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partially suspend the twenty fifteen nuclear agreements and take some media head from washington with another round of sanctions in response. with other e.u. nations according to refrain from taking any aggressive steps. the polls close in south africa being seen as the biggest election in decades as the incumbent party looks set to hold power we look at how divided political life in the country is the
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possible implications of the vote. plus the french telecoms giant. prosecutors are giving the company created intolerable working conditions thirty five zero. zero zero for me in the same here in the newsroom this is our national on the world news this hour first the future of the historic twenty fifteen iranian nuclear agreement is hanging by a thread after a number of twists this wednesday washington's tight the screws further on iran with a new round of sanctions that's off the terror partial withdrawal from the pact the reason being it says to protect itself or stressing the deal should be saved europe's urged iran to avoid taking any aggressive steps i got more on the latest developments on the political reaction from correspondents in london and in new york. washington is talking about full pressure on iran there have been some
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military developments we've got u.s. aircraft carriers headed toward the region as well as being fifty two bombers now iran has announced a partial withdrawal from the nuclear deal citing the fact that they say the united states has violated the agreement and at this point iran is asking for european countries to compensate them for the damage done by the usas withdrawal they have yet to be compensated so they're waiting for that we have an announcement from iran that they intend to no longer sell off the excessive enrich uranium and have the water that they're required to dispose of if production exceeds a certain threshold and now at this point we've got the u.s. special envoy for iran brian hook saying that terrans announcement on the nuclear deal is in defiance of international norms now iran is basically giving sixty days to european countries it will negotiate with them and move forward and at this
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point ideas being widely pointed out that iran has fully complied with the nuclear deal that the u.n. nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency oversaw the fact that iran was fully complying with the deal that did not deter the united states from withdrawing this point we've got foreign minister for iran saying that the ball is in europe's court the european countries will ultimately determine what happens next. not the e.u. signatures have been complying with the opel occasions if they comply with these implications iran will be able to guarantee the future life of the joint comprehensive plan of action while the united states has withdrawn from the j c p o a nuclear conclusion u.s. officials have stated as they have stated before that they would be open to renegotiating and coming up with a new deal that would be more favorable to the united states but at this point iran is giving the european countries sixty days they have partially withdrawn from the deal. saying that with the u.s.
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pulling out a lot of damage has been done to their economy with banking and industrial sanctions that they have basically i want to be compensated for the u.s.a.'s withdraw ok thanks for that let's see what's been happening across the atlantic richardson artie's london bureau either the trap between the u.s. and iran right now what have we been hearing from europe where europe admits that so far iran has complied with the twenty fifteen nuclear deal but the trumpet ministration clearly think the opposite the germans they believe that the deal is there to be saved and they've urged iran not to take what they call any aggressive acts in the meantime in the hope that this deal can still be saved well at the same time iran is still being threatened by sanctions by jeremy hunt the u.k. foreign minister as he said in his press conference following the meeting with u.s. secretary of state might compare iran has agreed to vital compliance measures if they break that deal and there will be consequences in terms of how european powers
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react so we urge the iranians to think very long and hard before they break then there was an interesting moment in the press conference when a journalist asked jeremy hunt whose side are you on well the u.k. foreign secretary perhaps diplomatically didn't answer that question but might pump aoe on to do it for him the parlor game that gets played we're on the same side we're on the side of values driven democracy we're on the side of freedom we're on the side of creating a nation for the iranian people where they can have religious freedom and they can have a democracy we're on the side of europe so they can exist without assassination campaigns being conducted its own capitals were on the side together well ever since the us reimpose those sanctions last year it's been biting times economically for the people in iran the european countries have decided to try and find a way to help iran by implementing what they call the instate system which was a way of perhaps circumventing sanctions providing humanitarian aid in the form of food and pharmaceutic. that the u.s.
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is might compare say is in agreement with this as long as it doesn't contravene the rules and therefore if he does with them be subject to sanctions well in the meantime the french have also come up with their response saying just like the germans that urging the iranians not to follow any aggressive moves jadzia reef it was in moscow to meet foreign minister sergey lavrov to discuss the iran issue and he said that russia had always backed up iran a stance that was reiterated by such a gay lover of. unfortunately this is typical of our american colleagues whether it's in the middle east the persian gulf or in venezuela it's distressing during my meeting with u.s. secretary of state my computer in finland on monday i called on him to employ diplomacy rather than issued threats when it comes to challenging situations where the question now for all the twenty fifteen signatories is a case of who do you choose who do you go with when you back the u.s. or when you back iran. well political commentator and ali says europe hasn't lived
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up to its commitments under the agreement. america has walked out of the deal and it's literally throwing kerosene and burning the deal by making these secondary sanctions and everything and europe sits there and it makes all of these sort of statesmen in the senate pays a lot of lip service to the whole thing but there's no real tangible results coming out of europe the only people that have been giving iran tangible results has been russia and china that have continued transacting with iran arguably india but europe itself is like it's all wishy washy many european companies who are doing business in iran i've decided they need to leave even vote in states was put in place to help them continue to transact and you know you have all of this double speak going on unfortunately from europe europe has not lived up to its commitments and it really all iran is doing is saying to europe that look you guys have did that for far too long we've tolerated it for a very long time now you need to now you know actually do something because this is just like causing more and more problems. of accounts under way in south africa
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polls close an hour ago in what's being called by the most crucial election there in more than twenty years preliminary results are expected sometime on thursday forty eight parties threw their hats in the ring with three considered as front runners poll published last month suggested the ruling african national congress will stay in power the centrist democratic alliance despite a strong fight is expected to fall well short of the far left economic freedom fighters are expected to double their votes since the last election the co-founder of the champion south africa movement predicts the incumbent president will get a second chance. it could well be the first sign of the ruling party this one in every election since one thousand nine hundred four may well lose hold of the election that means either gets below fifty and be voted out of power or get very close to that and have to form a coalition with another party to stay in power so that is the is the key significant point if the former president of the agency or the government of south
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africa president zuma at the time. i was still in power i would tell you now i'm almost certain they see both would fall below fifty percent we've had now the deputy former deputy president sort of a poser as the president he was the choice ironically of nelson mandela to be the present of the country all those years ago there's a sense that people are going to give him a chance to see if we can fix up the problems of the party now the point you've raised is not something being silently discussed is being openly discussed from within the a.n.c. there is an agency that needs massive reformation and the sense they selling is that. is your main the ruling party's popularity is waning over a perceived failure to address key issues has come under fire for failing to combat high employment which currently stands at twenty seven percent also the fight against crime has been key to the campaigning with their family rights on the rise and probably the most contentious issue there has been land reform seventy one percent of farm land is in the hands of white farmers and some parties are
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suggesting that they be removed from that land without compensation and one of those who is calling for those kind of reforms is julius malema he's the leader of the far left economic freedom fighters party that is the f f m a layman's previously been convicted of hate speech and inciting violence against the country's white community he was also expelled from the incumbent a.n.c. for seven racial divisions back in two thousand and twelve but he's been back in the spotlight in recent months with some fiery rhetoric. white people you will. let me know we are currently to seat do you know what. does. that do you know. who are these scared to even. ask. why we don't care now. why not. why don't you do you know one time i'm saying to you we're not. world for the
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killing of wade people at least for now to the future and the name has come under fire for stoking racial tensions during his campaigning this time around ashraf garda again says the candidates charged slogans come close to crossing the line. of course speaks of very non racial lines on the one hand but he makes no bones about the fact that he is there to serve the black masses the black this and franchise masses and i think that's absolutely understandable but he's still very close to the wind in making certain comments of the latest one about the seat at the front table i understand the imagery the reality is it could well drum up people to believe literally that's what he means if we don't sit with you we destroy the table and that in a racially charged environment is unacceptable more so as we know on election day. plus a slam turkey's decision to rerun the merrill election in the country's biggest city istanbul the turkish president's party lost at sea there last month now the top
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diplomat among others in europe have stressed that the blocks good relations with turkey are based on core principles. ensuring a free and transparent election process is essential to any democracy and is at the heart of the european union's relations with tacky. rallied in support of president and around the station to go back to the polls others have branded it and attack democracy and we count another victory for the opposition candidate. for the electoral authorities have now scheduled a second vote in june international history professor alan scott told me he thinks the use position is hypocritical. brussels to pretend it's a bus theory of democracy and likes transparent elections is really ironic every time goes against in the referendum the country is forced to the second referendum in order to get the right foot of snow who then has to be persuaded to vote yes
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this was done when the danes voted no to man strict it was done twice to ireland which put it against first full day the nice treaty in the days when treaty your first not very democratic we've seen that in catalonia. when you have a referendum the people who want to reign suddenly seized by the police and put in jail the trial in greece when they had the referendum with during the bell crisis the european union ignored it and forced the prime minister to ignore it so the record dorman democracy is not very good. the french telecoms giant origin and several of its current and former top bosses are standing trial in paris they're accused of moral heris months and of creating a work environment which prosecutors say led to dozens of employees suicides and ten years ago is a france correspondent a shot to do betty. a decade
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a wave of suicides helped lift the lid on what was happening in one of france's biggest telephone companies now known as the global telecoms giant orange x. employees claimed they were subjected to moral and psychological harassment all in a bid to make leave the company that was undergoing major restructuring. we will ensure that this trial is not only an opportunity to convict for institutional moral harassment which will lead to compensation for the moral prejudice of the victims but we will also fight to have the question again about the violence that was perpetrated not on but on the thousands and thousands of employees at that time and french telecom. that climate you described by some as being a brutal is said to have pushed thirty five workers to take their own lives between two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine one a thirty two year old woman threw herself from her office window at the paris stage
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to another a fifty seven year old set himself alight in a company car park twelve more attempted to take their own lives including beatrice penny it was young i have been in the state of survival for more than ten years especially after my desperate gesture on a twenty six to eleven on the. on the same day as my call the from borders who set himself on fire. a long way to their day in court has finally come and senior executives past and present are now facing charges mainly related to moral harassment organized at the company's leadership level while the company doesn't don't know why the suffering of employees does deny having implemented a policy designed to destabilise teams charges if proven could result in a year in prison and a fine of fifteen. you raise
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a point that is anger at the victims and their loved ones were going to regret that the term manslaughter has not been used in view of the germans suffered by the victims what they have experienced and also in view of the low penalties incurred there is also concerns that this trial could open old wounds. what do we expect from this trial to try and understand why why they push people over the edge and it mustn't happen again somewhere else but we can't accept that policeman a doctor a farmer kills himself because of a job and people need to understand that human beings are more important than money today orange points out that internal surveys show that eighty eight percent to be employees say they are proud to work at the company that compares to only thirty eight percent back in two thousand and ten but the many a full my employees the dog days are not yet to. paris i had the muslim children in the us film calling for violence in support of
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the palestinians telling the reaction and ramifications after the break. twenty first century all of these. elements. and the moment it is entertaining people would like to interact which is happening to the individual using their interactions through facebook through to another interacting with the. judge thinks so i take it from. seeing the results. so the currency is in freefall there is no gold standard and there's no way to reconcile this and that in the world every other country is. keating it's
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a race to the bottom at the same time it's fair to say that there is now several countries that you could i think characterize as being on a war footing so the us by saying well we don't have a recession anymore and we don't have any trade alexion to defend our currencies value in any way they're opening the door in a big big way to extremely violent global conflict. is this is a stick of water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is sponsor of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter box for throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste to company has promised to reuse the plastic.
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special projects funding. on. but for now the mountains of waste only grow. welcome back videos appeared online showing a group of muslim children in the u.s. city of philadelphia talking about using extreme violence to liberate. you know what. that city of philadelphia authorities are now investigating well the islamic center where this was filmed is strongly condemn the incident it says the children were part of a program that was being run by a local school i was fired the person in charge. unfortunately the video from the
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school was uploaded to the chapters facebook page without verifying the content of the video for appropriateness and making sure it conforms to our hate free policy and values muslim american society is committed to condemning hate speech everywhere despite the mosques response the footage has been described by a leading american jewish organization as extremely disturbing political commentary to anthony brian logan told us the u.s. government needs to be looking closely at such incidents. well at case they usually come in over here in the u.s. when i first saw the video i thought it was somewhere in a middle east i think maybe afghanistan or iraq or somewhere like there may be and i says stronghold i was surprised to learn that it was in philadelphia pennsylvania freedom of speech is limits and this particular case it's our current obo acts of terrorism and they are really being indoctrinated by the dulce apparently because i doubt a small children came up with this on them so they're probably so the elders in
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a particular place and or their parents about this well the government should look at things like this is pretty clear that this could be you know some extremism hidden away from the public there are many people with very good investigating you get a kind of identity groups they are different races for the privilege of different cultures in the u.s. they can to have a watchful eye of the federal government just to make sure they don't go too far it can be an act of terrorism. the u.n. steps in on the case between the mediterranean island of malta and three teenagers who are facing terrorism charges the african nationals have been accused of hijacking an oil tanker off the coast of libya back in march and they're due to appear in court later this month but the u.n. believes that the charges don't fit the crime. we call on the authorities in malta to reconsider the terrorism charges laid against three teenagers who were arrested on the twenty eighth of march following the docking of the el his blue one commercial vessel in the country in spite of the fact that two of the miners all
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three of the accused were held in the high security division of an adult prison after they were reportedly interrogated by the authorities we have made our concerns clear to the maltese authorities about the treatment of the three young migrants and what we believe to be exaggerated charges against them the three teenagers allegedly hijacked the l.a. blue one after the tanker had rescued one hundred african migrants from another vessel but after finding out they were heading back to libya to claim the suspects order the captain to set sail for malta altie special ops later gained control of the ship and escorted to shore of the teenagers deny the charges but could face up to thirty years in prison if guilty alters defended the case stressing that it's in full accordance with international law on an interview shortly after the incident the tank is kept in describe what happened during the incident and see. they all brought heavy metal tools and started to beat and smash the ship and threaten that they would leave the ship in pieces they attack the cockpit heavily beating on the
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doors in the windows and they threaten to smash the boats they went nuts and they were screaming and shouting go back go back it was horrible i didn't care much about the boats but the crew members a last hour we discussed that cigar reaction from political commentator david vance and immigration expert keith best. i mean this raises some very fundamental and disturbing questions about the united nations human rights agency agency because essentially what they're trying to suggest is that how actually guess what piracies ok and of course it's not so malta are absolutely within their rights to take this action against these people i mean this was a very violent behavior to take control of the vessel if that's not certainly piracy i mean we could argue the semantics about terrorism but i mean isn't piracy terrorism or perhaps in the strange world of the united nations piracy
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is ok so long as those carrying it out claim to be refugees when a natural fact everybody understands that a particular route concerned from libya. to europe is one well travailed by people smugglers so i would suggest that here we have the u.n. enabling people smugglers trying to destroy the rule of law and or not or not be it cannot be considered anything other than a scandal that's where we need to direct the questions not to the government of malta the clearly appalling treatment that these young men have treated have been treated too once they actually arrived in malta or in the allegations about not being able to get access to a lawyer and things of that put that entirely on one side as a separate issue and look entirely at the whole question of this allegation of hijack the captain of that ship would have been only too well aware of his obligations on the maritime law or both under the convention of the law of the sea
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also search and rescue at sea convention and the safety at sea convention as world of that he was under no obligation having picked up the migrants to land them at a safe port my understanding was that he was trying to take them back to libya which clearly was not a safe port a mood of. being in breach not only of the principle of non reform weren't for refugees but also in breach of his obligations under maritime law i think the maltese are doing this for political reasons. retired american admiral thinks the united states has been too soft on russia for its alleged interference in his country's affairs in an opinion piece for time magazine's website he calls for ramping up pressure on moscow including banning russians from traveling to the u.s. the u.s. should also consider sanctions on public entities sports teams international symphonies academic institutions diplomatic delegations we can impose travel
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restrictions more broadly on russian citizens who seek to come to the united states for any purpose or we could reduce our willingness to cooperate in other russian initiatives globally from reconstruction in syria to price support for oil prices james stavridis retired from the navy in twenty thirteen after thirty seven years of service he served as the supreme allied commander of nato forces which is the second highest military position within that alliance but in twenty seventeen bow following donald trump's decision to indefinitely suspended resettlement of syrian refugees stuff readers had a totally different view on excluding people based on their nationality i do not agree with the solutions that simply close off any migration here from a particular nation no matter the situation or background of the individual plying for a visa or refugee status. are reacting to that american comedian and political commentator jimmy door told me he believes that anti russian feeling has become all too normal in the us. right now it's ok to be xenophobia gk. it's ok to be
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xenophobia against russia. it's just if you look at let for instance if you just used instituted a different nationality if you said mexicans were he put russians in that article people would be screaming about it the corporate media in the united states has been totally discredited through russia gate but now they're just doing that thing where they hop on another horse and just keep writing it as hard as they can so that's why you're seeing articles like this that's why you see him being so wildly inconsistent it's because these are actual opinions about security of the united states or who's meddling in our elections we know that meddling in our elections this is about ripping up the security state this is about another cold war this is about trillions of dollars. russia is readying itself a one of its most poignant holidays of the year the may the ninth parade commemorating the end of the second world war victory day also celebrates the role of women in the wall so you know the first time the female candidates have taken posse in the parade but this year they've got a special mission after three months of rigorous training they've been putting
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their skills information. yeah. this is my thought time participating in the victory day parade but it's the fast talking who join on or a division that's the twist for this year's parade. it wasn't easy getting used to the combine rifle to the special position you need to be and while holding call binding i'm a novice to it and there's a special technique to keep it on straight. here for the instructor to look. at you.
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and simply allow your hearing praise from the men from the owner of the division they say that our girls have learned quickly and to the same level as the voice which they took a long time to learn. to . like we really get. out of bed so.
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well we'll be covering that parade and also the other commemoration. national throughout the day and next if we approach victory day in russia the inspirational story of a russian fighter pilot who lost both legs off the big shot down by the nazis but have insisted on returning to the skies his stories next after the break i mean often. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was and most of my family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shape by the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy
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