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on our new vest that is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. kremlin reveals not only its laying the groundwork for a possible talks between. america's top diplomats also ahead this hour on the program the european commission president has concerns about euro skeptic parties are said to make on president gains in the blocks upcoming election. and russia mourns the victims of sunday's playing russian in moscow which killed forty people including a twelve year old. gravier
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tuning in from this hour a warm welcome to moscow and to our to the international i mean i know neal our top story meeting face to face the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo could be said for talks with russia's president vladimir putin that's according to the kremlin spokesperson the proposed talks could be held in the next few weeks parties medina caution of a told me more possible step forward in u.s. russia relations. and meeting between the russian president and the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo may happen as early as this month in may washington's top diplomat plans to meet with the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and the resort says he and now the kremlin says a parallel meeting where the president could take place there to now this will be
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pumped first visit to russia as the u.s. secretary of state lavrov did however just to meet with him at the arctic summits and fenlon sound that the meeting showed that the two countries are still struggling to find common ground on a range of issues not only on van as well but the use of the arctic as well concerned about russia's claim over the. international waters of the northern sea route including its newly announced plans to connected with china's maritime silk road. in the northern sea route moscow already illegally demands other nations request permission to pass the u.s. secretary of state also added that partly in response to russia's so-called destabilizing activities they are hosting a military exercises and rebuilding their eyes breaker fleet now moscow believes that there are no grounds for any conflicts and the arctic region and also adds that it remains open for international cooperation. of the sea route is
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a russian national transport saree we is that coastal states acting in full compliance with international law all responsible for the safe operation over this route just as canadians are responsible for the functioning of the northwest passage. and the past several months diplomacy seems to still prevail and the relations between the two countries both were seen in contact more often than usual with the u.s. and the russian president recent telephone conversation that lasted over an hour an example of that so it does seem that the timing for the u.s. secretary of state events it at least follows this trend as moscow and washington continue to be at loggerheads over a number of global issues. after those talks with his u.s. counterpart sergei lavrov said the focus will be concentrated on existing problems
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and instead of on rumors about what washington still not ruling out a military intervention in crisis had been this we have a move which moscow's top diplomat would have very few supporters. these photos. we tried not to concentrate on those statements which are publicly discussed because they have been affected by many factors the don't have anything to do was real politics we concentrated on real politics incentives from my contacts with the u.s. an american and european colleagues i don't see any supporters of military action. it seems the more the american media the u.s. government that see military intervention to be an option on the table a new report has claimed that many leading u.s. publications have demonstrated clear bias in their coverage of the crisis in venice we are let's now take a look at the findings of the media watchdog furness and accuracy in reporting. and al.
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what would make you use the u.s. military and that's really what's in the well i think you're saying that but certainly it's something that's on the it's an option and the national assembly has
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determined that the election of president was or but there it was illegitimate there needs to be a due to the government's. why so allergic to the word coup if you look at the definition because they recognize that these words have a meaning long as you don't say what it is you can a lie about just from the media point of view don't you think one of the first question that what he should ask is by what authority do you establish or does mr why those say i have the ability to supplant this person they ask no questions
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i find it fascinating. that the media not known for being poor trump is so dare i say willing to support the position of the tribe of ministration regarding the majeure oh ministration being removeable so where is the balance where we have asked a number of us media outlets for a comment on the watchdogs findings. of bias when we got an answer we'll bring it to you. with europe's parliamentary elections now less than three weeks away polls are showing the euro skeptic parties are poised to make on precedented gains and while the findings are causing concern in some quarters the e.u. chief appears more relaxed at the prospect but why they are to show tunes key tells us. the loan bells are sounding in brussels across the european union poll after poll showing voters are looking for change and that change isn't music to the is
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euro skeptic parties are intent on shaking up the house here in france a recent poll shows marine le pen's national rally could top the ballot edging slightly ahead of president batons the public on march in italy the two euro skeptic governing coalition parties also set to repeal wards in make his vote and to the north the alternative for germany party believes it's about to build on pass excess it's also taken a stance so germany speak to membership of the book demanding reform so saying it will campaign to leave the union the real pen since the revolution is underway. in the thesis lucic anomic social demographic and identity of the disaster our project constitutes a revolution a peaceful democratic revolution. of commonsense established god
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isn't likely to go without a fight but it senses a change in the. standing united makes a strong forward to now country. to change to push forward the european project without giving any ground to those who want to see it fall back in this year or twenty nineteen we must defend against nationalists and the self-centered this is our europe. anyone taking from the e.u. parliament has only limited powers it doesn't even propose the laws that it votes on it's actually the unelected european commission that comes up with those laws which are then flushed out by a different structure the european council along with the european parliament so despite the polls showing the euro skeptic incumbents are about to shake up the e.u. parliament it seems it won't. because a new yorker many sleepless nights nobody knows this but last time i rejected the
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can a deceased of six commissioners presented to me by national governments do you remember that governments merely propose commissioners it is the president of the commission who accepts them and allocates their responsibilities what the parliament does happen sponsibility for though is amongst other things resolutions and there are hundreds if not thousands of them for example expected recently to place in the new why didn't paul go on sales to saudi arabia because of the concern that they are being used in the war in yemen but this vote doesn't actually compel member states to keep the balance and in fact the most powerful some point to a lack of teeth from parliament as being the reason that they don't even bother to vote in its elections and in twenty fourteen voter turnout hit a record low of forty three percent perhaps of the real question is does it matter who you vote for because in reality even a seismic shakeup at any pete level won't have any impact on the commission nor the council where it seems the power base we meet. the real engine of the
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e.u. . was in the commission this is a good deal of the e.u. policy the e.u. integration. e.u. policy on for another three years and they are certainly. one of the most. democratic institutions these people totally. and basically accountable to worst you citizens that's why all the strong interest from the e.u. or the like the citizen this is a few totally disconnected rest that don't feel part of the debate. the u.s. president has threatened to ratchet up tariffs on high. of billions of dollars worth of imports from china the latest escalation in the trade war between the
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world's leading economic powers comes ahead of high level talks between washington and beijing aimed at ending the conflict with more on the story donald trump's high risk negotiating tactics. were over two years into the presidency of the great deal maker mr era fired himself donald trump and it seems he is operating with the my way or the highway strategy these are his latest comments on china. the trade deal with china continues but too slowly as they attempt to renegotiate no trump is threatening a new tariff on over three hundred twenty five billion dollars worth of chinese goods now this all or nothing strategy seems to be a staple of the trumpet ministration at this point we've got mike palm peo saying that no country will be allowed to import iranian oil any nation or entity interacting with iran should use its diligence and err on the side of caution the risks are simply not going to be worth the benefits if you don't abide by this
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they'll be sanctions trump has demanded that russia stop supporting the elected government of venezuela with. the russians but no right to get out. i want you next question the u.s. state department has demanded that turkey not by any russian asked four hundred missiles we've also made it clear to turkey that we have very serious concerns with that stated plans to proceed with the acquisition of the russian s four hundred missile defense system tropfest threatened the palestinian authority that money is on the table that money's not going to them unless they sit down and negotiate peace this will make a difference on how americans look at the u.n. and on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the u.s. and this will be remembered this all seems to fit a strategy that trump laid out in his bestseller the art of the deal the worst
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thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it that makes the other guy smell blood and then you're dead no one can say the united states reeks of desperation however all of this doesn't seem to be resulting in better deals but rather no deals all the bombastic walk away is an rip up severs altered in no progress trump says my way or the highway and people around the world generally take the. hiway countries around the world are still buying iranian oil russia is still supporting venezuela at this point turkey says it still intends to buy s. four hundred missiles from russia and furthermore at the palestinians are sticking to the same firm position that they held before and while he's failing to make new deals trump seems to be breaking a lot of the old ones the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the i.m.f. treaty the united states will withdraw. from the paris.
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climate of court i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal yeah the tough guy stuff might have worked pretty well when trump was selling real estate on madison avenue but is it going to work in geopolitics let's see what china does next. to me one. time when we. meet with them who have. so moved from. multiple. ability to meet and work you know to. global the. market in may of trying to be. the aid group trying to train well who.
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ok to discuss for things like right now let's join independent china specialist under long live on the program under good to have your company it's a tough talking donald trump there isn't it the chinese delegation is still expected in washington for talks do you think mr trump's threat of terror is a real one or a tactic to get the before the negotiations. well at this stage the report seems to suggest that the something about the about face on this huge amount of paris at the last moment seems to be laying with a report by. person interims. likewise reporting to president trump. trying to seem to be backtracking. on some all the earlier promises that anger.
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trump. which have led to this kind of. all of us up in the position of tariffs but only other have it's also possible that this is a kind of trump's typical tactic and predictable tactic. in trying to extract some more concessions from china yeah so either way either way andriy how this threat going to impact on the talks is beijing going to come at them from a different angle no i do think. well i don't think that beijing we're going to be . allow. to give up further of fresh. air you know with this last minute coercion but i think that great waging as unlike the back tracked with some of the concessions already or promises already
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agreed because don't forget all these their positions have been taken place for a long time and so a lot of ground up in cuppa and a lot of agreements all of those signs concessions on both sides tend to be equally and that's why even though only a few days ago. or less. president trumps all the by the way also of note and so did his their voices or it was up in the last minute you know this happened so this that suggests that something must have happened that cost of this kind of a was a mango well i think that. the table telling songs that there may be the time is that occasion is proceeding whether. who's the prior wise but here is the are meeting the delegation it is not meeting that occasion lizabeth sawing suggesting that well as that there was a promise that there was that that occasion that there was the better get going but
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it was not led by the wise premier and this unlikely that the trauma administration would true that very seriously and that would mean for the breakdown all on all trust on both sides but if there is that occasions led by low then there's not the end of the game because it really depends whether. there's something in position or paris is an acquisition or station tactic. or where the present traumas from. to extract. or as i said if the let go i think that the deal with you all i don't think the trial really. gave me one hundred percent all right because that could be seen as a sold to surrender which is very very bad politically any administration not least under. yeah thanks we're just running right out of time i thank you so much
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for your time and thoughts independent china especially mung thank you. for news right after here. you know world of big movies. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic they follow the only silly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. welcome back russia is mourning the deaths of the forty one people who lost their lives after an earth flight flight to crush landed in moscow on sunday the national carrier sukhoi superjet got into difficulty shortly after taking off and was forced to return to share amount of air or port the plane hit the runway hard burst into
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flames us and balanced along the tarmac it was quickly consumed by the fire most of those who died were from vermont the northwestern russian city the flight was done for. you. if you're an easy to ship that is what you need for me to even to. be still. if you took those theory needs it it's you. who would still need to go but you can easily at that. point you to something to give each of us. must. choose. this it. could be done. well some of the survivors have return toomer months to be with their families out
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of being the country in the harlingen details of the crush on recalling the bravery of the crew in particular flight attendant maxine. being hailed a hero he died trying to open the rear exit door in order to evacuate passengers trapped at the back of the plane. to get into that other. than instead of going to. dream which began in our school last it up until that day. at the end and then she was a very responsible and little oriented person she was always ready to take a deep that's exactly what she showed on the day.
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she was expected to be at the front of the plane but she switched places with a stewardess perhaps he expected something bad would keep to the beat. this they do inside the aircraft and the surviving people. whose inhaling smoke. and then lost consciousness. of the look at his feet hugh always smiled always he would conflict he was the kindest person he is looking out from the filter but he can't see it and i can't stop. all the shit out of no records the stories of some of the other people who lost their lives also and. this is. a business woman and single mother she was returning from
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a business trip back to more months back to her ten year old son she was raising on her own somewhere in the same boarding queue will be in a huge gainey and twelve year old sofia the surgeon had been giving his daughter and escape from their gloomy northern home town to enjoy a few days in the warmth of the moscow sun now they tiana welcomed beano you've given the sophia and all other passengers on board the flight attendant was getting ready for yet another take off now three minutes past six in the evening the aircraft lifted into the skies from sheremetyevo airport a few minutes later than the first seventeen minutes of the flight went smoothly passengers in this seats belts fastened the sukhoi superjet ascended approaching a storm and then everything went from ok to bad then then straight to hell literally in
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a flash to call from the bolt of lightning hit the plane and apparently liking strike hits the jet now more than aircraft have safety systems to protect themselves from situations exactly like these but this time the lightning sends all communications systems on board or fly in the pilots send a distress signal make a u. turn and. had back to moscow apparently they go in almost blind with limited communications they can barely get any aid from the ground they aim for an emergency landing on one of the runways but the aircraft is too heavy minutes ago we've had been filled to the brim and the pilots decided not to dump access fuel there's no definitive answer to why but the most likely theory so far is they didn't want to risk circling around a bustling aerial hub with only sporadic contact with the ground so weighty jets wheels slam into the runway and bounce right off it another attempt and the plane
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crash lands its tail hits the tarmac with such force it ruptures the tanks and all that fuel instantly catches fire and as the blazing jet slides along the runway the passengers helpless. the jet finally comes to a stop and the evacuation kicks off by that moment the fire had already devoured the back and the middle emergency exits so there's only one way forward from the nose of the jet tiana the flight attendant helps people through and down the chutes those who can walk those who can't and are passed out she literally shoves out of
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the door herself i'm alive only thanks to the stewardesses the girls stood there in the smoke it was dark extremely hot but they pulled people out and helped them get down the chutes now by ti-anna i helped a total of thirty seven people survive the mayhem. you've gainey and so fear. we're not among them. to be our. senior one c. happy wife and mother in an instant is widowed and left childless for her tragedy has come calling again she had already lost a nice alina in a school shooting last year and now it's her husband and daughter and tatiana the unconditional hero she may have survived herself but she's still to make it through the day after day after day of survivor's guilt or into it by the forty one
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she couldn't help. so many heroes on that flight the plane's black boxes being recovered and an investigation into the crashes on pulling the jets being removed from the runway as well. all right that is our last for not but it's a punch to the rafters and watching the hawks right ahead in moments stay ahead for the i'll be here in thirty with all your latest global news updates. greetings and sal you take it. it's may talk watchers and now that spring has sprung here in the united states of america allergy season is in full gear. chew those terrible injury and well for most of us that means a little sneezing some watery eyes maybe even the chinos or two but for the boys on
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team spring allergy season brings a sudden onset of well trigger fingers because this weekend we saw both u.s. national security adviser john bolton and u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe put their allergy to peace and common sense on display as they bang the drums for war with both iran and venezuela mr bolton declared to reporters on sunday evening that the u.s. is deploying the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group and the bomber task force to the middle east in order to quote send a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime that any attack on united states interests or on those of our allies will be met with own relenting force. relenting force you say as opposed to golly gee whiz relenting force we normally reserved for helping allies meanwhile over in the state department could be a was rattling the saber over venezuela's refer.


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