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i think through. a recent report from the u.k.'s foreign office highlights in detail the persecution of christians around the world in the middle east the cradle appreciated the christians face extinction why is it deemed politically incorrect in the west foundational religion. it. is a game. of those who know people who see opposed to it's been made and put it. that's the ticket.
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you're going to put if you should go to. the. moon you know who's you who's ready to. put in the world. but when you think. with them you. let me put it. no you know what it was mother he was this is zamir gar
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bungling you got it would do the business normally thought i would value it the less i thought of it the business you with money is good it can they overdo it the i would become top work with the. woods it is i mean it goes to reunify deal was the one thing that got me sick and that i had also another audio store them were in a store will move was a business card was store stole it i was in the because a lot of them have the ability i would. say that i moved towards they skew things that sound that store who is. out of date what. did he need to make. he was ordered out it was. almost. just.
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what you would not want. if you were you going to buy it will you have. to show you see it doug we have to prove no good should you do so well you still would have to prove you could do it and you know you mean. get the orderly back because you know i did not. get the get the iraq. in soviet times there was no shortage of heroes like morrissey of but their stories was seldom revealed to the public because that might have undermined the red on his reputation for invincibility less work to be a sort of you know good to believe to be at some a lot is to the bitter. less here and poor to. the british a we're going to stay
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here. a bit i'll fix why you like a good place you've got a bunch of kenya for you but after switching one of the one of the bill would be like you. would you know where the parts in the leg ha stupid number and i'd be when i got it worked on so i don't know it was remarks in which she said to bill issue of the money she was here and also a story he was here but i guess sort of put it to a good as the poll would have done what is your national opponent way would it the preacher look i'm sworn in was to be a cobra sworn in but the personal position is don't know but in there is need to muzzle contort a slow growth as we look at money through no voice in the who knows if you know who goes to plan you when you can use them up you buy at them when you won't put your. money through a. beat you wore it system you could william cohen and know that the new thing and then which you have none i got.
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in february nine hundred forty three my wrists have conducted his first test flight with us official legs after which he was sent to the front. his regimental commander the refused to let him fly. but less than a month later that same commander recommended no rest for the title of hero of the soviet union. yet there was there ever a shell command the open. air corps loyce near zero. yes it would be hordes of ways it's a similar lytham. fishery. that there appears to me to say or phrase is there still some new truths yet to go after all but they go on and. on their origins that she says are wrong a poke a mere was could. have done months cosmetic struck nonpolitical i knew it to be is no. new play here regime here
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mr starr there's a million kids here no matter how dare them seminary are because rollason of what name. you want them on is me still you. move the ball and see how but he injured then mr is worried zubrin. surprise he. know and won't read really when you would just do it in a. church should usually know knuble. i mean shift over here and there in your post as i was reading a kind of a torture and you. know my you know what i. read knowing that us casualties. are trivial the pollute trialist at casualty if she were to does steal. will i.d.f. someone know it and he walked down home sure
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a scarf held. her thigh piece from her buddies from where you were him for easter and the state trade. it's on it with you but i was about enough speech. to speak to the way to achieve the study of each speech but i gave. it up. each year that we did we. turned them in as much for you if you don't want communal help i do. need me no. no mere idea we were. yelled. storm.
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throughout his life but risky of saw fame as a burden and was offended by the term legendary he saw himself as an ordinary man no different to anyone else. knew all too well that other disabled read elby pilots had also continued to. suffer the same fate as may receive in nine hundred seventy three. because of a technical fault his plane began a rapid descent of a cheetah because love skeet stared away from the city but couldn't object until he was too low. for three days and with two broken legs as he crawled over the tiger in minus thirty degrees. f. was constantly in his thoughts. human body you summon union with. us.
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and we get caught up with you at all theo's and those that use it. more than just what do you. like it was what it was that aboard your. ship with your media stunt you know william luke you've got to be. of course. a bit alone there are. some. that arsonist a bull michel is the quote which is should go a whole lot when he. put up with phyllis a lot but he thought you know what the most human. i mean at this level of the bill feable thing you more just feel. like a porno or to a porno star you know a donald does not. know. it no one showed up there on the was
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a go on to go no we don't know it up all the. ball field duck. that he. seemed to want me at the. next game hospitals a double amputation multiple operations official legs and an obsession to fly again like a motorist if. he knew enough to. commit. your . money she. ever gets to look at the premier given that yes she which i did. want to. get to know more than him about the stage i'm so go ready i'm only. going to. have to fill it all with.
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what. he still regrets never having spoken to the real man himself it was his story who helped him survive in the frozen tyga and lived to fly again. you're always there that goes for you. if you do your actual speech you know you know if you continue to try looking. good you teach you. could you know don't. when you were there you should know what i did you do when you were didn't step up when you would. need to look at. fighter pilots because sokoloff was enough to follow in what steps. to take.
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more than thirty years ago he was shot down in afghanistan. so there was something that took on this course which. some of the. cycle of ejected and then for over an hour and gauged in a firefight with the mujahideen. when you saw. in the store and you couldn't put a little strip of. a little up a little. there with what. you will really.
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use it. will. come to. people who are spiritual. and should. be put to appreciate a little promoting peace solution a. whole it's. not. going to have what i think. it will. well you know. this is a model it's. just a little bit i'm not pleased with him is up and. up a little over three mills a little of both but over to the. goal he will do.
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you push buttons to do lots of get out so you seem to rules you off to keep up with the fuel bills think that it's. pretty adventurous more. because only able to leap that. cycle of took up parachuting in an attempt to prove to his doctors that his legs what well enough. in april nine hundred ninety four he became the first disabled person to stride dive over the north pole. to the long haul where the little. he will be healed focused example she will start crystal you're going to lose well. you'll see middle fold when you feel a little with the most but the little shouldn't mean yes kozel you have to be. a little bit the militia. is one he'll yes of the visit the been in
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a little to basically with the actual you from the movie and what's in it for the film when we only deal. so the currency is in freefall there is no gold standard and there's no way to reconcile this and that in the world so every other country is competing it's a race to the bottom at the same time it's fair to say that there is now several countries that you could i think characterize as being on
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a war footing so the u.s. by saying we don't have a recession anymore and we don't have any any trade election to defend our currency value in any way they're opening the door in a big big way to extremely violent global conflict. both with the first century both of. them some elements of the and at the moment you it isn't a thing people would like to interact to which is happening to the individual and using their intelligence to facebook's would be to another we're interacting with that's a good think it's going to. be posed seeing the results. in twenty four to you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going to be
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relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know lawyer here i mean your list put video through in the neighbor lose out on the school and you go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took coach invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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this is rare footage of alexei morrissey of himself it's one of the last videos taken of the legendary pilot. good pretty. good as it should be today. if the u.s. you're wrong. and you kill an old human kidney beans he would look for would be going to the ship won't be where it nice for the bus more snow. there you go in which movie you go if you're in you know who in morning where you are to be a three month year away when you need you. should go good it's a joke with us you know if you were here would you be. yeah good to be no good
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you got to be near him see you then but i'll go with jojo do you still go somewhere where you will swim yes. back then a commemoration of event was being planned at moscow's russian army finta r.s.e. of himself was to be the guest of honor a surprise highlight was arranged for the man of the he was to meet. the same old guy who in one nine hundred forty two had nursed him back to health and plowed village he hadn't seen up to sixty years but sadly the meeting was not destined to be real but he who can wish it would who would not wish. to turn around and was going to move to a good town nasha through sure but i did do so never mind should we see did them wish us an e-mail new suit i want to buy also. and then which then don't throw you double teeth you. know what choice can fry do you think i'm wishing to bring a. stone of the life of that around your brows no it's mute as the new it would
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stop what would she want when you would you know as dana points out the maya i mean appreciate it and i was not really in there with him not the by a mile but oh stout bugbear don't. tell us that somebody else needs you next years doing things if you do it you did not that you could or would put up an easy yes goes a little innocent only what if you the other student do it if you do when you are school students being you do to do with keeping them for the most you bush will run the national. portrait of the christian church or the rush or should of them and later with your quick tradition you would buy your book of beauty should he mused it to bush that's the sort of minister she was. wishing that it would only be to me to read yet here you remember when you just think you know him he's not used to this consistent with the. new form but he might do you for one nearly fifty two is shipping you my dear one you can eat me not there's only one premier are not cheap
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peaches yeah. you're right out the door. stories. i wish my piece of scum charles. in where. he is due to watch who. i like modesty fall a bank or three by me would look me cough or not if you are a don't store and if you can show. or. bruised up. i think you will pretty well at the. roster moves to see if you can. at the bow up a groom that i get which shows they were up when you my stood at the valley create
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the human. but the moment of basic i thought and we got through it in no i'm only a switch of what. pushed through a few shots to no. position on the sheet question which was to ashame you fifty feet away from. you. but the crazies. took a seat but. if you push their full fifty to fifty.
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fifty. such close. nobody gets a good. look if you did. good good for you. to give you proof if you lead above about robel. if you. were to yes but if you did. the for one little. post i should post.
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my misogynic goes to show us just. it's a myth to the wild and you that was washed at the. most a woman. there was was said here and it's here is that equal thirty min is an. old woman into a show she was to do. quick you missed the by d.s. while the money through. the loan is up. to principals the little. bit is still that i need to live here and they put a stop to the way you hold your post local post we could all go in the ball good. idea and could be on the wm of the with us here the other smothered it would work for possible solution some of the more than enthusiastic for me of the most i'm like is not the low we used to just mellow people but it bothered me it was close
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enough to steer you a visual bit on. some poll showed some status and i don't know but i'm going with you but if you know the truth i like this well didn't it. here's the tone of bush. before your mayor welcome what are you a golden boy by one of my teeth or yours about as ugly as his own or bush most voters when you're when you're almost a doorman of a dorm it was written by because the commune permitted those mothers here while the bit about you. it was because it puzzles those little mobius in the alleged bit of the word some other people who are you good dog goes to good to milo at the our guardian in years ago i was present at another good sort of tryst with him you. put your were there with me as when you should be able to live up way bull markets whether it. can be wise for the rico guess. i got a vicious myth someone else was one of my days. and i would go for it with you not just an inch of it or some other sort of trace but i do it because it's what's next
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to my teeth and where is the boy to chastise me like when she was put up for six months when he's. been documenting tilings of the murders and often found clearly showed the legacy of sacrifice had been removed from the crash site and delisted less than a month after he was shot down. from its engine may well have been recycled just best to help out the fighters continue to defend the country. one final detail from this beautiful legend that has long inspired historians and enthusiastic to like. at last been laid to rest in his love of this question it was when a while but i didn't hear the feel of the idea how to wash because he would you know had to swallow thing in that in order to go to get one they appear here think it. was love it's ok and i would look.
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most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out in the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. montes holiday tip international memorial
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awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries. media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist what full terms of media or post of a global news platform to participate send us your published works and video or written for. go to award dot altie dot com and enter now. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shape by the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo debt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles
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according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. south of the sea on his death at any one. point one was the will of the cave. which it. was a renewal if they gave it to you they did a musical festival no people would see it was the it's been made it's yet let's get . that's the ticket. if.
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that's the finish that you give. russia marks the seventy fourth anniversary of the end of the second world war as massive crowds marched through some from moscow in a tribute to their loved ones who lived through and perished in the conflict while on red square. victory day parade took center stage in their thursday morning with more than thirteen thousand troops and dozens of bomber vehicles passing through the iconic site. another iran sets out its nuclear deal ultimatum forcing european leaders to maneuver which.


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