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i. detailed as the u.s. secretary of state might pump a 0 on russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov. the number of pressing global issues. in the u.s. police raid on his home in d.c. a violation of international law. they are trying to prevent an illegal takeover and u.s. military school publishes a decades long history of washington's interventions in other countries dubbed by some as a guide. to saudi arabian ship is hounded by protests in european
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ports failing to pick up an activist say could be used to kill civilians in yemen. your company this evening you're watching r.t. and. frank and productive russia's foreign minister and his american counterpart might have described their discussions which wound up in the last couple of hours in the russian resort of sochi both sides said that they were ready to move relations forward although admitted they still don't see eye to eye on a number of crucial global issues war details on the meeting. managed to talk about all their differences and they vanished on a c.c. teach other we disagree this is how we see. we disagree on this this is how we see
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it and booth have said that well that's good but we can talk 1st topic of course venezuela crisis there the united states saying that russia and other countries is interfering in the crisis in venezuela russia on the other hand saying threatening venezuela with foreign intervention and stealing your own will on the venezuelan people that is going to work on venezuela we have disagreement i urge my russian colleagues to support the venezuelan people as they return democracy to their country. the united states and more than 50 other nations agree that the time has come for nicolas maduro to go he's brought nothing but misery to the venezuelan people. and we hope the russians support. form a girl that will end democracy or she'll use them a democracy can be imposed by force the threats coming both from u.s. officials and the opposition leader. who is always reminding us of the possibility
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of military intervention have nothing to do with democracy. what both countries seem to agree on is that it's venezuelans that should decide what happens to their country but russia has say that that must happen without external threats coming from washington also on iran much the same situation although not as radically opposed russia saying that it believes the iranian nuclear deal of 2015 is the best option going forward it's a system a platform a framework that's already established that will guarantee to the international community that iran is in pursuing nuclear weapons the united states agreeing to disagree with most of the moment we have many disagreements on iran now but the fact that we've started talking on this issue gives us hope that we will be able to achieve agreements if both sides show. willingness to do that. i made clear that
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the united states will continue to apply pressure to the regime in tehran until its leadership is prepared to return to the ranks of responsible nations to do not threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror. nevertheless both sides have said that you know they will continue to talk they will. continue to work together on coming up with some sort of solution along with the other members of the u.n. security council the other signatories of the iran nuclear deal to remain remaining ones plus the european union we also heard that. there's a lot of progress being made in the north korean front for one that both sides have made progress that real progress has been made on making sure that the north korean the korean peninsula is denuclearize that north korea gives up its nuclear weapons and that is verifiable also we heard about meddling of course busy the russians
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saying that. sticking by what they've said for very long time not for years that they still haven't been shown any proof of what it is that russia has done there's been nothing in writing nothing concrete that the americans have given russians and said this is what you did and said that there will be no conversation serious conversation is grownups and until that happens might bump on the other hand saying that the united states is willing to improve relations with russia that the order has come from donald trump on the on the condition that what has happened with regards that ledley out what the united states is says has happened with regards to meddling that that is in the past but again both sides say busy that despite their disagreements they go in to stop reopening channels of communication we're talking here about military hotlines we're talking here about financial relations banking.
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business cultural things that have been suspended shut down since since the election of donald trump. saying that with the release of the mueller report perhaps the more radical factions those that have trumpeted about collusion and meddling perhaps they'll be marginalized and sideline sidelined so relations can finally improve. and i'm pleased to say i'm joined on the line now by darren stanton who is an expert in body language could speak to their own both sides at this point very different stances on some key issues so interesting to see what you made of the body language which was heard many times over the years there's a lot more than what actually comes out of the head of the what do you think of my compost to start with seem quite small and cheerful at times even when he was talking about disagreements what do you think of the way is body was communicating . sort of assess sort of president trump and president
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putin many times before we say and this was very dissimilar i mean the smiles and so gestures with there but i don't think that they had the kind of computer aspect was there as much as it is with president putin so i think it is very much km to do business and a lot of the pleasantries and all of the gestures that we tend to see with president putin interims weren't there in this press conference what in particular are you looking at here looking at the face or is it the the arms the body positioning how open they are. sure you are so essentially people that i get along very well in the mutual risk genuine respect for each other they turn to much a mirror each of those posture so we'll see each person mirroring the other one's gestures so as an example president truman very often mirrors president putin in terms of the way sits with his legs set of stride and then also like once president truman does what we call a reverse steeple gesture where the inverse is hands on these are both power
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gestures now with the 2 men today we didn't see any or very little matching or mirroring which tends to tell me that although they're there to do a job they're very they're not kind of i think through but got a level of professional relationship that president putin and trump of got could you tell as much about sergei lavrov quite seriously off to me as he is capable of cracking your job and generally quite a serious diplomat. yeah again that we didn't see any sort of gestures in terms of either men looking at each other you know in the press conferences working on the puter the interim we see themselves look at each other in agreement not into each other. you know would love if there was none of it was i think very much has come to do business and again it was a lot less sort of pleasantries. you know and again he didn't really look at the secretary of state at all really for any sort of agreement i think is that both men have got their agendas and i think it was just really that they're both come to do
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business is that typical when you've got big meetings like this that perhaps you know a 1st major meeting they would be you know kind of sticking to that their own position would you anticipate that maybe their body language will warm up in future meetings . yeah i mean again almost polyp major politicians are sort of trained in coached in this so yes i would like to see as the relationship develops i would like to see some of these gestures increasing but also haven't said i would have liked to seen a little bit of a little bit of gesture and a few demonstrations that report was present between the 2 men but it's going to be interesting to see how this relationship develops. k.g. beginning to their relationship many thanks for the analysis there and stands an expert in body language with me. around the country that washington's been turning the. movement takes
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a look now at some of the governments on the receiving end of u.s. special operations. be it nom ukraine yugoslavia libya one of these countries have in common well you guessed it uncle sam has been involved the u.s. central command recently published a study that's now being dubbed the pentagon's scholars guide to overthrowing governments the joint special operations university published its study they looked into research of special forces operations of the u.s. military across the planet from 1941 to 2003 now the joint special operations university is an entire academic institution dedicated to studying the art of war here's what their research found that the report divines u.s. special ops into 3 categories disruption coersion and regime change 68 percent of the operations were disruptive only non-disruptive cases took up 32 percent they were divided between coersion and regime change here the highlighted cases of the 3 categories.
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because. $47.00 instances were study disruptive actions failed just less than half the time and attempts to strong arm foreign governments were more successful working in 3 fourths of the instances when it comes to overthrowing governments u.s. special ops or batting it. $83.00 out of $47.00 attempted overthrow is now the only overthrow conducted during a war time was successful that's the war in afghanistan in 2001 but is success
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really the right way to describe the conditions facing those countries now the most shocking statements come at the end of the report where the authors say that these kind of operations will probably never stop these clandestine interventions of range from support to civil resistance movements to convert paramilitary operations to large unconventional warfare efforts in support of conventional military campaigns even presidents who prides their election looked upon such activity with disfavor found themselves compelled to use it after taking office this is a function of ideology it's a function of germany has nothing to do with cost and it's not simply nothing to do with the interest of the american people the american people made them will be cynical but they are suffering quite astonishing levels of poverty and misery mass and millions over 40000000 in poverty and health care rising crame poor days ation along racial lines we know that the us mainstream media is notoriously lacking in
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deep analysis doesn't ice deception questions and indeed demanded respects it is no longer there to hold the powerful in the government to account on behalf of the people but to hold the people so on behalf of the powerful in the government and us this is to do with a small quantity of new york or fanatics in washington who are no in control of trumps foreign policy and of course olivia's of and histories that benefit the military industrial complex so there is no money to be spirit when it comes to trying to effect these hate you monica adventures. and it appears that the american military sense than other opportunity to flex its interventionist muscle in the latin american country of venezuela venezuelan opposition's representative in the u.s. has sent a letter to the u.s. army requesting a meeting for quote strategic and operational planning my caracas is branded the move or invitation to plot a military intervention in venezuela. the venezuelan government also condemned the police raid on its former embassy in washington d.c.
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as a violation of international law officers try to expel activists who claim that they are defending the mission from illegal seizure they argue the u.s. is preventing caracas is diplomats from working at the compound and trying to replace them with legitimate position representatives and police arrived at the compound issued in division order to those activists and most of the activists left after that 4 of those stayed inside arguing offices had failed to present an official arrest warrant. more general to. try to get. the protesters have spent more than a month at the embassy the u.s. ordered diplomats serving nicholasville duros government to leave the site is it recognizes opposition leader one quite 0 is being written president of venezuela prior to that police raid the authorities said cut off and water to. before handing
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protesters the eviction notice in person police posted one on the embassies daws stating that the u.s. recognizes why don't people as venezuela's representatives and that the activists should leave investigative journalist max blumenthal thinks u.s. authorities are being overly aggressive. well there are 4 embassy protectors still inside they refused to leave after 3 others left today a notice was placed on the door written in verdad font signed by no one which claimed that one carlos vecchio were the legitimate representatives of the venezuelan embassy but it wasn't clear this was posted by any federal authorities secret service entered the embassy everyone thought they were going to arrest those inside and instead they left closed the door behind them and those 4 embassy protectors are still there so there could be an embassy protection agreement between venezuela's government and
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a friendly country which would allow that country to move in as a custodian for the embassy and allow switzerland to take over the u.s. embassy in caracas and this would mean a deescalation of the conflict and the possible nail in the coffin to for go i go i don't know if that's going to take place i know there are negotiations underway but it's very telling that the embassy protectors were allowed to stay inside for the federal authorities to enter venezuelans embassy is a violation of the vienna conventions our article $22.00 and it is it could be considered an act of war. the son of israel's pm yeah netanyahu was hit out to germany and what he claimed was berman's funding of anti israel nongovernmental organizations and that's despite the german foreign minister recently restating the country's support for israel. 70 years ago today on the 11th of may 949 israel was admitted to the un as
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a fool member on this occasion the federal government would like to read to read the german is stance also in the un so due to shoulder with israel has security a right to exist must never be called into question by anyone anywhere will continue to support israel's legitimate interests to help strengthen its representation in the un and do our utmost to pose an attempt to isolate dog israel it will be nice if you stop interfering in our internal business and stop funding hundreds of radical left wing n.g.o.s in israel the seek its destruction use the hundreds of millions of euros you use for this to fund hospitals schools and churches in germany a recent report by israel's strategic affairs ministry claims that germany and other european countries are funding so-called anti semitic boycott campaign groups they said been linked to terrorist organizations including hamas and the popular front for the liberation of palestine there are also noted e.u. monies funneled to the palestinian authority were finding their way into pension
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funds for terrorists the german chancellor's also face claims of hypocrisy despite consistent backing of the sovereignty and security of israel. i think this is i strongly condemn all the anti due anti semitic crimes and acts not least those which were recently shown at the pro palestinian demonstrations mosque as criticism of the politics of the state of israel but why in fact the one and only representation of hate gates jewish people. it covered us here and i believe that the european union and also germany as a state member of the e.u. should try to pursue a realistic approach to the threat which terrorism poses especially for israel. to be a. linen shop you reject what the rain leadership said we stand by our commitment for the security of israel and he said this very clearly and unequivocally to iran at every point in time that. discuss the story in more detail with gideon levy is
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a columnist at the israeli newspaper ha'aretz but it is pretty good in now let's talk a bit about. his son of the israeli pm but to what extent does that mean his thoughts coincide with the official government position. no i wouldn't go so far but it tells you something about the atmosphere the prime minister residence and this should be a warrior some people who care about democracy about understanding of the more crecy and understanding of the international law there was fear there seems to be very very hostile i think the sun is taking already one or 2 further steps more radical steps than his parents but it tells you a lot about their fear there cannot be a potential source of embarrassment for prime minister. it
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doesn't seem so i mean until our he never the no there he signs. it seems slow it carries a very proud father. now berland does as i understand fun some mangos that provide aid for. palestine not the other ones of course i want to think television it's the anthracis that particular issue that funding is coming from germany. because germany is a soft sport needless to say that germany's more sensitive to criticism coming from jerusalem because germany still carries rightly so guilt feelings for the for the past so does europe but above all germany but this does not mean that those attacks are legitimate i think by all means that the world
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should it must be clear that the world has a right to criticize the israeli occupation not only the right the duty but these very patient is not a domestic issue by all means it's not a domestic issue it is nothing to do is intervening in domestic issue because the israeli occupation is a clear violation of the international law anything is the duty of the world to stand against the end to help those who fight it within israel and without a doubt that israel to support them financially morally to support to really support all those fake groups individuals who are fighting for ending the occupation. israel gets a lot of assistance from the u.s. it could do with other allies one presumes is is this the right way to go about it . the united states
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and by the way some jewish organizations are supporting for example the settlements project and there i'd say great selfie is the biggest supporter of israel and finance of israel and i don't have to get into this but the israel without the united states would be a different entity. and that's the right of the united states i'm not sure that it's always very clever to do so i'm not sure that this aid this enormous aid of the united states to israel did not corrupt israel but by the end of the day it is the right of the world to raise its voice and to support those who stand against violations of international law and i think what this. he did appreciate time my guest gideon levy columnist that the israeli newspaper ha'aretz. saudi arabian ship sent to pick up weapons in europe has been hounded by protests
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along its journey front to be succeeded in preventing it from collecting its cargo claiming the arms could be used against civilians in yemen now a french flag is being projected onto the vessel in spain over the grid claims that the ship left port carrying material that will not be used in a combat capacity you can trees are under increasing pressure over their arms sales to riyadh with more on the story is already charlotte it's going. well amnesty international has blasted several european union states saying they have failed to poll their obligations in regards to the arms trade treaty because they're selling weapons to saudi arabia living with arms that will likely be used in the war in yemen the bar has been bouncing off european ports like a pinball this is a serious test of country's resolve to uphold the obligations on the arms trade treaty and you common position on arms exports several states have food this test
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in the space of just a few days now the concern is that some of these weapons could be being used on the front line in the war in yemen and could be being used against civilians now that yemen conflicts being ongoing out since 2014 around 10000 people have lost their lives in the conflict and millions have been pushed to the brink of starvation it's been described by the united nations as being the world's worst humanitarian disaster and the concern from amnesty international is that if it is possible that the weapons being sold by e.u. member states to saudi arabia are being used in any way to perpetuate war crimes or to violate international law they're not mean. that they have broken the obligation when it comes to the arms trade treaty the voyage reminds us that states preferred to allow lucrative global trade to continue to operate behind
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a veil of secrecy well amnesty points out that is saudi cargo ship has been making the rounds at several poor european states for the last week or so we know that it was able to dock it and twerp in belgium and it was able to receive a supply of missions there and since then it's tried and failed to visit several other european ports and now we do know that the belgian foreign minister has acknowledged that there are concerns over the sales and this is what he had to say going to be you know you would be good to suspend all deliveries to saudi arabia if it was shown that had been used on going conflict such as the yemen which case the regional government must make that decision would not be possible now here in france we had confirmation from the defense minister this flawless polly that that saudi cargo ship was also due to dock in the port of laughter in northern france
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and was due to receive a shipment of arms from france as part of the sales to saudi arabia and now this is what she had to say last week in regards to babs. the arms delivery according to him and 2 issues made a few years ago. that news was met with protests at the port of of when it was announced last week that's because there was a leaked investigation in the last month or show which alleges that the french government has been made aware by secretive military notes that weapons sold by france to saudi arabia could have been used on the front line in yemen and could have been used against civilians and that provoked lots of anger from people who wanted to stop that. arms shipment from going ahead now president michael also spoke about this last week saying that he had received confirmation from riyadh that any arms france sold to saudi arabia wouldn't be used in this way but despite
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that because of the processed those arms were not able to be loaded on the ship and then it moved on its way attempting to visit ports in spain and now on its way to italy but the controversy continues and many human rights organizations are unhappy that any of these sales are taking place in the 1st place what they've called on is for european union states to now halt those sales to saudi arabia off their arms. ok. the see now from sort to this is where polluters has been meeting with sergei lavrov his foreign minister and the u.s. pompei oh that meeting just concluding both russia and the u.s. earlier stressed that they're ready to fight suspicion and prejudice over the relationships between the countries we're going to have a quick listen in live ok enforce the law going to be listening to
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what's being said plants will grieve bring you all the details of those conversations are coming up in around half an hour's time plenty of analysis i am sure. ok that is all for this busy news as they with r.t. are back with more the top of the hour. let. them stars let loose a little girl it's a little closer to these are the subtle bugs explored on the women's group called the right road so stop. thanks.
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greetings and salutations do you know that in 1038 decision by the us supreme court the press was defined then legally as any kind of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion it seems almost quaint now to imagine a world in which information and opinion are freely published without the government or politicians interview airing intervening in that process whether you were in moscow or minneapolis why then are we seeing the persecution of whistleblowers and the journalists who publish their stories more than ever the director of whistle blowing and source protection that expose facts just when radek recently told newsweek there are 2 ways to clamp down on a free press you target the sources the new target the journalists and publishers and according to the columbia journalism review though journalists obsess about trump's rhetoric the media itself has under covered this growing threat perhaps this is because it does not fit neatly into a narrative after all the trying to began under the obama administration whose
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justice department prosecuted at least 8 espionage act cases more than any previous administrations combined and this week the intercept is taking heat as the 3rd whistleblower that's worked with the publication is indicted under the espionage act according to the intercept quote following a dangerous path of the obama administration the trump administration is continuing to use the as me and i attract to prosecute whistleblowers who enable journalists to uncover disgraceful immoral and unconstitutional acts committed in secret by the u.s. government. it makes one wonder who is really on the side of truth and truth and justice why journalism is under attack from within so let's get to the source of the matter and start watching the office. the only. good looks like a really good.


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