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tv   The Big Picture  RT  May 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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a former u.s. government security analyst is facing up to 15 years in prison after being charged with leaking classified documents on u.s. warfare tactics to the press. the president orders terrorists to be raised on the all remaining chinese imports and worth about $300000000000.00 this after he characterized the trade talks as constructive china is promising to retaliate. human rights activists attempts to block france's on shouldn't be saudi arabia as concerns that grow that the weapons are being used against yemeni civilians.
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why do we continue to school countries that exhibit disrespect for international behavior and why do we continue to fuel the war i have no problems with saying these weapons are meat to kill. all right let us know what you think like and comment on our facebook page and sure to follow us on twitter and you tube big picture straight ahead right here in our country. on this week's show what next in troubled venezuela china trade war worsens iran's gives us an all tomato and north korea violates sanctions what in the world is going on updates on all these flashpoints are coming up also legacy media disrupted internet. access and sports work cables the last best hope
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for survival soon those franchises will be imperiled and you the viewer will have more options i'm holland cook and washington this is the big picture on our team america. if i were home in new england and i were among millions of cord cutters who are canceling cable or satellite service i wouldn't be able to watch the red sox games because new england sports network nessun to those of us in red sox nation is only available via pay cable or satellite similar arrangements elsewhere have been forcing fans to keep cabled to see home team games but as the internet redefines television is that changing let's ask luke from cord cutters news dot com how to
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and buyer's guide for spending less on television welcome back. hey thanks for having me netflix is the world's biggest t.v. network and it's the only place to find it so original often emmy award winning shows free pluto t.v. has $100.00 plus channels of new movies and t.v. shows where channel 132 there and inexpensive so-called skinny bundles like sling t.v. are offering via the internet news channels previously available only if you have cable or satellite and we're back to using and tennis for local t.v. channels so sports had been the legacy media's last bastion until now disney's for $99.00 a month e.s.p.n. plus has been offering some n.b.a. games and we're seeing select major league games rebroadcast on amazon twitter and you tube but exclusive broadcast rights for n.f.l. sunday night games are up for bid and 2020 and major league baseball rights are up
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for grabs and 2021 and national hockey league games and 2022 look do you expect television's tech interlopers to outbid the legacy networks and those regional cable networks. eventually they have to they've got the money and with the legacy t.v. providers losing money or getting less money now you think they'll eventually win. well these sports rights fees are sky high so no matter who ends up with the games already annoying the league commercial cluttered is it just a matter of time before the world series in the super bowl or pay per view. for now the world series in the super bowl safe because they got the ad revenue making it worthwhile and now we're already seeing a lot smaller network sports like major league soccer and some college leagues going behind services like e.s.p.n. plus but eventually the direct to consumer through a subscription service is where most sports are going right now well based on
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everyone i've talked to nobody loves their cable company except for internet access the pipe to get the channels the cable system offers from other providers and you are reporting on your website that space x. is planning to launch over 4000 satellites that will provide internet access so that will obsolete the earthbound pipe itself how is that going to work when will it happen and how much do you think it will save us. space x. wants to offer high speed internet by launching very low earth orbit satellites they'll be much closer to the ground offering faster speed and better late and c to take on the comcast on the spectrum's and your d.s.l. providers just next week they're launching some satellites a test out the network with the goal of later this year starting to launch a network of over 4000 satellites that will cover the entire globe with high speed internet not good news for cable what are they going to do if we no longer need
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them for the content or the pipe. while they're going to have to deal with competition something cable and phone companies have not had to do with in the past now only as low earth orbit sally coming by 5 g. from a host of providers are launching air net fixed wireless fiber air net services soon you may have 567 air now options to pick from. for saying that comcast and the spectrum's to be more competitive offer better services better pricing and more to be competitive so 5 g.'s a game changer. yeah it's all about competition when there's competition we've seen that the average price of home err night goes down from about $60.00 a month when there's one provider all the ways to it being in the 40 dollar range when there's 5 or more providers in an area we have seen netflix gradually raise their prices about once a year now do you sense that its members are price sensitive or do they manage to
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retain that subscriber base. so far netflix has been able to retain their subscriber base but they're facing competition the great thing about core cutting is there's no contracts if you're unhappy in about 15 minutes you can cancel netflix and beyond disney plus or hulu or amazon so now felix needs to balance their price increase with the idea of how do we stand up to the competition and they've got those shows to pay for thank you luke bloom a cord cutters news dot com a highly recommended resource if you have had it up to here with cable meanwhile another newspaper bloodbath this past week this time and orleans where the 182 year old pill it surprised when the times picayune newspaper among the 1st legacy broad sheets to see 7 days a week print publication was sold to a scrappy competitor the advocate times picayune staffers began announcing their layoffs on social media and these cutbacks come after painful job losses in recent
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years as previous owners cut the print edition to 3 days a week to focus on digital delivery new owners who come from the grocery and restaurant industries say the surviving publication will print daily and both names will appear on the masthead but like readers in pittsburgh which no longer has 7 days a week print paper will those in new orleans go hungry for a local news let's ask professor. from the school of communications at american university in washington welcome back to holland i come from radio which has suffered plenty during consolidation the new owners talk a good game and then the mass firings begin and local content has been cut to the bone on the print side the trend detects larger fonts larger graphics larger photos thinner paper lots of wire copy talk about what's not getting covered with these cutbacks and what i've heard you call the news desert news desert is actually
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a term that comes out of the university of north carolina as research so i shouldn't take credit for that term but it is important and it has forced many of us to start looking at what are the implications for the loss of local newspapers and local coverage in these areas so let's 1st start with and make sure that we understand that you can have a local newspaper in a community that's only giving you coverage from national outlets so that's one thing to consider and what research out of louisiana state university has just just been published in december showed that that loss of local coverage is actually increasing political partisanship and polarization because people are turning to national news which tends to be more conflict driven more republican versus democrat more talking heads and that is having a real effect in local communities and then you have these news deserts where you have just no coverage whatsoever and i think that what gets lost our coverage about local issues planning and zoning issues local airport issues education issues
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certainly crime violence in communities all of these issues are getting left out of coverage when you're turning to more national or international wire services and that's going to that's having real effects on communities nationwide i guess we shouldn't be surprised that we're all more argumentative when there's less coverage because these national guys just don't have the granular. you don't have those shoe leather reporting in there that's absolutely right and i think that when i was a used to be a local education reporter i covered a county with 40000 kids and after i left to enter a ph d. program that newspaper didn't hire a new person they said to the person who is covering the county just south you know what we're going to have you cover both counties now in an area that's 100 miles wide and you just don't really get to know people on the b. and most importantly i think what i'm looking at now is they don't get to know journalism and they don't get to understand the role of journalism in civic society and i think there's
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a real disconnect between news in american society and what the public even understands as the mission of journalism you know we've seen some of this work flow stuff in radio too where somebody leaves they don't get replaced that job gets dumped on somebody else's lead who may get a new title but no more money and as for the money here's the come under and it predates curial president who has reduced the news cycle from a day to an hour or less because by the time the ink dries it's not news anymore yet newspapers can't make as much money delivering to our phones as they made selling full page ads to car dealers furniture stores so what you've been if an eccentric billionaire hell bent on saving point road to the rescue and staffed up a broad sheet is the medium itself now obsolete i think that we have to say that the answer to that is yes i think that there is a resurgence in long form narrative there are still some people i saw at the new york times on sunday but that's more out of habit and maybe shows my age in my
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generation as much as anything i think that you've got to see that in 10 years there won't be none of us are walking out to the end of our drive where the end of our stoop to get a print product that being said we need good journalism whatever that platform might be and i think i'm also encouraged by nonprofit models and by single owner models that don't have to return where those ownership models. i don't have to return you know a double digit share return on investment to the shareholders i think there are some models that are going to take hold i think that the profit structure is going to look much different than it has for the last decade or certainly in the last few years where we've seen this consolidation and layoff madness you know it strikes me as a nice try these little brother papers like express here in washington which is published by the post it's free and the boxes are right there at the metro subway and the bus stops and the content is tailored accordingly and the post has
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a new place to sell ads do you think this is going to be a viable model for at least keeping the presses rolling well i think that targeted markets is a niche publications are what you are going to see everywhere there's growth in some areas of certainly the washington post which is hiring let's remember that the wall street journal in new york times are up in terms of their digital subscriptions that's good news for big companies but there are there's also a rise in ethnic media in certain targeted markets where you know exactly who you're advertising to and that's not is possible i don't think on the internet but i think that there are companies that are working on that as we but are we giving up some privacy and giving up some of our data knowledge in order to drive that information i think there are some you know some big questions that loom about privacy and data and how those those publications are being created or who they're targeting for their for their lists so this week well we applaud the broadsheets for at least being nimble enough to try thank you professor margo sus go from
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american university always appreciate your perspective on this shifting media landscape we're going to be right back this is the big picture on our to america. kind of financial survival job today with all the money laundering 1st to visit this cash into 3 different. oh good the good stuff and well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in the kleptocracy we just have to say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about.
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luxury automobile again for max they know what money laundering is highly illegal. watch guys record. a recent report from the u.k.'s foreign office highlights in detail the persecution of christians around the world in the middle east the cradle of christianity christians face extinction winds and deve politically incorrect in the west and the religion. is of course to see on his attorney. for one who knows a little bit. more which is. there's a renewal they give you to you they go to those who know people you see opposed to it's been made to see what's good. that's the time to get.
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if. that's if you know that you give. president trouble always sounds impressed when he calls another world leader a tough cookie and that's how he's now describing venezuela's elected president nicolas maduro who survived last week's failed coup backed by the usa which supports self-proclaimed interim president one go i don't go trump is reportedly irked at hawkish national security advisor john bolton whom the president now fears will get us into this sort of interventionist war is he campaigned against what
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next for a chaotic venezuela let's ask former united states congressman and presidential candidate ron paul ron welcome back. thank you nice to be with you today apparently . news we heard during that recent abortive regime change attempt included reports that madore was at the airport ready to flee to cuba but venezuela's military leadership remains loyal to him and now our president is characteristically thinking aloud questioning the warhawks your prediction will the usa continue meddling there. well let's hope so but you know they're slow learners when you think that is vice that trump is getting now comes from individuals who was advising bush going into the middle east and that didn't work out so well so you know their advice is still still very prevalent tromp you know sometimes we hear an attitude it might be different but if he really both was
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a believer he would have people like bolton and pompei o n r as they are dedicated to the empire and to have our presence there and it's unbelievable how many failures they have and they they don't even blink an eye with this just keep on going they keep being and some people call it lying and they just go on to the next step so i wish this were the would settle and that we would change our foreign policy which is our institute has been advocating that ever since we've been in existence that intervention overseas and in the military sense is not beneficial trading with people and talking to people is a good idea but not not to be involved in internal effects and you know just think how hysterical some people in this country got because they said all russia russia got interest got involved in our election and and were right up front we denied we were bragging about oh we're part of the coup and we were part of the coup for ukraine and the whole works i mean where the king of the coup makers it is
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a tragedy it is a tragedy from a libertarian viewpoint well among those with the presidency your secretary of state my pump a 0 calls the status quo majorities ill. gentleman mafia state and objectively when you and i last spoke was back in february things were already bad in venezuela under duro and after predecessor hugo chavez sanctions like the usa has imposed have sure made things worse what if we just left venezuela alone how bad would it be for venezuelans. well i think that they won't solve all their problems because there are some basic principles are bad there just like there are facing problems we have here but yassin leaving it should mean that we drop the whole notion of sanctions you know that that's the big things that they had a messed up economy weren't doing well in the last 2 years we've been more involved than ever and the sanctions really have hurt people and it's always it's always to
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remote liberty and democracy and take care of the children and yet it's the children of these come these countries that we get involved in a suffer the most and freedom doesn't you know do well once we get off get on this high horse of promoting freedom and democracy that doesn't work so no the whole world would be better off and venezuela would have some problems but they might decide to settle their problems themselves that's the whole argument of a libertarian is yes there's problems in the world but it's best that the people that they involve take care of the problems and that doesn't happen not when you have somebody that believes that they are running an amp hour and people have to do exactly as we tell them and i was just astounded you know this yesterday i read that you know the north koreans who are still our friends and we're still doing practicing diplomacy with them that one of their ships carrying coal trying to make
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a buck was hauling in america samoa so we captured this ship confiscated goal. and who did it help did it help american citizens the tag. how much money did it cost but that was beside the point but it's this whole thing of intimidation even the sanctions on north korea and we're trying to work out a problem we had made some progress you know there's been back stepping there too so i can imagine if i lived in north korea i say hey these americans are pretty good they they're honest and they really want to have an agreement with us and get along then they steal the cold from these people that are trying to make up day to live in china if your ira has been on a roller coaster ride lately trade tension with china is at least partly to blame for the longest time and seem like wall street had priced in presidential bluster but all this tough talk over the tariffs that of been raised has whacked the financial markets lately here and there and these stiff tariffs of both sides are
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threatening to make things a lot worse congressman trump talks tough but china seems more patient than we are and they're negotiating style can be tough to read and china seems to have taken jawboning the fed about interest rates as a sign of weakness in your estimation time is on whose side china is or ours. well. you know i don't think they're on our side but this this whole this whole thing about the challenge about the interest rates i think he's on to something nobody else has talked about that. because trump is badgering the federal reserve but i see part of the trade problem as a monetary policy because they say well there's a trade imbalance in there there are some problems of spin terror a lot of tariffs around but here we are at the so-called peak of our economy and we have to manipulate the interest rates and put on terrorists as if we were in
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a worst depression ever but this whole the whole business that. we're where we're in we're at all that difficult but we're in the driver's seat we have. i have been we're the currency manipulators of the world we have the reserve currency but we've been a big trade we trade paper money and digits in a computer for goods from the chinese and they say there's no trade imbalance they're ripping us off i think i think we're getting a pretty good deal because once they take all our money and they say well they're not selling they're not buying any stuff yeah they buy our treasury bills so i wouldn't mess around with i was in the intervention business say hey this isn't such a bad deal but to go and look for trouble and think the solution to the problems that we have with excessive planning and manipulation of the federal reserve that we just need to. put on tariffs and solve these problems historically
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most good economists over the many many years i haven't pushed it but all of a sudden just think in the last year of the shift in attitude by people who are ordinary economists that we can then damn this whole idea that tariffs are a solution that you want to get rid of care of and people say be fair and have all kinds of arguments with it but the tariffs are are not good what they don't realize is they won't they say we're going to punish the chinese with the chinese aren't going to be punished or we don't get the money from the chinese we get it from the american people we raise the prices and goods to the american tax you know are consumers here in this country so it's a it's a real distortion of the facts and you know you don't know whether it's all delivered or whether it's total ignorance on economics. iran's president announced that they're going to cease to comply with the new deal if europe doesn't protect them from usa sanctions it amounts to an ultimatum trade with iran or they'll step up their or your any i'm enrichment congressman will europe take iran's bait.
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i don't know if the europeans however come and benefit them but the iranians have to be careful. they could argue their case without saying well we're going to have nuclear weapons what good are nuclear weapons what about 5000 of them are targeted out of anyway and this whole idea well we have to get ready for a war with iran because they're ready to strike us that's so preposterous it's like we've got to take over north korea because they're right ready to attack us just like saddam hussein he's coming to get us he's going to bomb new york so this this is just a gimmick but i don't see any reason why they have to sort of play the same game that well if you don't do well you know if you don't stick in the agreement then we're going to have nuclear weapons but but this whole this whole thing is pretty amazing that we're accusing the iranians are not living up to the contract of the coordinate and we were the ones that messed it up we got out of it what harm was
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being done and i thought it was a definitely a net benefit and i'm not much into agreements but i can agree and moving in the right direction you know i support but this this whole thing is. you know just. just unbelievable that we are determined to pursue protégé and provoke other people into doing things and once again i don't think they have the understanding of what nonintervention is but if you're running at empire and you're part of the military industrial complex they're not that interested in a noninterventionist foreign policy you'd have to slash the military budget by 50 percent down to a minute but i got to ask you about something you mentioned a minute ago north korea this is a situation that china relations come complicate because most of north korea's exports go to china so notwithstanding nonspecific assurances trump and kim have swapped in their 2 photo op encounters these missile tests continue do you feel
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like kim jong un is playing donald trump. well i think he'd try tries to but i think trump. to play the others it's the question who who's winning that that skirmish but i would suspect with the history of the north koreans that they they play that game too but i'm not i'm not sure we should put blame on them for it but that's a reaction. to our policies because i was hoping that trump was serious you know about his opening up a can discuss and with with but it doesn't look like it's going to get very far i think that. it's just going to aggravate our relationship with with china. if if people would accept some principles that we consider you know correct and that is free trade and minding our own business practice diplomacy and try to set a good example for the world you don't need tariffs even if there have tariffs
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tariffs are a punishment to the people so this whole whole idea that we have to retaliate just is unnecessary and they cannot be solved and once people realize you know them are terry policies and poor and that's why i was praised when they when the chinese leader pointed out we're badgering in the federal right there right you know we keep interest rates like it's currency manipulation yeah they're going to wake up back and say oh yeah we got there and paying attention i mean their current they're paying attention thank you former congressman and presidential candidate ron paul always appreciate your perspective on these important stories and thank you for watching the big picture holland cook in washington back next week same time meantime question more.
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