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in a phone call lasted more than an hour spoken to the u.s. counterpart about pressing global issues among them. the situation surrounding north korea and the possibility of a new nuclear. plants as interior minister has been accused of lying after claiming mayday protesters had attacked stuff at the paris hospital. base because a gang sparked cries of censorship banning prominent anti establishment figures for his part in the day. thanks for joining us this is our teens and. russian president vladimir putin has
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spoken to his u.s. counterpart donald trump following a phone call initiated by the white house with details these are teasing you. we do know that the conversation lasted around ninety minutes so a long talk from the first floor but when you think of it and realize that it is the two leaders of two of the world's superpowers discussing the most pressing issues on the agenda well it doesn't sound like that long anymore so what did they talk about we do know that the talk was highly heavily dominated by the situation in venezuela and certainly a lot for the two leaders to discuss as personally it's not just two leaders but two geo political rivals in this sense because russia of course is supporting nicolas maduro the incumbent president saying that he is the legitimate ruler who was elected and washington supporting one why dole and trying to oust nicolas maduro so obviously vladimir putin and donald trump try to look for common ground and we do know that they have agreed at least on one thing and that is if any
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transition of power was to take place in venezuela it should be very very peaceful soul no arms no interventions nothing of the sort it seems that lattimer putin and donald trump do see eye to eye on that also they discussed the situation in north korea and that is particularly interesting of putting put in context because vladimir putin did me to north korea's supreme leader on just last week and we also know that. did somewhat to vent his frustration with the way washington chooses to do diplomacy with his country and vladimir putin apparently made something of a promise to pass those concerns to the american side of course no way of telling whether or not that was done during that phone conversation also the situation in ukraine got into the spotlight during the talk and world vitamine putin did make an
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emphasis of the minsk agreement should be implemented that there should be more focus on how these agreements are being employ. mentored and it is of course something known as the minsk peace process and which is an internationally recognized and agreed on road map to restoring peace in ukraine to ending this bloody civil war that is basically tearing the country apart also the situation around the release of the model report could not be overlooked so the two leaders briefly discussed this but the key word as briefly as apparently they chose not to focus on that to have a leap now both washington and moscow have said that they are finding this phone conversation to be a very productive one and indeed it is a very interesting introduction to the upcoming meeting of the country's two top diplomats circular and america's might pump a.o.r. said to talk to each other as soon as next week in finland and so maybe something
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else will come out of today's phone conversation after those talks. journalist sprung it on joins me on the line our very good evening to you brian donald trump said that this was a very positive discussion he had with putin with this upcoming meeting between the country's two top diplomats pending do you see this is a positive tone i mean the problem is again we're back to square one again donald trump is saying nice things again there but i mean if you look good for example twitter right now if you type in i mean what he's working to do is just like the good and strong when you look at the reaction from the american political class from the whole of the last they're basically accusing him of threes and again now just for talking to i mean there's actually literally people lawrence that down for example lawrence tribe sorry excuse me right now is one of them a harvard university right now and essentially he's in done some treason because he had a telephone conversation with the president of the world's second strongest military
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power and sixth largest economy that's where we are. yeah and it is quite a bizarre thoughts to think that people are criticizing this probably the claims of collusion will follow from those claiming you know there's a possibility for you three where you clearly deal russia u.s. and china in discussion in the pipeline would that be a stabilizing thing for the world comes amid what a crumbling i.n.f. treaty. trump needs something for the legacy i mean he's already canceled the i.m.f. the i.m.f. started deal with russia i'm what he really wants i mean has he been saying for the last three years basically since the campaign trail he wants to get along with everybody he wants to get along with russia he wants to get along with china i'm sure other countries to but the problem is will he be allowed to do that will the people around him will the american you know deep state if you like will the american establishment allow them to do it and that's the question and that's what we don't know so it's all well and good for some to say the new boots and i want to
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do this i want to do that but has he got the authorities actually has he got the political capital to carry you through and that's what moscow is wondering as well i mean some of the russian class and some of the establishment here they basically say that what the kremlin is trying to do with this relationship with donald trump is the relations getting any worse space that's what they're trying to do so they're not expecting anything big so thomas made such an offer i can't read that in your putin's mind honestly but i imagine he's thinking ok if it happens it happens and it doesn't. mean improvement in relations for example or removal of sanctions against russia i mean that's an impossibility. over a barrel in that den to make any positive changes to the relationship. i mean i'm no expert on america but i know that as far as i'm aware the congress have basically made it impossible for trump to remove the sanctions now given the anti russia his theory in america at the moment i mean can you do it i don't know i mean the problem is the kremlin will be aware of this i mean if he says dividing your food even in the morning look i'm going to try and get these sanctions are moved i
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mean even a stupid here and i'm not naive in russia i mean they know that the level of anti russian sentiment is so high in america right now i mean even yesterday john mccain's daughter of the late john mccain's daughter meghan mccain described moscow is that as a city of satan on american television i mean this is the problem i mean donald trump may have great intentions when asked intentions but as long as the establishment is completely opposed to russia in every shape and form i mean there's not much i can see he can do here brown appreciate you joining me this evening to on this problem is my guest thank you. in other news france's interior minister is being branded a liar after climbing on to capitalists attacked star for the paris hospital during a may day rally but turned ugly but videos and eyewitness accounts of the incident suggest that they're actually taking cover from riot police who were firing tear gas or do basically reports from the french capital violence on may the first has
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been well documented in one of the most shocking stories that emerged from that violence when these allegations have been secured by forces interior minister that actually some of the rioters and those protesters were trying to attack a hospital trying to attack the staff and trying to enter into that hospital and this particular hospital was actually a surgical intensive care unit and there was descriptions of the patients inside saying that they were in quite scary situation many of them were intimidated some ventilated and that the staff at whom rickly tried to fight off that attack of those protesters entering into the site this is what france's interior minister had to say about that event. the pity petrea hospital was attacked its medical staff were attacked and the police officers sent to protect them was hurt unshakable faith in our security services they are the pride of the republic well that's his version of events but in
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a twist going on here social media has been flooded with videos showing exactly what happened on the ground in that hospital and actually what we've seen from those videos and social media some of which were actually taken by members of staff inside the hospital don't show what the interior minister said happened in fact what they show is that the c.r.s. the security forces with charging at protesters those protesters were from the security services and as such they were seeking refuge inside the hospital not just for that charge but also because of the tear gas that had been deployed in the area so a very different version of events as such opposition politicians here in france have described christopher cast in it as being a liar and some of them have even called to his resignation. if it was a deliberate lie in turn and soley to deliver and turn issues social movement then the interior minister should be fired without delay. kristoff.
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shamelessly and manipulated the press to spread these lies you know who's enough given the facts he has no choice but to resign well in other developments coming out of that may day protests in france it's also a message that this video showing the police officers actually picking up paving stones from the road and throwing that towards protesters now we know that this is a weapon of arsenal that the protesters have used for many months during the yellow vest protests and indeed on the may day but this is the first time in paris we've seen evidence of the police using what essentially is an sanctioned weapon against the protesters it begs the question whether the police are the ones here inciting the violence and instead of trying to control the situation they're actually poor ring oil on the fire meanwhile hospital staff have spoken to the media describing
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the moment when mayday protesters rushed into the facility. still in the month sheer number of them startled us at first but very quickly they started to listen some try to calm them down it's a hospital calmed down they understood that we couldn't lead the man and now when it comes to finding someone to blame we don't know there is nothing to say i think when you take part in a protest things always get a little bit out of hand and that's the weight is new person on the there were several of us we didn't see any black blocks we saw some yellow vests who were in a panic going in all directions there were about ten of them so they went up the stairs and at the door they asked for something for their eyes which they said were stinging we saw no signs of forced entry doors or anything some colleagues did go to treat their ice. facebook has banned prominent
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conservative anti establishment figures from this platform citing policy against dangerous individuals and organizations the ban also applies to facebook and instagram most of the people on the list have prominent media profiles including the likes of alex jones with his website info wars x. breitbart news editor. political activist laura loom or more of anyone who promotes their content on social media could face a similar fate on facebook and the lines of it's always banned individuals or organizations promoting or engaging in violence and hate regardless of their ideology you tube reporters of what's a news also been banned by the social media giant claims that the moves purely political. i was given no reason whatsoever for being bound by facebook or instagram this is punishment this is a political purge this has nothing to do with hate or violating terms of service yesterday ever wrote an article about how i was leavin in a digital gulag on holocaust remembrance day and today even though i was honest and
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have dedicated my life to convert in jew hatred these nazis in silicon valley ban me facebook's action a sparked a censorship debate with some saying that the company should burn more people others though warning of repercussions for free speech. every conservative should be concerned about alex jones prison planet and others getting an arbitrary banned from facebook platforms you on ics to censorship is entering a new more hysterical phase soon there will be no right wing activists or commentators laughed how about jack benny donald trump from twitter for violating the company's rules against hate and violence so much damage already done so many demented and delusional followers have been radicalized in many people ate it by cards face book. burn harris quiney chair of the british think tank the bow group
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think the facebook suppressing one side of the political debate and therefore the company should be regulated. they're reacting to the election results like the brits who vote like the election of donald trump and it would appear that they feel there's a company that they want to put themselves on the side of the debate they need to be regulated as such as a as a political actor in the debate rather than a platform for free debate which i think it's now very clear they are not based because very clearly putting themselves on one side of the political debate it is absolutely it could tell them a free speech because they're saying these individuals are dangerous well many people like myself see them as perfectly reasonable actors in a political debates they have huge following across a variety of platforms facebook is clearly pushing itself as a political actor why is excrete in the regulation that other media companies face . a series of historic communal skum emirate in one of the
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founding fathers of the united states president george washington could be painted over in one school in the country that's after student activists concluded that the mirrors are traumatizing to minorities the series of near also entitled the life of george washington day back to nine hundred thirty six this saturday they will be showcased to the public amid growing controversy many of the thirteen year olds show native americans and african-americans as victims and slaves the activists argue that this could upset students. we come to these recommendations due to the continued historical and current trauma of native americans in african-americans with these depictions in the mirror all the grief ice slavery genocide colonise asian manifest destiny white supremacy oppression etc this mural it doesn't represent san francisco unified school district values of social justice diversity the impact of this mural is greater than its intent ever was is not accounted
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narrative if the trauma to. students and community members. becomes at a time when there's been growing debate about what should happen to the country's historical relics many of america's founding fathers have been depicted on bank notes famous paintings and in start shoes around the country were in fact slave owners. so can painting over the country's history help to heal old wounds discuss this now with resurfacing who's the author of the women's advocate and legal and media analyst lionel welcome to you both research come to you first if i may however controversial is murals depict the history of the larger states if you paint over them is homage rewriting history. well the simple truth of the matter neal is that america has a very very very dark secret a despicable history that is gruesome it's based on there and
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murder and unfortunately that's the reality so what we have to do is instead of painting over it is teach our young people how to address that going forward but painting over it isn't the solution if we hide our head in the sand nothing changes we can't just the races or erase the vestiges of how it deals how it affects us in the present day by just simply saying it didn't happen. we should take on this long though do we need to be more sensitive to these rules might be offensive to people not. oh not only must we remove the george washington mural at george washington university but we must expunge and bowdlerized every reference of anything from the subject of history that in any way triggers any kind of sense of discomfort any reference any
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mention rurik but out of the history books and they are no reference to the pyramids in egypt they were built by slaves in fact recently in my own new york a song that was eighty three years old actually god bless america sung by kate smith was removed and removed by the new york yankees to be sung irving berlin's god bless america because said singer sang a song eighty years ago involving some pretty nasty racist terms that only must we remove any reference we must provide tranquilizers and narcotics to our children lest they perhaps see think or come across anything that is discomforting historical has become hysterical oh this is only the beginning and it is about time. well lonnie makes the point that rape he says is just the beginning where there are cold and how far is this going to go i've never seen or heard anything
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more hysterical venue today but however here is the truth of the matter it's not about hysterics that's not the issue at all the issue is that our history in this country has been one that so so damaging so gruesome so painful and here's the issue the issue is that even two hundred four hundred years later people are still hurt by what has taken place and more importantly they're still hurt that nothing has been done to remunerate to correct so instead of saying we're going to hide our hand head in the sand i believe that a people who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it what needs to happen at george washington high school and around the country is that instead of hiding and removing this history we need to teach our young people our high school students who are going to go out into the world how to navigate this world that has
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a rich history of white supremacy of imperialism and instead of shying away from it use this as a teaching moment to combat this issue let's use george washington high school as a school that teaches reparations as a school that teaches how to restore the vestiges ended the damages of history let's use this as a place where young people of color native american and african americans have the highest number of scholarships let's turn this ugly history on its head and use this as a launching pad so that people who have been hurt by this country gruesome history can finally begin to have an equal footing and begin to put their put their best foot forward and truly be a part of the american dream that has long been denied a good headline a love story of a sufficient to give lionel a channel for it to to respond to what you have to say that. the issue today from what i understand is what do you do with a painting
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a depiction of history that might hurt the little feelings of somebody today. changing and learning and repairing and removing horrible moments of our history yes that's one issue we all can agree on that but the issue today that we're talking about is what do we do when there reeve remains an historical reference to a time in which something is depicted in that eighty year old one hundred year old painting that reveals and depicts a particular time in this history which does not thankfully exist now what do you do with the arc you see that's the issue not what do we teach our children yes that's were we to be talking about that word that the issue today that would be most apt the issue is in my city we have a place called columbus circle right near central park and they wanted to for about
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a week remove the columbus stat statue from christopher columbus because every year year and a half all of a sudden somebody says wait a minute christopher columbus did terrible things to indigenous people and it lasts about a couple of hours and they scream and yell and it goes away the issue is when you have something that is artistic that is a painting a sculpture that deals with a time that we don't want to go back what do you do with that art do you tell somebody do you believe the real issue was young students which is by the redundant traumatized triggered oh i can't go to school all. you have cured once you get help more are more psych meds teacher this is ridiculous what we should be doing is teaching these kids do us a favor sit down and shut up because life is tough and when you're driving and in
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a car or on a bus or public transportation. and you come across something you cared so you stopped terror that doubt that's the issue these rogue chew signaling social justice warriors these people who are so certain she did tim seeley that this pavia has been there at george washington high school oh get ready george washington now must be removed because the east children urged come on ok let's listen and let's bring respect you know we keep doing more of this because this is still open let's let the respond because he she can you have the ok. i think he should take his own suggestion when he suggests that people should sit down and be quiet because he's probably the person who need to follow that here's why when we tell you something in the course of history in the united states of america there have been people who spoke up and spoke out why because the system that they lived in the oppression was
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too much and they said no more people sat down like here sorry like rosa parks she said down but she spoke volumes there were people who stood up like frederick douglass there were people throughout history who have spoken up sojourner truth who said our history what we're doing in this country is unacceptable and i choose not to sit down and shut up i choose to stand up and speak out and i want the children in america but we're not actually laughing about george washington high school who continue their children in george washington high school to continue to stand up and speak out and let their voices be heard and if they are not comfortable with think history this road test history and this depiction in their school they have a right to say this is not becoming of who we choose to be as a people we don't want to see it now maybe they just decide we're going to cover it up we're going to take a long curtain and cover it up because we don't want it to be seen maybe we'll call this new or this hallway where this new role is reparations hallway and began to
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use this as a meeting place to build a new legacy for this high school and youth of high. understand for the study of things like reparations however if these children don't want to be confronted visually with the daily horrors of white supremacy and because they realize it's a discomfort and it's a horribly i did wonder then i agree where real people should not have to see this on a daily basis and they should not have to hear people who are in on when not reminding them that there were real there now are lesser than this history a log ok. with it ok we behave just like to ask a question see i think. love the filibuster here's the issue what happens when you then say now let's open up the history books we took the sign down now all right children you happy good ok now let's talk about this
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plate a minute i don't want to read this book i don't want to read and be reminded of this story of a history which by the way history by definition is something that happened that you must learn from to correct but that i don't want to bog down the details but let's take these little children decide later on we don't like this story we don't like the story of columbus tear that out we don't like this about the way they talk treated native americans which is true we don't like world war two war one the holocaust vietnam war we don't like any of this when this this triggers us and we're going to speak out and because you gave in last time after we demanded that there's one hundred year old who paid income down now we're going to take our our sense of activism and we're going to recreate an expert in bowdlerized in amend the curriculum because next we don't like the mere mention now what are you going to do
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then are you going to bring out that speech about rosa parks and this is a fine you know what you we're going to give in to that as well you know and by the way we're not too crazy about euclidian geometry we don't want to read about shakespeare we don't want to hear and this science this science was i mean do we do you see where we're going this is apples and oranges nobody is suggesting we're not going to deal with reparations or try to fix the history but we're talking about when do we say you had best learned that in society there were things you were going to see change the history but you cannot go through life breaking out into hives every time something that you see or are reminded of that has a historical negative history. reference but but but as tolstoy said history would be a wonderful thing if only it were drove so this is terrific but the issue is about art what are we teaching our kids what do they do when they go to college and they say i don't like these things and then somebody one times tells them you can't
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change history excuse me but it george washington high school we've learned that when we don't like something we just protest and it's gone life's not like that teach them not tolerance but understanding perspective yes move to change these yes improve things but history by definition is history it's then let's deal with now and deal with how to handle life travails like recognizing this thing called art and the way it was then visibly the context and perspective of the times and the recent sort of come back to for a final comment as i would interpret what law was saying that you know history can be very ugly but we can't pick and choose which bits of it we want to recognize how do you feel about that. i completely agree i don't believe that history is subject to revisionism and it should not be but here's what lionel said that i don't even think he personally is aware of what we're discussing today is a mural that was designed and created by artist and victor are now tough and this
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mural is in the hallway of a high school the students have decided that this mural is unconquerable what they did not say is we don't like the stories that are in the textbook regarding george washington we don't like the history that's due to depicted in the textbook we would like to rip the pages from the textbook that's actually not what was said at all they simply said this artwork this artwork which is a tribute to this person to the legacy of this person is offensive and because we find this artwork to be offensive we would like it to not be visible because it's offensive however when we think mark classrooms and when they sit in their. classroom i'm sure that they learn the truth i'm sure that when they write essays they write essays about the truth and i'm sure they're learning how to navigate that truth of what the history of america truly is and how to going forward destroy
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and break down the vestiges of white supremacy so i think we really do and lionel made the point and he really didn't even understand it there's a division between the art and the and the actual history and these students are saying that this art does not represent what we want going forward and it should not continue to plague the history we can't change it but the going forward to now and actually we have control of i'm going to go to. that sister respond to reese's point. please never let these students go to a museum please never let them go to the louve never let them go to washington never let them go to battle grounds never let them see anything because they're going to find that history is a most terrifying a vent and if they don't like it unlike george washington high school they can.


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