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and for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. man that seems. to me. that is the end of. the mountains of moist only grow. around partially withdraws from the twenty fifty nuclear deal to breaking news this morning giving europe sixty days to negotiate before it says it will start in reaching higher amounts of uranium. also in the headlines this wednesday toughens its immigration controls expelling around six hundred foreign nationals including two hundred islamic religious leaders whose visas have expired critics fear it's
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part of a broader crackdown on the muslim community following the atrocities on easter sunday we've got reaction coming up on the program this morning. of individuals who orchestrated attacks within a very short. he said many many are doing this in the east are more sophisticated in their security have. to do with terror attacks. against the french telecoms. number of current and former executives gets underway in paris the company stands accused of moral prosecutors say led to thirty five suicides. pressure tactics alleged state department report washington strategy for toppling venezuela's embattled president nicolas maduro. and a video showing muslim children talking about beheading the enemies of the palestinian people uproar in the u.s. city of philadelphia.
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good morning it's not i am this that wednesday the eighth of may here in moscow my name's kevin owen here with the world news update from r.t. international thanks for choose this nose big choice at this or preach it all the more sort of not breaking news or just talking about from iran first thing the leadership there in surround has announced it will no longer all of its commitments under the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. or the countries notified the signatories to the agreement of its intention to partially withdraw from the pact under the deal that took a long time with russia you may recall or rather promised a limited she rarely even richmond program in exchange for the easing of sanctions iran's president is giving europe now sixty days to renegotiate the terms of the deal which has been on the brink of collapse since the us decided to withdraw despite its warning iran has said that the partial suspension doesn't necessarily mean the end of the deal because she will also recall that you're a very strong because his anger merkel against america did at the time know in
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recent weeks the u.s. has taken increasingly hostile stance towards iran issuing a number of threats to the islamic republic. we have continued to see actually every that leads us to believe that there is escalation that may be taking place and so we're taking all the appropriate actions both from a security perspective and wallows. our ability to make sure that the president has a wide range of options and they've made this up there should actually take place what we've been trying to do is to get iran to be him like a normal nation. and america's threats are translating into concrete actions to choose day the u.s. announces going to deploy for b. fifty two bombers to the middle east to counter the alleged threat from iran. were followed that following this one too in the wake of the sri lankan devastating easter sunday bombings the government now is expelled around six hundred foreign nationals including two hundred muslim clerics found to have overstayed their visas the country's home affairs minister says it comes as part of
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a broader push to tighten immigration controls there considering the current situation in the country we have reviewed the visa system and taken a decision to tighten visa restrictions for religious teaches of those who are sent out about two hundred ways lamb it preaches there are religious institutions which have been getting in foreign preachers for decades we have no issues with them but there are some which mushrooms recently we will pay more attention to them. he says sunday's coordination bomb attacks in sri lanka left over two hundred fifty people dead eight explosions top through packed churches and luxury hotels a state of emergency was imposed shortly after and security forces given sweeping powers to wrest suspects. that was in we heard
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a loud bang and we fainted that's all i remember. i wish to express my heart little socialist arts christian. sect and want to suppress with all the victims of such cruel foreigners. their last sunday dozens of shops vehicles and homes over members of the muslim community were attacked in the western coastal city of nick gone but at least three people were injured and several arrests were subsequently made security there's been bolstered in a curfew imposed governments from even calls for unity with time as offer compensation for those affected by the latest violence to force a social commentator mo on the political political expert kiska talking about what
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they thought the volatile situation in the country was headed right now. the claims were that twelve days before the the attacks the government was sent detailed warnings the intelligence service of said detailed warnings they were told they were going to be attacking churches that a. radical group in true home grown natives. going to terrorize and attack people on easter morning she said i really didn't have much choice other than to expel six hundred six hundred foreigners and two hundred to slum it clerics to cover his own shortcomings so i think when you have a state of emergency that is a direct result of you know coordinated terrorist attacks in forcing the law for those who have overstayed their visas a minimum you can do because that's the bottom line here we need to stop terror we need to stop radicalization if their own home grown terrorists there expanding foreigners doesn't help somebody clamping down on foreigners and muslims and asking women to remove the that make up the face veil is actually
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a disproportionate action and is specifically targeting the sims and not the condom assented to the attack on this and kneejerk reaction i think is minimizing a very coordinated attack done by radical muslims now have this done been done by a christian for example i would be the first condemning them so i think that moderate muslims shouldn't have to fear what's happening you know if you are involved in a story hatred in planning terrorist attacks and anything of that nature then you should be concerned you should be expelled and again if this is an issue of a government simply expelling people who have overstayed their visas then i don't see this is a kneejerk reaction there just executing their laws. i'm sure out of the six hundred people not all of them or muslim who are expelled i think this is this is a tactic whenever anyone speaks up against rising islam but there are labeled as islamophobia and i do believe in religious freedom i think religious freedom is going to resonate lebanese it's good for modern as evidence of looking after just
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one fake why haven't the sri lankans been behaving why did they allow these things to go ahead and these a big questions and answer. that is not remove the face files exclude six hundred foreigners and two hundred islamic clerics they were never the problem this is about a proportionate response barely a receiver is telling six under the influence of their users action to three hundred fifty to five hundred injured this isn't just about one or two homegrown islamic terrorists this is about a chain of individuals who orchestrated attacks within a very short. many many doing it in the east are more sophisticated they're suggesting have overstayed visas to do with east terror attacks when it was i sure like a native homegrown who himself was radicalizing people well if you have two hundred if you have two hundred clerics overstaying their welcome then being homegrown might mean that they were in one of those mosques was one of those two hundred clerics we don't know that. truck in this with the french telecoms already injured
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several current and former top bosses are standing trial in paris they're accused of moral harassment of creating a work environment which prosecutors say led to dozens of suicides over a decade ago. he takes a look at more detail of the case. a decade a wave of suicide writes helped lift the late what was happening in one of france's biggest television companies now known as the global telecoms giant x. employees claimed they were subjected to moral and psychological harassment all in a big to make the company that was undergoing major restructuring. we will ensure that this trial is not only an opportunity to convict for institutional moral harassment which will lead to compensation for the moral prejudice of the victims but we will also fight to have the question asked again about the violence that was perpetrated not on dozens but on the thousands and thousands of employees
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at that time and france telecom. that climate. by some as being a brutal is said to have pushed thirty five workers to take their own lives between two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine one a thirty two year old woman threw herself from her office window at the paris another a fifty seven year old set himself alight in a company car park twelve more attempted to take their own lives including county officers young and i have been in the state of survival for more than ten years especially after my desperate gesture on a twenty six to eleven on the concert on the same day as my colleague from board who set himself on fire. a long way to their day in court has finally come and senior executives past and present and now facing charges may be related to moral harassment organized at the company's leadership level while the
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company doesn't don't know why the suffering of employees does deny having implemented a policy designed to destabilize teams charges if proven could result in a year in prison and a fine of fifteen thousand euros a point that is angered victims and their loved ones were going to regret that the german slaughter has not been used in view of the damage suffered by the victims what they have experienced and also view of the low penalty is incorrect there's also concerns that this trial could open old wounds. what do we expect from this trial to try and understand why why they push people over the edge and it mustn't happen again somewhere else we can't accept that policeman a doctor a farmer kills himself because of a job and people need to understand that human beings are more important than money today orange points out that internal surveys show that eighty eight percent of
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employees say they are proud to work for the company that compares to. thirty eight percent back in two thousand and ten but the many of for my employees the dog days are not yet to. see paris. authorities in the city of philadelphia are investigating an event at the islamic center that's caused alarm in the local community of the video was posted online showing a group of muslim children talking about using extreme violence to liberate palestine as well as jerusalem's al aqsa mosque which is the third holiest site in islam. legal. in sweden the u.s. certainly one of the yes one of the muslim world he had the money. started seeing that islamic center in question that was strongly condemned the incident is says the children part of a program is being run by a local school in fact to the fired the person in charge unfortunately the video
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from the school was uploaded to the chapters facebook page without verifying the content of the video for appropriateness and making sure it conforms to our hate free policy and values muslim american society is committed to condemning hate speech everywhere. despite the mosques response the footage has been described by a leading american jewish organizations extremely disturbing the hill come tight to anthony brown logan told us the u.s. government has been looking closely at such incidents. well at case they usually come in over here in the u.s. when i first saw the video i thought it was somewhere in a middle east i think maybe afghanistan or iraq or somewhere like they may be and i says stronghold i was surprised to learn that it was in philadelphia pennsylvania freedom of speech is limits and this particular case it's our current obo acts of terrorism and they are really being indoctrinated by their dulls apparently because i doubt a small children came up with this on them so they are probably so the elders in
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a particular place and or their parents about this well the government should look at things like this is pretty clear that this could be you know some extremism hidden away from the public there are many people with very good investigative you get a kind of identity groups they are different races for the privilege of different cultures in the u.s. they can to have a watchful eye of the federal government on them just to make sure they don't go too far and commit an act of terrorism. american schoolchildren apparently falling victim to the polarization of us politics has been reported in the curriculum in so-called swing states is being rewritten depending on who's in power because i'm open explains. until recently the election of state school boards to set academic standards was not even run on party lines people didn't view them as politicians but simply as functionaries carrying out the task of how we educate our kids however like so many other things now it is deeply political here's the number one
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disagreement what system of government does the united states have now according to the democrats the usa is a democracy and according to the republicans the usa is you guessed it a republic however some say that there could be common ground between the two terms the debate really isn't about whether a republic or a democracy but understanding that we can be both in michigan the republicans did not like the social studies curriculum it is biased in a very left leaning way and i find that problematic so they made a few changes first of all they reduced references to the ku klux klan and the national association for the advancement of colored people they reduced gay and lesbian content and they cut out climate change completely so the democrats tried to slip in a few changes of their own and that draft got the republicans fired up when i look at the things changed between drafts after hundreds of hours of debate it's mind numbing it's not just happening in michigan the standards set by texas and
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california the two biggest u.s. states are the most influential when it comes to the printing of the u.s. school textbooks and both states are getting pretty partisan when it comes to u.s. history and social studies in texas they have cut hillary clinton completely out of history and in california a mural depicting george washington the first us president was also a slave owner has been taken down so parents it seems are voting for which historical narrative they want their kids to learn in school. lol when they pick the school board at this point in california the debate has gotten so heated that i am getting a tad has been set up near the debating site there are some folks who have lots of opinions and these seem to be making some noises about it and we find that listening is better than shouting back in one nine hundred seventy four west virginia residents who thought that the school textbooks were offensive to evangelical christians got rather fired up there were bombings and shootings coal miners went out on strike for most americans social studies classes
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a distant childhood memory not a burning political controversy however and twenty nineteen it seems like everything is getting political including the classroom it's hit the ole over the country because every school district has an school board that's democratically elected and they go back and forth if they're if it's a really conservative community or a really liberal community then it's fairly stable but it doesn't really reflect what the other you know the minority groups there that can't elect a school board not manage a national curriculum like you have in say sweden or france or germany or england it means that a kid growing up in texas learns different things and reads different books in literature classes than it kid growing up in california or new york the publishing industry are concerned about only two states when it's texas and the which is fairly conservative and one is california which is fairly liberal if the textbooks too conservative california school districts won't buy them we have
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a fairly diversified educated population it's pretty stupid to have all your kids in the country basically getting a partial education when it comes to history and literature to eighteen minutes past nine in the morning mosco time thanks for watching out international when we come back after the break more on that developing breaking news story this morning the big twenty fifty a long long thrust a nuclear deal with iran looking perilously perilously close to collapse following iran's announcement this morning that is going to polish the withdrawal for a detail skill sketchy though when trying break down more about what it's going to mean for a softer the break. you know world big part of. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever
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we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in twenty first century politics. elements of the tape and the moment it is entertaining people would like to interact to take which is happening to the individual and using their intelligence to facebook's with it to another interacting with the. scientists. from the exposed seeing the results.
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big news in this morning iran's leadership's announced it will no longer on the role of its commitments under the twenty fifteen neatly deal with president rouhani leong the blame squarely at america's feet over it. first the united states wanted to pull out of the g.d.p. way in order to make iran to withdraw from the deal the day after so that the us would be able to read fareed the case to the un security council to ease the burden on the shoulders of the us in order to redouble and ratchet up the pressure on iran iran what did not fall into this trap so there's notified the other signatories of its intention to partially withdraw from the quote what that means we don't quite know yet no detail of what's going to happen but under the deal of course iran had promised a limited to rein him in richmond program in exchange for easing of sanctions runs
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presence given europe sixty days now to renegotiate the terms of the deal which has been on the brink of a collapse and for a year now since the us decided to withdraw despite its warning around the said that the partial suspension doesn't necessarily mean the whole end of the accord so some cabinets there's certainly no in recent weeks the u.s. has taken an increasingly hostile stance towards the issue in a number of threats the islamic republic. we have continued to see actually every that leads us to believe that there is escalation that may be taking place and so we're taking all the appropriate actions both from a security perspective and well as. our ability to make sure that the president has a wide range of options and they've made this up there should actually take place what we've been trying to do is to get a run to be him like a normal nation. well as soon as these threats are translated into concrete measures choose day the u.s. announced it's going to deploy a naval strike group to the middle east in order to counter the alleged threat from iran and send a clear message to its leadership so things really ramping up the same day the u.s.
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. also made a surprise visit to iraq of the border voicing concerns about iranian influence there let's get the view from islamabad pakistan journalist and political analyst javed ryan on the line warning to you maybe some people could have seen this coming what you think iran's message is here and is keeping this cover that it's not totally pulling out of it it's been a had a year to brew on this trump pulled. what's the message of sending out in practical terms what's around likely to stop doing then. well did is no exit clause in the in the piece in the new group new could be a dog is not in that context not going to happen. for the next five years. expiry of the sunset clause so i think the options would be. there did it is a possibility you could missed out some start off that is such a nuclear program not some. that iran can possibly use and it can possible you
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go for some sort of enrichment but again. that's a good guess it glaus be almost certain cause us that in the. next you must be your other countries who were a signal but this one in your nuclear deal they might get along with the u.s. sanctions so i think iran is in a very tough situation below to trump a year ago said the reason he was doing what he was doing was because nobody by what it agreed to did he have a point on our. i think the american except they have no. nuclear. so i think by blaming it on i think there is no model just of kishan iran might. be some of the causes but i think what it did do the sponsibility scribbly lies on the us because there was no point of moving out of this deal when the other countries were more clearly for it and that is actually it is
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a message that in one of. the us has gone into it mc a swear trying to go trying to bleed on but again the option would be on or shall we should not forget that the. i don't need to. explore did or and that is the good it gives him out of the smuggling route and i think that the possibility cannot be laid out and simply sooner or later he's going to going to option us bloc's that there is a possibility that the proxies can attack the us interest in the middle east that possibility cannot be ruled out because it on has seized in the middle east. but his will at the same time is over stretched there is the possibility that some of explosives openoffice new fronts with from that is one such possibility which cannot be ruled out but that is something of the easiest
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said than done given the fact that the iran is only fifty back of economy. really doesn't want to confront the us i think the guy being it would drive to pull it in media try to send a message across the world that big can do something big and enrichment they may have a draw for them from the n.p.t. but technically i think the options. are limited yeah i was going to say reactions are going to come of this i came in overnight and it wasn't just america involved here of course it was that the p five plus one the permanent members of the security council. including russia will get the russian official reaction to this i'm sure later in the day but just remembering back a year ago i'm glad merkel absolutely vocal that trump was doing the wrong thing and a lot of other people in europe as well they they want it because this deal took so long to russia they wanted america to stay on board i wonder what the e.u. are going to say this morning will it be a united chorus on all of course publicly you is going to stand by iran
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because didn't just lies leave it on and morally speaking it cannot speak for the u.s. because you are simply trying to pressure iran trying to bring it in explorer to busy to a level that is something easier said than done your job in the union is blink will back in on but they have the same time we should not forget that it dead on is not many happy. where the your being human have conducted its business needed on off the oppression from the u.s. so your job is basically playing on the ball side of the divide legally speaking your opinions. but behind the scene it's going to mean they are not cooperating with iran as the bet on was expecting so sixty days to thrash this so i want to ask if you had a crystal ball great but i want to what's going to happen in sixty days time is it going to be the same impossible do you think there is a genuine opportunity to get things back on board. i think there is
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a huge frustration level on the part of the u.s. because it has more who actually are willing to argue a point when it can listen to demands at the heart of everything is there is larry because it is very insulting lot of pressure on the u.s. and that is a reason that this. was scrapped but i think very importantly because there are sixty countries which have been importing oil from iran a block and can possibly go to you it can't possibly carry water to saudi arabia but this is all going to be. exporting countries be it where it will. be but it dug gap that's that's again easier something easier said than done so it is going to be i think it's going to be smuggling up on which iran is going to rely upon so many irons in the fire on this story so late is that a judge would run a journalist political analyst thanks ever so much for your perspective all of this morning on the line a short notice about appreciated thanks being with r.t.
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the next story for you at home the u.s. state department is allegedly published and then quickly deleted again a report detailing washington strategy for bringing down the venezuelan president nicolas maduro the document reportedly outlines a number of u.s. tactics that washington believes will help to effect a change of government in caracas they include economic penalties and freezing over a three billion dollars worth of venezuelan assets and the u.s. government allegedly highlights that. one goal i don't know will become president and that is a key outcome it says but the publication but it's got a happy outcome i suppose if you look at that way the publication finally suggests that you want united states wants to get the latin american country back on its feet again it also stresses america's commitment to bringing prosperity to venezuela after all this but that comes as the trump illustration continues to mull over a possible military intervention in the country to. what would make you use. the
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u.s. military in venezuela it's an option we continue to say and we always will be on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table because they always are like no mistake and we have a full range of options that we're preparing for that we also the u.s. state department to comment on the report we've not called a response yet we did the speak to much blumenfeld an investigative journalist and the editor of gray zone dot com the web site the publish the deleted report in full but really reveals the pride in the state department and harming venezuela's economy and the contradiction. it contradicts the public messaging of the state department through. spokespeople like kimberly brier who tweeted several days ago that one. and his fake government his administration have delivered tangible results for the people of venezuela and she mentioned the delivery of seven thousand two hundred packets of toilet paper to venezuelan families compare that to
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preventing three point two billion dollars of assets that could be used to buy food from being accessed by the government and it's just unbelievable the contradiction is extreme and that's one reason why they deleted this document that our reporter on your part until obtained they are trying to create the impression among the american public that the sanctions are only targeting the duros inner circle but this state department document that we have tain makes it clear that they are targeting the civilian population in venezuela just as they're doing in iran and that is their clear intention to cause pain on people regardless of their political leanings to achieve a political goal of regime change. is used a that's why things look in so far this wednesday morning from moscow we have a team of a great day.


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