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watchers despite tax day having come and gone back on april fifteenth here in the united states everyone this week is buzzing about taxes why because on wednesday the new york times by hook or crook published some of us president donald trump's most protected of secret information information on his taxes using printouts from mr trump's official internal revenue service tax transcripts the times is reporting that from one nine hundred eighty five to one nine hundred ninety four the numbers show that president trump then real estate developer and icon of the one nine hundred eighty s. yuppies decade of greed claimed out of taxes claims of taxes losses every year totaling one point seventeen billion in losses for the entire decade one point seventeen billion. that is a big number in fact there was so much lose at the times reports that trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual american taxpayer during that time but that he also loved so much money that he was able to avoid paying
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income taxes for eight of the ten years. yes my friends it seems the donald is not big on paying his taxes shocking i know the president responded to the story tweeting you always wanted to show losses for tax purposes i mean i mean almost all real estate developers did it was sport naturally it was news it was met with the usual partisan hackery on capitol hill and in the new one the us news media with the republicans questioning the veracity of the documents and the reporting and democrats declaring trump is the king of all crooks and blah blah blah blah blah i'm sure russians got in there somewhere to put the democrats but the barrage of the sound bites twitter rants and i.r.s. forms what's lost on the pundits and politicians is that trump's actions put them right in line with some of america's biggest companies and their c.e.o.'s from amazon the delta airlines the general motors the netflix they all paid zero in corporate taxes in two thousand and eighteen and that my friends is where the real
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scandal lies and that's why we should always be watching the hawks. it's. like you know that i got. this. well going on watching the hawks i am a robot and i'm loud and i have now managed to figure out a way to save a billion dollars something to write a billion dollars in losses you know even on the most successful man in the world i haven't paid taxes i mean at least that's what this documentation shows didn't pay taxes for ten you know some odd ten some years eight out of the ten years yes incredible numbers really look at well i mean that's i know he's right and like you
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. shouldn't be surprised but then again then don't be surprised that there is horrible income inequality in the united states when. i don't know i like to make a big deal out of having not paid corporate taxes and. a little that is coming from anybody especially democrats who take money from billionaires and millionaires and big fortune five hundred companies do the exact same thing all the time so you are not paying taxes by letting. those. stories like of course we're angry with. using the legal loopholes to not pay taxes . at all i mean what's funny to in all this is basically the same thing that. rush back and twenty five seems to me to quote if amazon ever read
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the paper taxes its stock would crash it would crumble like a paper the washington post was saving it but. used the same loopholes that amazon use the same loopholes that they all use and amazon was able to get a tax refund actually for the past two years despite turning a profit system is. designed to save the rich and be against the poor i mean this is when you talk about income inequality and time inequality where does this come from what's happening i think it's actually a little bit socialist to expect the entire system and our tax system to absorb your losses so that you don't have to take a hit when your business. more or less whatever to me there's this whole you know you're asking everybody else to cover your losses that's sort of socialism. sixty profitable profitable fortune five hundred companies pay no taxes that total of seventy nine billion dollars in profits. and that should have paid
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a collective sixteen point four billion. federal income taxes based on the twenty seventeen tax cuts in the job act twenty one percent corporate tax rate that was the deal got it all done in the dead they've received a new tax rebate of four point three billion so williams are there exactly william gardner and i c e p senior fellow and lead author of the reporter is reports i wonder of us actually say that the specter of big corporations avoiding all income tax on billions of profits that is strong a corrosive signal to americans that the tax system is stacked against them and favor of corporations and the wealthiest americans it's true poor people don't get a break and the truth is you have a bunch of this idea that it's it's not about this one isn't about trauma people been saying this for a very very long time and not one politician will deal with that and i don't hear anyone from the democrats or the republicans saying that they're going to fix that job for them. from no taxes to no
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drivers on wednesday may eighth both here in the united states and around the world drivers working for right hailing out joining in zubrin lift are protesting and staging strikes drivers in ten cities across the u.s. from los angeles to chicago to boston put down their keys and picked up picket signs and an effort to send a message to her and other right here in companies that they want among other things job security livable incomes and regulated fares you know the little things that one would reasonably expect when they go to work every day the strike comes right in the middle of the two biggest ride sharing companies listed hoover recently moving to go public mashable reports that list went public last month at twenty four billion valuation hoover filed for its initial public offering and is expected to start trading by friday with a ninety billion dollars valuation no stranger to supporting the worker over the corporation democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders came out in support of the striking drivers tweeting hoover says it can't pay its drivers more money but
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rewards its c.e.o.'s with nearly fifty million. last year people who work for a multi-billion dollar company should not have to work seventy or eighty hours a week to get by i stand with uber and left drivers going on strike on may eighth watchers with the public transportation needs now caught in the crosswalk well drivers see their strike cross the finish line or ran out of gas before the trip begins. man this is one of those ones where it's like i'm really happy to see workers striking and fighting for their rights now that's a great great thing but you know as we've talked about even earlier that they have it's funny because it's like so basically these people are just asking for the rights the taxi drivers something that already fought for a long time ago back this very thing kind of happened literally almost a hundred years ago nineteen thirty four in new york city taxi drivers. stop service and block city streets or to call attention to grievances that are similar to what we're seeing drivers in ride showing up drivers expressing today and what's
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really amazing about it is hoover has stepped forward and said look we're going to we're going to repay our drivers with this one time. payout as part of their going push to go public i think they call those payoffs. pay out there expect now they told the security commission they're expected to pay three hundred million to more the more than one point one million of their drivers around the world but. saturday but now here's the fun part i can't wait for your reaction to this so here's how the payout breaks down you're ready for this all right you get one hundred dollars for making least twenty five hundred trips five hundred dollars for five thousand trips a thousand for ten thousand trips ten thousand for twenty thousand trips twenty thousand to thirty thousand and the big big some forty thousand or forty thousand trips. when you were drugs you don't need forty thousand troops actually quite a bit now forty thousand but there's definitely i've seen ones that are five in ten
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thousand without somebody really working more than forty hours of exotic while exactly exactly those are payoffs they're saying hey we're going to do this now we're going to give you stop something you can build on we're going to answer this no it's literate i mean why is that not part of it if you're going to do a public offering why not have employee stock options but no you don't want to employ you it's one of the things that i think is interesting and you brought it up is that this is this all of this is sort of a quick fix and something that already happened as you said so. a and mary anjelica painter who writes for the washington post actually said that before the cab driver strikes of one thousand nine hundred four government officials required taxi companies to pay back drivers for taxes the companies had passed along to them so this one time could pay out to did little to provide economic relief to cabbies and failed to prevent the massive taxi strike and subsequent years when they tried to say give them what they should have had and they don't get it now here's what you need to do about the taxi medallions and the medallion system so they sort of
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peaked around two thousand and thirteen where the average medallion cost which is the license on which to be a taxi driver was one million dollars that want to pay in order to have the job so you kind of look at all this they've gone down to twenty eighteen now can purchase a rebellion for just under two hundred thousand ridiculous which is ridiculous and somewhere in the middle is an equitable system that a share for workers that is safe for everybody else and doesn't make millions for millionaires and and take things away from other people so i think somewhere in the middle we can have an equitable transportation most able to regulate a why should history repeat itself learning to forgive the shouldn't be repeating itself. all right as we go to break all quarters don't forget to let us know when you think of the property cover the facebook twitter and you too can see your poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up we delve into the him. x. running the release of the new video of a cyber blonde case that could finally bring justice for her tragic and controversial death while in the texas jail house stay to the watching the hawks.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to go home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people. what not to give you. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you think i was going to go.
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by the way what is that that's like here. is this is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that seems cool sets. a special kind of just funding me. on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team but fun now the mountains of moist only grow higher. so what is it calling his magic internet the new type of digital
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currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor bring a second for bankers call the genesis blog for reason to calling a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus is a game changer in the human history of this. is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing on to the snacks of stacy. and april tenth twenty fifteen chicago native sandra bland responded to comments left on her you tube page standing speaks accusing her of being
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a racist against white people because she was discussing police brutality here's her response. said he speaks does not promote racism sandy speaks does not promote going out there and killing all white people. i don't know if you those of you who feel that i'm a racist didn't see a couple weeks ago me walking around. fox valley mall holding a sign that i spent my money all took time out to make that says it all white people are not against us because i don't surely feel that way but for those of you who cannot accept and acknowledge the white privilege that you were born into no fault of your own but jess excepted and know that yes black people are going to be mayor when we see things like gentle like our brothers being gunned down all murdered for those of you who can say oh well why was he running he why was he breaking the law lets just live descript and if that was your goal
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and he ran do you think he would have got shot eight times in a back. just three months later sandra bland was pulled over for a minor traffic violation by texas state trooper bryan and mia three days after the arrest for felony assault of an officer sandra bland with some hanged in her jail cell the local authorities ruled the death a suicide while an investigation by the texas rangers and the f.b.i. found that the waller county jail did not follow required policies including time checks on inmates ensuring that employees completed required mental health training despite all of this even the details of glenn's arrest of always been a just in dispute starting with the fact that the dash cam video released by police had been edited the arresting officer claimed at the time the planned was quote swinging her elbows at me and then kicked my right leg in the shin i had pain in my right leg and suffered small cuts on my hand and that she was combative and
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uncooperative however these claims were never substantiated by the dash cam video or witnesses now a new perspective on the arrest has prompted sandra bland's family and supporters to demand a new investigation into her death here to help us understand these new developments in the sandra black case our civil rights activists an advisory neighborhood commissioner of washington d.c. perry red and community organizer for black youth project a thank you so much for joining us. over oh i want to start but let's take a look at this new evidence here is senator blanche so phone footage of her arrest from her perspective in the car something we've never seen before let's take a look. get out of the car now why am i being apprehended you're trying to give me a chance for your failure why am i being apprehended you get a hold of my car door you give up my car door to show you that you're going to drag me out of my own car get out of the car and then you know what i mean what do you
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know while now wow get out of the car or failure to signal you do an ominous for you know you should be here right yeah yeah let's take this to court let's do it for failure to signal you know for failure to say you know the phone much. i'm not on the phone i have a right short this is not property. put your phone down right now. i know this through perspective speaks to the very point i made are you to post that if you are black the police will always see you as a threat. let's start with one of those thirty nine seconds but the bash cam to what you see right yeah it shows us what we know what we've already known this country has a history of police surveilling brutalizing and murdering black people and so the initial account that we heard was that the police officer was fearful for his
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life which is what we commonly hear in fatal interactions with black people and so that narrative that's commonly pushed is rooted in the dehumanisation of black people and then used to justify brutalization like we saw that happen with sandra bland and so this video shows also that sandra blend well aware of the risks of being a black woman interacting with the police knew that she needed to document this interaction so if she wanted any shot of any semblance of justice and she didn't have any hard evidence there'd be no way she would get that because it would have been her word versus his an officer was the full backing and support. of our criminal legal system and so of course we know how this unfortunately ended and this this video now joins a very well documented history of police violence against black women and black people in general. perry you know looking at this this is this continues to prove
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the case for the need for more police accountability and this case. what happens after an event so the texas texas texas department of public safety claimed that a hard drive containing copies of eight hundred twenty gigabytes of data compiled by d.p.s. from the investigation including the dash cam video is jail video fast but agent data from sandra bland cell phone was part of discovery now we know that that's not true of lawyers have said the video was never in there so obviously it's a video not just the data from her phone which is sneaky and the way i look at the way i found it was a sneaky way of not showing it was a sneaky way of hiding something so what does it say about the level of trust that we have that we should or shouldn't have in the police to investigate their own when it's clear that you have multiple agencies covering. what is obviously should've been part of discovery was inserted commentary but one that is repeated in this country. who the the piece about the you move young we're running
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and while we do run the chief reason why black people in school adverse to law enforcement is country it's not that we disdain them we just seen a system that dispenses justice unequally so when it comes to the false pretext we're even having an encounter with the police and both the false narrative that is created by law enforcement or indeed it's an old mrs failure to record the incident we have this problem here in d.c. where dreams that everything used to. he quit all of us as we body cams and for some odd reason which happened to me personally in my federal prosecution the overseer preordered journal no audio and not video build job on the video not the audience and then we have just american rights as
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a whole civil rights being violated on a consistent basis and so there is no reason for black americans to have any faith in a system newt appears to be conspiratorial with two points agreed to obstruct justice . i want to ask you since the death of. we have seen so many black women and dead after having very questionable interactions with the police attorney and activists and or richie actually under richard says what women's mere presence speech and protest of mistreatment or a threat that officers meet with physical or even deadly force where does this prepare her of black women come from and how do we tackle. and how should activists allies and others tackle that fear of getting getting this passed out in society. yeah i mean it starts all the way back to slavery colonization and. the dehumanization of black women and the stereotypes that are then put on to us and so
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we see this and how when black women in general are just existing right were automatically interpreted as aggressive as allowed as having an attitude as less traditionally feminin and so again we're seeing how these stereotypes are then used to justify the criminalisation specifically to black women but i also think now that we have this new video from sandra's perspective it's a much needed reminder that if we are serious about addressing this injustice then we have to have a deep gendered analysis to any interventions that we have and so. so we need to also just keep in mind the different sites where black women black trans women girls gender nonconforming folks are interacting with the police and how do we have interventions around that so in this case sandra was in a car and was pulled over but we know that black women are criminalized and
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brutalized by police at welfare offices and schools by school resource officers for those of us who are involved in the sex trade that's one of the primary vehicles to to lead black women and girls into mass incarceration so if we do want to get serious about this we're going to need that genders new want strategy to this and here in d.c. we have a couple different campaigns that are understanding that we need to have strategies that are rooted in a gender nuance and so everything from b. y. p. one hundred involvement with decriminalizing sex work to this week black mommas bailout is happening so black women and caregivers in detention centers in the d.m.v. area as well as across the country are being bailed out and i think it's important to know that sandra blend was not able to pay cash bail and so as
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a result of that that led to her the lengthening of her being incarcerated and then we know that she she didn't survive she didn't make it out. point out of the book the bail being that which major issue right which brings me to the one point that i think can't be missed and then in this situation sandra planned perry and both of you said even if it turns out that something beyond that happened that there was that it wasn't suicide that there was something else we know there's some sort they're not being totally honest with us so we don't know exactly what's going on but even if it turns out that she didn't commit suicide we we this whole situation. points to a massive misunderstanding of mental health and how trauma works and how these things work like any normal person has done a minimal amount of study would know the way that he interacted with her it just feeds into all of this stuff about black women and black people and violence and
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all of us does race affect the difference and how do you think race affects the difference and how the care officer show to people who have any kind of mental illness are they much more apt to help someone who looks like me rather than someone who looks like you just stole my thunder. had some good lawyer been a woman we'll a lot more about mental illness we all know we have all kinds of. advocacy for people stopped in america american stopped by law enforcement and law enforcement need to retrain and the like sadly enough. you know i i watched video day before yesterday in my community a brightly community in northwest d.c. as police brutalized several young black men and the women who were watching the mothers the sisters who were watching witnessing video recording is. their
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suffering trauma today and they want to polies not only pepper spray everybody with what physically be put their hands a knees on these young teenagers and i'm just proud to see that these young men black men stood up against these police but the police took a defensive posture sadly enough. what he calls a straw moment a whole community of people and what he does especially injunctive by communities it now creates an us against them that is much greater than it was when them moved in so we will have a problem with the middle illness go. because we don't address the criminal justice question. yeah i'd love to add i think it's it's bizarre to me that we would depend on law enforcement to be able to come in and address folks who are dealing with mental house crisis and i definitely think if we are serious about solving
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this we need to take a critical look at what it looks like to truly invest in black communities and you can't invest in black communities and simultaneously invest in police and so i think our long term strategy needs to include a complete divestment from police so that we can have the resources we need to be able to care for folks who are dealing with mental health crises because police are just not the answer you are going to start with this conversation could go on but but because it leads to go on it should go on but thank you so much for coming on the back and speaking with us about this issue and look forward to having you back on the future i read and. thank you so much clancy thanks frank you very hard all right everybody that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we're not told that we're loved enough to sort of tell you all i love you i am tyrone but in terms of capital keep watching the auction have a great day and i just.
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during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to know on. one set of rules for the rich opposite.
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that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. a recent report from the u.k.'s foreign office highlights in detail the persecution of christians around the world in the middle east the cradle of christianity christians face extinction why is that deep politically incorrect in the west foundational religion.
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in the headlines this thursday morning polls show former u.s. vice president joe biden leading against bernie sanders in the race for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination evoking memories that have twenty six being contests to tell you all about it also ahead to say packing an upmarket berlijn restaurant refuses to serve the leaders of germany's a big party because of their on the migrant politics. big day here in russia the country celebrating victory day today marking the seventy fourth anniversary of nazi germany's capitulation with military parades and memorials.


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