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tv   On the Touchline with Jose Mourinho  RT  May 3, 2019 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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then they be they pay for the fact they didn't score and they pay for the fact that it's not just them is the majority of the teams that plays against the against barcelona that's why that. that the club we that boy has ten. victories in the in the league are the question is. which were so long are we going to have wind messi the sides to say goodbye do you think he's still improving as a player he's almost thirty three but is he getting better and better in that i believe so i believe so. and the free kick is something that. comes with. practice come with experience we have. lots of examples of players in football that they are not phenomenal players and they are fantastic freekick takers. because can happen
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a separation between football term talent and their specific city of their action i believe that that messi stealing joy is this and the curiosity is that yesterday the wall was a good warm job warming as. mark deep. this to for sure the first was wrong as the second was. here for vino and even film you know that looks small that is not small but it really is the last one normally the ball never goes from these but these side they give the goalkeeper gave one metre to their going also to cover that that situation it is impossible to impossible to stop i think we will pull the have the feeling of they were positive they play well they deserve much more than that but they have the feeling that messi made. a huge difference in the game sure and we should just talk about messi mean many good plays in the past eleven forcing him to do suarez school very good thurston go here
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and louise they did something that. i think. is good and they love it and many of the players to be in football. the lee. and sometimes even playing which is an emotional more months and is the moment where we update for. and they still care we email each. some more months where people can say organize fair play organize the play against. the team where he played for a few years and where he was loved that there's nothing to do with these ninety minutes and for these ninety minutes for got that he played for liverpool the only thing that it was for cause was that match is joy of go to the final when the
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champions league is scored the goal is celebrate the goal he was fighting people he was fighting probably players that he loves and probably players that tonight they are on the phone. incredible incredible attitude and. messi is phenomenal but to have and next to him that kind of player that can lead. is not the word that i want to use because maybe i can use to do the dirty work but it is not dirty is important or is important work and in the top of that work the goal of the goal is phenomenal we can look and we can say . he was a threat attracted by by the ball vandyke led to make the movement and lost in in the movement the movement is phenomenal and makes. a little forced
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movement we choose like almost these guys movement. one meter here and i bring the friend there with me at least mentally because of the fender sings i'm going in that direction and now i'm going to attack the space in front and goodbye that's in course of the goalkeeper in spite of. a couple of saves but today in football the goalkeeper is much more than a couple of saves and these people since the moment. but i have a lift in to c.t. and since the moment he was in wall week in week out every competition that's the way a young goalkeeper has to develop the situation of i play one game you play another game this is almost like. instead of being a coach you want a pacific eight or a new want everybody happy you want to be you're not the pacific eight that you
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want to coach and the coach you have to make a decision which one is the best and we try and they're still playing and the steps they're going since that moment that is playing every every game is a more than goalkeeper ease good in every expect of of the game so barcelona. lots of good good performances three zero reason a big result us in barcelona will score a goal and by scoring a wall of a pool must have the. one of the best days of reads used to read to score five and reach the final so i think almost football is football but i would say job them ok now in the other match it was tight it was in it and i x.p. spurs in london one nil but i have to say after the first fifteen minutes and found about got that goal it looked like that i were going to run away with it yeah but is not it's not so easy in the mahdi's you're in the end of the game of me that
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probably the approach was not the best our normal tendency i speak by myself or with normal tendency to you can feel it but this try to hide it a little a little bit. more is who told immediately and i think you completely right the beginning was not the best for the most playing with three center backs against nobody. because i was playing without a striker that beach was dropping back and that as bestially g.h. also comes through to the inside. was empty and was very difficult for a problem to be in control and the decision was to bring a mutual fade in so we'd see salk or not because of his circle specially but because of one next of leaving the field and one less leading the pack they got it they got it dried they had a little
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a little bit but that's not the way the bottom is very good at i think in the second in the second leg of course not hurricane but we'll give them something different. both by buying that it can be the moment of. a q moment of the game a q moment of the tide because. you know it's perfectly possible the problem goes to to amsterdam and score still and also do you think that i x. will gain a lot of confidence from this because everybody knows about their attacking style but afterwards their manager said you know my place were lines tonight suggesting they're like can there were. these is not the man this time is the team and the team yes they
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gave every scene yes they were aware of the fragility and i always say that one of the best qualities of the team i always try these with my team. is you have to know your problems you have to know your fragilities and if you run away from your fragilities then you are in trouble they know exactly there for the g.d.p. is another thing that you could see was that in every. defensive letter or freaky they were bringing the line social soul soul deep and. wide because they know they can't cope with the jewels inside of the box sold the in the corners you can't run away from it. but in the letter off it keeps you care so they were trying to bring the line up and was dog ready for that the dog explore
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that huge space that they were leaving behind i don't think so but i knew they are better than those in here they are stronger than those in here we have to cope with with these big applause for them they feel that they are almost there. i think they didn't have the pressure on them until now and now they have because they're almost there when you arrive in the semifinal and in the first leg you have a positive result why then do you realize that you are in the and expected situation but you are almost there so i think now they don't sleep very well they are all dreaming they are all dreaming with the moment the stadium is mcniff isn't atmosphere it's absolutely beautiful up to them soem big game next week away from the games in the champions league just putting something in perspective
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cassius suffered a heart attack this week thankfully he's recovering in hospital but he's a man you know pretty well to his knee from reality yes. everybody knows that. in a sort of a moment where i decide to take him out of the team was a little bit of a confrontation. i don't see eagles but the confrontation of. real madrid kept on and real madrid man those are and was not easy for me to make that season and it was not easy for him to accept that decision but. we have a positive relation is not like people and since we don't have i feel very sorry for the. i was immediately in contact pleads with portable pool to have it into him and porto medical department is fantastic is one of the best so that by a head toward queens and using great hands and the portuguese press isn't all
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full of. information positive information even speaking about. possibly playing football again. so when you are seven seven years old in the last part of your career and you are steele's sinking that you are going to play football because the situation is completely on the control. no news in the world.
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total. money we did not know. oh your ego to post could still move for you. when i was told seemed wrong. but old roles just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out just to become educated and in gains from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. this is a sticker from the old water bottle phone in the stomach of
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a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litterbug thirty trying this way industry should be blamed for all of this ways the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. they're plastic. on now and you guessed that is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher.
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i know a lot of youngsters dream of being four points but what advice could you give somebody who wants to be a football manager perhaps following your footsteps i mean where would you start. well i think. first of all i think. is an incredible phenomenon over the last ten fifteen years or so because before it was very rare for a kid to dream of being a football manager. every kid that was in love with four. wanted to be a football. and than was a natural process. some are going to be and some are not going to to be and the ones that become a football manager in the huge majority would have lives after that career.
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the process was changing it was changing. i think i have a little bit of responsibility on on that exactly because i broke the lead through that with that line and then went into a direction where. people understand that. if you have a force in your d.n.a. these qualities of understanding the game lead the she and the lives but people in the stude that. you can study you can study and the same way you can study to be the c.e.o. . of a company that people can study to be you a person can get to be anything a person can also study to become a football manager but that is one one part of deeds that people
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sometimes forgets even. even some some top pundits they forget that we cheat. you you you have to be born with some weeds some talent that that is a little bit the same seeing of what football academies can mean weak players come on what is the natural talent then of a football manager i think is a natural knowledge and understanding of the game i've seen crowd leadership qualities communication qualities. emotional intelligence because that is another thing that. technology experience at other levels comes replicate we choose the levels of pressure that you want at one scene is. as
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in front of a screen and allies in the again live and saying now i would take this one and that would put that one that decision when you walk on the touchline. can you on the touchline have the same state of mind. to be calm to be at least two to read the game can you be brave enough to take. to take pressures because i i used to say these at the at the time everybody in the world knows more about football than us is the only job where. the people knows more then that's the specialists and thank god is like that because that's the reason why football with these awarded these but the experience to be there and we have even in in england the great
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a great experience. former top players amazing in front of the screen they go to football clubs and after two months goodbye and let's go home because this is not live for us so there are things that you have it's more you don't have it in these moments. that some universities where from day one you want to meet the directive to the study of the football management there's these give you every seem to be no but these gives you. an academic b.s. and the something level of knowledge to be a good start then you need to soon need to smell it did you have to stop learning being a formal manager you need to still do you think still plenty if you give to that of course and i feel that in this moment that i'm not working because. i am having time. to study more than i do when i when i'm i'm working in football
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because you know you get surrounded by your the by the you sink a bog the rest of the game you think about tomorrow again. training problems and then of course that experience of the day by day is is the best way to work. but sometimes you need time to study you need time to receive it you need time to formulate and when you're in the job on a day to day basis is it overwhelming i mean there are so many new ideas coming into football all the time is it difficult to stay on top of everything i think you have to know you think you have to know what is useful you have to know everything but you have to be very selective in what you want and you have to be always aware of one seeing technology is great but technology doesn't it
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doesn't replace knowledge and experience. and sometimes. technology people. pretends that is there that the reason the secret the secret is not there the secret to using the knowledge using the experience is the use in you motion of intelligence using believe the sheep is in the communication not in the technology than if used you don't you few we nor what technology can give to you you give one step back and be being intelligent is not that you're just lastly i want to ask the players ever come up with great tactics you ever i mean to place come up to you say josie i think she do this next week anything secretly that's not a bad idea i mean does that happen often or well but what happens and happen during
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my career even the opposite way which use when you are training you ask the players . how do you feel what do you think and then there are players reads. a kind of personality where. they are able to communicate they are not afraid to communicate and when the relation is very open in the very positive they can see exactly that look you want us to to do these but i don't feel very comfortable i think is too far for me i think i cannot press in there is too far for me if she's too far from me i don't i cannot reach these twenty meters in the way you want me to do i can't do it so easy to sink in another way that's and that's very very important you know it's like. a learning process where you guides but you walk out of getting feedbacks all the time so when you get feedbacks all the time from the players then the learning process for them is much easier because
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this is very important to know what this possible what is not what is not possible to show so football management and career you'd recommend. well i recommend. my boys on it you know it in years old. loves the game he played the game he did already. a coaching course the initial one next year football management university how can i see to my son or to any kid in the world don't do it if you love needs and if you feel you can you can do it so. if you have. a dream like i have. that's more.
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straight liverpool or barcelona you have to say barcelona that when the result was two nil i was still thinking it is open. when they missed that little chance for the three one i would say open but three zero is. is three zero. well this is hard to believe but so long they have an incredible negative experience we've drawn recently i know that they were poor and field is is really hard the team is good but if for so long the score one wall they have to concede five i think is too much and those seeing the team is viewed with that epithet i think from ses dragging everybody with we the him for that applied to to make it happen i think rebuts along or. has it sure
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you hadn't thought power was he going to approach this game that is a man of you must be extremely difficult he has to sing that. and the thing is possible in football and there has to be seen what i know that the scenes we choose has a very good team it has a real team and they are going to to fight then the until this possible leave. is possible now the next time i much more difficult to call which way you gang i.x. will spur us. well is is really the heart is really really hard looking. to the east of the chimpanzees better away than the home. victories in england in spain and in need that they played against. the top countries they play even against benfica so that nothing worse was easy for them and they were magnificent at home depends now as as i was saying they have the
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love of of play but so do top know has and i think i think bottom knows that they also can to play with the old king was is difficult to play with old cane in song at the same time even more difficult and next biomet least the song is there and the is an aggressive play it is fast because those issues are going to hurt people so the game is the game is open. away from the champions league is still plenty of excitement isn't there across europe in domestic leagues this weekend yeah no is the moment where. every point is gold and every point going in the side a champion she can decide the relegation can decide the khalifa kitchen for an
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interview in competition the seed to leicester the newcastle liverpool venue go to germany by an over the brim on. dortmund in portugal is the same of course in some other countries the season's of already made for sure and i.x. they've got a big cup final to look forward to tick yes. i've been there before. you have around the corner and much bigger things to play for. but that's the match that's the next match and when the team is in a momentum you know that it looks like every match. you screw show and the when you have the chance. to make you story you want to make you the story so. when everything.
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all you've taken the gold. to the next match against tottenham after. a victory in the co-op they will. and of course they are favorites but in this cup situations the story is full of. examples where. a match is a match a final is a final no candidates and then you want and we need. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only and. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. you see. join me every thursday on the alex salmond and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business. i'm show business i'll see that. they can come and blow our brains out at any given time if we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill people outside of war and legally get away with. all the fire crawls
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stillbirth you all the trouble here is briefly all the points it's hollow ploy to k.k.k. exists because america wants it to exist the of the biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country and they're dead to me they're worse also than the people who destroyed the world trade centers of the scroll quite. a.
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few. friends of the interior minister is accused of being a liar after claiming made a protesters attack staff and the parents hotel. plus it's a no show for the us attorney general who refused to subject himself to further questions about his reaction. a report absolving trump of collusion with russia democrats are calling william barr a coward and rushing props to make their point. chicken bar should have shown up today and answered questions yesterday prove he's not terrified to sit before anybody still in the circus continues over here. and animal rights activists in the bahamas raise the alarm as swimming pigs become a tourist sensation on the archipelago.


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