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i. believe between. follows conversations between. the russian foreign minister said get on with the describe this productive detail. the u.s. police raid on this former washington d.c. a violation of international law in the compound trying to prevent a. u.s.
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military scope publishes a decades long history of washington's interventions in other countries. as a guide. on the saudi arabian ship is hounded by protests that you failing to pick up that activists say could be used to kill civilians in. very good evening to your ching are. ready to restore relations russia's president vladimir putin said that moscow is willing to resolve all pressing issues productive dialogue with washington his words follow a 3 hour face to face meeting between russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov and this american counterpart. frank and detail both sides. thank you both very good
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notion that we also want to restore relations with the u.s. i hope all the conditions for that are now being created the spite the exotic way the miller commission had been working in the hole it came up with an objective investigation and proved there was no collusion between russia and the us the thing we branded as start all nonsense from the very beginning. correspond right guess dave's been following events there what else they've heard him appear to have to say about that meeting. well the main the main point is you said is that putin expressed hope that the preconditions and now are right for relations between the united states and russia which to be honest have been absolutely terrible the 2 biggest nucleus superpowers in the world refusing to as much just talk to each other like children and let me a putin saying that he hoops the preconditions in our right for those relations to
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improve for any relations to be you know to be present at all because all communications had until now been frozen pretty much military communication. corporation a financial spheres and trade and culture to both him and sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister saying that they hoped this might be a turning point in emphasizing certain spheres certain topics of which russia and the united states could easily corporate such as oil production both among the top producing countries in the world they could talk about the market supplying the global community global demand also afghanistan both countries have a lot at stake there russia especially with all the terror that's being exported out of the gonna stop all the drugs the united states likewise they could talk in north korea disarming north korea denuclearizing the peninsula
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a whole host of topics and expressing hope that now as i said could be the turning point. with his american counterpart as you mentioned for 3 hours we were there at the press briefing afterwards they talked about every a hot issue hot topic in the world every crisis that's happening in the world right now starting of course with. chunk of that time spent on that and. they agreed to disagree but at least they're talking and they promised to keep the conversation up they have very different views a month happening in venezuela starting with of course the leader of venezuela is russia diking president nicolas maduro the united states backing. and both countries pressing each other to sort of see things their way.
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on venezuela where disagreement i urge my russian colleagues to support the venezuelan people as they return democracy to their country. the united states and more than 50 other nations agree that the time has come for nicolas maduro to go he's brought nothing but misery to the venezuelan people. and we hope the russians support. form a girl will and democracy to see you in use them a democracy can be imposed by force the threats coming both from u.s. officials and the opposition leader. who is always reminding us of the possibility of military intervention have nothing to do with democracy. the russians and the americans both busy saying pretty much the same thing that venezuelans should decide what happens to their countries but how they see that happening seems to be very different the united states saying that russia china iran cuba are
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interfering in venezuelan politics the russians pointing out that washington is threatening the government of venezuela with intervention with military action invasion which is also the russians say. meddling interference and they pointed out the $2003.00 invasion of iraq in order to bring democracy to iraq as an unsuccessful attempt to. meddling they will support that out the $2011.00. they have libya where the united states it was there to bring to bring democracy to libya the russians are saying look how look how that look at libya now they also spoke about the continuing continuing conversation working on common ground and i suppose that's the biggest takeaway out of all of this that despite their differences and them agreeing to disagree agreeing that their differences a severe that they'll continue to talk that they'll continue to try to find common
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ground iran of course similar to venezuela diametrically opposed views on what to do and how to go about solving the iranian crisis which is fleda knew after the united states unilaterally pulled out of the iranian nuclear deal of 2015 now the situation is incredibly dangerous it's on the nice edge because trump is threatening the venezuelan people with sorry the iranian people with the suffering the iranian government with suffering unless it changes its course we also have a united states aircraft carrier battle group stationed on iran's doorstep and in the persian gulf and here again both countries have very different views on how to go about resolving this crisis. in the moment we have many disagreements on the wrong now but the facts that we've started talking on this issue gives us hope that
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we will be able to achieve agreements if both sides show willingness to do that. i made clear that the united states will continue to apply pressure to the regime in tehran until its leadership is prepared to return to the ranks of responsible nations that do not threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror. interestingly enough listening to my comments during that press briefing he hardly ever mentioned the nuclear aspect of the iranian. crisis he talks about at length about iran's role in the middle east about its alleged meddling its support for groups that the united states doesn't like it's according to michael. it's assassination rings in europe hardly ever mentioned iran's nuclear ambitions reached one would think would be a major sticking point but again russia but leaving that the iranian nuclear deal
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of 2015 along with the rest of the u.n. security council the europeans if that is the best way of going about and resolving this crisis the united states on the other hand pressing the europeans pressing other countries. to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal to pressure and sanction and hurt iran. to change and do what the united states believes it should do nevertheless even here but such opposed views. said that conversation and dialogue between russia and the united states should continue that they should work on common ground try to find a solution to this crisis that is acceptable to everyone as indeed it must be in order in order to work but aside from the iran they talked about north korea remarking on solid progress that has been made both countries have very similar
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views on how to denuclearize the north korean peninsula north korea how to make sure that it is verifiable that north korea gives up its nuclear ambitions they will talk about the crisis in the war in yemen in syria in ukraine and of course meddling the russians insisting on what they have insisted for years that there was no meddling that not one says the united states come forward to the russians and offered proof. in writing in facts and figures of what it is that they accuse the russians of doing of how they meddled the russians say they won't be any grown up conversation until until that happens the americans on their behalf of their side saying that relations could only improve if meddling is in the past nevertheless as i said both countries the biggest takeaway is
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that they have agreed they have agreed that dialogue rather than sanctions and militant rhetoric is the best way forward and they've agreed to reopen previously suspended and shut channels of communication military financial cultural which is incredibly incredibly important so who's just optimism but stress cautious many thanks our correspondent there with the latest live from sochi that's right gaz they have. just bring in political analyst lou rockwell now to discuss this in a bit more depth. so many subject matters that would support seems in the few hours of conversation between the leading officials from russia and the u.s. that they can hardly really do more than scratch the surface big topics but the point was made correspond and the fact they're actually sitting down and talking does not bode well does this suggest to you that we're going to see improved relations. well it certainly is
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a good step and reminiscent of the sort of thing that used to happen during the cold war and that the u.s. and is not you know has blogged for some time. the u.s. president trump says he wants better relations he could stop all the military exercises right on russia's border he couldn't lift the sanctions because a lot of russia to purchase a paid in the swifts dollar exchange system many many things that he could do we hope we hope will do it he certainly we campaigned on that it campaign on wanting better relations with russia but mr pompei o seems to have no sense of irony no sense i mean he is saying iran must stop threatening other countries oh well i know there's the u.s. threaten iran and virtually every other country on earth is it the normal normal thing that you would the u.s. does that there russia should meddle when venezuela the u.s.
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is doing unbelievably much worse than meddling it's threatening to invade venezuela is trying to overthrow the elected president one why go was not elected the door was elected we can know he was elected because the opposition which included one why go. they did not participate in the election all in the dura participated so therefore of course he was elected so it's. get a kick out of the fact that the u.s. mentions the. give money road doctrine as if that were still in existence president enroe well the way said very interestingly we won europe to stay out of the western hemisphere and we in our turn will stay out of europe somehow that that part of the money or doctrine has been forgotten be nice to see at least that come back and do and do action but it's. it's it's the u.s. medals and russia. russia's elections it meddles in every other country's elections
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on earth the us actually has an agency the so-called national endowment for democracy that's medals and other people's elections says it has a democratic component a republican component so each of the political parties can be in on the loot but it's. the right. remember when when time magazine heralded the election of boris yeltsin by saying no we it will act our man are we got our man in as the president of russia and the issue of time magazine talked about what the us had done to bring about the election of yeltsin the corrupt and poor drunken guy so it's this is what the u.s. does that meddle everywhere they seek to be the world government and they can't stand russia they can't stand china can't stand iran anybody who says we're not going to go along we're not going to take orders so i would look to see the u.s.
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become a country of peace. or what kind of chance that is i don't know but they can at least not have a war with russia there are many professor a steven cohen and other russian experts are fearing this there could actually be a war with russia the way the us has been acting so this meeting today is a good step backwards president trump and the president putin can meet at the g. 20 salt of the good meetings talks bringing back military and other kinds of communication very very good to prevent a war i think that's what we have most to fear and us can do many many things but of course the russia that they present as your correspondent pointed out no evidence whatsoever that the that russia interfered in u.s. election in the so-called evil mole report where they they kept talking about the russia interfered but trump wasn't involved all that part of. trump wasn't
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involved but they took but again these are just assertions there's no proof there and you know if there is proof let him let him have it by the way russia was so glad to see the. lover off and did a report on. us intervention in russia and russian elections the us answering them to stop it in all the unbelievable coverage on the alleged russian collusion and russian interference in american elections i never heard anybody on u.s. media ask by the way does the us interfere in russia's election of course the us does attempt interfere and the extent that if we can see the us become a less warlike power that would be a great thing hope to goodness they don't bomb iran. to treating iran like you'd like demons then. i'm afraid we're going to show up until i made it so we'll have to just interject at this point. political analyst lou rockwell my guest.
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now a new tune of 50 page report details how washington's been backing efforts to destabilize and overthrow phone governments i guess was mentioning that since 198100 the scale of mopin that some of those who've been on the receiving end of u.s. special operations. vietnam ukraine yugoslavia libya one of these countries have in common well you guessed it uncle sam has been involved the u.s. central command recently published a study that's now being dubbed the pentagon's scholars guide to overthrowing governments the joint special operations university published its study they looked into research of special forces operations of the us military across the planet from 1941 to 2003 now the joint special operations university is an entire academic institution dedicated to studying the art of war here's what their research found that the report divines u.s. special ops into 3 categories disruption coersion and regime change 68 percent of
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the operations were disruptive only non-disruptive cases took up 32 percent they were divided between coersion and regime change here the highlighted cases of the 3 categories. because. $47.00 instances were study disruptive actions failed just less than half the time and attempts to strong arm foreign governments were more successful working in 3
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fourths of the instances when it comes to overthrowing governments u.s. special ops or batting at $23.00 out of $47.00 attempted overthrows now the only overthrow conducted during war time was successful that's the war in afghanistan in 2001 but is success really the right way to describe the conditions. those countries now the most shocking statements come at the end of the report where the authors say that these kind of operations will probably never stop these clandestine interventions of range from support to civil resistance movements to convert paramilitary operations to large unconventional warfare efforts in support of conventional military campaigns even presidents who prior to their election looked upon such activity with disfavor found themselves compelled to use it after taking office this is a function of ideology it's a function of germany has nothing to do with cost and it's not selling nothing to do with the interest of the american people the american people made
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a movie cynical but they are suffering quite astonishing levels of poverty and misery and mass and millions over 40000000 in poverty and health care rising crame poor days ation along racial lines we know that the us mainstream media is notoriously lacking in deep analysis doesn't ask the searching questions and indeed in many respects it is no longer there to hold the powerful in the government to account on behalf of the people but to hold the people to account on behalf of the powerful in the government and us this is to do with a small coterie of new york or fanatics in washington who are no in control of trumps foreign policy and of course all the various other and histories that benefit the military industrial complex so there is no money to be spirit when it comes to trying to affect these hedge monica adventures it appears that the american military sensed another opportunity to flex its interventionist muscle in the latin american country of venezuela the venezuelan opposition's representative in the u.s. has sent a letter to the u.s. army requesting
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a meeting the strategic and operational planning caracas branded the move an invitation to plot a military intervention in venezuela. as well and governments also condemned a police raid on its former embassy in washington d.c. as being a violation of international law offices try to expel activists who claim that they were defending the mission from illegal seizure they argue that the u.s. is preventing caracas is diplomats from working at the compound and that is trying to replace them with illegitimate opposition representatives and police arrived at the compound an issued an eviction order to the activists most of them left after that for activists those stayed inside arguing offices that failed to present an official arrest warrant. and the rest more. general to be. right here tomorrow. the protesters have spent a month there are going to see the u.s.
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or the diplomats serving nicolas duros government to the side as it recognizes opposition leader one why do is think that just a president in his will days prior to the police regular soldiers even cut off the water supply to the embassy. before handing the protesters there an eviction notice in person police had posted while on the doors of the embassy stating that the u.s. recognizes why don't these people as venezuela's representatives and also saying that the activists must leave. as religious tensions continue to brew in sri lanka the government has imposed curfew some bander number of social media sites that comes after mosques and muslim own shops were attacked across the country over which the chief of police issued a stern warning it does. this small group must stop the dangerous game it's playing the lives and property of innocent people we will not allow the country to be reduced to anarchy by those who use force on innocent civilians. the south
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asian island has been plagued by into religious conflicts since the east the bombings last month which claimed more than $250.00 lives the latest spike coinciding with the muslim holy month of ramadan the see mosques stoned and shops smashed and torched on monday one muslim man was killed by a mob the 1st reported fatality he said in order to use maximum force and so far made 13 arrests. i can discuss this really now with mohammed shafique chief executive of the ramadan foundation based in the u.k. good evening mohammed tended to sri lanka really don't show any sign of letting up is the government getting it right with the measures it's taking while i think it's really important that all communities. realize that the real enemy are the terrorists then able the terrorists when the attacks on the christian churches are
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foreign terrorists were to divide communities in a sense what has happened over these last few weeks is there's been a concerted effort by the terrorists and their supporters to you know cause division and hatred between communities and it's so important for those communities to come together that government you know as i said i think on r.t. at the time there is a big power struggle going on between the prime minister and the president and i'm back in itself was led to paralysis in government been able to protect communities . there's been a curfew there's been a structure the social media but they need to go beyond that and start providing safety for muslims who are simply in this for you month of ramadan it was reported that this month 200 islamic clerics were expelled from the country as that made things worse ignited hostilities. well i think a lot of this is if i wanted to you neal
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a knee jerk reaction to pretend to show the world that they are told when in reality is somewhat different absolutely anybody involved in terrorism supporting it financing it encouraging it why the risk of us why they are lay people are you know people on the margins of society they could be confronted and held to account but what you cannot be is tarnished the whole system all community based on the actions or at least my new status. is there a concern that that kind of action might give local christian communities a sense that they've got the backing of the government if they carry out any kind of and to muslim attacks yeah i was i would actually said that you know these extremists who are most of the time given this the muslims they represent the christian faith the christian faith is one about tolerance it's about the rule of law it's about you know neighbor aren't giving protection to minority communities
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as we have in in the u.k. so i think it's a real worry that if the government doesn't step into a fight that suits and turns a blind eye then those extremist klyde see confined to cheer and course. will used as an excuse to do that hinds in the face of hama sheik chief executive of the ramadan foundation many thanks mohammed thanks neal. a saudi arabian ship sent to pick up weapons in europe has been hounded by protest along its journey in france activists succeeded in preventing it from collecting its cargo claiming that the arms could be used against civilians in yemen now a french flag has been projected onto the vessel this is in spain but we did claims that the ship left the airport carrying material that will not be used in a combat e.u. countries are under increasing pressure over their arms sales to riyadh to explain all is r.t. shala doing. well amnesty international has blasted several european union states
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saying they have failed to poll their obligations in regards to the arms trade treaty because they're selling weapons to saudi arabia with arms that will likely be used in the war in yemen the bar has been bouncing off european ports like a pinball this is a serious test of the country's resolve to uphold the obligations on the arms trade treaty and e.u. common position on arms exports several states have food this test in the space of just a few days now the concern is that some of these weapons could be being used on the front line in the war in yemen and could be being used against civilians now the yemen conflicts being ongoing out since 2014 around 10000 people have lost their lives in the conflict and millions have been pushed to the brink of starvation it's been described by the united nations as being the world's worst humanitarian
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disaster and the concern from amnesty international is that if it is possible that the weapons being sold by e.u. member states to saudi arabia are being used in any way to perpetuate war crimes or to violate international law then that means that they have broken the obligation when it comes to the arms trade treaty the voyage reminds us that they. is preferred to a low lucrative global trade to continue to operate behind a veil of secrecy well amnesty points out that is saudi cargo ship has been making the rounds at several ports european states for the last week or so we know that it was able to dock it and twerp in belgium and it was able to receive a supply of missions there and since then it's tried and failed to visit several other european ports and now we do know that the belgian foreign minister has acknowledged that there are concerns over these sales and this is what he had to
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say going to be you know you would be good to suspend all deliveries to saudi arabia if it was shown that had been used on going conflict such as in yemen which case the regional government must make that decision would not be possible now here in france we had confirmation from the defense minister this flawless polly that that saudi cargo ship was also due to dock in the port of laughter in northern france and was due to receive a shipment of arms from france as part of the sales to saudi arabia and now this is what she had to say last week in regards to babs. the arms delivery according to greenman 2 issues made a few years ago he appealed that news was met with protests at the port of of when it was announced last week that's because there was a leaked investigation in the last month a show which alleges that the french government has been made aware by secretive
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military notes that weapons sold by france to saudi arabia could have been used on the front line in yemen and could have been used against civilians and that provoked lots of anger from people who wanted to stop that shipment from going ahead now president michael also spoke about this last week saying that he had received confirmation. from ria at that any arms france sold to saudi arabia wouldn't be used in this way but despite that because of the processed those on's were not able to be looted on the ship and then it moved on its way attempting to visit ports in spain and now on its way to italy but the controversy continues and many human rights organizations are unhappy that any of these sales are taking place in the 1st place what they've called on is for european union states to now halt those sales to saudi.


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