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tv   News  RT  May 11, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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well you know. for headline stories this hour the war on whistleblowers continues charges a former intelligence. classified information about washington's targeted assassination program. disputer ups in europe over the process that will determine who takes over as the next commission president. to respond to donald trump to run
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a further $300000000000.00 worth of imports from china marking another escalation in the ongoing trade war. pakistani officials say a security guards being killed. in the targeting foreigners. around the clock across the world this is r.t. international from the team and myself you know neal hello and welcome our top story a former u.s. intelligence on the list is facing up to 50 years in prison for allegedly leaking sensitive information about washington's covert drone warfare program to the media . hail who was arrested on thursday served a. list for. between 292-039-2011
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he was also assigned to work for the national security agency and given top secret security clearance it's alleged that during the time he established communication with a reporter later provided him with documents stolen from n.s.a. computers hill was dieted under the espionage act on 5 charges related to the theft ritesh transmission of classified information each carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison the press freedom organization reporters without borders has sharply criticized the arrest arguing that represents a threat to investigative journalism with more on what we know your skill up and. many observers are noting that the information provided in the indictment seems to indicate that it's possible he could be the person that leaked information to the intercept and reporter jeremy scahill that was later published in his book the
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drone paper's however the intercept has refused to confirm or deny that this was indeed their source this is what was said by the intercept the intercept does not comment on matters relating to the identity of anonymous sources these documents detail the secrets on the council process for targeting and killing people around the world including u.s. citizens through drone strikes they all revised to limp or since the alleged whistleblower faces up to 50 years in prison no one has ever been held accountable for killing civilians enjoying strikes now the information that was published by the intercept seems to indicate that there is a high civilian death toll in the u.s. drone warfare operations that have been waged for the past 14 years in afghanistan somalia and yemen they say the high death toll is due to the fact that there is a preference for killing targets rather than capturing them furthermore it is difficult for u.s. intelligence agencies to extract the information they need from terror suspects and
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those that they have in custody the military is easily capable of adoption to change but they don't like to stop anything they feel is making their lives easier or is to their benefit but they have become so addicted to this machine to this way of doing business that it seems like it's going to become harder and harder to pull them away from it the longer they're allowed to continue operating in this way. now there has been quite an ugly history of the u.s. drone strike program many civilians have been killed let's review some of what has gone on as the u.s. carries out targeted assassination with drones. many are observing the situation saying there is a big crackdown on whistleblowers being carried out by the u.s. government recently chelsea manning was released from federal custody but it's
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expected that she could return if she does not testify against wiki leaks furthermore wiki leaks founder julian assange just now facing the possibility of being extradited to the united states to face charges of computer intrusion whatever tolerance there was for those who leaked classified information about government malfeasance seems to be gone there is supposed to be a lot actually that prevents classification of information evidencing a crime and so a lot of the classification over classification is actually to prevent people from learning about crimes which is completely illegal it's very difficult to explain to people because they don't understand that you're not supposed to be able to commit a crime and then be able to cover it up and we've gone so far and pressing freedom of speech and freedom of the press that people really are pretty ignorant about all of the stuff going on except for the so case no you know documentary or book
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written or newspaper article with the help of whistleblowers and the government is definitely trying to stop all whistle blowing in all investigative journalism that would lie sign any insider information. mr attention to another headline stories this hour with a new parliament elections fost approaching debates has broken out in the union over the process that determines who takes the top job at the blocs executive branch and all the power that comes with up here's our europe correspondent peter all over. reform versus the status quo when it comes to who will be taking the european commission's top job next under the current system called spits in candidate or leave candidates that job goes to the preferred choice of the parliamentary group the takes the most seats in the upcoming european parliamentary elections if we have a look at the most recent polling what this means is this well the a p p's munford
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verba is the air repair and to john claude young in all but name. not so fast says among. other things particularly down the president is not noticed you go if you did no i have been clear from the beginning on this subject so i don't think this is the right approach in fact this was something of a theme for mr mccraw throughout this week's e.u. summit in rumania he wants to see a change to the current system. if we should in any case avoid agreeing on the least good candidate which can happen in certain situations we must opt for the best possible candidate in order to ensure a strong european project. the problem is while the french president has the backing of dutch prime minister mark rita and others there are all those leaders in the e.u. that think the current system works just fine thank you very much because i believe the process of electing lead candidates should be accepted by the people german chancellor angela merkel has also given her blessing to month for e.u.
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commission president however it's not known exactly how cold cream that is should a better option come on the table list of the other though well he's already talking like he's got the job so the future european commission on the my leadership will insist the principle of sort of rule of law a solution is going to have to be i undoubtedly a european summit which will take place in june after the parliamentary elections in 2 weeks time because it's. not just the e.u. commission job that needs to find a success at soon they also have to find replacements for european council president donald to disk and chief of the european central bank mario draghi by the end of this year earlier this year the money will macro and said he wanted to see a new written a song take place in europe well if he can reform the way directly elected positions are filled in the e.u.
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institutions well that may be more akin to a revolution feature all of the early so how does this lead counter that system actually led up to expectations while geo political analysts rather rothfuss said no. in my understanding of some kind of diet or lean lead candidate system is a kind of democracy simulation because of the citizens cannot directly choose which candidate is the best option and who represents best for people's interests so it's a party issue of the parties before hand select their most appropriate what they think is most appropriate how to get and this is quite dysfunctional because even in germany we can see that the german spits and come to doubt the lead candidate for that you keep he is fighting against germany interests just to get votes from that for example east european parties when he says that north stream to pipeline
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should be stopped as it has been finished now and it's in strong german interest to continue with this work so this is alarming this system has failed. ok to another closely following today a military source in pakistan sees a security guard has been killed after several gunman stormed a 5 star hotel in the south of the country earlier i got an update from international terrorism expert zebari. in islamabad. nibble just on the russian army be as a has taken this response ability distribute brief background according to the pakistani chinese relationship that is the chinese baucus tanny economic order door to the 600 kilometer long corridor and god there is the center point or the n.t. point of that forward so that was a very obvious target of the terrorist activity that was there but according to the recent of bush that are coming in and now the police and the armed forces have
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quarter not the area and the action istream going on around 95 percent of the area has been cleared still some hotel workers are officials who are some insight well they have been insurgency going on in this largest in terms of its geographical province of pakistan and even in baluchistan just last month the security forces operations were attacked and it was claimed are some of the insurgents were crossing over from the iranian sorry all the attack so an overall situation it appears that the knowledge of conduct has yet to come back and pakistan has been disturbed. let's talk big numbers now the u.s. president has ordered his trade chief to levy punitive tariffs and all the remaining imports from china is on top of friday's dramatic toxic honor and $200000000000.00 worth of goods from america's top trading partner well the latest penalties come despite donald trump's claims that washington and beijing help
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positive talks this week aimed at settling their differences. over the course of the past 2 days the united states and china have held candid and constructive conversations on the status of the treasure alicia's ship between both countries though both sides intend to push ahead with the negotiations beijing has said the latest u.s. move will be met with country measures china has also rejected america's claims it didn't stick to earlier trade commitments. economics professor richard roth suspects donald trump is playing politics rather than actually trying to give the economy a boost. this is not a bad economics what this is about is political theater this is an attempt of mr trump to look like he's reorganizing the world economy so that the united states gets a better treatment than it did before what mr trump said he wanted in the beginning were some adjustments in the relationships between the united states and china but
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on a longer way mr trump also got the idea that you could force the chinese into making much more fundamental changes in their economic system this is a mistake on the part of the united states and it is something that in any case the chinese government and the chinese society will not do. so i think the term thinking side the box applies to this next story suffering from a lot of people it's a small school in rural france has taken a somewhat bizarre measure to stay a fully open turning to its lush postures eyesight to make up the numbers.
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it was a symbolic protests organized by the parents of the students with this as an amount of humor the action showed that since the school district is only interested in numbers we symbolically enrolled sheep since our children are being treated like rabbits. to all the insecure we teach is we regret the reduction of the number of classes going since we will need to have more students in each class next year so that the initiative does not come from the teaches but from the parents and this action made us smile if anything.
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by september 1st we will definitely have one class closed it will be difficult to survive this means that the rest of the classes are going to be overstretched. coming up after the break facebook c.e.o. meets with the french president in an attempt to garner support for policing the social media platform we bricked on that story and plenty more besides. one else seemed wrong. but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to say proud just to become educated and engaged because betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. we have a situation that is very new and that's why. it's like a 3 legged sure there were 2 when people were dying but in the morning and there was no and go to school or do the 2 so the boy it was stupid right out to the world and that is the case with the as a medic and the widespread simplicities kluge coated people today. in many diseases because of this would you fully broke up the.
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block with r t international facebook's mark zuckerberg has said he would welcome more support from governments in policing content on the platform the comments came following a meeting with the french president at the elise a palace on friday. we both believe government should take a more active role in important issues like balance and expression and safety privacy and day support to be able to see and prevents an election interference reflect on their own traditions of free speech the meeting took place just hours after the release of a report commissioned by a money will mccollum has been strident in his criticism of the tech giant it calls busy on facebook to provide more information about the workings of its undy hate speech algorithms the document was authored by a team of french experts who monitor the site for 6 months the company's vice president responded to the report by saying there are indeed drawings for future cooperation we spoke to chris kids say he's a tech entrepreneur block expert and believes facebook's boss is again in
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a very difficult position. is zuckerberg going to give control to the french for the people in france because as soon as he does it for my call he's going to have to do it for everybody else he's going to have to do it for merkel in germany he's going to have to do it for donald trump in the u.s. although i think you probably hate doing that and maybe president putin too so what's going to happen is he is basically he's at a point now where he is going to have to either. stand up and say we have a certain policy that we're going to enforce worldwide and it's going to be legal in wherever we operate or we're going to. just knuckle under and you know and but the people who are running each of these countries tell us exactly how we have to run everything and use facebook's platform to their own advantage he may very well have gotten to that point now you may have been told this is what you're going to have to do if you want to stay in business of facebook's policies have been
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under particularly intense scrutiny since the christ church mosque shootings which will live streamed and then widely circulated on the platform under earlier this week to add to its woes the site was accused of also generating extremist content. through compiling other verse 3 videos on the page of dubious groups now here's some images of the sorts of culture which means read fly by internet users obviously and we're very limited in what we can show its belief facebook's algorithms automatically generated a short clip without 1st checking the content facebook itself the cleans the it's taking a tough stance on extremists and working hard to remove offensive material. after making heavy investments we're detecting and removing terrorism content at a far higher success rate that even 2 years ago we don't claim to find everything and we remain vigilant in our efforts against terrorist groups around the world i disagree with that it works better i think it works better at censoring people who
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he doesn't want to hear from and when you look at what's happening with facebook you know that they could police these things if they wanted to because they are they are literally banning conservative people off of facebook in minutes i mean it's people are now being banned in literally 3 minutes after posting something that doesn't like and you have to understand they have artificial intelligence technology that's now working through this it's going through all the e-mails everything that's being done on the internet it's now going through these filters facebook have the whole thing too and so what's happening now they could block that if they wanted to but they don't they want to block certain things that many don't want to block other things so it's really a choice that's being made by facebook. several lawmakers have been injured and one hospitalized after hong kong's legislative assembly descended into chaos the brawl
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was triggered by a meeting on plot and changes to the island's extradition policy. i was i was i the proposed new law was announced earlier this year by the region's prove beijing leader after a case involving a month from hong kong who allegedly killed his pregnant wife while on vacation in taiwan under the current known as one country 2 systems hong kong can't help taiwan to extradite suspects predicts believe the new legislation could a road freedom and privacy but the authorities say this which is crucial. i. blush is have broken out in the french city of leone between yellow vests protesters and police in what is the 26th consecutive week of demonstrations across the country yeah exactly a year and a half a year into the rallies in paris this sunday have so far however gone without
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incident but come just 2 weeks before the european parliament's elections the also follow on from the weakest turnout since the beginning of the movement last weekend out sick or to the french government at protests all taking place in not want the spy bans on demonstrations in several areas or cross the city. trying to set up a special police hotline for muslims to report harassment and violence the launch comes in response to a wave of reprisals against the minority populace in the wake of last month's terror attacks. unfortunately the muslim community is being harassed and targeted for actions committed by a few individuals the suspicion towards muslims could grow and there could be localized attacks that would be the danger. on easter sunday a string of suicide bombings tore through catholic churches and high end hotels are
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killing over 250 people islamic state claimed responsibility for the atrocity since then the country's authorities say they have received hundreds of calls reporting abuse against muslims in addition to physical violence many say they have been affected by threats and verbal abuse business owners are also reportedly suffering as a result of calls for a boycott of muslim owned firms there's also been annoyed cry over the treatment of the community by the authorities themselves following the bombing of face coverings and raids on all this we heard from the islamic human rights commission who believe muslims are being unfairly singled out. all of this drill this. environment of hate which is created associate seeing these acts of horror or these acts of terror oh we did mainstream has indeed demonizing the oldest of muslim communities for acts of see you then we will see
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a new division more it is somewhat more involvement of hate i mean you see you can't what happened in new zealand and the way the new zealand government and politicians and the media address that is the way forward they basically chain out and this is the who support there was some community the open their own too didn't mean stream was communities yet i think we need to sort of retching us into that individual acts just does not represent the mainstream community of muslim community or other communities and we need to isolate acts of terror not isolate this section of our society. ok time for a sideways swipe at the news next we're heading state sign on to link kemp's redacted tonight they were.
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her. there. her. to do nothing this is the economy fewer americans in america covering america new is called foreign agents. after joe biden announced he was running for president last week c.n.n. came out with a bombshell report saying a new c.n.n. poll showed biden in a commanding lead among democrats in fact his announcement gave him an ally. 7 point balanced leaving him head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates incredible unbelievable watch out pokes this time around joe biden is bigger better bolder and ready to rub your shoulder. yes yes. there's only one it seems. long if you actually look at the c.n.n. poll that c.n.n.
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is quoting they didn't talk to almost anyone between 18 to 49. that's like half of the america. yeah biden is really killin it as long as you don't speak to anyone who can still do lunges. by that metric congressman sestak multan is winning the race for the presidency if you only poll massachusetts white people between the ages of 30 and 48 who are seth moulton wife. and then c.n.n. runs with as i said moulton winning even though the corporate media is celebrating joe biden like a 2 year old who's just learned how to use the potty biden has a few tiny strikes against him in the race for the presidency let's start with the fact that he's the only one in the race to have lost the race for the presidency
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multiple times. he is a step ahead of the others in losing big time his 1st run was back in 1988 when he was perky young man of 67 years old. that run flop spectacularly after it was revealed he has been plays a rising large chunks of his speeches and this time around he's plagiarized the look of the old guy with the white hair actually winning the race right way i mean yes he's copying bernie intil 2 weeks ago joe biden had dreadlocks ok. they did they did he was he was big into fish 2 weeks ago . let's move on to the fact that joe biden proudly boasts that he was friends with staunch racists like strong thurmond and jesse helms he even gave the eulogy at thurman's funeral at which the corpse was visibly sucked down to the fiery depths
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of hell. where strom thurmond was horrified to find out hell is not segregated. terrified. for maybe a lot of things but he's not a bigot ok. but we shouldn't be surprised by who loves the racists considering he too fought against school desegregation and he led the charge on the anti-drug bills that did such a tremendous job of locking away millions of people of color while finding a way to let white drug users. buy later took pride in reminding audiences that through the leadership of senator thurmond and myself and others congress had passed a law mandating a 5 year sentence with no parole for anyone caught with a piece of crack cocaine no bigger than a quarter biden pressured of president clinton to be quote unquote tough on crime the ensuing 90.


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