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president putin and the trump discuss the unrest in venezuela and a potential nuclear deal for north korea in an hour long phone call. us from the woman who says washington is partly to blame for the turmoil in venezuela the secretary of state france her comments in europe and disgusting. the french foreign minister is accused of lying after claiming made a protesters attack staff at a paris hospital. and facebook is accused of censorship after banning some prominent right wing commentators for alleged hate speech.
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are broadcasting live directing our studios and this is our team international certainly glad to have you with us by the leaders of russia and of the u.s. have spoken by phone trying to find common ground on some key global issues including venezuela donald trump said the conversation with vladimir putin was a positive. i had a very good talk with president putin probably over an hour and we talked about many things venezuela was one of the topics we're talking about a local year agreement where we make less and they make lasts and china is frankly also we discussed the possibility of a three way deal or sort of a two way deal and i've already spoken to them they very much would like to be a part of that deal so a long talk from the first but when you think of it and realize that it is the two leaders of two of the world's superpowers discussing the most pressing issues on
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the agenda well it doesn't sound like a long anymore so what did they talk about we do know that the talk was highly heavily dominated by the situation in venezuela and certainly a lot for the two leaders to discuss as personally it's not just two leaders but two geo political rivals in this sense because russia of course is supporting nicolas maduro the incumbent president saying that he is the legitimate ruler who was elected and washington supporting one why dole and trying to oust nicolas maduro so obviously vladimir putin and donald trump try to look for common ground and we do know that they have agreed at least on one thing and that is if any transition of power was to take place in venezuela it should be very very peaceful soul no arms no interventions nothing of the sort it seems that. donald trump do see eye to eye on that also they discussed the situation in north korea and that is particularly interesting of putting put in context because vladimir putin did me to
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north korea's supreme leader kim jong on just last week and we also know that. did somewhat to vent his frustration with the way washington chooses to do diplomacy with his country and vladimir putin apparently made something of a promise to pass those concerns to the american side of course no. way of telling whether or not that was done during that phone conversation also the situation in ukraine got into the spotlight during the talk and worldwide i'm appalled and did make an emphasis of the minsk agreements it should be implemented that there should be more focus on how these agreements are being implemented and it is of course something known as the minsk peace process and which is an internationally recognized and agreed on road map to restoring peace in ukraine to ending this bloody civil war that is basically tearing the country apart also the situation
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around the release of the report could not be overlooked so the two leaders briefly discussed this but the key word is briefly as apparently they chose not to focus on that to have a leap now both washington and moscow have said that they are finding this phone conversation to be a very productive one and indeed it is a very interesting introduction to the upcoming meeting of the country's two top diplomats circular and america's might can pay or said to talk to each other as soon as of the next week in finland and saw maybe something else will come out of today's phone conversation after those talks meanwhile the u.s. role in venezuela is coming under scrutiny in washington democratic congresswoman eleanor maher has partially blamed american policies for the devastation in the country and her words didn't go down well with top officials. a lot of the policies
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that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in venezuela particularly bullying in the use of sanctions to eventually into and. make change really does not help the people of countries like venezuela for a member of congress who frankly one who sits on that important national security committee to make a statement blaming america first of this way it's not only ignorant it's disgusting congresswoman doesn't know what she's talking about. in january the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil firm according to washington sanctions will freeze seven billion dollars in company assets and lead to losses of more than eleven billion dollars over the coming year but president trump claims he is trying to help the venezuelan people the brutal repression of the venezuelan people must stand and it must soon people are starving they have no food they have no water and
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this was once one of the wealthiest countries in the world so we wish them well we'll be there to help and we are there to help venezuelan president nicolas maduro claims that the opposition attempted to orchestrate a coup this week but military forces remained loyal to the president while hundreds of thousands of people marched in a show of support for people died in clashes between anti-government protesters and the police. for more on this we can cross a live to paul and a list of for the independent news side venezuela analysis dot com thank you very much paul for being with us here on our team international. so if we get right down to it secretary of state pump aoe branded omar ignorant for blaming america for the crisis in venezuela is that a fair remark or does she have a point. well i think anybody who ever looks will turn a blind eye to the u.s. role in trying to change the government in minutes waylay in terms of being blind
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to what is a very complex situation to ignore the u.s. sanctions the impact of the science on the venezuelan economy to ignore the direct messages which the u.s. government send to the venezuelan people calling on them to rise up against the elected government of nicolas maduro is itself in iran so i think it's very useful to see congresswoman obama finally giving a voice to the thousands of americans north americans who maybe didn't agree with donald trump's handling with a vengeance when the situation so as we mentioned trump claimed the u.s. is helping the people of venezuela is there any way in which washington's actions have helped the country well it's very difficult to see what he means by that the u.s. sanctions against venezuela have exasperated existing problems on the economy on
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essentially made it impossible for the venezuelan economy to get off it knees and start producing again with thing huge queues at the pumps due to the oil embargo i applied by the united states in generations receiving exasperated medical shortages due to the financial restrictions placed on venezuela's importing industry and a whole range of other issues which are really not that will help in the venezuelan people i think what's going to come meant that they buy these are not helping the venezuelan opposition leader that we could be a much closer that they can of the truth so president trump and putin they had a phone call about the venezuelan crisis and other things as well but do you expect russia on the u.s. to find any common ground here or is it just too different to find any common ground. well i can it is difficult to see what common ground they may share i think the most we can hope for from the these two worlds superpower is all right
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we seem to have have some technical difficulties there of course if we can get paul back we will you're watching our team international. live television things can kind of go wrong let's see if we can have paul back paul can you hear me yes he can hear me now yeah sometimes these things happen as we're talking about the common ground between russia and the u.s. what if any is there yet what i think the most we can hope for would be some sort of agreement to respect venezuela self-determination and so over and the and this isn't a referendum went on whether we like nicolas maduro or not this is great to race you about whether venezuela has the right to choose that path and on some sort of agreement to not meddle in internal venezuela enough a now is needed to be harder for the trump administration to agree to than many other administrations due to the history of meddling here in venezuela but i think
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this may be the second any sort of resolution to the current context all right paul dobson a journalist for the independent news site venezuela analysis dot com thanks for helping us rub our minds around this one again as always will be interesting to watch it all play out thanks. so much. i know the french interior minister has been accused of lying after claiming that anti-capitalists attack staff at a paris hospital during a may day rally are to show different ski takes up the story for us. violence all may the first has been well documented in one of the most shocking stories that emerge from that violence when these allegations particularly by forces interior minister that actually some of the reuters and those protesters were trying to attack a hospital trying to attack the staff and trying to enter into that hospital at this particular hospital was actually a surgical intensive care unit and there was descriptions of the patients inside
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saying that they were in quite carry situation many of them were into baited some ventilated and that the staff at whom rickly tried to fight off that attack of those protesters entering into the site this is what france's interior minister had to say about that event the. hospital was attacked it's medical staff were attacked and the police officer sent to protect them was hurt unshakable faith in our security services there the pride of the republic well that's his version of events but in a twist going on here social media has been flooded with videos showing exactly what happened on the ground in that hospital and actually what we've seen from those videos and social media some of which were actually taken by members of staff inside the hospital don't show what the interior minister said happened in fact what they show is that the c.r.s. the security forces with charging at protesters those protesters were fleeing from
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the security services and as such they were seeking refuge inside the hospital not just for that charge but also because of the tear gas that had been deployed in the area so a very different version of events and as such opposition politicians here in france have described christopher cast in a as being a liar and some of them have even called for his resignation. if it was a deliberate lie in turn and soley to deliver and turn issues social movement then the interior minister should be fired without doing. kristoff. shamelessly and manipulated the press to spread these lies you know who's enough given the facts he has no choice but to resign well in other developments coming out of that may day protests in france it's also a message that this video showing the police officers actually picking up paving
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stones from the road and throwing that towards protesters now we know that this is a weapon of arsenal that the protesters have used for many months during the yellow vest protests and indeed on the may day but this is the first time in paris we've seen evidence of the police using what essentially is an sanctioned weapon against the protesters it begs the question whether the police are the ones here inciting the violence and instead of trying to control the situation they're actually poor ring oil on the fire meanwhile hospital staff has spoken to the media describing the moment when made a protester was rushed into the facility. julian will most of them startled us at first but very quickly they started to listen some try to calm them down it's a hospital calmed down they understood that we couldn't lead the man and now when it comes to finding someone to blame we don't know there's nothing to say i think when you take part in a protest things always get
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a little bit out of hand and the weight is new to us and was on the there were several of us we didn't see any black blocks we saw some yellow vests who were in a panic going in all directions there were about ten of them they went up the stairs and at the door they asked for something for their eyes which they said were stinging we saw no signs of forced entry no doors or anything some call it steve go to treat their ice. opposition lawmakers in the u.k. are calling for an official inquiry into the leak of classified information from a government meeting prime minister theresa may fired the defense secretary devon williams and after the incident but he denies any wrongdoing artie's probably cause more. this was a man of course who had huge political ambitions it was said that he wanted to work his way to the very top to succeed to reason may but his fall from grace appears to have been even faster than the sort of fast track to success to resume
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a sacked him as offense secretary earlier this week she accused him of leaking highly sensitive information i pity you delay this information from the investigation which provides compelling evidence suggesting your responsibility for do an authorized disclosure i can no longer have full confidence in you as secretary of state for the fence and a minister in my cabinet and ask you to leave her majesty's government kevin williamson is calling for a criminal investigation into the leak in order to establish his innocence he's sworn in on his kids' lives that he wasn't behind the leak there are. now rumors in westminster that williamson could be out for revenge that he's got enough on the prime minister to bring her down she's been working at the top level of cabinet the highest echelons of power for a few years now he was eventually brought into cabinet as defense secretary way he
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was rather outspoken. frankly russia should go away the true church the. answer here is. that. we're going to. put a very wrong business that. indeed we take a carrot and stick approach. personally i don't like the stick. goods it is amazing what can be achieved with a sharpened tyrant you can see that gavin williamson wasn't without his quotes he was famous in parliament for keeping a pet tarantula named crudeness on his desk and he has been posting rather
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a lot on social media in fact he's quite prolific keep posted since his sacking a photograph on instagram with his two pet dogs saying that it's been a really tough week but it is so all ok when you get to come home to your pets he says he's going to have a lot more time for them now he's now been replaced by the u.k.'s first ever female defense secretary penny mordant she's a royal navy reservist and fun fact she once worked as a magician's assistant now looking at the diallo coal election results today am with gregg's it still dragging on and with williamson. refusing to shut up and go away perhaps to reason may is hoping that some of pending militants magic will rub off on her. facebook has been to some prominent right wing commentators for alleged hate speech then story much more after a short break you are watching argentina. nothing
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to do with the propaganda that the daily mail is pushing but when you. might be susceptible to propaganda they can easily be manipulated into thinking that fracking is something other than what it is it's not economically viable it costs more to. make a profit. it's also environmentally negative you destroy the environment. you put them so. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. wanted. to go to the press this is what the three of the more
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people are. interested in the water. i welcome back this is the international facebook has banned the some controversial right wing figures for allegedly posting extremist content the ban also applies to instagram which is owned by facebook but people on the list include alex jones in his in for wars page along with former breitbart news editor young a polish and political activist laura explaining of the decision facebook says it has always banned individuals or organizations that promote violence and hate regardless of ideology but. you tube or paul joseph watson who has also been banned
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by the social media giant claims the move is purely political. i was given no reason whatsoever for being banned by facebook or instagram this is punishment this is a political purge this has nothing to do with hate all violating terms of service yesterday ever wrote an article about how i was leavin in a digital gulag on holocaust remembrance day and today even though i was honest and have dedicated my life to convert in jew hatred this nazis in silicon valley ban me facebook's action has sparked a censorship debate with some saying the move has worrying implications for free speech every conservative should be concerned about alex jones prison planet and others getting an obituary banned from facebook platforms you an extent censorship is entering a new more hysterical face soon there will be no right wing activists or commentators
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left how about jack benny and donald trump from twitter for violating the company's rules against hate and violence so much damage already done so many demented and delusional followers have been radicalized in many people ate it by cause facebook . ben harrison kinney chair of british think tank the ballad group thanks facebook has a clear political bias. they're reacting to the election results like that at the brick suit like the election of donald trump and it would appear that they feel as a company that they want to put themselves on the side of the debate they need to be regulated as such as a as a political actor in the debate rather than a platform for a free debate which i think it's now very clear they are not facebook it very clearly putting themselves on one side of the political debate it is absolutely it
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could tell them to free speech because they're saying these individuals are dangerous well and many people like myself see them as perfectly reasonable act is in a political debates they have a huge following across a variety of platforms facebook is clearly pushing itself as a political act why is it in the regulation that other media companies face. alleged a long time collaborator of what we can leaks co-founder julius arge will remain in pretrial detention in ecuador a court in the country has dismissed an appeal by the all beenie who was arrested in quito last month on the same day assad was taken into custody in the u.k. all of being a beanie is a software developer and privacy activist who has reportedly worked with wiki leaks in the past been he was arrested by ecuadorian authorities on charges of trying to hack computer systems in the country however his lawyers claim the case is
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politically motivated. now and not every investigation they have been demonstrated what system it is supposed to have when he did it or where to look i mean what information that they have we want to show to the world that the decision made here was a political one though you said there were aspects of the hearing that i did not like for example the difference in time allocated we were granted just fifteen minutes to talk with the prosecutors spoke for almost one hour and fifteen minutes more critically some of our arguments were dismissed by the judges. join us sonship self is in a british prison after being sentenced to fifty weeks in jail for breaking his bail terms u.k. is now considering an extradition request from the u.s. where he is wanted for allegedly conspiring to hack into classified government files told a london court on thursday that he would not surrender voluntarily to the americans
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activist. who was also tuesday of hacking into u.s. government computers believes a song has a huge battle ahead of him. i think he's going to have an uphill struggle everyone has an uphill struggle under us that should or shouldn't rice because it's a very unbalanced treaty said the u.s. doesn't have to provide any evidence they just have to have that paperwork in which the presumption is a lead towards exhibition if we manage to win there's a lot of campaigning and a lot of support political support from and. she is going to have a hard time because he's already out of this politically he's upset the establishment in the u.k. the establishment i would say is complicit in his persecution we need to do everything we can as members of the public and civil to is this list of people involved to ensure that we do you know i allow the injustice and isolation to happen the. u.s. is expected to continue its support for the saudi military intervention in yemen
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the senate has failed to overturn president veto of a house resolution on ending washington's involvement in the war saudi arabia is a despotic dictatorship that works over time to prevent any movement in that country toward democracy this is also about squaring us policy with national security interests and getting the blood off of our hands we ought not give unflinching unwavering unquestioning devotion to a regime that treats its own people that way. the house passed a resolution opposing involvement last month with sixteen republicans among those voting in favor however it was blocked by donald trump who dubbed it a dangerous attempt to weaken his constitutional authority saudi arabia launched its bombing campaign in yemen back in two thousand and fifteen to support the government against shia rebels the campaign has claimed the lives of tens of
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thousands of civilians and left much of yemen in ruins. he says it is a business decision and if he has to deal with a murderous regime he will continue to do so. here is no compunction. morally or with any regard to human rights to in their relationship he sees it strictly as a transactional relationship to keep us cannibalism going to
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fuel us industry and the u.s. military and bar he has no human rights concerns. a tropical cyclone in india has left at least seven people dead and more than a million have been evacuated from the eastern state of the show when the speeds of two hundred kilometers per hour have been recorded along with heavy rainfall which has brought down trees and power lines more than four thousand emergency shelters have been set up to cope with the displaced people bangladesh is now bracing for the cyclons impact as it moves east. at. doesn't for me i'll be back with more news in about thirty two and a half minutes you are watching our international stay with us. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next about different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from
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fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people. why not if you think. i'm going to talk about football narvi or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here. is this is a sticker from the water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're in the bad was there the litter bugs are trying this way industry shouldn't be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. it's difficult
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absolutely. demand that seems cool sets their classes to seek a cost me on my end i need to stay on your own that special projects funding he doesn't have and close on i knew that that is the end of it for the team the fun now the mountains of noise only grow higher. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. hello and welcome the cross-talk were all things considered i'm peter lobell what
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drives american foreign policy at its core is it really about furthering national interest is there an ideological foundation that is the driver we're told it's all about democracy or is it really all about power and the purposeful denial of agency of others on the international stage. cross talking american foreign policy i'm joined by my guest max blumenthal in washington he's the editor of gray zone dot com as well as author of the new book the management of savagery how america's national security state fueled the rise of al qaeda isis and donald trump also in washington we have james chatteris he's a former u.s. diplomat and former advisor to the u.s. senate republican leadership all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate where we're getting
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set up here i notice you have your book can you just lift it up and show our audience here it's fresh off the press.


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