlier has reported being blacklisted by africa do they have a relationship with journalism or are we seeing more of this kind of like blacklisting it's been extraordinarily opaque i mean they've been trying to
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stonewall journalists at every turn and i mean some of what we know actually about these bases was actually revealed because someone did a study of like fit bits and people running around to different parts of the world and these heat maps and some of these heat maps that appeared were in these military bases in these you know very rule regions of africa and thankfully people like nick turse and others picked up on it but after comments consistently stonewalled people they never said how many bases that they really truly have which is what has to be pieced together they've never really aggressively talked about the significant percentage of special operations forces that are there and even right now where they're saying well we're pulling back from our engage with africa but no information nothing going on there i think it's very difficult one of the least reported issues that are there some of it may be that there's not a lot of dog people but it does seem the nick turse of the world and others who have really been on the job on this story have really not been able to get any form of legitimate engagement and the transparency is essential. well i mean even if you look at something like afghanistan we have the special inspector general for afghan we have structured reconstruction there's different ways you could learn so degree what's going on you have nothing like that in africa but of course it goes without
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saying the host governments are also saying almost nothing and it was interesting is this idea of a you know this idea of u.s. imperialism and that it's bad not just to understand that when it took long enough for people to got but that it's not a good thing when you see someone like david careers eight high school student who was involved in you know who experienced a very tragic thing became a gun rights activist and is still like a very young person eighteen nineteen years old now and when he gets it and it's mainstream it's mainstream like we understand there are a huge part is a good sign the release of i think people are learning from this string of regime change wars we've seen and how completely destructive they've been you can look at iraq libya syria you have it think all this makes a lot of sense no you can't it doesn't work because you've got to always say thank you for coming on and educating our audiences in the broadest were possible for it and so no thank you guys great show of being a little. it took
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a d. a team of divers thirteen years traversing fifty three iowans and coral reefs in the central west and south pacific but they discovered something pretty important and happy happy the diverse counted thirty four hundred sea turtles and about ninety percent of those were considered consider endangered green sea turtles now it seems that the very protections of the endangered species act actually allowed the turtles to increase in population by a whopping eight percent in the hawaii area and four percent alpha house where now this isn't a complete say climate change will still be a challenge but it certainly proves that a little love to mother nature and some patience sheldan her shoulder a huge shoulder the love and it's toward us a. oh rocky was really good news i'm happy to see that. look good to end on a happy note with all the depressing that came before so that leaves us with no
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show for you to remember everyone in this world cup full of all i love i robot and keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great night everybody. my son doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. long
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sentences for boring or minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in wave and say by day as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. we have no political agenda here we just if it if it costs more to get out then what you get when you get it out that's a call all loss it's a minus sign that's it if you can't figure that out you think there's a political agenda. you're blinded by your. they can come and blow our brains out at any given time and we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill
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people outside of war and legally get away with. all of the fire crawls still berea all the troubled history failed to point its hollow flame to k.k.k. exists because america wants it to exist there's a biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country and they're dead to me they're worse all than the people who destroyed the world trade centers are those grow white. white. white.


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