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reason for this i think globalists there actually and that's not something we talk about a lot in the political comments commentaries but i think that they have a sort of you know dark side and it means that they have a kind of hatred against christianity because what globalism really wants is to turn over the christian world order and implement and you believe system and they have to get rid of christianity for this or to carry out this plan and i think that's why they don't do anything to stop persecutions of christians and i think i actually think it's right to say that that there is a kind of demonic element in it because it's not because it's really not rational because we have so many human rights movements and it's really a mystery why nobody everybody is really a silent about. it but you they've interesting thing when we go to peter in this
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u.k. report highlights that christians are the most persecuted people in the world and on a very massive scale in where a lot of that is happening is in muslim dominated countries but you don't hear human rights reports coming out at least the one coming out of the u.k. foreign office seems to be a bit of an anomaly isn't there a double standard in play is it to oppression and discrimination really at the core of this but one is mentioned one is not peter in london go ahead. well i have to say that all the major human rights organizations have reported about the persecution of christians in north africa the middle east in south asia and many other parts of the world now i've been champing this course myself for many many decades i just want to add a caveat. christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world they're not the most persecuted group per se but they are certainly the most persecuted rivera's square and i think it's very important as you mentioned that we do
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highlight this anomaly the way in which some people in public life seem to be reluctant or slow or completely failing but peter to address this where here is a crucial because we're divinities can read lots finn's come from peter. i think it's a fear of perhaps alienating other religions which is a nonsensical argument or justification i think it's also partly because i suppose christianity has been had to monic for many many centuries and has been behind many great persecutions particularly of women and people who are old g.b.t. but that is not an excuse there's not a justification and i say this myself as a human rights defend who happens to be gay and also a leftist that i believe the persecution of christians is an issue that everyone should be concerned about and the governments around the world should be acting upon it day david why has the west turned its back on christians particularly in
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the middle east here you'll see at the bottom of the screen when you watch the program the numbers in syria and in iraq i mean this is a catastrophe absolute catastrophe for these christian communities and you know by the way christians are protected in the area that the assad government has control of in syria outside of that they are persecuted and an ethnic cleansing as it were being carried out and what you don't hear much about it it's because it's christians that are the big tim's here if it were another group you'd probably hear a whole lot more go ahead david. yeah i suspect you would hear a considerable amount more if it was other groups the fact of the matter is peter that i think in general terms it's because there's a widespread ignorance of the scale of the issue in the government report to which your affair it's suggests that a rowing three quarters of a billion christians are persecuted around the world it also suggests that four out
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of five or if you like eighty percent of those people of religious views facing persecution or christian it also suggests that a rind three thousand questions are put to death each year so so that's the reality check in this one this is massive. wide scale global persecution of christians noise when you then sort of consider well you know what's what's causing this well we do have to then ask peter the very obvious question who's doing the persecuting and the reality are that it varies but predominantly in those countries islamised countries christians are being persecuted essentially to the point of extinction also when communist regimes like china north korea christians and indeed all other fields are being persecuted so we need to really is the fundamental the wordless of the fact that christians or the biggest issue but i mean when did you last hear
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anyone talk about christian a phobia we certainly hear enough peter of other forms of you for being silent but not christian or phobias and yet christians are being wiped off the face of the earth so we need to face end of the issues and the challenge but on day tional roof . i like to think of myself as pretty well informed i mean media is my business i had no idea how many churches are attacked and defaced in france every single year and the numbers are astronomically high from a year ago and it only took that tragedy for me to become aware of the scale of the attacks on places of christian worship in france ok part of the west here what is happening there and what is being done about it because it seems like the authorities don't care go ahead a bit you know just in two thousand and eighteen there were a thousand churches that were vandalized just in france and nobody really wrote about it it was completely silence and again i would like to stress that the
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western political elite and a lot of the western culture is at war with itself at war with his own tradition and that's why they don't stop this is genocide against christians because they need to get rid of the christian church the christian war it's to implement a new world order to implement a new believes. system because christianity actually gives people light to understand what is the truth and to give person freedom and this is exactly what they don't want i mean it is a kind of anti-christian spirit that is at work and normally in this but it will progress we don't talk about spiritual matters but we need to do that because you can't understand what's going on in the world today if you don't understand that underneath the political agenda there is a spiritual agenda and it's not really rational but is full of hatred against christianity because nobody can explain why in these human rights times that nobody really cares about the christians and in france so many churches has been attacked land allies you know statues has been broken they have taken out the host has
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spread all over europe unaided on the virgin mary. having to even cut off the head of a virgin mary is that you lately and it's also taking place now in scotland recently just a few weeks ago there were two churches and scotland that had the same treatment it's all over the place it's globally and that's why i say it is the globalist who sits back and they do nothing about this because they want it and i even think that they are making islam do the dirty job so to say because it is the western elite that is behind all this and we have to be aware of that it's ourselves we have turned upon i mean we have turned against ourselves and i think this is a really big tragedy and a catastrophe you know if you think that the theme that is that we go back to peter in london i mean if we have so much thought police right now you have to be very very sensitive when you're when you're dealing with people with different sexual
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orientations if you have a certain if your skin color is darker than mine i have to be on guard because i have to be careful what i say but smearing and looking down at christians there's no there's no penalty for that zero zero ok it's taken as a norm that you know you can you can slander christians and you have no downside. go ahead peter going to offer one correction you said that in syria in the areas controlled by the government christians are not persecuted but they are persecuted no there is no that is not true that is not true betty you're wrong you're to wrong peter i'm sorry you're wrong i said you said you said in the areas controlled by president christians are not persecuted that's what is true but then you went on to say they are persecuted elsewhere and seriously are is not true now that is an absolutely that is absolute and you let me finish please can you let me finish they are not persecuted in the kurdish controlled areas and they're not persecuted in
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the areas controlled by the democratic opposition they are persecuting the well i'm not sure whether your democratic opposition is ok i would call them terrorists and one thing are you going on doing on correct hang on the diet of the opposition controls the large areas of northern syria around isis isis i'll. help bring iraq to me can you want to rudely i have to fact check you i have to back check you ok. then you're going to go to a short break it's hard to break the story i apologize me with out into rather short break we'll continue our discussion on christianity say thirty.
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think. here do you mean you're learning you know did you observe storms in the lead here sort of my look down from moods submersion or doing the clue that you're confronted some are going. to see on his attorney one name for you to get help or one could close the loop to . get more which of. those i mean will you tell you you have to you know you get up and usually those who know people who see opposed to its limits we could see it was fifty. people that's the time to get. if you ask if that's their finish if you're not if you give
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us. you know world of big partisan logs and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the store. use that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back across like we're all things considered i'm peter bell director we're discussing the state of christianity in the world. ok let's go back to london with peter we were talking about the persecution of christians in syria go ahead. yeah you are correct in saying that christians are not persecuted in the areas controlled by president that is correct but then you went on to say there are persecuted in other areas well we'll just have to disagree on true i just have to disagree on a true which is not true let me explain why christians are not persecuted in the kurdish controlled areas and they're not persecuted in the areas controlled by the democratic opposition and every friday after prayers there are mass protests in those democratic controlled areas where the people there protest against both president and against the use of cash ok you made your point here i'm going to go
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to david i know you cannot for the democratic opposition doesn't exist in syria ok i get a day are terrorists and hopefully they will be thrown out of soon as possible so christians won't be excusing me excuse me i gave you i want to finish what i what else are we not i want to see you make another many employees like the same point twice you know i. no i mean i don't want to talk about that it points i want to make another point in a separate point i'm sorry i want to listen to this is not to your point go ahead david go ahead other people are given a chance of a lucky shot and you'll make your point you're filibustering please stop doing it david jump in can you please let me finish my i want your mike i want to go to my other guest david. go ahead dave thanks very much peter i mean look look the you know the fundamental issue is here having this discussion regarding the level of persecution of christians in parts of syria misses that it does miss the
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fundamental issue here we're talking about the global persecution of christian people and we're not really dealing with the fact that one of the fundamental drivers of the persecution is the rice off is alarm and that's very uncomfortable for some people to take on board and you know this is a factor that we clearly see in islamic countries that the concerning thing which amban just pointed out is when we look at the west and we look at what we see in france and italy and other european countries we do see what looks like very much like the beginnings of the continue of persecution of christians in the heart of europe a society which holds so much to its christian heritage so that's deeply concerning and we see it for example in london when we see christian preachers being in the street being arrested by the police so it's very peculiar to see this this
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persecution of this truly religion of peace but you know peter maybe that's a reason why people find it such an easy target because unlike certain other religions christians tend not to fight back it's endemic within the faith that they have and that we have but that perhaps then makes some people think that christianity is such an easy touch when in fact christians deserve the same respect as every and any other faith you have in the great irony of all of this here is that the more europe becomes secular the more it becomes islamic and i don't see minorities and people of different sexual orientations would fare very well if europe were to turn into a. continent go ahead it been you know i think it's very right that it is very alarming that islam is on the rise in europe but the only reason why they're able to attack christians even in europe is because our goldmans do not do anything
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about it the reason why europe is becoming more and more islamic is because of the weakness of the christians or our governments who has you know turned against christianity the reason why that europe is becoming more and more islamic is because we have this spiritual void so islam is just filling out some kind of empty room we have and as long as we don't understand this and we don't acknowledge this it will just go on and on it's not enough just to close the borders and to have some kind of put some kind of political. agenda which is trying to tighten up the islamic. influence in europe it is a spiritual thing here and no it's very disturbing are not unusual for people who are watching you know political programs to deal with spirituality but it is a spiritual problem it is a spiritual war more than it is a political struggle and i think in europe is a losing it because we have lost the faith and our governments is even against
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a christian world order they want to implement some kind of globalist world order which is and any type christian society we already see of the breakdown of nations same sex marriages the attack under that on the on the traditional family things like that gender so everything that belongs to the belongs to the to the christian world all is being broken down and islam going to take over but even i mean but you make the most important point is that if christians are not going to defend their own faith and who will. yeah but we are so spoiled we're going out of there i mean we are used to that our governments will take care of it and we are very naive because we believe in democracy and you know. freedom of speech and all these things but then many christians are right now who cannot talk about their faith because they're going to get punished for it because the for police is already there you cannot you know say anything against same sex marriages you cannot say anything against all the old christian values are political incorrect so it means
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that you are it's already you know taking place here in europe christian persecution but then in the last subtle way and christians really have to wake up and see that i have to fight for the thing when i guess. i think you're right i mean and it has to start there peter did it to switch gears a little bit here you think one of the reasons why or western governments don't speak out more about the persecution of christians in the middle east is because the the united states and its allies have been conducting so many illegal wars in the middle east it's kind of embarrassing that they are the legal invasion for example of iraq is really damaged the vitality of the christian community there and then the illegal occupation of american troops in syria i mean if you start you know meeting that yeah our politics in the region is hurting these communities that might be
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a reason for them not to do it anymore go ahead peter. well you're true that in some people's eyes christians are going to fight with the west so when the west does bad things whether it be in afghanistan or iraq or wherever people do tend to blame christians and it's very unfair to blame individual christians for the actions of western governments that that is a gross. generalization and making a connection which is not there but i would say that going back to the main thrust of this debate that it is true that in muslim majority countries the persecution of christians is most severe but not all muslim people share that persecution and i agree i agree why the lagering sure that ok i work quite a lot supporting christians persecuted pakistan and time and time again i've come up with or met or dealt with muslim people in pakistan who have
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defended their christian neighbors and shopkeepers and their churches well we mustn't make generalization that's a very good point of the whole point about the values about the christian church in the west i mean even today the christian church in the west is leading the battle against the rush human rights of there's been gay bisexual and transgender people it's opposing women's reproductive rights it in many cases is opposing relationship and sex education in schools to try and reduce teenage pregnancies abortions and hiv infections so the christian churches or some of them in the west are still playing quite a negative but that gets down roll they believe in god gets into a big debate about should the state. stablish what is of value in morality and that is the great debate and that's the great tension there david you've been so patient go ahead. patience is
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a virtue. one of the things people just peter just referenced pakistan and i mean i think that's an interesting scenario because in pakistan we do see fierce persecution of christians and not resulted in one christian lady. b.b. basically having you know being sentenced to execution. and she applied to get sanctuary here in the u.k. and the u.k. government to its eternal shame said no and why did they say no peter that's a good question and the reason that the u.k. government said no to providing asylum to this lady facing execution for fear was because it might upset communities in the u.k. upset i think it's very reasonable to lask upset yeah which might be upset and i might add to our dilemma that last hour this identical hour is let me finish go
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ahead yes you're absolutely right peter it is corridors because the government uses the word upset it's a euphemism if the government has further information it should have provided that but at the end of the day the british government was quizzed quite prepared to let a lady a christian lady in pakistan facing execution die rather than give her shit sanctuary what does that say about the state of christianity here in the u.k. never mind anywhere else i wake conniving spineless government that's what we have been what do christians need to do i mean i agree with much of what you have to say here but it seems the weakest link are christians themselves. yes that's right it's not the strength of islam but it is the weakness of the christians that is the problem so christians at least in the western part of the world really need to be able to be warriors to fight and also be ready to dive for their faith i mean
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that's how the christian faith spread in the roman empire it was because christians were would stand up for their beliefs and they would be ready to die with very spoiled we're not ready to die for anything where we just won the welfare state or to care for it and you know everything is to store it but we need to learn that time is changing and we cannot depend on our governments to print to to protect our churches and our faith so i think we have to go back to the catacombs so to say and fired and i'm curious to see whether this is going to happen in the western world but because we see it everywhere in the middle east where it's very dangerous to be a christian you see christian standing up for the faith and actually in the middle east the christian faith is growing and a lot of muslims are converting to christianity it let me let me go even let me give peter last thirty seconds in london peter go ahead. i totally agree that we must defend the rights of christians to hold their beliefs but not their right to
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discriminate against others and sadly here in britain many of the christian churches have supported legal discrimination a i think really gay bisexual and transgender that is their favorite videos later could you know interrupt me please i let you i listen to you a lot you got enough of a say on it or. can you let me start know you so rude of me being wrote is not an option we are wasting you time being rude to each other we have run out of time a lot more couldn't said many thanks and i guess in london belfast and in copenhagen and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkies see you next time and remember. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the book different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home
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field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can sink i was going to the. by the way ways and such like here. during the great depression which must remember that it was most of the family were simply working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively today but there was an expectation the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shape my the ten principles. a concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy
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attack solo down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. roof will switch who is dedicated to increasing virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. what is a bit coy and decline is magic internet a new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor on the brink of second for bankers call the genesis blog for reason to coin
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a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing on to the room with max and stacy. seemed wrong. but. just don't. let me. get to shape out this day become educated and gain from an equal betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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in twenty four you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous. is it. spilling needle the president recalls the events of twenty four g. . eight invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. government
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security analyst is facing up to fifty years in prison after being charged with leaking classified documents on us. to the press. with. chinese goods the us president says the levees could be lifted. and human rights activists the time. that the weapons being used against yemenis.


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