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president trombones iran against any aggressive steps raising fears of a new conflict while russia's foreign minister is washington to resolve the crisis ahead of his talks with the u.s. secretary of state. orchestra tomorrow or the last compel you how the u.s. is going to deal with the crisis that was made by washington's unilateral decisions . foreign policy chief calls for an urgent deescalation between to iran and washington after the collapse of the iran nuclear deal. swedish prosecutors say they will reopen a sexual assault probe against wiki leaks founder julian assange will seek his
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extradition from the u.k. . and the u.s. china trade war hits global stock markets after beijing retaliate to u.s. tyrants. a warm welcome you watching antti international with me nicky aaron great to have you with us this hour our top story the u.s. president has issued a warning to return wrong after his decision to limit its obligations under the 2050 nuclear deal donald trump was also reacting to saudi arabia's claim that iran sabotaged 2 oil tankers we'll see what happens with the run if they do anything it will be a very bad mistake if they do anything i'm hearing a little stories about iran if they do anything they will suffer greatly we'll see what happens with the road meanwhile the e.u. has urged the u.s. secretary of. state of mind pompei of to deescalate the situation over iran
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america's top diplomats made an unexpected visit to brussels for talks with the e.u. minister peter all of the has more. michael feel very clearly today from from the us the most responsible attitude to take is clearly should be and that of maximum maximum restraint avoiding any escalation on a military site well this was a meeting that was all set it was all planned there was supposed to be sitting down the e.u. foreign ministers as well as the high representative for foreign affairs federica mockery me she's essentially the use overarching equivalent of a foreign minister they were supposed to be sat down talking about libya they tried to do that as much as they could however might pompei o the u.s. secretary of state he decided he was going to be turning up. of course that has apparently put the cat amongst the pigeons if i listen to some of the people i've been talking to among the diplomats in brussels frederica mockery they're far from
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happy might pump aoe was in town on this day he wasn't supposed to be here he was supposed to be moscow he did turn up and this is what represented the for foreign affairs have to say when it came to the iran deal they need to keep it alive we. still invite iran to comply with all its nuclear commitments and that is a full determination on the european union side and also all that understates expressed that today very clearly and continue to implementing it for all of the nuclear deal that it and federica mockery and he said all of the parts of the iran deal just then because last week iran said that it would not continue to uphold all parts of the deal the 2015 deal that came on the anniversary of the united states saying that it would pull out wholeheartedly from the agreement now. the u.s.
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decision to do that donald trump's decision to unilaterally pull the u.s. out of it it caused an awful lot of problems and it saw a lot of a you nations member states also brussels itself condemning the united states for doing so now we've also started to see some of the 28 member states starting to to question iran's well ideas when it comes to whether they should stay in it should the uranian government decide that they want to pull out wholeheartedly from the 2050 nuclear deal isn't it we agree with the other e.u. states the nuclear deal is necessary for us security and it's gong to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons iran has agreed to vital compliance measures if they break that deal and there will be consequences in terms of how european powers react so we urge the iranians to think very long and hard before they break.
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the end of today nothing could be worse than iran leave in the agreement there are new sanctions to do from europe because iran has so far always respected the commitments we give has undertaken this commitment and not respected the question of a very considerate this is the 2nd change of schedule it is many weeks for those that travel with mike pompei of the u.s. secretary of state that things that have been changed at the last minute just last week it was supposed to be coming here from helsinki to berlin they ended up going to baghdad this time around they're supposed to be going to moscow they end up in brussels they are heading off to russia for tuesday at a meeting with sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister and we can certainly expect iran to be pretty high on the agenda. meanwhile russia's foreign minister says he plans to confront his u.s. counterpart on how washington intends to result the iran crisis take a lot of rough will be meeting much compare in seoul chile later on tuesday. after
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those dismissed that arms when you will produce tomorrow i will ask mike compare how the u.s. is going to deal with the crisis that was made by washington's unilateral decisions i hope tomorrow's talks will be frank iran has the right to partly suspend the implementation of the nuclear deal if other parties don't keep their commitments in shorts now that the united states is left the iranian nuclear deal and is trying to get the european union to suspend to suspend its implementation of the deal. have a right a legal right to also suspend their implementation of the deal in effect the deal is collapsing because of the united states sanctions because of how determined the united states is to torpedo this deal and to get the iranians to do what they want nevertheless the united states is as i said adamant and believes that iran
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must be stopped that iranian behavior is the stabilizing iran is the major destabilizing in influence in the middle east and we aim to fix that our aim is not war our aim is a change in the behavior of the iranian leadership we hope the iranian people will get what they finally want what they did so richly deserve notably however foreign minister lavrov said that they plan to have an honest discussion face to face discussion with my pump air tomorrow and see how things out things will go from there middle east analysts caviar from the our people leaves the iran nuclear deal can still be rescued. iran has given 60 days to europe to clean up its side and live up to its commitments and we are now. starting to see a renewed effort on the part of europe to do exactly that and paul fully the meeting serves as a fresh reminder to the army. corps who policy toward europe is speeding and europe
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is determined to start was to be just as russia and china are so i'm cautiously optimistic about the life span of g c pure. ability of the other signator it is to join forces and preserve the deal in the interest of even our global peace and america's need to make a u.-turn under policy come back to the t. ball negotiated with. prosecutors in sweden have reopened a sexual assault investigation against wiki leaks co-founder julian a song's now seeking an extradition warrant against his songs once he's served his prison term in the u.k. playbook of reports well these allegations date back to 2010 and the investigation into them was dropped in 2017 swedish prosecutors were unable to go ahead with the investigation while a songe was essentially stuck inside london's ecuadorian embassy but when swedish
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prosecutors dropped the investigation they said that it could be reopened if the situation allowed so when a sundress dragged out of london's ecuadorian embassy last month the woman had made the allegations against him and said she would like the case to be reopened and that's precisely what has happened stockholm has requested julian assange has extradition to sweden take a listen to what the prosecutor had to say at a press conference a little bit earlier on my new circumstances have brought about the need to revise . previous decision after reviewing the current state of diploma near investigation my assessment is that there are still grounds to suspect the mysterious songe committed rape and now the statute of limitations on this case expires in august 2020 so there isn't much time for the swedish authorities to act of course
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a songe also has a u.s. extradition request hanging over his head at the moment so there is kind of a legal model in place here and in a pit is that only the home secretary is able to decide which of these cases should take precedence and sort of potentially allow the more pressing swedish case to be prioritized and it looks now that it's going to be a political decision as to where a song potentially is extradited to thrust technically he can be sent to sweden and the u.s. can then sort of update its extradition request and request that he be extradited over to the u.s. from sweden but the u.k. would have to give sweden permission to extradite assange over to the u.s. as songes legal team would be able to challenge every one of those moves so we're looking once again down the barrel of a very lengthy legal battle with 3 different jurisdictions in place now
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a songe has always rejected all the allegations the swedish allegations against him he's always said that he sought refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy not because he was afraid of being questioned by the sweden but because he was always concerned that the swedish case was simply a pretext for a more serious u.s. extradition request where he could face serious charges for his publishing activities and wiki leaks published the iraq war logs which are those neat government sort of diplomatic and military. the files they were deeply embarrassing to washington there's now that literally video. collateral damage which shows appears to show us soldiers killing iraqi civilians the news today now means that we have 3 different jurisdictions 3 different countries involved in this
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a songe legal saga he's wanted in washington he's wanted in stockholm and in the meantime he's in prison here in the u.k. serving out his 50 week sentence for skipping bail back in 2012 the lawyer for the swedish woman who claims to have been assaulted by a stone in 2010 welcomes the decision to reopen the case she said the swedish legal system needs to show that no one is above the law. we spoke to wiki leaks editor in chief kristinn hrafnsson he believes sweden was pressured into pursuing the case against the songs. julian assange has always been ready and willing to cooperate with this way this investigation throughout the years and i assume that he will welcome this opportunity to clear is name and. get this matter over and done with there are many of the normal t's in this highly regarded by politicized process with pertain to julian's acculturation. worldwide ready. the crown prosecution
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service new york a was ready in the driver's seat in this case it seems according to the e-mails that were obtained sort of surreal information requests everything that pertains to julian fellowes these days is politicized it is very hard to see that the opportunity to ask for a fair trial in sweden in the u.k. or in the united states especially because that is exactly what it is all pertains to and on what actually is there is to close trial for publishing the truth. and to grow groups are raising the pressure on the countries over the cells have over their own cells just how to arabia on friday a saudi ship that was due to load weapons or northern french ports was forced to set sail without them after activists blocks the cargo so it depends he has a story. but i must say international said that several european union states have actually failed to meet their obligations when it comes to the trade treaty and
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that's because they've sold weapons to saudi arabia led with arms that will likely be used in the war in yemen the bar yamba has been bouncing off european ports like a pinball this is a serious test of the country's resolve to uphold their obligations under the arms trade treaty and e.u. common position on arms exports several states have failed this test in the space of just a few days the concern is that these weapons that are being sold to saudi arabia could be. used against civilians in the conflict in yemen this is a conflict that has been going on for several years since 201410000 people have been killed and millions have been left on the brink of starvation it's been described by the united nations as the world's worst humanitarian disaster in it saying that no e.u. state which suspects that this is happening or is aware that its weapons could be
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used in war crimes should sell any weapons a tool to a country that doing that the voyage reminds us that states prefer to allow lucrative global trade to continue to operate behind a veil of secrecy amnesty has said that in the last week one side of the ship has been making its way around several european states trying to pick up arms containers or weapons from those states now we know that last week that that ship actually talked in antwerp in belgium and we understand that it received a shipment of ammunition now it then try to fix it and failed to visit some other european states now we've heard from the belgian foreign minister who is ignoring each that there is concern about the sale of these weapons you know you would be good to suspend all deliveries to saudi arabia if it was shown that had been used on going conflict such as yemen which case the regional government must make that
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decision. now here in france the french defense minister that's florence parley had actually confirmed last week that france was due to more weapons on to this saudi ship. the arms duly very. greenman to which was made a few years ago he appealed it however it came a little bit unstuck with protests taking place outside the port of larnaca that's because there was a leaked in. best occasion in the last month the show which alleges that the french government has been made aware by secretive military notes that weapons sold by france society arabia could have been used on the front line in yemen and could have been used against civilians and that has caused huge concern here because of that those protests went to the port and that shipment wasn't able to take place the president might corners also spoken out about this last week he confirmed that
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he had had confirmation from riyadh that's the capital in saudi arabia that those shipments of arms wouldn't be used in the conflict in yemen but despite that many people here in france are unhappy and easy with the idea that france is selling weapons anyway to saudi arabia the controversy continues as the saudi ship continues to go around to european ports attempting to load weapons from several states and human rights organizations have just said that enough is enough and these on shipment sales to stop now. well let's discuss this further now and cost lives too i guess to middle east analyst. welcome to the program it's great to have you with us now activist managed to prevent a saudi ship from receiving arms supplies and how significant is this do you think . while it's good to be here. it is actually
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very important that somebody is taking a stand i'm not quite sure how much of a difference to can make eventually. stand even filed a lawsuit in france to prevent the loading of that equipment so even if the ship gets to dock they will not be legally allowed to do a little mob but you know at the end of the day you know they say these are not going to be used all saudi weapons come from western europe and north america so all the weapons used in yemen are coming from the west and north america and it's not just the activists there's a lot of people in government even a year in washington that are starting to raise the flag that we're selling weapons that are killing and not just killing they're making life so for millions of people miserable now half the people of yemen are starving because of the war with saudi arabia. however unfortunately there are larger interests at stake
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which is why we don't stop delivering the weapons saudi arabia has been the largest importer of weaponry for the last 5 years running. they import 22 percent of the u.s. . weapons exports is anybody going to give up that money unfortunately doubtful. there's also the larger geopolitical game with iran where saudi arabia is our ally as opposed to iran being on the side of the russians and the chinese so the saudis feel they can get away with anything at this point in time hopefully things will change but. that's the way things stand right now would be if the opinion of ryan squibs is that the selling arms to the saudis actually violate the u.n. treaty because they could be used against civilians in yemen do you agree that it is full to be doing this. while it is and that's to you and regulation i mean it's unlawful to use any weapon against civilians
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according to the u.n. or galatians but the u.n. doesn't does not have the wherewithal to impose its circulations it's the member states that impose those. so when will the west stand up and say enough is enough. that begs the question we need more people in government to stand up and say enough the activists can only be do so much and they can only be at so many ports the monthly if france decides to ship them themselves with these activists are you able to stop the french government from loading up one of its own ships and sailing saudi arabia if the french government is willing to do it and you know there play war games that these particular artillery pieces are not going to be used in yemen but so they put those somewhere else and they use the other ones in yemen but that comes down to the same thing it doesn't really change the equation. we need government decisions to stop this do you think i mean it what do you think
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about how these rights groups said going about that business i mean what means could they be using to prevent future. well there needs to be lobbying in the governments to stop the stale from actually taking place as opposed to stopping the loading of the ships so needs to be more energy put towards the governments. to actually prevent this sale from taking place and that's going to take a lot. more effort because you're faced with the lobbying of the military industrial complex that needs to sell these weapons somewhere. which is where they make their money and you know you hear the argument a lot of times that there's thousands of people at stake so we need to sell those weapons and we hope the countries that biome don't abuse them but that i hope doesn't always hold true at the crux of this issue is no weapons are designed to
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kill people. it is about money and it is about national interest as i said the logic to a political game we want to strengthen the saudis in the face of the iranians which are on the other side of the that global game of dominance in the region so money plays a game and as long as we have that conflict then we need the saudis to confront the iranians and we need the saudis to go along with the least from the u.s. point of view with the deal of the century that we want to implement in israel we want the saudis on board so we allow them to get away with what they're doing so that they will give us what what we want. you know again unfortunately the suffering of individuals does not carry that much weight with government decisions so the activists the human rights need to put effort into making governments
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care about these things and stop the sale of those weapons and more at least put some restrictions on their usage middle east analyst the you know the thing here is the saudis will tell you they're not targeting civilians sure apologies and thank you for your time is that you. well the trade war between the u.s. and china has sparked a fell off on global stock markets south of the beijing imposed imports toxins on u.s. goods west $60000000000.00 in response to u.s. tyra. yes on friday washington high tariffs on $200000000000.00 of chinese goods that they just tit for tat exchange between the 2 countries came after trade talks failed to produce the deal china has already imposed levies on imports from the u.s. worth $110000000000.00 and the latest measure targets $5000.00 goods ranging from coffee beef and beer to t.v.'s president trying to eat it that china needs to
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strike a deal with the u.s. to end the dispute or say openly to president xi and all of my many friends in china the china will be hurt very badly if you don't make a deal because companies will be forced to leave china for other countries too expensive to buy in china you had a great deal almost completed and you blacked out trump insists that america is actually benefiting from the trade war with china by cashing in on import taxes but his chief economic advisor appears to disagree. president says china doesn't that china it pays the terrace they may suffer consequences but it's u.s. businesses and u.s. consumers who pay correct and yes to some extent and i don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer on this. let's go live now to a list such fellow at the american institute for economic risk mr l. welcome to the program it's great to have you with us and as we just heard top
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economic advisor admits it's that u.s. businesses pay the tiris when importing from china although trump claims that china pays tens of billions of dollars to the u.s. in tyrus so could you explain to us how this actually works. well sure a 10th of a century like a tax and the thing is that when a terrible place on a good certainly firms are not going to swallow it they're going to raise their prices or in other ways pass on those costs to consumers. in one of his latest tweets about the tariff or trunk claims that will be nobody left in china to do business with very bad to china very good usa is what he said is he being a little overly optimistic a do you think. well not only is he. i mean he's not it's beyond being overly optimistic i mean trump since the time he was a candidate 2016 or so he's made it clear that he doesn't view commerce the way 200 years of economic theory have outlined it not as the voluntary trade between
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millions of people in firms but rather as a sort of an us versus them battle in which leaders have to essentially make terms for all of those different groups and the one that can either browbeat the other a negotiated best is the winner so i mean his views are very different from established economic theory and certainly what we've learned time and time in the history of all not only the u.s. but many other countries as these wars have been joined. that west trading day since the start of the year after the chinese were telling us tiris how much of a risk is that all the global economy do you think i think is tremendous i mean the u.s. and china have the largest g.d.p. is in the world they're 2 of the biggest traders and even when they're not the final source they both the u.s. and china contribute in the production of many goods in terms of factors or and
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sort of the processes that take place while goods are made so i can't think of a country in the world and probably not a consumer or very few at least who will be affected adversely by this trade war with the latest round of u.s. china trade talks ending last night without a dail do you see any possible compromise on the horizon. i don't see any compromise but i think the way to resolve this would be for both of the nations to get out of the way and that each individual firm in consumer firm an individual who's in who's trading whether it's between the u.s. china or any other country pursue their individual interest to me that's what this is about it's an individual assessment whether or not you'd be taking advantage of and trying to do like to say that the u.s. has a trade deficit message and that's a tremendous miss. misrepresentation as a matter of fact the u.s. does have a trade deficit with china it is of goods but it has a massive trade surplus in services. our such fellow at the american institute for
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economic research thank you for. sharing. most protests in albania which began any of this year continuing with the opposition keeping up the pressure on the current government to quit the opposition has been demanding and early parliamentary election although the current government shows no signs of giving in to the demands was started as a small protest on sunday in response to the arrest of a democratic party official laugh it may grow into a national demonstration the socialist government has been accused of corruption and links to organize. claims it completely denies. there's all the headlines for you this hour we're back in 30 minutes with the latest see the.
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