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cofer smirk i mean we're. joined me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. twenty fifteen uclear treaty giving the. ultimatum from tehran a new financial penalty. coming up on the program of. its immigration control of six hundred foreign nationals including two hundred islamic religious leaders whose visas had expired critics fear it's part of
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a broader on the muslim community following the atrocities on easter sunday we get reaction. of individuals who are. within a very short. many many. more. that have. to do with terror attacks on the french telecoms. harassment with prosecutors arguing the company created quote intolerable working conditions that led to thirty five of us. live from moscow every hour of the day this is r.t.e. international my names you know little welcome our top story this hour. will no longer honor all of its commitments under the twenty fifteen agreement also known
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as the joint comprehensive plan of action its foreign minister sais that while the islamic republic wants to save the deal the european signatories must stop olvera side of the bargain and protected iran from biting u.s. sanctions. the trees have been complying with the obligation for if they comply with these obligations iran will be able to guarantee the future life of the joint comprehensive plan of action. joining us live on the program over who's been following today's bilateral talks between the russian on the rainy and foreign ministers in moscow bricked on the meeting for us. well iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif says that it's time the europeans signatories kept their side of the bargain and deliver on their commitments following the iranian nuclear deal now under the twenty fifteen deal iran agreed to
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limit its uranium enrichment program and also sell any access have the water it has to iran also agreed not to engage in any activities that could possibly lead to the development of the nuclear weapons now and that was in exchange for a lifting of some economic sanctions against iran so as of this wednesday iran has sad that it will stop selling off that access have the water and in two months if no agreement is reached with the remaining a signatory. levels you rhenium and reshma and also push the hands with the development of the nuclear reactor now the iranian foreign minister a blame to the u.s. for creating such a complicated situation after the united states so withdrew from the nuclear deal and in recent weeks the u.s. has taken an increasingly hostile approach towards iran even issuing several
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threats. have continued to see every that leads us to believe that there is escalation that may be taking place so we're taking all the appropriate actions boat. from a security perspective and well as. our ability to make sure that the president has a wide range of options in the event that something should actually take place we've been trying to do is to get iran to be like a normal nation. well earlier this week the u.s. also announced that it will deploy a navels tri group to the middle east in order to counter the threat coming from iran and also sunday mass such to its leadership now the same day that the u.s. secretary of state pale made quite a surprise visit to iraq where he voiced his concerns over iran's growing influence in the area and speaking to the press here in moscow the country's
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foreign minister sergey lavrov said that as the u.s. was using aggression as an instrument. unfortunately this is typical of our american colleagues whether it's in the middle east the persian gulf or in venezuela it's distressing during my meeting with u.s. secretary of state my company and on monday i called on him to employ diplomacy rather than issues threats when it comes to challenging situations. while china now one of the signatories of the twentieth fifteen nuclear deal sounds that the pact should be sieved and fully implemented it seems the european signatories are the ones who have sixty days to choose between washington and i think chance and iran and its deal does seem as if the ball's very much in brussels court at the moment thank you very much medina. on. the spokes person for the german government has called on iran to avoid taking any aggressive steps or correspondent peter all of
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our knowledge takes a look at the tight bind the e.u. signatories find themselves in. a lot of eyes are on the e.u. and european signatories to the saran deal right now to see what they're going to do next are they. going to side with their nato ally the united states or are they going to stick with iran who they've been very vocal in support of since particularly since the u.s. pulled out of this deal but also in the lead up to getting the deal done there was an awful lot of work put in by the e.u. side i know federico mockery of the high representative for foreign affairs saw this project as a particular personal achievement and she was quite visibly upset when the united states pulled out will be looking to see what comment she gives a or if any later on what we have seen though is a comment on wednesday from the french defense ministry they said that should iran do essentially what they've said they're going to do and pull out of the deal that
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was the worst case scenario for all involved. today nothing could be worse. iran leave in the agreement there are new sanctions to do through mutiny because iran has so far poll with respect to the commitments we should have undertaking this can refinance and not just back to the question of do we consider it the has been a lot of the warm words i mentioned from the e.u. side to iran saying don't worry we've got you despite the u.s. pulling out put a lot of the problems come not from the political side the diplomatic side comes down to the well the. cash business because when the u.s. pulled out of the deal they said any business is doing trade with iran well you could be eligible for sanctions and we would put those sanctions on you so that saw an exodus really of e.u. business that it got involved with the run we've seen the likes of tal the french. oil giant saying that they were going to pull out of the w daimler car
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manufacturers saying that this well as well as airbus the aerospace giant in response to that trying to get these businesses to stay at the beginning of this year we heard from the european union that france germany and the united kingdom had said that they were going to set up a payment system to get around the u.s. dollar and shield companies essentially from u.s. sanctions now this system called instead the instill the instrument for support of trade exchanges if you want to know what it stands for since it's been settled hasn't really done anything and the u.s. side of said one of the reasons it really hasn't done anything is it doesn't have the correct international standards in place to protect against money laundering or financing for terrorism and what the u.s. is saying is it particularly doesn't help protect against money going to the iranian revolutionary guard corps or the i r g c and they said that wasn't
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acceptable for the united states i question how that even remotely possible with a country like iran where the revolutionary guard corps. endemic within the economy but also hidden in many different respects so the ball very much in the european union's court the choices they have all they walk away from the iran nuclear deal if they try and put kate the united states more as they've tried in the past the big question for the e.u. right now what do they do next because all eyes are focused on the. political analyst steve in the cell who me told me earlier it's not going to europe to negate us on this really moves against iran. but a very european union is the only side has good relations with the united states and with the public of iran and they are the only thing who can really do this negotiation and redo this deal and get america back into this deal because who pulled out and who broke this deal with the united states not yet on the united
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nations and the european union and the russians and the chinese they all said that the islamic republic of iran did their side of the deal did not a big their side of the so the only side interests world who has a good relationship is there but on washington is the european union and they're going to do their best because the end canonical interests for european union to do business deals with your opinions it's a huge numbers we're talking about billions of dollars between the two sides and european union does not want to lose that chance just because the united states they want to pull out just to please the. israeli prime minister. ok in another big story of the week in the wake of shoreline devastating easter sunday bombings the government has expelled around six hundred foreign nationals including two hundred muslim clerics following to have overstayed their visas the
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country's home affairs minister says it comes as part of a broader push to tighten immigration control. considering the current situation in the country we have reviewed the visa system and taken a decision to tighten visa restrictions for religious teaches of those who were sent out about two hundred ways like preaches there are religious institutions which have been getting in foreign preachers for decades we have no issues with them but there are some which mushrooms recently we will pay more attention to them . well not bloody day stor sundays coordinated bomb attacks intra like a leftover two hundred fifty people dead eight explosions in all tore through park catholic churches on luxury hotels a state of emergency was imposed shortly after security forces given sweeping powers to arrest suspects.
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that want to send any we heard a loud bang and we fainted and that's all i remember. i wish to express my heartfelt solidarity with the christian community affected one it was a prayer with all the victims of such cruel violence. well this past sunday dozens of shops vehicles and homes owned by members of the muslim community were attacked in the western coastal city of the gumble at least three people were injured and several arrests were subsequently made security there has been full and other curfew imposed the sri lankan government is renewing calls for
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unity and has offered compensation to those affected by the latest violence politics expert roger kiska social commentator morons are first give us their thoughts on the volatile situation in the country right now. the claims were that twelve days before the the attacks the government would send detailed warnings the intelligence service of sent detailed warnings they were told they were going to be attacking churches that a. radical group. grown natives. terrorize and attack people on easter morning she said it really didn't have much choice other than to expel six hundred six hundred foreigners and two hundred islamic clerics to cover his shortcomings i think when you have a state of emergency that is a direct result of you know coordinated terrorist attacks in forcing the law for those who have overstayed their visas a minimum you can do because that's the bottom line here we need to stop terror we need to stop radicalization if their own home grown terrorists there expanding
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foreigners doesn't help somebody clamping down on foreigners in listings and asking women to lose their that make up the face veil is actually a disproportionate action and is specifically targeting the same is not the condom assented the attack calling this a knee jerk reaction i think is minimizing a very coordinated attack done by radical muslims now have this done been done by a christian for example i would be the first condemning them so i think that moderate muslims shouldn't have to fear what's happening you know if you are involved in a story hatred in planning terrorist attacks and anything of that nature then you should be concerned you should be expelled and again if this is an issue of a government simply expel and people who have overstayed their visa then i don't see this is a kneejerk reaction they're just executing their laws. i'm sure out of the six hundred people not all of them or muslim who are expelled i think this is this is a tactic whenever anyone speaks up against rising islam but there are labelled as
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islamophobia and i do believe in religious freedom i think religious freedom is a resident lebanese it's good for modern medicine to think it's not a fake why haven't the sri lankans been behaving why do they allow these things to go ahead these are big questions answered that is not remove the face files exclude six hundred foreign as one two hundred islamic clerics they would never the problem this is about a proportionate response all your years i barely see her expelling six hundred million for little or nothing because there needs are maria. action to three hundred fifty dead five hundred injured this isn't just about one or two homegrown islamic terrorists this is about a chain of individuals who orchestrated attacks within a very short of. many many doing this and east as are more sophisticated they're suggesting have overstayed visas to do with the east to terror attacks when it was i can native home grown who himself was radicalizing people well if you have two hundred if you have two hundred clerics overstaying their welcome then being
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homegrown might mean that they were in one of those mosques was one of those two hundred clerics we don't know that quote an hour into the program we're back with more world news in ninety seconds. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somebody wanted. to do like the blue cross this is like the four three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the lawyers in the. city. international be french telecom's giant orange and several of its current and former top bosses are standing trial in part as they're accused of morrow harassment of creating a work environment which prosecutors say that to dozens of employees suicides over
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ten years ago charges dubinsky takes a look at the case. a decade of a wave of suicides helped lift the lid what was happening in one of france's biggest telephone companies now known as the global telecoms giant orange x. employees claimed they were subjected to moral and psychological harassment all in a bid to make leave the company that was undergoing major restructuring. we will ensure that this trial is not only an opportunity to convict for institutional moral harassment which will lead to compensation for the moral prejudice of the victims but we will also fight to have the question again about the violence that was perpetrated not on but on the thousands and thousands of employees at that time and french telecom. that climate described by some as being a brutal is said to have pushed thirty five workers to take their own lives between two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine one
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a thirty two year old woman threw herself from her office window at the paris stage to another a fifty seven year old set himself alight in a company car park twelve more attempted to take their own lives including me it was young and i have been in the state of survival for more than ten years especially after my desperate gesture on april twenty six to eleven. on the same day as my colleagues from board who set himself on fire. a long way to their day in court has finally come and senior executives past and present are now facing charges mainly related to moral harassment organized at the company's leadership level while the company doesn't don't know why the suffering all the employees does deny having implemented a policy designed to destabilise teams charges if proven could result in
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a year in prison and a fine of fifteen. a point that is good the victims and their loved ones were very regret that the slaughter has not been used in view of the damage suffered by the victims what they have experienced and you view of the low penalties incurred this also could this trial could open old wounds. what do we expect from this trial to try and understand why. people over the edge and it mustn't happen again somewhere else we come to the policeman a doctor. kills himself because of a job and people need to understand that human beings are more important than money today orange points out that internal survey shows that eighty eight percent to be employees say they are proud to work with a company that compares to only thirty eight percent back in two thousand and ten but the many full my employees the dog days.
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paris. american schoolchildren are a partly falling victim to the polarization of u.s. politics it has been reported that the curriculum in so-called swing states is being repeatedly rewritten depending on who's in power. until recently the election of state school boards to set academic standards was not even run on party lines people didn't view them as politicians but simply is functional areas carrying out the task of how we educate our kids however like so many other things now it is deeply political here's the number one disagreement what system of government does the united states have now according to the democrats the usa is a democracy and according to the republicans the usa is you guessed it a republic however some say that there could be common ground between the two terms
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the debate really isn't about whether public or democracy but understanding about. we can people in michigan the republicans did not like the social studies curriculum it is biased in a very left leaning way and i find that problematic so they made a few changes first of all they reduced references to the ku klux klan and the national association for the advancement of colored people they reduced gay and lesbian content and they cut out climate change completely so the democrats tried to slip in a few changes of their own and that draft got the republicans fired up when i look at the things changed between drafts after hundreds of hours of debate it's mind numbing it's not just happening in michigan the standards set by texas and california the two biggest u.s. states are the most influential when it comes to the printing of u.s. school textbooks and both states are getting pretty partisan when it comes to u.s. history and social studies in texas they have cut hillary clinton completely out of history and in california
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a mural depicting george washington the first us president was also a slave owner has been taken down so parents it seems are voting for which historical narrative they want their kids to learn in school when they pick the school board at this point in california the debate has gotten so heated that an empathy tent has been set up near the debating site there are some folks who have lots of opinions and these seem to be making some noises about it we find that listening is better than shouting back in one nine hundred seventy four west virginia residents who thought that the school textbooks were offensive to evangelical christians got rather fired up there were bombings and shootings coal miners went out on strike for most americans social studies classes a distant childhood memory not a burning political controversy however in twenty nineteen it seems like everything is getting political including the classroom it's the whole over the country because it reads school district and school board that's democratically elected and
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they go back and forth if you or if it's really conservative community or really. community then it's fairly stable but it doesn't really reflect what the other you know the minority group there that can't elect a school board not manage a national curriculum like you have in say sui nor france or germany or england it means that a kid growing up in texas learns different things and reads different books in literature classes than a kid growing up in california or new york the publishing industry are concerned about only two states when it's texas and the which is fairly conservative and one is california which is fairly liberal if the takes looks too conservative california school districts won't buy them we have a fairly diversified educated population it's pretty stupid to have all your kids in the country basically getting a partial education when it comes to history and literature. midweek and use. of stay with us because a term we seem to be hearing more and more is universal basic credit but just
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exactly what is it and i made a fact you going underground. that's next. international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries all media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist what's real terms of media or part of a global news conference participants sunday published works and video or written for. go to award dot com.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone why. what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to say the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not the or else if you think i was going to go. by the way ways and such like here. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution is here to clear the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it still war here i mean your list put me in the new bill is that i new school in need
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of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four g. and. those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other calls that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. national time said we're going underground is trumps top diplomat mike pompei of the attack julian assange of wiki leaks when he was head of the cia arrives in the city that now arbitrarily deprived him of liberty this just twenty four hours after its first two prison visitors claimed the life is now in danger at britain's so-called guantanamo prison bell last twelve miles from this studio coming up in a show off jeremy corbin's promotion of this week's i'm president of reports in the
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global. extinction we investigate how a future labor government would promote quality at home with british shadow chancellor john mcdonald's he could not make advisor professor guy standing panders british warship h.m.s. echo joins the buildup of the nation aggression on russia's border we'll ask a former nato ambassador if u.s. u.k. warship diplomacy could lead to a third world war plus as the london bridge attack inquests begins we investigate the terrorism effects of nature's catastrophic war in libya the prospect of a u.s. war on oil superpower iran all this of all coming up in today's going undercover first is twenty four hours in say two thousand page international report drawing on fifteen thousand reference materials a lot of the world of capitalism threatening the extinction of a quarter of all animals and plants on earth at the same time ecology and equality with the hallmarks of a speech given at london's royal society of arts by the economic advisor to the man chosen by jeremy corbyn to be his chancellor in
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a labor government or mcdonald's advisor professor guy standing joins me now guy thanks so much for filling in a person in london instead of in switzerland i got to ask you then just even before we get to the report why was notable that you mention the call of g in a presentation to the royal society of arts about. well what i'm arguing in this report and in my book on basic income is that if we recall william beveridge in one thousand nine hundred forty two in his report that became a defining document. gave us such a security system and so on on page two of his report he had one paragraph which was really important he said this is a time for revolutions not tinkering and he said that we need to slay five giants right now the essence of my report is that we are at
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a crisis point in the global transformation the construction of the globe. system in which we have five eight martin giants and the question of extinction i've put as number seven seventh's big giant but the one i think will tip the balance in favor of moving towards a basic income why because if you are remotely concerned about the things you've just been talking about. and you see this ecological catastrophe rushing towards us you know very well that we've got to tackle fossil fuel we've got to tackle greenhouse emissions we've got to tackle air pollution if we want to confront that giant that's facing us we have to have much higher taxes on polluting things but if you use the revenue.


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