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assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to be right to be close which is what before 3 of them all can't be good. interested always at the water's edge. there should be. washington reportedly considered sending 120000 troops to the middle east in the event around reduce its nuclear program it comes to the u.s. secretary of state goes to russia to thrash out a solution to the escalating crisis will start to come this hour venezuela bran's
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a u.s. police raid on its embassy in washington d.c. a violation of international rules with the remaining activists that are in the compound saying they are trying to prevent an illegal. and the u.s. military school publishes a decades long history of washington's interventions in the affairs of other countries dubbed by some as a. plus society she is hounded by protests at various european poles failing to pick up an arms delivery that activists say could be used to kill civilians. hello they good morning just. watching international now a new york times report claims the trumpet ministration has drawn up plans to send 120000 troops to the middle east in case around the. tanks american foes or starts
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working on nuclear weapons while the plans have yet to be confirmed recent remarks by the us president did give them a ring of possibility. we'll see what happens 9 with iran if they do anything it will be a very bad mistake if they do anything i'm hearing a little stories about iran if they do anything they will suffer greatly we'll see what happens with iraq. but on tuesday the u.s. secretary of state might compare. to meet his russian counterpart sergey lavrov in russia's black sea resort of sochi they are expected to discuss the future be around nuclear deal made fears washington and tehran are edging towards war well for more now in these talks let's speak tomorrow against the of our man in sochi at the moment good morning team would add what can we expect then do you think from these talks. well there's there's a lot riding on them because the situation now is so dangerous an entire united
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states aircraft carrier battle group with all these sort of warships stationed on iran's doorstep in the in the persian gulf trump threatening iran with suffering. replying with equally militant rhetoric saying they'll defend themselves in the united states won't get away with this situation is incredibly dangerous and what's worse it is right for an escalation neither side seems to be willing to back down and russian foreign minister talking about this latest crisis says we'll have a very honest discussion with his american counterpart the foreign secretary my pump. when you will produce needs or real ask mike compare how the u.s. is going to deal with the crisis that was made by washington's unilateral decisions iran has the right to partly suspend the implementation of the nuclear deal if other parties don't keep their commitments.
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america's top diplomat changed his schedule just before he was due to arrive in moscow he diverted to brussels where the europeans were holding an emergency session on the iranian crisis the top foreign ministers of the european union he went there apparently according to mr lavrov in order to exert tremendous pressure on the europeans to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal by all appearances he was unsuccessful the europeans replied that they hope they'll be able to save the ring in nuclear deal and urge the united states to deescalate and we are living in a crucial delicate moment where. the most relevant. attitude to take the most responsible attitude to take is and clearly should be and that of maximum maximum restraint avoiding any escalation on
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a military site. most of the signatories of the iranian nuclear deal that is the u.n. security council plus the european union so all of them bar the united states are in favor of saving the iranian nuclear deal nevertheless the united states as well but torpedoed it it is busy almost one year exactly since it is pulled out of the iranian nuclear deal since it tried to torpedo it since it reinstated sanctions against the iranian government crippling sanctions i might add against its financial industry against its oil industry now the iranians say that unless in 2 months all signatories of the reigning nuclear deal abide by their commitments what they promised to do when they signed the document in 20152015 unless they do that the iranians 2 will pull out they'll resume producing highly enriched uranium
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they'll stop selling excess stocks as they're bound to by the treaty abroad and that they'll restart development of the nuclear reactor something that the united states has said it will not tolerate so as i say an incredibly dangerous situation . let me a putin himself is due to talk to my compared today as well as sergey lavrov they've promised an honest discussion so you know there's a lot there's a lot hanging in the air but by all appearances neither iran nor the united states are planning to u.-turn and you time soon. ok thank you that was an artist not a ghastly of their force in sochi. the middle east analyst kind of a after a c.r.b. disbelief the iran nuclear deal can still be rescued. iran has given 60 days to europe to clean up its act and live up to its commitments and we are not starting
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to see a renewed effort on the part of europe to do exactly that and hopefully the meeting . as a fresh reminder to the american as that. policy toward europe is failing and europe is determined to salvage the deal just as russia and china are so i'm cautiously optimistic about the lifespan of j.c. . the other signatories to join forces and preserve the deal in the interest of regional and global peace and americans need to make a u.-turn under erroneous policy come back to the table negotiated with. now the venezuelan government has condemned the police raid on its embassy in washington d.c. as a violation of international law offices try to expel activists who claim they are defending the mission from illegal seizure police arrived at the compound and issued an eviction order to the activist most of the activists there left after
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that 4 of the most stayed inside arguing their offices had failed to present an official arrest war. absolutely. john i never asked why but i maintain the general didn't i didn't. say they will probably try to get it to mock the protest system spent more than a month at the embassy in a bid to prevent new stuff from moving us toward diplomats serving nicholas we do it as government to leave the site as it recognizes opposition leader. as. president. he's an ambassador to the us to take up residence days before the police raid american authorities which at the embassy in an attempt to make the protesters main supporters say we'll keep eyes on the barns violence in the north. before handing protest says an eviction notice and police posted one to the embassies.
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state the u.s. recognizes why days ambassador is as official friends why the representatives and the activists must leave the embassy investigative journalist my experimental things the u.s. authorities have been overly aggressive. well there are 4 embassy protectors still inside they refused to leave after 3 others left today a notice was placed on the door written in verdad font signed by no one which claimed that one carlos vecchio were the legitimate representatives of the venezuelan embassy but it wasn't clear this was posted by any federal authorities secret service entered the embassy everyone thought they were going to arrest those inside and instead they left closed the door behind them and those 4 embassy protectors are still there so there could be an embassy protection agreement between venezuela's government and a friendly country which would allow that country to move in as a custodian for the embassy and allow switzerland to take over the u.s.
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embassy in caracas and this would mean a deescalation of the conflict and the possible nail in the coffin to forget. no i don't know if that's going to take place i know there are negotiations underway but it's very telling that the embassy protectors were allowed to stay inside for the federal authorities to enter venezuelans embassy is a violation of the vienna convention zone article $22.00 and it is it could be considered an act of war while the person event is why it is a position the dow has appointed as his ambassador to the u.s. a sense unless it's at the american southern command requesting a meeting for strategic and operational planning caracas has branded the move an invitation to pull out a military and intervention in venezuela and the country wouldn't be the 1st to be on the receiving end of u.s. special ops. explains vietnam ukraine yugoslavia
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libya one of these countries have in common well you guessed it uncle sam has been involved the u.s. central command recently published a study that's now being dubbed the pentagon's scholars guide to overthrowing governments the joint special operations university published its study they looked into research of special forces operations of the u.s. military across the planet from 1941 to 2003 now the joint special operations university is an entire academic institution dedicated to studying the art of war here's what their research found the report divines u.s. special ops into 3 categories disruption coersion and regime change 68 percent of the operations were disrupted only non-disruptive cases took up 32 percent they were divided between coersion and regime change here the highlighted cases of the 3 categories.
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$47.00 instances where study disruptive actions failed just less than half the time and attempts to strong arm foreign governments were more successful working in 3 fourths of instances when it comes to overthrowing governments u.s. special ops or batting at $23.00 out of $47.00 attempted overthrows now the only overthrow conducted during war time was successful that's the war in afghanistan in 2001 but is success really the right way to describe the conditions facing those countries the united states by entering the war against the taliban. post
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$911.00 resulted in the us seeing a reversal of all of the strategic gains and friendship. been achieved in central asia last also credibility in afghanistan the way they destroyed the credibility of u.s. strategic forces and u.s. prestige that the most shocking statements come at the end of the report where the authors say that these kind of operations will probably never stop these clandestine interventions of range from support to civil resistance movements to convert paramilitary operations to large unconventional warfare efforts in support of conventional military campaigns even presidents who prides their election looked upon such activity with disfavor found themselves compelled to use it after taking office president trump certainly inherited. an untenable situation because of the initially because of the influence of president george w.
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bush and then by the activities by president obama who actively with the turkish saudi. government supported radical islamic jihadist groups particularly enabled of the creation and rise of. the atlantic states and the us and the world a marriage is paying the price for that today. now the german chemical giant buyer has been ordered by a california court to pay $2000000000.00 in damages to the couple who claim the weed killer called round up gave them cancer it is the biggest claim so far against monsanto the firm which produces the weed killer and is owned by buyer that we collect contains a chemical called life phosphate and when used on plants and crops it can end up in food and also drinking water and several studies have also shown that it can cause cancer however byre monsanto insists the roundup killer is safe but those who
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brought the cancer case against them disagree. really well we. saw some more of it in the forum in the caption bruce. lee is. live. with. his injury this is how you know he's been doing for parole fusions for 40 years. now time they got held to account and this was clear to every single person in the world. monsanto how to cut it out to do right by people like the way that we mark by it does have to contend with another dispute over its subsidiary monsanto the firm allegedly compiled a list of key people who influence the debate over pesticides across europe french authorities have started a probe into that after a complaint from the newspaper the moment. there's
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a lot to this something to piss in that. this. horse. of yours to be the french paper claims the so-called monsanto file dates back to 2016 and contains $200.00 names on it they include journalists lawmakers and politicians who've been critical of the company's practices mohmed alleges the list was drawn up to sway the views of those against the use of life force faith based pesticides when it was bought by the german chemical giant by a last year and a 63000000000 dollar deal by itself has apologized for the incident and has now opened its own probe into the case that in fact an environmentalist from the future generations' group was one of those on the list. the
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dicier contain information on our organization and its head we're concerned about that in may also has private information obtained by monsanto in any case it is known that these procedures are illegal there is no law that allows collection and storage of private data our organization will file a lawsuit or to at least shed a light on whether they have any other problems. we're also concerned about the fact that the list mentions private persons politicians journalists who are pressurized to support the company to secure its place in the market of compounds which by the way are considered to be carcinogenic in fact today the company has a quite negative image which is clearly the situation in france has become active specifically over the guy for. the national center for cancer disease research that life this it is the man herbicide produced by monsanto which probably can be carcinogenic when johnson and seems we've been watching a huge backlash from some farmers from the agriculture. sector as
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a whole. are going to take a quick break we'll be back with more nice and. you know world of big partisan law and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes
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project themselves. in the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. of the real news is. that we get now a society ship sent to pick up weapons in europe has been hounded by protests along its journey and france activists succeeded in preventing it from collecting its cargo planes could be used against civilians in yemen a french flag has been projected on the vessel in spain however madrid claimed the ship left the airport carrying material that will not be used in
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a combat capacity. countries are under increasing pressure over their arms sales to saudi arabia. has more on the story. amnesty international has blasted several european union states saying they have failed to poll their obligations in regards to the arms trade treaty because they're selling weapons to saudi arabia live with them that will likely be used in the war in yemen the bar has been bouncing off european ports like a pinball this is a serious test of the country's resolve to uphold the obligations under the arms trade treaty and e.u. common position on arms exports several states have food this test in the space of just a few days now the concern is that some of these weapons could be being used on the frontline in the war in yemen and could be being used against civilians now the yemen conflicts being ongoing out since 2014 around 10000 people have lost their
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lives in the conflict and millions have been pushed to the brink of starvation it's been described by the united nations as being the world's worst humanitarian disaster and the concern from amnesty international is that if it is possible that the weapons being sold by e.u. member states to saudi arabia are being used in any way to perpetuate war crimes or to violate international law they're not means that they have broken the obligation when it comes to the arms trade treaty the voyage reminds us that states prefer to allow lucrative global trade to continue to operate behind a veil of secrecy well amnesty points out that is saudi cargo ship has been making the rounds at several poor european states for the last week or so we know that it was able to dock it and twerp in belgium and it was able to receive a supply of missions there and since then. it's tried and failed to visit several
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other european ports and now we do know that the belgian foreign minister has acknowledged that there are concerns over these sales and this is what he had to say you know who you would be good to suspend deliveries to saudi arabia if it was shown that had been used on going conflict there. were little in which case the regional government must meet. now here in france we had confirmation from the defense minister this flawless poly that that saudi cargo ship was also due to dock in the port of laughter in northern france and was due to receive a shipment of arms from france as part of the sales to saudi arabia and now this is what she had to say last week in regards to babs. arms duly very. human to issues made if you. will that news was met with protests at the pool
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when it was announced last week that's because there was a leaked investigation in the last month the show which alleges that the french government has been made aware by secretive military notes that weapons sold by france society arabia could have been used on the front line in yemen and could have been used against civilians and that provoked lots of anger from people who wanted to stop that shipment from going ahead now president michael also spoke about this last week saying that he had received confirmation from riyadh that any arms france sold to saudi arabia wouldn't be used in this way but despite that because of the processed those on's were not able to be loaded on the ship and then it moved on its way attempting to visit ports in spain and now on its way to italy but the controversy continues and many human rights organizations are unhappy that
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any of these sales are taking place in the 1st place what they've called on is for european union states to now halt those sales to saudi arabia off their arms. lipinski reporting there were earlier the french defense minister did say that there is no conclusive evidence that french weapons were killing civilians in yemen meanwhile saudi arabia itself denies targeting civilians deliberately into say he's focusing on fighting who think rebels who sees yemenis capital in 2040. 4th street has suffered the biggest selloff since the beginning of the year amid america's ongoing trade war with china staff the beijing imposed import taxes on u.s. goods with $60000000000.00 in response to fresh tariffs from washington on friday washington high tariffs on $200000000000.00 of chinese goods the latest tit for tat exchange between the 2 countries came after trade talks failed to produce a deal china has already imposed levies on imports from the u.s.
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worth $110000000000.00 the latest measures targets $5000.00 goods ranging from coffee beef and beer to televisions president trump said that despite china's retaliation the u.s. is in a strong position i love the position we're in so our farmers will be very happy our manufacturers will be very happy and our government is very happy because we take it in tens of billions of dollars i think it's working out very well again we do much less business with china than they do with the 1st trump insists that america is actually benefiting from the trade with china by cashing in on import taxes although his chief economic advisor does appear to disagree. but on and says china doesn't china it pays the terrorists they may suffer consequences but it's u.s. businesses and u.s. consumers who paid correct yes to some extent you know i don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer and there's. economic research to play
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through all told us that the dispute with china could do huge damage to the u.s. economy. i think trump has has staked a claim in the mind of his supporters to be this great negotiator and. you know i don't i think he believes on some level that he can win a trade war when the fact is that in almost every historical instance that i can think of trade wars tend to result in very be reasoned losing but no winning the u.s. and china have the largest g.d.p. is no world there are 2 of the biggest traders so i can't think of a country in the world and probably not a consumer or very few at least who would be affected adversely by this trade war the way to resolve this would be for both of them a shoes to get out of the way and that each individual firm in consumer firm an individual who's trading whether it's between the u.s. china or any other country pursue their individual majors i mean that's what this is about it's an individual assessment whether or not to be taken advantage of and
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trying to be like to say that the u.s. is a trade deficit next to and that's a tremendous mis. representation as a matter of fact the u.s. does have a trade deficit with china terms of goods but it has a massive trade surplus in service unfortunately there's a lot more often less that can come out of. harvard university professor ronald sullivan is facing an imminent departure as faculty dean the universe sees decision not to renew his contract came off to months of protests by students targeting the professor that transpired sullivan had joined the defense team with movie mogul harvey weinstein and although sullivan has since stepped down from weinstein's defense team it is still planning not the danes contract when it expires in june that will profess it was the 1st african-american to become a faculty dean at harvard assuming his position in 2009 along with ronald sullivan
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his wife stephanie robinson is now going to lose her job as dean saying. this have been campaigning against son of an. january in recent weeks tensions escalated to some students staging a sit ins on campus however some harvard graduates have voiced their concern over the university's latest decision. why instant is horrible but this is a bad decision by my alma mater harbutt everyone is entitled to defense what does the say to aspiring was from law school this is this is embarrassing i hope everyone associated with this decision is ashamed harvard officials say they base their decision on signals coming from students adding that the climate on the campus had become untenable human rights attorney jennifer breeden told us that sullivan's case does set a disturbing precedent. i am very surprised by harvard university especially given that this is from the law school at harvard i mean we're seeing in recent years how
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some of these top tier law schools like harvard are sort of going down and how they train their attorneys students these students chose to become attorneys but they're feeling unsafe because a professor or a dean chose to take on a case to defend somebody who's alleged of a crime this is a man and his wife who have nothing to do with allegations of harvey weinstein so not only are we seeing a dangerous trend where innocent till proven guilty is off the books we're seeing a dangerous trend where anybody who does their job which is attorney is that have a right to represent that they're being punished they don't even have the right to employment anymore is absolutely unprecedented and should never happen again you watching on say thanks to the company this morning we're back again in 30 minutes.
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and 2040 you know bloody revolution of you tube the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you're still here to put it put me in your list put did you agree with the new bill is that i do believe it or the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. those who took. you've invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these an article that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. analyst so it seems wrong. just don't call. me. yet to see palin does the answer. and in detroit was betrayed you.


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