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a former u.s. government security analyst is facing up to 50 years in prison after being charged with leaking classified documents on u.s. warfare tactics to the press. us president orders tariffs to be raised on all remaining chinese imports worth about $300000000000.00 and that was after he characterized the trade talks as constructive china is promising to retaliate. even rights activists attempts to block france's arms shipments to saudi arabia as concerns approached about weapons are being used against yemeni civilians. if you
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are you know why do we continue to school countries that exhibit disrespect for international behavior why do we continue to fuel the war i have no problems with same these weapons are made to kill. me international i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us. the former u.s. national security analyst has been charged with giving classified documents on u.s. warfare tactics to a journalist he is now facing up to 50 years in prison for his alleged role in the revelation the press freedom organization reporters without borders has criticized the legal moves against a daniel hale saying that charging whistleblowers under the espionage act must end hears artie's. well he's 31 years old his name is daniel hale
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and he's a former u.s. intelligence official and member of the national security agency and apparently he is facing up to 50 years in prison for leaking classified government information he was arrested in nashville tennessee now the indictment against him says that he revealed information to an unnamed reporter the name of that reporter is not disclosed in the indictment but that he gave that information over to this reporter who then published it in their book and that this material was related to u.s. anti-terrorism activities and warfare strategy now at this point many people are looking over the info in the indictment and seem to believe that it winds up with information that was given to the intercept which is an online publication and to jeremy scahill now that is not being confirmed at this point the intercept is not confirming that but some people some people are seeming to speculate that that's the case let's review what the intercepts said when asked about whether or not this
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was their source who was arrested the intercept was not common all matters relating to the identity of anonymous sources these documents detail to secrets on accountable process for targeting and killing people around the world including u.s. citizens through drone strikes they all reverted to import since the alleged whistleblower faces up to 50 years in prison no one has ever been held accountable for killing civilians in drone strikes now the information that many people suspect to this matches is information that was revealed by reporter jeremy scahill regarding the u.s. drone strike program in which strikes were carried out in yemen somalia and afghanistan now what was revealed were classified government documents showing a 14 year high drone strike campaign and how it suffers from a lack of critical information and how there is a high rate of almost uncalculated civilian deaths due to the. to that often there is
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a preference to kill the victim rather than capture them and furthermore that lack of information m. is contributing to the rate of civilian deaths because there is an inability on the part of u.s. officials to extract valuable information from those apprehended and those in custody and those accused of terrorism the military is easily capable of adaption to change but they don't like to stop anything they feel is making their lives easier or is to their benefit but they have become so addicted to this machine to this way of doing business that it seems like it's going to become harder and harder to prove them away from it the longer they're allowed to continue operating in this way now the u.s. drone strike program which has been going on for over 14 years has some rather ugly history there have been quite a few incidents of civilians being killed let's review some of what's gone on over the course of this program of the u.s. government.
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as a rest comes in the context of a wider crackdown on whistleblowers as folks may be aware julian assigns the co-founder of wiki leaks is facing extradition to the united states there are hearings coming up in which it will be determined whether or not he will be sent to the united states to stand trial on computer hacking charges so at the moment it appears that there seems to be a crackdown on those who leaked classified u.s. government information and people are putting the arrest of mr daniel hale into that context former f.b.i. agent and whistleblower coleen rowley says making information classified is less about ensuring people safety and more about preventing them from knowing the truth . the there is supposed to be a law actually that prevents classification of information evidencing
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a crime and so a lot of the classification over classification is actually to prevent people from learning about crime which is completely illegal it's very difficult to explain to people because they don't understand that you're not supposed to be able to commit a crime and then be able to cover it up and we've gone so far and and get rid of pressing freedom of sprit speech and freedom of the press that people really are pretty ignorant about all of the stuff going on except for the so cage no you know documentary or book written or newspaper article with the help of whistleblowers and the government is definitely trying to stop all whistleblowing in all investigative journalism that we live on any insider information. president trump has ordered the u.s. trade representative to start the process of imposing tariffs on the remaining $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports that is in addition to the increased
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levies on $200000000000.00 of chinese goods which took effect on friday comes despite the president earlier claiming that china in the united states had been having constructive talks. over the course of the past 2 days the united states and china have held candid and constructive conversations on the status of the trade relationship between both countries. though both sides are trying to continue negotiations beijing has pledged to to retaliate the u.s. moves china has rejected u.s. i does asians and backtracked on its earlier commitments in the talks the latest edition of in case you missed it breaks down in a humorous way the trade tensions. in case you missed it i'm a historic trade deal between the usa and china could be in trouble really really. don't trump threaten china with trade tariffs again i must predict disaster because
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that's what i'm paid to do ever notice how many dissolved as i predicted compared to how many actually take place well it's a lot of the stock market took his cue anyway and dropped quicker than a teenage boys. to his little secret they won't tell you that he'd make just as much money when the don't market goes down as when it goes up it's been a slow process and every year the policy is trying to squeeze as americans dangly bit that little bit tight the us is like the playground bully that notice his victim has gone through a great spot and started lifting weights and just as an historic trade agreement between the worlds biggest fear economies looked imminent beijing decided maybe it won't change it lol just keep his lunch money some other way you see the germans were doomed because they're broke that. they broke the. broke.
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thank you do that so they'll be paying. we'll make the deal nothing wrong with take it in over $100000000000.00 a year troops just trying to get a better agreement and so are the chinese one could call it the art of the deal going to risk thinking the u.s. economy a year before the next high level headed i'm trying now with a 100 year president the hands of the chief public opinion look well let me just play the long game and start the whole negotiating trade for a very good with the next guy in the white house gallery probably guy any one thing remains that communism and me are liberalism both worship the old. pragmatism and all our cheesy cats will continue to be made in china and you will still be able to buy it in wal-mart or an arm of them losing our weight.
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economics professor richard wolfe a suspects trump is really playing politics rather than trying to improve the economy he will not get a shot in the arm for the only climate because this tarot war is costing the american economy virtually everybody except mr trump this is not a guy economics what this is about is political theater this is an attempt of mr trump to look like he's really organizing the world economy so that the united states gets a better treatment than it did before what mr trump said he wanted in the beginning were some adjustments in the relationships between the united states and china. these adjustments are in all likelihood something that the chinese economy could easily manage and that the chinese political leadership is willing to give mr trump
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thought all along the way mr trond also got the idea that you could force the chinese into making much more fundamental changes in their economic system this is a mistake on the part of the united states and it is something that in any case the chinese government and the chinese society will not do well. there has also been some uncertainty over the status of nuclear talks between the u.s. and north korea in an interview with politico donald trump said he does not consider pyongyang's recent missile tests a breach of trust as they are only short range however earlier the president hit out of pyongyang for the launch is casting doubt over its willingness to engage diplomatically the relationship continues but we'll see what happens i know they want to negotiate they're talking about negotiating but i don't think they're ready
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to negotiate a genuine peace and security of the country are guaranteed only by a strong physical force capable of defending its sovereignty recent test on the korean peninsula saw the launch of 2 projectiles they were apparently short range ballistic missiles fired from the northwest they landed in the sea of japan now the fresh drills come just a few days after north korea took everyone by surprise with a similar test last friday that launch broke a moratorium on tests which had lasted more than $500.00 days north korea describes the drills as regular and defensive but there has been plenty of reaction from its neighbors japan has claimed pyongyang has violated u.n. resolutions with its actions while china has been calling for the peace on the peninsula. we hope that all parties can continue working towards the resolution of the issue through dialogue and making positive efforts to achieve the denuclearization of the peninsula. we heard from dr park wang
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a senior politics lecturer at university in britain who believes the u.s. and north korea are moving farther away from a consensus. this is a new indication of a shift all for the north korean government after one another half years of silence on one hand north korea we class that you know staged to stop sending and wares on the other hand you notice they continue and persist to arsk north korea to total dismantle their nuclear program both sides have to take responsibility but i think now the situation has taught us one thing more crystal clear before. sending a clear message to the world that now the situation has changed. human rights activists have been attempting to prevent france from sending any more arms to saudi arabia by filing lawsuits arguing the transfer is violate the u.n.
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arms trade treaty they say there is clear evidence of the saudis have been using french weapons against civilians in yemen the claim the sales are there for illegal and to render the administration complicit in saudi war crimes riyadh denies ever intentionally targeting noncombatants protesters gathered in normandy in northern france on thursday to voice their opposition after the government announced a new shipment. put this on here protesting against the arrival of a saudi ship that is coming to collect a delivery of arms at the port of africa there's no doubt that france sells weapons used to kill in yemen and used by coalition led by saudi arabia i have no problems with saying that these weapons are made to kill but won't want to do it why do we continue to support countries that exhibit disrespect for international behavior and why do we continue to fuel the war the question should be put to the president
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of the republic and why is it that only he can make such a decision he alone can commit france to war hero and can sell weapons to countries and every journalist and n.g.o.s are sharing they're used on civilians. all right it seems the ship never actually docked in france according to tracking data is not yet clear why that is nor where the ship is heading at now pressure has been increasing on the french government since a group of investigative journalists published a sensitive military intelligence report last month it details the devastating effects that french tanks and artillery have been having in yemen here's our paris correspondent charlatans. it's a wall that's left thousands dead and pushed some $10000000.00 people to the brink of starvation now it looks like more french weapons could be about to deepen the humanitarian disaster that is yemen wednesday it was confirmed there would be a minute shipment of weapons to saudi arabia which is led coalition bombing in parts of yemen for more than 4 years. the arms delivery according to
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a conditional agreement which was made a few years ago an emergency procedure has already been filed to try and stop the sale of french arms to riyadh and its coalition partner the united arab emirates it was made by human rights organization of the evidence emerged showing french weapons were being used on the front line and possibly use in war crimes in yemen we called for the suspension of arms transfers to the countries of the coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates responsible for war crimes and even crimes against humanity in yemen the sense of urgency is driven by the worsening humanitarian situation in yemen a report by the united nations development program estimates the number of deaths at more than 230005 the end of $29000.00 including more than 140000 children under 5 if the conflict continues to intensify despite
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a classified and do your m a military note with feeling french weapons are being used along the saudi yemen border and that friendships are serving in the book a good many ports exacerbating the suffering paris continues to deny its role look the government has never deny day existence of french weapons in yemen and the finance minister florence pearlie said it and i'll say it again today there is no proof the d.'s weapons are being used against civilian populations so enraged was some french m.p.'s by that dinoire they walked out of the assembly session for. the world's 3rd biggest on the 6 border has so far resisted calls to halt weapon sales to riyadh it could also mean that france is in breach of the arms trade treaty that it signed the treaty aims to regulate the sale of conventional weapons to prevent them from being sold in the member states is aware of they used to target civilian populations given that the government has been warned how french weapons are
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allegedly being used in yemen some might claim it's turning a blind eye to the suffering while filling its pockets with saudi have. challenged even ski party paris. or french journalist america movil believes the arms transfers do not reflect well on the market. the factor that paris supports or politically the circuitry regime is already shocking you have to know that french is an older. state. the french public opinion is not to really aware of what is happening in africa with the nuclear know it is and that friendship is a waging a war to cage france abounds the endless stream of weapons of mission and software that would be kingdom is constantly acquiring and what's what is new is that this arms delivery comes in full controversy on tuesday all of the left wing lawmakers
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expects it's a poly mention protest and that's that's pretty new and. the pentagon is deploying additional patriot missile defenses to the middle east it says to move is necessary the move is necessary rather to counter increased iranian threats to u.s. forces and interest. it's unfortunate or understand. the. quote americans or its interests. will be met with an appropriate response. according to a u.s. intelligence report the run is believed to be moving short range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles by boat in the persian gulf washington fears that the missiles may be launched from these boats and is characterizing the patriot deployment as a defensive act the u.s. had earlier already sent of the carrier abraham lincoln to the middle east u.s. secretary of state my pompei oh insisted that america does not want to war with
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iran. the islamic republic of iran has engaged in an escalating series of threatening actions and statements in recent weeks the response of the united states and our partners and allies has been clear we do not seek war. meanwhile tehran has refused to negotiate with the united states and says it does not believe washington will strike that came a day after u.s. president called for talks with iran policy director at just foreign policy robert naiman thinks that it is america which is escalating the tensions. policing the missile is going. to worry more. and that's how i would explain the timing of this. is that it's intended to ramp up and course this is something we've seen before. that they put. on further and they don't want. to you know the ideal company for the
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military would be to have a military confrontation with iran and inflame it on iraq. so this is why it is a denial that they are seeking war even is ready to move to escalate the often they're constantly. in the desert from back with more news at the top of the hour you're watching international stay with us. we. can say football the screwy thieves we had on people. they did nothing the cope
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with had to be hears i don't want myself for my good friends to be upset with me finals are not to play finals are torn i was a ball boy top that's the only thing that saves my reputation. what a week liverpool will play tottenham in the champions league final but only after both sides somehow came back from 3 goal stand to beat barcelona and i.x. respectively and at the end we saw both winning managers in floods of tears didn't wait what did you make of that and the sheer emotion and you also saw the losing ones. of. was for them to face the press. after. your wrote let's focus on. on the better side of of the game
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which is the winning the winning side. different personalities. people react in different ways. different moments of your career probably also react in a different way but inside. we are all the same in spite of the different personalities and the. champions league final. when the champions league but. this step of being in the final is something that in your career doesn't have been many many times for example in my champions league finals i heard that early victory. port or 3 neal. in there was to kneel so before the end of the game you have time to process
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everything you have time to seeing how you get. your dreams. there's a young coach you have time to put everything into perspective in other cases in other cases is just. that just that blessed minute just waiting for the referee to sue to blew the whistle for the for the last time and. in dispersed cases even on the last 2nd the last shot so everything crossed their minds and they'd be they probably remember the people that they love the people that love them the people that doesn't love them the difficult moments of their career the good everything crossed your mind in a few seconds then after that is just your personality and the way you react if it is a semi final me word you are. unsure log the as the done. ok
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the desire to win is the same the sadness to lose is the same mussing challenge but we want it we did it for this for is it is incredible feeling for them so all of all of these emotions for me our vision of you and i think is a good way for people to understand what it means for the murders means more than the us more than anybody else more than the players more than the phones more than the all those more than everybody else is our live in the we depend on on success and we depend on. on victories and one of them will get that the pope we did to be hears and we will have you in his hands and i have already said sinking that one of them is going to lose it is brutal isn't it and that's why everybody
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loves football but let's just look then at how they got so close how they've got so close and start with that game in amsterdam because at half time spurs were losing 3 nil on aggregate they looked at him buried and then in the 2nd half everything changed what was the catalyst you were in there i was in this a few weeks ago and we were speaking about you vent as. i. remember career that i told you to who must give what they don't want. you must take the game to the direction they don't want they don't like. and is difficult for them to cope we did. at tottenham they did it in the 2nd of long ball tour and you're into flicking holding and with this chest waiting for support the less the ball is long ball you're in the 2nd ball there they are the
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assist lookers goal of everything was these acts wants to press high they cannot press because the ball is not there i was watching the game with. john barnes and we were having a laugh because i was saying that. i had accent and says sokol after the game they need a neck massage. because they didn't touch the ball in the 2nd half and they were just looking at the wall but the ball was going from all the violence of duncan. and then the lucas all the ones are all in the 2nd ball are you excluding cope in the 2nd game where everything is decided when the manager tells you ok let's go against our principles let's go against our philosophy but this is the way we have to hurt them we have 45 minutes to do it or not to do it in the 1st leg you still have the 2nd leg you still are waiting for
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a song to be back the one you will result is not. a very bad resolves you know one you give even if you lose a home the game is open so i think in the 2nd leg there were objectively objectively focus on on that and what surprised me because i always say that the very good quality of a team is to note the syncs that we are not very good that is as important as you know where you are good that i am surprised that. they did nothing. to try to cope with something that is really really difficult they let the game go and go and go always with the same profile of the game so of course you can say football is cruel it is it is i know that can be but one thing is when you can lapse. we doubt
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trying not to collapse and they kept playing the same way ok 0 in the post. is scores that go game over we can go to all these details but by the point of view . tottenham forgot their basic philosophy and they went with the strategy to try to make the miracle happen and from minute one until minute 95 they play only with their philosophy and than football. it's not possible. for me to quit cold or the start of the 2nd half changed things but i almost felt you could see i.x. we're in trouble after his 1st go i mean you could see that something was happening in the gang problem had big chances the vertonghen eating the post the low cross the blood and the missed one metre from the goal every time.
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tottenham was going along jack's was dropping but of course it was in minute 95 but could be in minute 85 and now you wouldn't be speaking above such a big drama but i x i want to give them one more time in huge credit for the football they play for the. the quality of the broad for the motion is because teams play the way they plea. that so many kids are attracted by by the game for a nominal team weeds small investment the great investment in your care the me. incredible philosophy but come on if you want to if you want to wind things you also need the side of the game and by x. in the last 2 years lose the final against manchester united in europe a league and loses a 7.


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