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tv   News  RT  May 13, 2019 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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thank you. headlines an r.t. swedish prosecutors say they will reopen an investigation into a rape allegation made against wiki leaks founder julian assange. is extradition from the u.k. . also to the u.s. secretary of state council's a visit to moscow and heads to brussels instead to discuss iran's threat in its nuclear deal commitments my next stop will be russia. will also feature high on the agenda and amid growing concerns like civilian deaths from u.s. strength strikes the pentagon develops what's been dubbed the ninja it's
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a weapon with spinning blades and supposedly more accurate than existing technology . 1 o'clock in the afternoon here in moscow you're watching an international prosecutors in sweden have reopened an investigation into a rape allegation against wiki leaks founder julian assange swedish authorities have dropped the case back in 2017 so let's find out more now from. joins us from london any more information then from the swedish authorities point of view of why they decided to reopen this case. well yeah they wanted his extradition to sweden and of course he'd been wanting wanted for questioning in sweden over allegations of sexual assault that date back to 2010 and sweden's
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extradition request for him back then was what precipitated a sauna seeking refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy back in 2012 but a song and his legal team have always said that he didn't seek refuge in the ecuadorian embassy because of these allegations against him in sweden he weighs sought refuge he said in order to avoid being extradited only to the u.s. where he was always concerned that he could face prosecution for his activities as editor and wiki leaks legal team has been at pains to point out that a son has consistently denied. any sort of. denied or rejected all the allegations against him but he's also. been open to be questioned by the swedish authorities while he was in the embassy for many years
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the swedish authorities refused to come to london to question him it was only when a swedish court. insisted that the prosecutor came here to talk to him and eventually one of the investigations into us on was closed in 2017 because the statute of limitations on it ran out and this case the 2nd case that we're dealing with now the statute of limitations that runs out of this year so there isn't much time for the swedish authorities to act but it looks like they are let's take a listen to what the prosecutor had to say in stockholm today. on them are you in 2017 do you best to get was discontinued he was then established or mr santelli left a country because he was not expecting that his execution would be enforceable the 1st to prove. it was pointless to maintain your arrest warrant. stances have brought about the need to revise our previous decision. now they've also said that
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in the summer that going to receive an indication from the british authorities as to whether this extradition request is possible to carry out because they need to decide what is going to take precedence of the u.s. extradition request that's hanging over a songes head now this swedish wanted to they say obviously time is over the essence given that 2019 is when this case could fizzle out as well so here we are 9 years off to this alleged offense has taken place this swedish case against assad has been well and truly resurrected and again interestingly wiki leaks as i get in wants to point out and they mention this quite often and it's not really covered by the mainstream media when people talk about these cases but the case against him now had been looked at by a prosecutor and had the prosecutor in sweden had decided back in 2010 that there
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wasn't a case against a songe that could be pursued but the case was resurrected off to wiki leaks published the deeply embarrassing for washington iraq war logs there's leaked government files from the us government and so something has changed and or had changed according to wiki leaks west to the shows already started to pursue him and so we now have 3 countries that play the u.s. obviously has that open extradition request sweden to a songes one now in washington and stockholm and of course for the moment he is in . in the u.k. serving out his 15 week sentence for skipping bail here back in 2012. ok thank you paul it was there with the latest for us from london. now the u.s. secretary of state might pompei or has canceled what was to be an informal visit to moscow he's diverted to brussels the last minute instead to discuss iran before
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setting off though he did give an interview in which lined u.s. position towards the country. iran is the major destabilizing in influence in the middle east and we aim to fix that are in most not war our is a change in the behavior of the european leadership we hope the really in people will get what they finally want what they did so richly deserve. it wasn't expected both picked the right day to change these plans at the last minute because in brussels the foreign affairs council of the european union a meeting that means that all 28 member states foreign ministers are going to be in one place in one room as well as federica mockery need a high representative for foreign affairs of the e.u. basically the e.u. foreign minister all going to be in the same place at the same time they had intended that they'd be discussing libya and what was going on in that country and how they could try and sort out the problems that libya is currently facing that's
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all got out of the window off the agenda and the new agenda is firmly focused on iran would be here all day with a busy agenda so we'll see julian day how and if we manage to arrange a meeting he's always welcome obviously but that i'm not precise planted at the moment as we continue to fully support the nuclear deal with iran as full implementation it has been and continues to be for us a key element of nonproliferation appreciation and today nobody in the region so we'll continue to support it as much as we can with on our instruments and on our political will that this is very well known i think both in washington and in tehran. we agree with other e.u. states the nuclear deal is necessary for us security has and it's going to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons last week iran announced that it would not on or all of the aspects of the $2015.00 nuclear deal it came
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a year after the united states unilaterally pulled itself out of the deal in wealth wholeheartedly now following the u.s. is pull out of the agreement the european union castigated them absolutely slammed washington for doing this saying that put at risk all of these months and months of work that went into getting the deal over the line back in 2015 of course when iran announced last week that they were intending to pull out of some parts of the deal that also prompted well some discord within parts of the european union with some members then turning on iran and launching criticism at them. iran has agreed to vital compliance measures if they break that deal and there will be consequences in terms of how european powers react so we urge the iranians to think very long and hard before they break. the end of today nothing could be worse than iran leave in the agreement there are new sanctions to do from you because iran has so far all
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respected the commitments we did has undertaken this county and not just back to the question of considering well the decision last week by to put the european union in a pretty difficult position because they've been so strong in their backing for iran since the united states pulled out but what we've been hearing since that decision was made by iran what we've been hearing from the iranian president hassan rouhani is that they don't want to pull out of the deal in total because that would essentially play into washington's hands the united states wanted to pull out of the g c p a way in order to make iran withdraw from a deal the day after so the u.s. would be able to refer the case to the u.n. security council to ease the burden on the shoulders of the u.s. to redouble and ratcheting up the pressure on iran iran did not fall into this trap so my pompei o heads to brussels the secretary of state will hold meetings we expect with the foreign affairs council of the european union to discuss iran
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further spare a thought though for those journalists that do travel with mr pompei or this is the 2nd last minute change of destination they face that is many weeks last week he was supposed to be heading here to berlin for a talk with angela merkel they took off from helsinki at the last minute well the journalists were told you not going to lead they ended up in baghdad to talk about iran last week this week he's heading to brussels for more talks on iran on tuesday though he will head to russia he'll be meeting president vladimir putin and foreign minister sergey lavrov in. she think we can just about expect that iran will be on the schedule for talks that he's in brussels on monday though we're expecting some information to come out throughout the day we'll be keeping you updated as information comes out of brussels of course here what else the. pentagon is said to have developed a secret weapon. with spinning blade nicknamed the ninja bomb intended to reduce
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civilian casualties in trying strikes is designed to be more accurate than explosives. expect. drone warfare has long been part of the u.s. government's war on terror and it's gotten ugly on more than one occasion. killing people by. drones basically sitting on a screen and eliminating people. dehumanizing them. as if you know from some other planet not giving them the basics of proving their innocence i mean it's. norms of justice on top of that it's all
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classified so leaking the methodology behind what human rights groups have called a method for extrajudicial executions can get you in a lot of trouble for daniel hale an n.s.a. officer and now suspected whistleblower that could mean up to 15 years in jail that echo's chelsea manning she's just recently been released from jail for refusing to testify before a grand jury but she could return soon as she's already got another subpoena now to be fair u.s. leaders have long talked about their deep conviction over civilian deaths the architecture the legal architecture. around to the use of drone strikes or other committed strikes wasn't as precise as it should have been and there's no doubt that civilians were killed but shouldn't have been. i think that over the last several years we have worked very hard to avoid and prevent those kinds of. tragedies from taking place apparently it was us president barack
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obama who ordered the creation of a new missile device that would increase the percentage in accuracy of these predator drone strikes and minimize civilian casualties it's apparently called the ninja bomb now it may be the pentagon's worst kept secret they have not officially confirmed it but so far several military officials have said that it's being used it's argued that the new missile might enhance the image of the united states in the countries that are already subject to u.s. military drone strike operations unlike a regular missile it doesn't explode instead it deploys 6 blades that fan out of its casing moments before impact blades are so sharp they can cut through vehicles and slice their target into pieces so we've got blades flinging through the air in order to reduce civilian casualties sounds plausible enough apparently the new ninja bomb has already been used in iraq libya syria somalia and yemen now the
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mastermind behind the suicide bombing on the u.s.s. cole back in the year 2000 was apparently taken out by an injured bomb in january according to pentagon reports so is this new missile the answer will it improve the image of the drone strike program in the eyes of the american public what do you think of the drone strike program. ok with it i know nothing about it it's pretty awful actually we have this thing now called a bomb and what it is is it and when it detonates it sends blades through the air and the idea is this will minimize civilian casualties we can pick the terrorist we want to kill send the ninja bomb and fewer severe. will be killed you know that the blades kill the. terrorists and not the civilians it doesn't seem like that you can target maybe specific people with that seems like you'll just. spread out a lot of. a lot of damage i think that's also did a pretty good program them limit civilian casualties you're going to do not that's not happening i think if somebody suggested that. i don't think that is even real i
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don't think it really busy. will reduce civilian casualties i think this is a. pretty sickly propaganda whatever you want to put it that way to make people feel that there is a kinder gentler way of killing people point of fact this. says a nation which. you want a declaration of human rights i think this is some way of trying to placate the public in the united states and probably remorse or around the world with the technology is right now the kind of person you're talking about. central you know possible and the notion of assassination whether precise or generalized is still totally unacceptable but we have asked the pentagon to comment on the reports and let you know when we get a reply. still to come this hour donald trump the frontrunner for the democratic
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presidential nomination joe biden to be investigated over his alleged political meddling in ukraine that's among the stories to come just after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. one else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all.
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get to shape out these days become educated and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. hello again the u.s. president donald trump wants attorney general william to begin infested casing the front runner for the democratic presidential nomination joe biden over his alleged meddling in ukrainian political affairs something though biden denies democrats do say that trump is just trying to get rid of a strong opponent he goes you donna has more on the story. he is an american
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politician of such scale that he might even get a holywood produced bio pic appearing in theaters his son is an entrepreneur doing business with other countries and some people suspect that the father of political shotgun is using his reputation of fire power to make sure his son's business doesn't sail into choppy waters this is what you may have heard in the news for years about donald trump and his son trump jr yet now it's the story about trump's 2020 democratic rival joe biden and his son he has already got a trump trademarked nickname and in fact has been on the president's mind for a while one of the democrats. said that he he sleepy person. said that he heard from a lot of foreign leaders and they want him to be president of course they do so
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they could continue to rip of the united states and. i said general community because. i felt like joe biden to but this time it's more than just junior school style name calling because trump suspects biden pulled quite a number of diplomatic leavers to have a prosecutor who was making his son's business difficult fired outrageous behavior if it had happened in america and perhaps even worse though since all of the above allegedly happened in another country in ukraine in fact before announcing his presidential ambitions biden gave plenty of reason for speculation. a commitment from poroshenko they would take action against the state prosecutor they did you not get the hugo or i so you know i guess. a 1000000000 i'm going to be
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leaving here i think it was about 6 hours i look guys and leave in 6 hours if the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money oh son of a. you're fired from almost sent his lawyer rudy giuliani to ukraine to investigate but giuliani canceled this trip because the fallout was ferocious explain to me why biden shouldn't be investigated if his son got millions from a russian loving crooked ukrainian only gold while he was vice president and point man for ukraine ukrainians are investigating and your fellow dems are interfering election is 70 months away let's on straight now and when i say ferocious i mean fair roche this. it is highly unethical for the president's personal lawyer to tell me what visuals from a foreign government to see if they can influence somehow the upcoming presidential
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election we've had enough of that we will do everything we can up to the breaking of the wall it's a very it's a trail of democracy to work with other countries to affect our elections it's just a flat out betrayal. to donald trump and his ties his campaign's ties to the russians were going to investigations i mean an investigation with a special prosecutor donald trump is either going to be impeached by the congress or impeached at the ballot box the fact that you may not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt occurred criminal conspiracy doesn't mean there's an absence of evidence of a crime seriously mr president or jew horses stop this persecution it's funny though the democrats never seem to like it when the tables turn even if there is hard and you know hard feeling evidence that something could be very foul here
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after all they conducted this. false investigation for the last 2 years costing taxpayers millions and millions of dollars really just abusing this president has family why would the democrats not now say that if there's an allegation of a possible president out in front of an election why would the democrats not want that followed through on why would they even want to nominate somebody who looked this suspicious to me they should be the ones calling for the investigation and the scandals sure as the in turn city of america's political desire for justice world trump must go down by you can get a pass after all is a brew once favorite grown bar. and the british conservative party would suffer a crushing defeat if the general election were held today according to a new poll in a further humiliation the survey also found the new party would beat the tories with the current main opposition labor coming out on top overall the party's leader
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now you're ferrars says the frustration of british voters has reached a boiling point. we've got a 2 party system that now serves nothing but itself there is a complete breakdown of trust between the people in this country and our politicians and frankly they revealed themselves to be grossly incompetent but the new poll found that for a party would snap up a sizeable number of seats in the eyes of commons while the tories would lose a record number of them pays in their worst ever electoral results it also suggests to you that i party would emerge victorious from an election but fall short of reaching a majority and with european elections looming large the brics it party is also on track the big wins in brussels in the case 2 main parties have already been punished by voters in local elections held earlier this month teresa mayes conservatives lost a 3rd of their seats in some councils while the opposition didn't fare much better
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we asked people in london why voters are turning their backs on the traditional parties really both parties are bad for each other the labor and conservative in terms of delivery of bricks and the general public are so fed up with the situation we go to break that i think people are losing steam he said he disapproved of poland's been for it in the old people's trees rail government who promised to deliver britain but they promised delivery over a month ago and it wasn't delivered she's failed to deliver on the referendum to 60 and there is no sign of it being delivered that it seems that politics is gummed up completely because of this last strike some of the frightening stuff sees what she's trained to do she's try to win the popularity contest but she's not. it doesn't surprise me that knowledge of wrote the book is popular also so.
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that is your news wrap for this hour you're watching r.t. could have accompanied staff the night we're back again at the top of the. in 2040 you know bloody revolution of you tube clip the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no lawyer here i mean your list put video through me in the new bill is that i knew scrolling needed all of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. of those who took. it invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sport business i'm show business i'll see you then. it's up to us to see on his attorney one employee good morning one who has a little. bit more which. was a real u.k. you. got to know people it's you posting it's when the police you know what's good . and that's the time to get. if you ask if they're finished if you know that you give.
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that after an attack they were going underground on the opening day of london's future artillery conference where events include increasing precision reducing burden sponsored by raytheon a company whose smart bombs are allegedly killing civilians in yemen coming up to show a very british crew on next week's e.u. elections an establishment conspiracy to overturn brecht said we asked the man who predicted the rise of corbin author chris smalling and we have documents from britain's national audit office casting doubt on democracy in britain disgraced
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defense secretary gavin williamson may have gone but the u.k. military set for the biggest privatization deal since the liquidation of karelian we investigate comparisons between your liberalism and the circle of hell all this of all coming up in today's going underground but 1st it's 32 years since margaret thatcher denied to the house of commons any of the spycatcher conspiracy allegations about an attempt by u.k. secret intelligence agencies to overthrow the british government led by labor prime minister harold wilson the book spycatcher was banned by the british government a fact no doubt not lost on the current labor leader jeremy corbyn there is an ongoing inquiry into secret intelligence activities against him with no real news on when it will report it was corbin's number 2 john mcdonnell who appeared to get called in to trouble ahead of the last u.k. general election when interviewed about any possible shake up of britain's allegedly unaccountable secret services what about money for the security services how could we take that seriously when your shadow chancellor was photographed holding a letter which called for the abolition of b.m.i.
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5 the abolition of a special branch and the disarming of the police given the terrorism has presided over $20000.00 police officers jobs being cut it was relatively easy for corbett about the way that question about security but only my 5. long suspected of dirty tricks against the left in britain he said this except since leaving the ball here my 5 also excepts the need for the accountability to parliament of our security services which is important but he also accepts as only do the need to have security services that do protect as well the role of the u.k. security services together with powerful forces in the city of london and elite classes in overthrowing elected socialist government has perhaps never been portrayed more brilliantly than in a very british coup by m.p. chris mullin and now there's a sequel the friends of harry perkins christianity now christiane welcome to going underground let's just start with a reminder of your classic political conspiracy thriller
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a very british coup well it was written a long time ago it's been in print for the last 37 years it's packed it's enjoying a bit of a comeback with the rise of jeremy corbett basically it was set in the 1980 s. when there was speculation about the possibility of a government led by someone like tony benn. and the establishment conspired to bring it down the establishment in this case being a sort of mixture of the security and intelligence services the the media barons with a little help from the americans here well the new one their friends are very perkins the left try again with this character fred thompson who was in the previous book he's centrist not ben i ate well good friends very perkin starts with harry's funeral it set many years. away from the previous one it's been going.


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