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tv   To The Moon  RT  May 5, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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this case to watch what is unfolded at sheremetyevo airport. can only hope that the emergency services. who seem to be very quickly on to the scene have done everything they could to limits the extent of the damage has been done the injuries that have been incurred on these people we've heard reports of up to maybe ten people been injured hard to imagine. that is the the full extent of injuries but it's so hard to imagine looking at those written pictures of the flames just spoke about people who fly quite often the people of our profession who fly a lot actually a correspondent from our sister channel r.t. spanish while he was on board a different plane waiting to take off for a major airport and he saw the burning aircraft with his own eyes and this is what he told us. was one of our most in we were on board a plane sheremetyevo airport we were flying to helsinki although our flight has now been cancelled we're sitting really close to the plane which is completely on fire
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the flames are huge it's very difficult for the emergency services to tackle the blaze they told us that the airports closed no planes are leaving all arriving we're waiting for more information and maybe will be evacuated to tell you more about the model of the plane that was involved in this accident and s s j one hundred sukhoi superjet this is a short to be jim hall passenger plane the model was manufactured last year it can carry up to ninety eight passengers so we believe it's just below full capacity the range up to four thousand six hundred kilometers one hundred ninety six currently in service with various different lines. this salient points of the story of my culture alongside me will bring is a very light well one person is confirmed. members and others have been injured after a fire engulfed a plane air flow of flight twenty three nineteen
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a sukhoi superjet and says j one hundred planes taken off from sheremetyevo airport in the russian capital and was used to head zimmermann's in the north of the country and they departed from moscow at seventeen fifty according to preliminary information it was electrical wiring on board that ignited as it was taken off according to a source other reports say that lightning struck the plane while it was taking all it was forced to cern back after on board fire alert then the lost connection and landed in silence with no direction from airport control the weather conditions were poor with heavy rain the plane only managed to land at the second attempt pictures show fire engulfing the aircraft on the ground and a huge plume of black smoke rising into the air the airline has set up an investigation into the causes of the incident and now confirms that the fire has
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been put out moscow domo dead of all airport is receiving additional flights diverted from sure your air share of major airport and airline has a yet suit comment on the situation and transport ministry officials are already at this scene the minister of transport is on his way there now and safety checks are now started started as a place where the plane now a criminal investigation is also being launched in relation to this incident. i mean the investigation is a obviously immediately involved trying to find out what happened prosecutors already have said that the holding. review of safety compliance following this accident. the airline just confirmed that both engines had caught fire. on this flight as you fourteen. and seeing is believing that it is you know when you can see the extent of the damage. pitches
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again i apologize if you find these disturbing this is what has transpired today. in most devastating we don't know this point when exactly. began though we don't know if it was appalled while this was in midair we do know this flight flight run into trouble it was forced to turn around within about half an hour it was on its way to the motor mounts and you can see it landing there the flames there are clearly visible as it's coming to a halt on the a source says that the airplane actually. the ground three times as it was landing so there were three points of impact and only after that the engines had caught fire you can see the plumes of smoke coming from the airplane. the airline already said that the entire back of the plane was burned so often you can see that he was the sail and the plane. just to bring you some
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information. bill watching you know maybe thinking morning that they know somebody must have been on this flight just to bring you fishel information this is air flight flight one for nine. we have a break we have breaking news right now and you unfortunately. cording to the medics who are add this the shura mates of international airport well they're saying that thirteen people lost their lives as the result of this incident at the airport thirteen people are courting through the medics this is the number we're at right now in new york and. scores of people have been taken to the . opposite hospitals as well with various degrees of injuries so the number of victims stands at thirteen at the moment talking about the tragic accident that occurred at moscow's sheremetyevo airport one of the. busiest transportation hubs
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and it's at the time of a major national holiday so many people flying in and out of sheer amount of it today and this tragedy well it's it's it's shocking for anybody who just turned on the t.v. to see these pictures and it will cause salute transportation chaos sheremeta for so many flights have been canceled diverted what was supposed to be a time of great cheer holiday whether it was abroad for many people on this particular flight this was the motor mounts of the local flight it was into supposed to be a nine hundred mile journey but the flight itself this air floats warm for ninety flight to moments only managed around thirty minutes into its journey before it was forced to turn around we don't know why at this point conflicting reports of what caused problems on the plane we do know is that radio communication was lost no information going on the way the plane and traffic control. plane clearly was
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forced into an emergency landing and all we can then know for sure is what we see with our own eyes which is of the plane landing absolutely gold in flames the thick plumes of black smoke following and a very very. quick emergency exit from the plane you see the stupid stupid stewardesses you know often people don't pay too much attention when they get in the the emergency information explained to them when the flights about to we saw their training clearly kicked in and those emergency exits and the chutes were released within seconds it seemed landing so many people got off in a matter of just seconds running to safety from the plane they must have been the ones at the front of the plane though as you see the back of the plane completely engulfed and that's why we're already talking so sadly of at least the scene people in killed and many more injured. now passengers fleeing the word fleeing from the burning plane and that's been caught on the video
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as well let's take a look at how all of that was a working out let's have a listen. ok let's bring in a guest now we're joined on the line thank you so much for coming on retired air force captain holly joins me for good information correct many thanks so time. at this point a chance to see the pictures of the pretty devastating. reports coming in one one
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line of reporting suggesting that a lightning strike may have caused this this disaster does that seem likely to you how many incidents of that type of thing likely might have caused this extensive damage. ok i apologize because we have brought in a guest very short notice i believe got incorrect information on i guess it's actually jack is that jack on the line can you hear me. on the line yes it is ok many thanks for joining us i was just asking the reports that have come in at this may have been a lightning strike that caused this accident from your experience. it sounds i mean it's plausible but it's unlikely because airplanes are designed to withstand lightning strikes they have all kinds of the quick on the aircraft it actually prevents the destroyed of a lightning straight from affecting near
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a plane so essentially what happens is the electrical charge is discharged off the airplane sometimes there is damage but it's very minor and certainly not to the extent that it would cause the loss of an aircraft. you were speaking to jack castor aviation security expert joining us from new york and jack another report that we heard was that problems with electrical wiring might might of course this what we what we know from what we've heard so far is that this plane was about thirty minutes into the flight before it turned back all communication was lost is electrical wiring the sort of thing that could cause complete loss of communications like. well first of all the electrical system on an aircraft is extremely sophisticated with a lot of backup systems so they're a total loss of total. electrical failure is very unlikely and even
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when that happens you're still reduced down to battery power if at the very very worst so the fact that there was a total electrical failure total loss of communications means that something catastrophic into the system now how that transpired. was it in a letter was it an electric major electrical failure or a major system failure. that's very likely. however a lightning strike by itself and not an engineer on the soil choreographed so i don't know but most airplane certified for international use are are certified to withstand lightning strikes so while it's always a possibility i would say it's unlikely. but something catastrophic have been so that there was no communication between the aircraft and the tower now the
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other issue is why was there no communication it may have been because the pilots had their hands full with an emergency and had no time to communicate very similar to the miracle on the hudson situation where the pilots decided you know what we have to fly the airplane first and we're not going to communicate with air traffic because of time compression and priority so that's always a possibility of viewing the video. it appears that whatever happened to me it appeared from the from the flames and the smoke it looks like. maybe the airplane landed hard compromising the fuel tanks and that the fuel tank the fuel hit something hot that ignited it or or again i don't i only saw portions of the video so i don't. so how those flames
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started if they started when your plane was still in flight or it was a result of the landing. gear plane landed hard it's possible that the structure of the airplane was compromised could have led to a fuel leak and and the rest is obvious all this is what the sources are actually suggests and what happened the airplane actually hit the ground three times as it was trying to land and then the engines caught in fire that's what the source within the airline is saying right now of course a criminal investigation had already been launched on the ball finds out the causes of the accident a little bit later but what do you make of the response to the incident so far i believe you have an opportunity to watch as the situation is unfolding and so follow what's happening in russia. yeah well again. an airport like the moscow airport is obviously we'll equipped to handle emergencies. the fact
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that the people were coming out of the year plane immediately after the aircraft. shows the professionalism of the crew to get everybody out of the airplane safely obviously this was a very very serious emergency and everybody's training kicked in when it was supposed to. and hopefully unfortunately regrettably lives were lost but had it not been for their training kicking in a just the right time more lives may have been lost so it's a credit to the crew and the cabin crew and this is not you know we were talking about the possibility of the petrel igniting because of a heavy landing how unusual is it for the the integrity of the plane to be compromised due to a heavy landing into how many times out of one hundred. could something like that happen well again you know depending on what systems may have been an operative
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and caused the crew to. be challenged by flying the aircraft. in order to land it safely hard landings are not good for air of a transport category airplanes there's a tremendous amount of mass and weight and momentum due to the speed so no way a craft doesn't matter who makes the airplane. no where plane is designed to withstand hard landings and especially obviously for passenger comfort that's not a that's not a great selling point for a transport airplane however all of that. in many cases where hard landings occur. at a minimum at a very at a minimum there would be. a major hard what they call
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a hard landing inspection of an aircraft. at worst it could compromise the structure of the airplane and that. that's a really hard landing and that's not the way or planes are designed to be flown and landed so when you have a hard landing like that at a minimum it's going to require inspection of the aircraft to make sure that the integrity of the aircraft has nothing compromised. and does that jack just funny that much up with the pictures that we're seeing which is the back half of the plane seemingly engulfed in flames while people were very quickly managing to escape from the front of does that match up with you know the suggestion that heavy landing could have caused the ignition of the fuel. it could it also depends on when the fire started if it had started prior to the landing then it may be that that fuel was. that the fuel lines may have been compromised prior to the
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landing which might explain why the fuel is coming out the back is the fuel only stored on the back of a plane of that depends on the model of the plane the usually the fuel is stored in the wings and is usually a they can be a center wing tank and sometimes there's an aft fuel tank in the tail depends on the airplane design. most airplanes have fuel stored in the wings and incentive fuel tanks which are usually between the wings and they try to design it so that the proximity of the fuel tanks is close to the engines. to minimize the fuel lines and so forth. so the fact that the fuel was appears to be from the back of the airplane that could be merely the flame pattern. if let's say for example the fuel started coming out from from around the room when
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roots of the aircraft in other words the joint between the fuselage and the wing. it would it would the fuel would be igniting coming out and it would appear that the flames were coming out the back of the year but in fact it may have been coming out somewhere else on the aircraft like probably midsection of the year. some. think into what we've been seeing on those pitches thanks so much for joining us this short notice jackass to aviation security expert is our guest live from new york thank you. all thank you for vats. we are getting reports from the ground at sheremetyevo airport this is yet to be confirmed sources within the media who are at the sure major airports at the moment they're saying that thirteen people are reportedly dead however so far we have only what we have one confirmation of
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a death and we know that numerous people had been injured after a fire engulfed a plane and the injured people they had already been taken to hospitals with the various injuries and we're talking about air flow of flights as skew fourteen one thousand sukhoi superjet s s j one hundred plane it's a call from airport in the russian capital and was due to head. in the north of the country deported from moscow at. six pm according to preliminary information electrical wiring on board ignited as it was taken off according to a source now other reports say that it was a lightning struck that hit the plane while it was taking off it was forced to turn back after an on board the fire alerts and then lost connection and landed in silence complete radio silence with no direction from airport control now the
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weather conditions in and around the mall school were quite poor today with heavy. rain and the plane only managed to land at the second attempt. to it we are going to get a live report now from our correspondent there just dan of who is at sheremetyevo airport let's join him live on the line and it's kind of ariely quite such a busy time of national holiday what information is being put out there to the passengers about this disaster today lots of conflicting information what are you hearing there sheremeta. well you know really for a major hub which most certainly is a major well airport really it is very very quiet and empty as you can clearly see behind me the only people that are left here are those who were waiting for their loved ones for their relatives for their friends to come back from wherever they were coming not necessarily i mean note from really from all over the world and they are sitting here all sitting here all bombed as to what to do next because
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this airport has been almost completely shut just one landing strip our. operational so far and it is also an emergency strip too so the airport has been completely shut down and it is fair to say we've heard the announcements going on here as to the other flights there were meant there were bound for more school for this airport that they have been redirected to all sorts of other destinations many of them even more school we've now instruments saying that some flights were redirected to other russian cities like somalia for instance or seeing petersburg also we've heard some flights landing in even in other countries for example in minsk. even in helsinki the capital of finland as for the situation on board i think roman did a very fair recap here not not many not much decisive concrete information so far
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we do know at least one person. it has been officially announced proclaimed dead at the same time we know that the russia's investigative committee has launched a probe into this case under a certain provision in a russian law that basically says that they are investigating an emergency that has led to the death to the deaths of two or more people so this could be an indicator that there are at least more than at least two or more dead now unofficial reports unconfirmed reports suggest that more than ten people have been have died as a result over this incident and when it comes to what happened on board really pictures speak for themselves we can see that already on the tomahawk the plane was on fire it was ablaze the whole rare part of the plane is burning it is engulfed in a massive massive fire and there are plenty of reasons as to this plenty of
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speculation ice you'd say as to why this happened we've heard reports of. that say that according to the flight crew that was on board over that plane they were struck by a lightning now this is unconfirmed so others are saying that the that the fire broke out after one of these shasta's well just struck through a fuel tank and so that was the fuel of blaze hands the massive massive black clouds of smoke going from the plane it has been the fire has been put out and apparently all those who could escape themselves have escaped we said we've seen some well i should say controversial photos and videos people escaping the plane with their belongings with their cabin with cabin luggage so really i say controversial because the apparently they had time to grab their stuff to grab. their belongings while some other people couldn't get out of the plane so you have
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that there now again all of the. all of the rare of the plane was set ablaze the fire has been pulled out we've also heard reports of medic and emergency rescue crews trying to get trying to to look through the debris of what is now a debris of the of the plane's tail of the aircraft's tail because some people have be are still unaccounted for there were the total of seventy eight people on board and some of them were some of them are still unaccounted for this is the latest at the moment and of course we're probably expecting that maybe the cruise that the that those who have managed to get out of the plane safely maybe they will appear in this whole well what you would you're seeing right now behind me this is these are the people who took some other flights or basically these are not the passengers over the flights we're talking about so which means the some some
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people are still managed to land here in sheremetyevo and they're still getting out of the airport business as usual but in general again the airport very very empty and a bit of an eerie silence of use as you've said neal yeah just add to that if you have just been checking while you were listening to your report testimony i think the people working at sheremetyevo they have indeed been enabling still many flights coming into london with very few departures which pretty much explains the scene that you're seeing some planes still managing to land very few departures many times i think just on a. port for us and we do have an update from sherman is your airport they have announced that the airport is not working at one hundred percent capacity at the moment but it is still working only one landing strip is open right now but the airport has not been shut down so that means the. the aftermath of the instance is now being that dealt with the fire has been put out and see here this is
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the. just from another angle of the thing we've seen these before well this is terrifying to see the back of the plane i mean it's an inferno and the people in the front hall getting out and you could mention some reports that some of them were actually coming out with with their luggage which is just an incredible. thought because that's the last thing that should be on anybody's mind at this point just so quickly you can see it's not the biggest the plane's it's what a capacity of up to ninety people so quickly out on those emergency chutes as you would expect training kicks in and clearly the stuff doing the job look at the value of that airplane it's amazing amazing. anybody who is in the back of the plane right now and cannot get out i mean this is this is why we are getting reports that it could be one person has been confirmed dead but it could be as many as thirteen that have not been verified just yet but i can see where some sources
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are talking about a large number of victims but once again so far one person had been confirmed dead and several people have already been taken to hospitals with various degrees of injuries. and those are the pitches from breaking news story this hour here on r.t. international we are going to take a very short break harvey alongside me remind crosser to stay with us for continued coverage of breaking news story a disaster unfolding in port. making emergency landing people injured reports of one confirmed it could be as many as ten maybe more do stay with us we're back in just a few moments. they
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betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and we have breaking news from moscow sheremetyevo airport so it could be of at least one person had been killed in a major incident at one of moscow's main international airport a passenger plane that was on fire was forced to make an emergency landing it skidded along the runway before flames engulfed the aircraft and medics are saying that it could be as many as thirteen people that died but that has not been very
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flied just.


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