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i. mean the u.s. secretary of state saying the reason for telling it russia's ready to fully restored between. talks between the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov which were described as being productive in. the u.s. police raid on his former embassy in washington d.c. a violation of international law and the compound trying to prevent an illegal takeover. the u.s. military school publishes a decade's long history of washington's interventions in other countries.
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saudi arabian ship is hounded by protests the european ports failing to pick up an arms delivery that activists say could be used to kill civilians in yemen. for joining us to see this is. ready to restore relations russia's president vladimir putin said that moscow is willing to resolve pressing issues that stop productive dialogue with washington his words follow a 3 hour face to face meeting between russia's foreign minister. american counterpart branded frank and detailed by both sides. there is a capability. we also want to restore relations with the u.s. i hope all the conditions for that are now being created this by the exotic way the
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miller commission had been working in the whole of it came up with an objective investigation and proved there was no collusion between russia and the us the thing we branded as total nonsense from the very beginning. vladimir putin expressed hope that the preconditions and now are right for relations between the united states and russia which to be honest have been awful absolutely terrible the 2 biggest nucleus superpowers in the world refusing to as much as talk to each other all communications and until now frozen pretty much military communication. corporation the financial spheres and trade and culture and the both aim and the russian foreign minister saying that they hope this might be a turning point. emphasizing certain spheres said in topics in which russia and the united states could easily corporate such as oil production among the top producing
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countries in the world they could talk about the market supplying the global community global demand also afghanistan both countries have a lot at stake there russia especially with the terror that's being exported out of the kind of all the drugs the united states likewise they could talk in north korea . north korea denuclearizing the peninsula a whole host of topics expressing hope that now as i said could be the turning point. with his american counterpart they talked about every a hot issue hot topic in the world every crisis that's happening in the world right now starting of course with venezuela chunk of that time spent on that and. they agreed to disagree on venezuela we have disagreements i urge my russian colleagues to support the venezuelan people as they return democracy to their country the
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united states and more than 50 other nations agree that the time has come for nicolas maduro to go he's brought nothing but misery to the venezuelan people. and we hope that right. support. form a girl's will and democracy to sheely and use them on democracy can be imposed by force the threats coming both from u.s. officials and the opposition leader. who is always reminding us of the possibility of military intervention have nothing to do with democracy. the russians and the americans both saying pretty much the same thing that venezuelans should decide what happens to their countries but how they see that happening seems to be very different the united states saying that russia china iran quba are interfering in venezuelan politics the russians pointing out that washington is threatening maduro the government of venezuela with intervention iran of course
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simulate the venezuela diametrically opposed views on what to do and how to go about solving the iranian crisis which is fleda new here again both countries have very different views on how to go about resolving this crisis almost any moment we have many disagreements on iran now with you but the fact that we've started talking on this issue gives us hope that we will be able to achieve agreements if both sides show willingness to do that which i made clear that the united states will continue to apply pressure to the regime in tehran until its leadership is prepared to return to the ranks of responsible nations that do not threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror again russia believing that the iranian nuclear deal of 2015 along with the rest of the u.n. security council the europeans that that is the best way of going about and resolving this crisis the united states on the other hand pressing the europeans
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pressing other countries. to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal to pressure and sanction and hurt iran forced to change and do. what the united states believes it should do nevertheless even here but such opposed views. my popo said that conversation and dialogue between russia and the united states should continue that they should work on common ground try to find a solution to this crisis that is acceptable to everyone as indeed it must be in order in order to work the biggest takeaway is that they have agreed to talk they have agreed that dialogue rather than sanctions and militant rhetoric is the best way forward and they've agreed to reopen previously suspended and shut channels of communication military financial cultural which is incredibly incredibly important
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so who's just optimism but stress on cautious. ok peter because nick joins me on the line now is a professor of history at american university and was co-author with all of a stone the untold history of the united states peter we've heard putin saying he's ready to restore relations with the united states of course it takes 2 to have calm rational conversations that it will need the u.s. to feel the same way do you think we'll hear something similar said by donald trump shortly. i think we might hear something similar from donald trump we're not going to hear that from many other elements in the american political scene right now and the democrats are still curious with russia over the interference in the 26000 election many of them still blame putin for putting trump in the white house so we're not making
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a lot of bipartisan support for this and other republicans are also very very hesitant about working with russia the climate in the united states now is still very very toxic where russia is concerned so i think the. it's very good that the united states and russia are beginning to talk but the issues that divide the 2 countries now are very very deep very fundamental and that was clear in the press conference today and it's clear in the meetings that were held there's a little common ground but they're the issues still are very very crucial nothing could be more crucial and the question of easing the nuclear tensions between the united states and russia as we know since january 28th in the hands of the doomsday clock have been moved to 2 minutes before midnight that's crazy that's insane and the u.s. and russia still have more than a 1000 nuclear weapons pointed at each other on hair trigger alert at the same time
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as we're doing away with the nuclear arms control treaties the only one left is the new start treaty and that expires in february 2021 that one has to be extended we have to renew the i.n.f. treaty we have to restore the j c p o way the nuclear treaty with iran and there are things that can be done and must be done immediately in order to tamp down some of this very very dangerous situation that exists now globally. responded that the u.s. belief that russia meddled in its elections there were so many major geopolitical subjects that were mentioned in the conversations that i do lots of venezuela iran north korea which would need the u.s. and russia really to work together on to find an effective solution i would suggest will though america ever be able to move past these claims of meddling.
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i hope so you know i would actually like to see russia acknowledge that it did interfere or maybe not putin himself but the ira in st petersburg did interfere to some extent i'd also like to see the united states acknowledge that it's been interfering in elections all over the world the united states now is trying to overthrow the elected government in venezuela the united states is clearly pushing for a military confrontation with iran but this is nothing new for the united states what's dangerous now is that the people who are advising trump the ones have got the most clear access to trump are bolton and pompei oh and the one thing that these people in the ministration agree on is their hatred for iran bolton has long advocated military action against iran he hasn't relented on that we see the situation now the united states doing everything it can to provoke
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a confrontation there to provoke a military action and they're being cheered on by the saudis by the israelis and others so this is a very precarious situation and if people think that iran is going to be easy for the united states as larry wilkerson said it's going to be $101520.00 times more difficult than the invasion of iraq larry wilkerson was colin powells former chief of staff colonel wilkerson knows what he's talking about here but you've got some people in this administration who i think are delusional who think that an attack on iran is going to be easy they think that this discontent in iran and people going to rally to the united states just like they believe the same thing in iraq they said we'd be greeted as liberators they'd be throwing reads to welcome us that didn't happen and it's certainly not going to happen in iran it's a good speech he was always my guest peter because nic professor of history at american university thank you. a new 250 page report details how
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washington as a guest was mentioning there has been backing efforts to destabilize and overthrow foreign governments going back to 940 warm bodies killing more pin looks at some of those who've been on the receiving end of the u.s. special operations. vietnam ukraine yugoslavia libya one of these countries have in common well you guessed it uncle sam has been involved the u.s. central command recently published a study that's now being dubbed the pentagon's scholars guide to overthrowing governments the joint special operations university published its study they looked into research of special forces operations of the us military across the planet from 1941 to 2003 now the joint special operations university is an entire academic institution dedicated to studying the art of war here's what their research found that the report divines u.s. special ops into 3 categories disruption coersion and regime change 68 percent of
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the operations were disrupted only non-disruptive cases took up 32 percent they were divided between coersion and regime change here the highlighted cases of the 3 categories. because. of the. $47.00 instances were study disruptive actions failed just less than half the time and attempts to strong arm foreign governments were more successful working in 3
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fourths of the instances when it comes to overthrowing governments u.s. special ops or batting at $23.00 out of $47.00 attempted overthrows now the only overthrow conducted during war time was successful that's the war in afghanistan in 2001 but is success really the right way to describe the condition. facing those countries now the most shocking statements come at the end of the report where the authors say that these kind of operations will probably never stop these clandestine interventions of range from support to civil resistance movements to convert paramilitary operations to large unconventional warfare efforts in support of conventional military campaigns even presidents who prides their election looked upon such activity with disfavor found themselves compelled to use it after taking office this is a function of ideology it's a function of germany has nothing to do with cost and it's less selling nothing to do with the interest of the american people the american people made them will be cynical but they are suffering quite astonishing levels of poverty and misery
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massimo ins over 40000000 in poverty and health care rising crame poor days ation along racial lines we know that the us mainstream media is notoriously lacking in deep analysis doesn't ask the search in questions and indeed in many respects it is no longer there to hold the powerful in the government to account on behalf of the people but to hold the people so on behalf of the powerful and the government and us this is to do with a small coterie of new york or fanatics in washington who are no in control of trumps foreign policy and of course all the various other and histories that benefit the military industrial complex so there is no law money to be spirit when it comes to trying to effect these hedge monica adventures and it appears that the american military sensed another opportunity to flex its interventionist muscle in the latin american country of venezuela the venezuelan opposition's representative in the u.s. sent a letter to the u.s. army requesting a meeting for strategic and operational planning caracas branded the move an
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invitation to plot a military intervention in venezuela. the venezuelan government also condemned a police raid on its former embassy in washington d.c. as being a violation of international law officers trying to expel activists who claim that they were defending the mission from illegal seizure they argue the u.s. is preventing caracas is diplomats from working at the compound and trying to replace them with illegitimate opposition representatives police arrived there and issued an eviction order to the activists most of the activists left but for stayed inside arguing offices had failed to present an official arrest warrant. the only thing the rest more general did. they were probably right again tomorrow. for more than a month at the embassy the u.s. ordered diplomats serving nicholas new duros government to leave the site as it
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recognizes opposition leader one great job is being venezuela's just haven't president days prior to the police radio authorities even water supply to the embassy. for handing the protesters there in eviction notice in person the police have posted on the doors of the embassy stating that the us recognize is why don't people as venezuela's representatives and the activists must leave. this religious tensions continue to brew in sri lanka the government has imposed curfews and banda number of social media sites this comes after mosques and muslim own shops were attacked across the country over which the chief of police has issued a stern warning. butyl and thought this small group must stop the dangerous game it's playing the lives and property of innocent people we will not allow the country to be reduced to anneke by those who use force on innocent civilians in the
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south asian island has been plagued by into religious conflicts since the east the bombings last month that claimed more than $250.00 lives the latest spike coinciding with the muslim holy month of ramadan the same mosques stoned and shops smashed and torched monday one muslim man was killed by a mob the 1st reported fatalities they said in order to use maximum force and have made 13 arrests so far if executive of the ramadan foundation in the u.k. manager feet feels that the sri lankan government must take control of the situation. there is a big power struggle going on between the prime minister and the president back in itself was led to paralysis in government been able to protect communities. there's been a curfew there's been a structure the social media but they need to go beyond that and start providing safety for muslims who are simply in this for you with the ramadan you know these
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extremists who are torturing mobs and attacking innocent muslims they don't represent the christian faith the christian faith is one about tolerance it's about the war it's about you know. giving protection to minority communities as we have been in the u.k. so i think it's a real worry that if the government doesn't step it provide that suit. and turns a blind eye then those extremist though tried to seek and find it year of course how we'll use our salute to do that finds. the son of israel's pm yeah netanyahu has hit out at germany over what he claimed was burns funding of anti israel non-governmental organizations that's despite the german foreign minister recently restating the country's support for israel. 70 years ago today on the 11th of may 949 israel was admitted to the un as a fool member on this occasion the federal government would like to read to raid
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the german is stance also in the un soldier to shoulder with israel who security a right to exist must never be called into question by anyone anywhere will continue to support israel's legitimate interests to help strengthen its representation in the un and do our utmost to pose an attempt to isolate or diligent demise israel it will be nice if you stop interfering in our internal business and stop funding hundreds of radical left wing n.g.o.s in israel the seek its destruction use the hundreds of millions of euros you use for this to fund hospitals schools and churches in germany a recent report by israel's strategic affairs ministry claims germany and other european countries are funding so-called anti-semitic boycott campaign groups and these have been linked to terrorist organizations including hamas and the popular front for the liberation of palestine the paper also noted e.u. money is funneled to the palestinian authority for finding their way into pension funds for terrorists the german chancellor's also face claims of hypocrisy despite
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her consistent backing of the sovereignty and security of israel. i think this is i strongly condemn all the anti do or anti semitic crimes and acts not least those which were recently shown at the pro palestinian demonstrations masked as criticism of the politics of the state of israel but were in fact the one and only representation of hate gates jewish people. it covered us and i believe that the european union and also germany as a state member of the e.u. should try to pursue a realistic approach to the threat which terrorism poses especially to israel. linnen shot you reject with their own leadership we stand by our commitment for the security of israel and he said this very clearly and unequivocally to iran at every point in time 1st and we discussed the issue with diplomatic enlisted and ronan and columnist that israel's newspaper haaretz gideon levy who have different opinions
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on the bilateral tensions. israel germany relations are quite a big us and the west it's kind of the most hypocritical show in town because even if we go on we just not to back far in time merkel herself has voted at least 16 times in the un against israel defies 7 trump resolution to recognize jerusalem while trying to convince the other eastern european nations not to follow trump she's also trying to fight trump sanctions over iran germany is trying to undermine israel a sovereign 3 what would you expect other than saying we is stand by israel what he wrote spec other than that but reality is pretty much. the other way around tells you something about the atmosphere at the prime minister's residence and these should there warry some people who care about democracy about understanding
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of the more coarsely and understanding of the international law there was fear there seems to be very very hostile germany is the sort of sport needless to say that germany's more sensitive to criticism coming from jerusalem because germany still carries rightly so guilt feelings for the for the past but this does not mean that those attacks are legitimate the world has a right to the israeli occupation because the israeli occupation is a clear violation of the international law and it is the duty of the world to stand against the into his goals to fight it within israel and without outside israel to support them financially morally to support those 2 to really
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support all those fake 2 groups individuals who are fighting for ending the occupation. the saudi arabian ships and to pick up weapons in europe has been hounded by protests along the journey in front sanctus that succeeded in preventing it from collecting its cargo completely claiming the arms could be used against civilians in yemen now a french flag is being projected on to the vessel this is in spain the madrid claims that the ship left airport carrying material that will not be used in a combat capacity e.u. countries are under increasing pressure over their arms sales to riyadh with more details is already charlotte. well amnesty international has lost its several european union states saying they have failed to hold their obligations in regards to the on. trade treaty because they're selling weapons to saudi arabia live with them that will likely be used in the war in yemen the bar has been bouncing off
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european ports like a pinball this is a serious test of the country's resolve to uphold the obligations on the arms trade treaty and you common position on arms exports several states have food this test in the space of just a few days now the concern is that some of these weapons could be being used on the front line in the war in yemen and could be being used against civilians now that yemen conflicts been ongoing since 2014 around 10000 people have lost their lives in the conflict and millions have been pushed to wards the brink of starvation it's been described by the united nations as being the world's worst humanitarian disaster and the concern from amnesty international is that if it is possible that the weapons being sold by e.u. member states to saudi arabia are being used in any way to perpetuate war crimes or to violate international law they're not means that they have broken the obligation
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when it comes to the arms trade treaty the voyage reminds us that they prefer to allow lucrative global arms trade to continue to operate behind a veil of secrecy well amnesty points out that is saudi cargo ship has been making the rounds at several poor european states for the last week or so we know that it was able to dock it and twerp in belgium and it was able to receive a supply of missions there and since then it's tried and failed to visit several other european ports and now we do know that the belgian foreign minister has acknowledged that there are concerns that the sales and this is what he had to say going to be you know you would be good to spend on deliver. to saudi arabia if it was shown they had been used on going conflict such as. regional government
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must make the decision of mobile missile now here in france we had confirmation from the defense minister that's flawless poly that that saudi cargo ship was also due to dock in the port of laughter in northern france and was due to receive a shipment of arms from france as part of the sales to saudi arabia and now this is what she had to say last week in regards to babs. arms duly very. human to issues made a few years ago well that news was met with protests at the port of of when it was announced last week that's because there was a leaked investigation in the last month the show which alleges that the french government has been made aware by secretive military notes that weapons sold by france society arabia could have been used on the front line in yemen and could have been used against civilians and that provoked lots of anger from people who
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wanted to stop that shipment from going ahead now president michael also spoke about this last week saying that he had received confirmation from riyadh that any arms france sold to saudi arabia wouldn't be used in this way but despite that because of the processed those on's were not able to be loaded on the ship and then it moved on its way attempting to visit ports in spain and now on its way to italy but the controversy continues and many human rights organizations are unhappy that any of these sales are taking place in the 1st place what they've called on is for european union states to now halt those sales to saudi arabia off their arms. the french defense minister insists is not conclusive evidence french weapons killed civilians in yemen or saudi arabia denies targeting civilians claiming it's fighting the rebels who seized capital in 24 to.
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limit putin's ratify the new doctrine regulating the russian energy trade tackles the growing challenges posed by western sanctions on oil and gas producers matina culture has. direction president has approved of the country's new national energy security doctrine and as it was reported to the date of this document was required to due to new challenges and threats that the country's energy industry is facing both internal as well as international the document consist of almost 20 pages that calls among many others to reduce the share of hydrocarbons in the energy balance to develop renewable resources of an energy lower taxes on industry and raise the level of l. and g. consumption of the document also orders to counter discrimination of russian energy companies and global energy markets restrictions imposed by certain 40 states on russia's will and gas sector to limit its ability to sell energy globally global
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energy tensions seem to play quite a role in geopolitics we all remember of the wave of criticism over the construction of the north stream to pipeline which plans to deliver russia's natural gas to draw many now lately it was reported that 2 u.s. senators are working over a new bill to impose sanctions on russia over this particular project coming back to the energy dr in the updated version of that document was finalized back in november of last year but coincidentally signed the very same day mike pompeo made his 1st visit to russia as the us secretary of state international economist octomom duesler most is the russian energy industry so for most where the sanctions . the.


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