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that's the kind of. headline story. arms shipment to. the weapons are being used against yemeni civilians. why do we continue to school countries disrespect for international behavior why do we continue to fuel the war i have no problems with same these weapons are made to kill so coming up the us president. defense chief to permanently. the pentagon. himself says he intends to modernize the american military.
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mission. is north korea's recent. questioning interest in solving the crisis on the planet. around the clock across the world. international from the team. hello and welcome to our top story human rights activists been attempting to prevent fronts from sending any more arms to saudi arabia by filing lawsuits arguing the transfers violate the u.n. arms trade treaty they say there's clear evidence been using french weapons against civilians in yemen. rendered the administration complicit
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in saudi war crimes denies ever intentionally targeting non combatants protesters gathered in normandy in northern france on their opposition to the government announced a shipment. we are protesting against the arrival of a saudi ship that is coming to collect a delivery of warrants at the port of. there is no doubt that france sells weapons used to kill in yemen and used by coalition led by saudi arabia i have no problems with saying that these weapons are made to kill. why do we continue to support countries that exhibit disrespect for international behavior and why do we continue to fuel the war the question should be put to the president of the republic and why is it that only he can make such a decision he alone can commit france to war he alone can so weapons to countries and every journalist an ngo sharing their used on civilians. but it seemed the ship
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never actually docked in france according to tracking data it's not clear why it is nor where the ships heading know what pressure we do know has been increasing in the french government since a group of investigative journalists published a sensitive military intelligence report last month it details the devastating effects that french tanks and artillery have been hovering in yemen you're part of correspondent charlotte. it's a war that's left thousands dead and pushed some ten million people to the brink of starvation now it looks like more french weapons could be about to deepen the humanitarian disaster that is yemen wednesday it was confirmed there would be a minute shipment of weapons to saudi arabia which is led coalition bombing in parts of yemen for more than four years. due to the arms delivery according to a conditional agreement which was made a few years ago an emergency procedure has already been filed to try and stop the
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sale of french arms to riyadh and its coalition partner the united arab emirates it was made by human rights organization off the evidence image showing french weapons were being used on the frontline and they're possibly use in war crimes in yemen we called for the suspension of arms transfers to the countries of the coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates responsible for war crimes and even crimes against humanity in yemen the sense of urgency is driven by the worsening humanitarian situation in yemen a report by the united nations development program estimates the number of deaths at more than two hundred thirty thousand by the end of twenty nineteen including more than one hundred forty thousand children under five if the conflict continues to intensify despite a classified and do your m a military note with feeling french weapons are being used along the saudi yemen border and that friendships are serving in the book a good. in many ports exacerbating the suffering paris continues to deny its role.
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government has never deny day existence of french weapons in yemen and the finance minister florence pearlie said it and i'll see it again today there is no proof that these weapons are being used against civilian populations so enraged was some french m.p.'s by about ten zero zero zero they walked out of the assembly session for once the world's third biggest olympics exporter has so far resisted calls to hold twenty one sales to riyadh it could also mean that france is in breach of the arms trade treaty that it signed the treaty aims to regulate the sale of conventional weapons to prevent them from being sold if the member states is aware of that used to target civilian populations given that the government has been warned how french weapons are allegedly being used in yemen some might claim it's turning a blind eye to the suffering while filling its pockets with saudi cash. altie
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paris. we also spoke to french journalist i'm rick who told us he believes the arms transfers reflect not at all well in the government in paris. the factor that paris supports a politically do search will sure regime is already shocking you have to know that french is an older state. the french public opinion is not really aware of what is happening in africa with the nuclear know isn't the french is waging a war decayed france abounds the endless stream of weapons of mission and software that would be kinda miss constance leo acquiring and what is new is that this arms delivery comes to intrude controversy on tuesday are all a left wing lawmakers a expects it to departments in protest and that's that's pretty new. all right another headline stories this hour the acting u.s.
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defense secretary is being lined up to keep the job donald trump has nominated patrick shallot who's been in the role since james mattis quit last year after falling with the president over pulling troops from syria and afghanistan shanahan's welcomed his nomination the former boeing innovation executive has been at the pentagon for the past four months he's promising to continue the quote aggressive implementation of america's national defense strategy and to keep the military in top fighting shape. so as yet another hawk cements his position in the president's teen killam open has been taking a look at how washington has repeatedly abandoned its professed commitments to peace. it's a familiar pattern us presidents getting elected on an antiwar platform i just don't think it's the role of the united states to walk into a country say we do it this way so should you we've lost thousands of american lives spent nearly a trillion dollars alienated allies neglected emerging threats all in the cause of
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fighting a war for well over five years in a country that had absolutely nothing to do with the nine eleven attacks i will never send our finest into battle unless necessary and i mean absolutely necessary and will only do so if we have a plan for victory with a capital v. they criticize the wars of those who came before them and they win votes for doing it. the clinton gore administration has failed to instill trust in congress and the american people when it comes to our military and deployment of troops overseas governor bush views it as a legislative overreach on powers of the presidency so what's missing in our debate about iraq this war distracts us from every threat that we face and so many opportunities we could seize. this war diminishes our security our standing in the
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world our military our economy and the resources that we need to confront the challenges of the twenty first century was against the war in iraq because i said it's going to totally destabilize the middle east but once they get elected they can't help but start new ones barack obama turned george w. bush's two wars into eight and trump has kept those wars ticking along while threatening new ones in new regions the rise of course the united states in a limited military action in libya in support of an international effort to protect libyan civilians i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets we have troops over the world this place is a very very far away venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and dying we have many options for of it as well as including a possible military option if necessary sending lethal weapons to ukraine
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escalating threats against iran and venezuela trump was elected sounding like a dove but he's governing like a hawk he dropped the mother of all bombs on afghanistan and sent cruise missiles to syria but it's a long tradition in one thousand nine hundred sixty four lyndon johnson ran for president on a platform of not escalating the vietnam war and after he won guess what he did in one nine hundred sixteen woodrow wilson's campaign slogan for reelection was actually he kept us out of war and after he won the vote he got us into a new one presidents tend to win on antiwar platforms because americans don't like war however once they're in the oval office they just can't resist the temptation so next time you hear a candidate promising peace look at a map and ask where next often times the blame game is that not enough was done again it depended upon who is in power obama came in austin it's a blue and. bush for the actions in iraq because it was then
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later revealed that the intelligence did not exist obama was less in to regime change trump in venezuela i haven't heard any plan on not only how to conduct there but where they're going to do want to see achieve power if the achieve power in the near future i do not see a change in this pattern it would have been nice to see the yet united states since one thousand nine hundred ninety has really developed a pattern for military action. the rocky relations between the u.s. and north korea are taking another dive president from pyongyang to latest missile tests and cast over its willingness to engage diplomatically the relationship continues but we'll see what happens i know they want to negotiate they're talking about negotiating but i don't think they're ready to negotiate. the
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recent test on the korean peninsula saw the launch of two missiles they were apparently short range ballistic rockets fired from the north west they landed in the sea of japan well the fresh drills come just a few days really after north korea took everyone by surprise with a similar test on friday though that launch broke a moratorium on tests which had lasted for more than five hundred days north korea described the drills as regular defensive china's been calling on both sides to find peaceful means to resolve their disagreement to move on with. we hope that all parties can continue working towards the resolution of the issue through dialogue and making positive efforts to achieve a denuclearization of the peninsula. genuine peace and security of the country are guaranteed only by a strong physical force capable of defending its sovereignty. well let's see where
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this might lead to with me now live on the program dr perk nung one who's a senior politics lecturer at the university of bath in the u.k. good to have you with us or to do this in one week does it now appear like there was brief efforts of friendship between the u.s. and north korea that essentially have failed. i grew if you doubt this is a new indication of a shift of the north korean government after one and a half year of silence you know what the person trauma has achieved in the scene is the late two thousand and seventeen is that a mr kim jong un he outreach stop. putting missile tests up until you last week the result has been activated so i think. is sending a clear message to the world that now the situation has changed yeah that's my
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point at home much though is this about kim jong un perhaps trying to test donald trump's limits because we know that this is the president who heralds his art of the deal which so far does not appear to have made any real progress n.p.r. . ok i think to be fair to mr trump i think the achievement that he has achieved so far east to mig north korea stop testing and the missiles and the nuclear test for more than one year and five months now what is happening now is to me both parties has realized that. each other's nine s. and despite all nine. he no way could be rich a consensus in other words they find at the difference a soul even saw them to bowl and then one hand north korea we class the united states to stop send your name and where on the other hand you notice these continue
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and persist to ask north korea to talk or dismantle their nuclear program yeah yeah yeah the sticking point is sanctions isn't it donald trump's offer to lift son kim jong un want to all or nothing who is going to blink first well i think both sides have to take responsibility but i think now the situation has told us one thing more crystal clear than before before we because we are being led by the six party talks we thought that all of the six nations not just north korea but also south korea china russia and japan as well as you notice those they have a part in responsibility to take in these crisis in the north korea now as it looks like has the situation has the pullup we are becoming more clear that the reason why north korea want to develop nuclear weapon has to do with you you know the states but not the others of all nations thanks for your time this hour always
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get get your expertise on the program dr packet one senior politics lecturer at the university of bath in the u.k. . ok to love an america where riot police have been called into action in the colombian calpol buckets are clashes erupted there to a student rally against planned education and pension cuts. students could be seen throwing molotov cocktails and other projectiles out the authorities near a main university and streets surrounding areas have been closed off and police look to regain control of the situation the country's president. has faced criticism for his national development plan really. or a tie easing security spending and giving a green light to fracking in colombia for the very first time.
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thursday so russia marked the seventy fourth on the first we have not seen germany surrender the end of the second world war on the eastern front now in the run up to victory day we brought you the story of the ninety four year old event of the who joined the resistance straight after leaving school becoming a front line scarred her husband died some years ago and she has no remaining relatives on the us people to center letters and postcards to mark victory day the response it appears was overwhelming. to. step forward through a bid to be. the rumor that he would see it that he. needs a c.b.s. regime to. be use it is to be sure that he would and these
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if you believe even. paris peevish fans believe that bush's years in the air for the fiscal issues are doing one of the lucky few people if they really didn't want. to cheat you could do for more than. see. all. the good work there. are. still there we. certainly. heard that. was. actually our to international stay with us nor for all the movers and shakers in the world of football for a breathtaking week in the if
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a champions league or superstar pundits still say merinos got all the talk ticks goals and heartbreak do not go too far. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last twenty one years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's vital issues. watch our special forum coverage on r.t. . seemed wrong. rowles just don't call. me. yet to say
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proud disdain because as a kid and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. this is a sticker from the old water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad words there the litter bugs are throwing this away and history should be blamed for all of this ways the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. demand. there plastic. on my end i need. a special project to funding me. on i knew that that is the end of a pretty well for now the mountains of noise only grow higher.
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football the screw up we had on people. they did nothing that cope with the hears of us are not good friends to be upset with me finals are not to play finals are too when i was a ballboy top that's the only thing that saves my reputation. what a week liverpool will play tottenham in the champions league final but only after both sides somehow came back down to beat barcelona and i.x. respectively and at the end we saw both winning managers in floods of tears didn't wait what did you make of that and the sheer emotion and you also saw the losing
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ones. was for them to face the press. after. think you're right let's focus on. on the better side of of the game which is the winning the winning side. different personalities. people react in different ways. even. different moments of your career probably also react in a different way but inside. we are all the same in spite of different personalities and. champions league final. when the champions league but. this step of being in the final is something that in your career doesn't happen many many times for example in my
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chimpanzee finals i had. early victory. boards or three neal with. interest to kneel so before the end of the game you have time to process everything you have time to sync how you get. your dreams. there's a young coach you have time to put everything into perspective in other cases in other cases it's just. that second just that blessed minute just waiting for the referee to sue to blew the whistle for the for the last time and. in dispersed cases even on the last second the last shot so everything crossed their minds and they they probably remember the people that they love the people that love them the people that doesn't love them
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the difficult moments of their career the good everything crossed your mind in a few seconds then after that is just your personality and the way you react if it is a semifinal of me one of the all. and shallow of the as the done. ok the desire to win is the same the sadness to lose is the same nothing change but we won it we did it for this for is is incredible feeling for them so all of these emotions for me our vision of you and i think is a good way for people to understand what it means for the murders means more than the us more than anybody else more than the players more than the phones more than the all knows more than everybody else in our lives and we depend on on
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success and we depend on. on victories and one of them will get that the gobi did to be hears and we will have you in his hands and i have already said sinking that one of them is going to lose it is brutal isn't it and that's why everybody loves football but let's just look then at how they got so close how they've got so close and start with that game in amsterdam because at half time spurs were losing three nil on aggregate they looked at him buried and then in the second half everything changed what was the catalyst you were in there i was in this a few weeks ago and we were speaking about you vent as. i. remember career that i told you to who must give what they don't want you must take the game to the direction they don't want they don't like. and is difficult for them to cope we did. at tottenham they did it in the second of
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long ball tour and you're into flicking your into a holding with his chest waiting for support the less the ball is long ball you're in the second ball assists look at goal of everything was these acts wants to press high they cannot press because the ball is not there i was watching a game with. john barnes and we were having a laugh because i was saying that. i had accent and says sokol after the game they need a neck massage. because they didn't touch the ball in the second half and they were just looking at the wall but the ball was going from all the violence that duncan. got into and then the lucas all the ones are all in the second ball are you excluding cope in the second game where everything is decided when the manager tells you ok let's go against our principles let's go against our philosophy but
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this is the way we have to hurt them we have forty five minutes to do it or not to do it in the first leg you still have the second leg you still are waiting for a song to be back the one you will result is not. a very bad resolves you know one you give even if you lose a home the game is open so i think in the second leg there were objectively objectively focus on on that and what surprised me because i always say that the very good quality of a team is to note the saying that we are not very good that is as important as you know where you are good that i am surprised. that. they did nothing. to try to cope with something that is really really difficult they let the game go and go and go always with the same profile of the
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game so of course you can say football is cruel it is it is i know that can be but one thing is when you call laps we doubt trying not to collapse and they kept playing the same way ok ziad in the post. is scores that goal game over we can go to all these details but by the point of view. tottenham forgot their basic philosophy and they went with the strategy to try to make the miracle happen and from minute one until minute ninety five they play only with their philosophy and than football. it's not possible. for me to quit cold or the start of the second half changed things but i almost felt you could see i x.
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were in trouble after his first go i mean you could see that something was happening in the gang the problem had big chances the vertonghen eating the post the low cross the blood and the missed one metre from the goal every time. tottenham was going along was dropping but of course it was in minute ninety five but could be in minute eighty five and now you wouldn't be speaking above such a big drama but i x i want to give them one more time in huge credit for the football they play for the. the quality of the broad for the motion is because teams play the way they plea. that so many kids are attracted by by the game for a nominal team weeds small investment a great investment in your care of the me. incredible philosophy but c'mon if you want to if you want to win things you also need the side of the game
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and by x. in the last two years lose the final against manchester united in europe a leap and loses a final where the winning streak neil and the draw three three both for the same reason both for the same reason strategic point of view the direct one target fellaini in one game you are entering another game and they couldn't cope so. i think i think they have to feel very proud of what the deed but i think this is something that they have to rethink if one day they want to do two to two we need to really i think ben hog and we need him here with all the credit the special one a couple of weeks you know and touchable the world.


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