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tv   News  RT  May 16, 2019 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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as the u.s. ramps up pressure over iran senator bernie sanders accuses donald trump's national security adviser of trying to lead america into a war with iran just as they did with iran. told her to come rushing games design a faces up to 10 years in the u.s. jailed for allegedly smuggling f. 16 fighter jet manuals and took the country because he wanted to make his flight simulator game more realistic prosecutors accuse him of conspiring against the u.s. government and chinese telecom giant huawei the u.s. its latest move against the company won't make america safer but will end the development of 5 g. networks in the country that's after washington put the firm on
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a trade blacklist banning use of its equipment. at this point we are definitely not see any benefit it's just pain. american farmers lament the impact of the escalating u.s. china trade war saying that donald trump promised benefits to u.s. agriculture failing to materialize and facebook announces a new one strike policy he says sharing violent content that is part of the platform with terrorist material gets discussed them it. absolutely necessary given the volume of content but the technology simply isn't up to it yet so they're dragging their feet it's nonsense and they know exactly what has to be done and they're simply not doing. there is just gone 10 o'clock in the morning here in los. are you watching
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international now the 2020 presidential hopeful bernie sanders suzuki's u.s. national security adviser john bolton of trying to push america into a war with iran in a way that is reminiscent of another american campaign. we ought to target of the. you know to get us into a war in iraq is the guy who was the architect to go to goes into the war in iraq and that is john bolton so you know i worry about provocations on the part of the united states against iran in recent days washington has taken many measures to counter what it calls a credible threat from iran the u.s. has ordered all non-emergency staff at its embassy in iraq it's also sent b. 52 bombers and carries to the region media reports suggest there is intelligence images of missiles on rain in boats in the persian gulf sparking fears they might be used against american troops although the images haven't been published despite
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the lack of clear evidence for a heightened threat from tehran washington continues to make loud noises about what . threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror everywhere we go in the middle east it's a rare. major destabilizing in influence in the middle east spread death destruction and chaos the leaders of iran are record tears so pale as. death. and destruction behind every problem is a red and what we've been trying to do is to get iran to behave like a normal nation. john bolton and his approach to foreign policy be did on earth some of these old into the from 2010 when he does talk about his professional motto to lie in the name of american national security kind of both in americans about well they think. john bolton has
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a very important job keeping americans safe after all that is the job of the national security adviser and it's very important for americans to trust someone in that position john bolton wasn't always the national security adviser here's something he said before he got the job if i had to say something i knew was false to protect american national security i would do it so considering that john bolton has a pretty important position in terms of influencing the president on international matters you think it might be a concern if he says things consistently that turn out to be false we decided to ask new yorkers. iran continues to seek nuclear weapons and intimidate peaceful people is that true not. true right it just that's false. so the one year period that we've talked about from the point where north korea makes to strategic decision to denuclearize is something that north and south koreans have already agreed to is that true or false false that sounds like
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something that's not true doesn't seem. right. i'm not running around the world looking for ways to create hostilities. i mean just the other quotes pretty much speak for themselves that john bolton doesn't seem to have a golden record however that doesn't seem to put him in any danger of losing his job at least for now fulton is the point man thank you very little even. jacko to carry this through to britain and to topple the elected government of iran and while we can see the history in record of john bolton as being in favor of the wars from iraq to going as well or to iran and he's always in favor of imperial wars abroad so from a political perspective we have to see this as a reflection of the system itself the united states they want the oil in iran and
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whenever a bully wants to take something out of your position then they will allege provocations to justify aren't that violence that they're getting ready to perpetuate. and the russian embassy in washington alleges that u.s. intelligence may have staged a provocation that after a russian gains design it was detained on suspicion of trying to export u.s. fighter jet manuals on to shank a faces up to 10 years in jail for smuggling arms documents and profiting against the u.s. government and hawkins has morty times. conspiracy to smuggle classified documents an undercover sting operation at a trail leading to russia. for a classic james bond movie but for a leg to shouldn't go it's playing out in real life not on the silver screen with no hint of glamour the russian citizen is set to go on trial in august in the
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united states the charges are serious conspiring against the u.s. smuggling and violating almost export control laws and you know despite decades of stereotypes about russians mr titian co isn't a secret agent or a spy many would label him a computer nerd a guy whose passion and job was developing airplane flight simulators like this one . according to the manuals he wanted to obtain were to improve his knowledge of the jets and build them into a flight simulation game the problem is that despite the clear availability of such materials online only those with government licenses can export such manuals and because of u.s. sanctions on moscow sending them to russia is
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a big no no honestly it's a very strange situation i don't know why the united states would allow these minerals to be sold in the 1st place if there could be used against the united states so there's a contradiction there if you can purchase them in the united states foreigners come to the united states purchase them and read them and we really did assume that statute has a huge loophole which would suggest that. someone at some level of prosecution has done so titian co was charged in absentia here back in 2016 although he was none the wiser and off the traveling to ourselves. festival in neighboring georgia earlier this year he was swiftly detained and extradited at the u.s. government's request eagle dynamics the software company legwork for many years have distanced themselves from the whole story eagle dynamics confirms that it was not involved in any way in the actions of its employee who acted in
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a purely private context and his own personal interests the company develops all of its d.c.s. aircraft gain modules exclusively on the basis of publicly available information and has never used nor tried to taint any classified information at least the computer whiz isn't entirely alone the russian embassy in the u.s. has been following the case accusing u.s. intelligence services of carrying out a provocation the russian embassy in the u.s. is keeping a close eye on the situation surrounding the arrest of a russian national teaching crew who was extradited from georgia 5 charges have been brought against him including smuggling violating the arms export control act and conspiracy against the interests of the united states there are indications that this is a provocation staged by u.s. intelligence agencies the claim isn't entirely without foundation after homeland security took an interest in titian co an undercover agent posing as
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a buyer of air play money alls contacted titian co to catch him out and gather evidence on his nefarious activities it seems that a software designer and play in the simulation enthusiastic warranted an undercover sting operation so while titian go faces 10 years or more in prison both simulators and fighter jet my nails are still available online across the world just be careful where you post them and who you talk to or line. if e bay is allowing military documents to be sold they really should have a full notice of the statute violates so that there's no doubt that somebody who's buying them. fully understands the consequences the american was knowingly selling something to somebody who was a russian i mean that's really something that's you know not be. loyal to your country if frankly anybody should go to jail if they could be the american and not
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you should. print capital is hosted a summit on cantering online extremism in the wake of the christ church shootings in new zealand well leaders called on tech giants to combat violent content the christchurch call is a roadmap for action and it is pleasing to see this statement from 5 major tick companies committing all of them to a set of end of each individual actions and collaborative actions as well this 9 point commitment. will lead i hope which is a food is to fear the change that if successful will help to redick a terrorism from the platforms tech companies are being urged to update their terms of use to prohibit violent content that's already been done by facebook in the wake of its failure to prevent a video of the christchurch massacre being shared anyone sharing content with that context will now be blocked they spoke is also pledged 7 and a half $1000000.00 for research on how to best detect and content well just to
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remind you back in march a gunman killed $51.00 people into mosques in christchurch the video was uploaded some one and a half 1000000 times on facebook in the $24.00 hours that followed the live stream 10 people have been charged in new zealand over sharing the video. we discussed the issue of moderating violent content with previously activists bill me media analysts lionel and also terror expert anti terror expert jennifer break. you have an army not just with facebook but with twitter there's an army of contractors employees and other people who are there to immediately get it off right away as has been stated this happens with people that espouse certain political opinions and other ideologies and so now we're talking about you know we're talking about getting off far more egregious things they have this technology not only do they have that they have hundreds upon thousands of employees of contractors of people
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whose jobs it is to sit there and to see what's coming up and the moment something that is violent that is agree just that is horrific comes up they can shut it down and mediately monitoring no moderating in real time what these videos are will become does something some research to try and improve their ability to detect this in real time with sort of automated means which is absolutely necessary given the volume of content but the technology simply isn't up to it yet and that we need to go a long way to improve the technology so that we can have a better or do a better ability to moderates in real time using some form of all to motion the idea of somebody actually showing in broadcasting real time the slaughter of human beings make it even simpler what if this was an actual real time live stream of child pornography nobody would be even debating this i would say you've got to fix this technology and now this is nothing to do with freedom of expression nothing to do with the dissemination of ideas in no way does it violate and by the
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way very quickly safe book has the most incredible celerity what it comes to shutting down and immediately knocking somebody off who espouses a poll a little opinion just by merely supporting somebody so i don't want to hear anybody tell me that the technology is not there or there's no way to monitor this because let me tell you something if this war is something that was contrary to the zuckerberg world view. would be awful for anybody even thought so they're dragging their feet it's nonsense and they know exactly what has to be done and they're simply not doing it to me to recognize the fact that a 1000000 copies were taken down effectively and we need to actually take our ads off to facebook the fact that it did take down so many different copies what do we do if there is an event that is not necessarily being filmed by the perpetrator but it's already being filmed by hundreds of thousands of other people be it the
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olympics or the world carp or the whole joy any large gathering which is already being filmed i mean we had a pipe bomb go off at the atlanta olympics that killed 2 people and injured a 100 if we had had small bones back then there would have been any number of different videos being all being shot civil tenuously and i say dealing with all those in real time would be almost impossible but those were the perpetrators do you punish them is that reporter do you allow that what about people who are filming atrocities in my own more they're doing genuine reports do you allow that if it appears to be atrocious attacks and therefore we actually have to be slightly more realistic than saying oh facebook's got the technology it could do it come on get you move together move on there are far more complicated challenges. chinese telecom giant weiwei has issued a statement warning us authorities their latest move won't make america quote more secure or stronger adding that washington could end up having to pay more for lower
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quality fight year quit meant well that softer the u.s. department of commerce placed weiwei on a trade blacklist the decision comes hard on the heels of donald trump declaring a national emergency to protect national computer networks from what he described as foreign sarees. foreign of the series are increasingly creating on exposing vulnerabilities in information and communications technology and services which store and communicate vast amounts of sensitive information the executive order says that these foreign adversaries are a major national security threat of course china has said that there has been no evidence that that huawei worked through actually with the chinese government which is what the u.s. is a very much concerned about this comes days after the u.s. and china failed to meet a trade deal now the u.s. has threatened time and time again countries who continue to use while way products and have said that they will row back on sharing intelligence with these countries
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australia and japan so far have been to countries who have it here to the u.s. and not using a wall way however just recently the u.k. and germany said that they would allow 5 g.'s a huawei with limited access into their countries and the u.s. has already been angered by this information now the u.s. bans this chinese company from doing business here in the u.s. and this can also delay then 5 g. in the race for attack iran's muson executive director of the eurasia center to tell us that the latest move by the u.s. against weiwei could end up affecting ordinary consumers of the humor. basically you potentially could see a slowdown in 5 g.s. women taishan those that are armed but to not go along with the hallway buying.
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that could then impact impact on of different things a lot of different new innovations and things like that could be could be impacted and it just creates a big mess as far as trade goes and i think that consumers overall will end up paying a price that some some point in time whether where they're not getting the type of industry and innovation that they're expecting or do stuff particularly in the 5 g. area or focus you need to deal with this company and that's it and so really will shut down the competitive nature that we're supposedly advocating. stay with us try china trade war because u.s. stocks did take a tumble over the past few days cheating to attack terrorists being imposed by beijing and washington on each other and american families are apparently among those losing act.
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the price that we could get for our so i've been has put is. close to $2.00 a bushel below breakeven which is. nobody can make that last very long and stay in business. at this point we are definitely not seeing any benefit it's just pain. however you feel about the chinese market and the way that dave treated. trade wise in the past it's it's a fact that the chinese market is is has what has made us profitable in growing
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hopefully in the end that the trade agreement is something that is very beneficial to me as a producer here in the united states but also to the people in china. the trade agreement has to be win win or it's not going to happen well last week washington hiked tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of chinese goods responded with similar countermeasures and trunk lines that america is actually benefiting from the trade war with china by cashing in on import taxes while the head of the. association does say that the chinese tire will have a severe impact on the u.s. . sort of being really the chip of the spear if you will and the retaliation from the chinese on the u.s. trade and chinese trade dispute but it certainly impacted the core products of the u.s. . as well as livestock particularly pork kultury and of course a host of other non agricultural products so you know this any any disruption in
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trade between the u.s. and any of its major trading partners will certainly have an impact on farmers from a soybean perspective keep in mind that china currently buy is about 60 percent of all the soybeans traded in the world 60 percent so when the u.s. has a disruption in that relationship to china it certainly has a major impact on soybeans about one out of every 3rd row worth or about a 3rd of the toll the u.s. oil being brought to piggly would end up in china course today that's not happening now still to come the u.s. is keeping the grief at the moment savor its plans to create a nominee would have a look at why washington is so upset just after the break.
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whatever politicians do business going to work around it is stupid to support a politician who say they're going to impose a tax proposal regulation because the rich can just move right around it is easy as pie if you're listening if you want to be wealthy want to be rich understand that if you know how to read a balance sheet and you know how to read the recent legal. guidelines you can be rich it's almost like falling off a log if you can't figure that out is because you either cannot read or you are incapable of simple math that's it that's the bottom line. seems wrong. just don't hold. me. to shame. to stay active. and engaged with. the trail. find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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the us has clashed with the european union over the blocks plans to create. president trump slam the idea that are you saying it undermines the work of. the e.u. parliament recently voted in favor of allocating 13000000000 euro used to a joint military budget. reports it's been one of the foreign policy tropes of the trump presidency that you repeat your need to boost their defense spending so i want europe to pay germany pays one percent. they should be paying 4 percent. to pay one percent they should be paying even more than that european nations have stepped up their research and development into weapons systems away from the us defense industry including
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a franco german plan to develop a new european fighter jet but this doesn't sit well with washington in fact the trump government sent a letter to the e.u. foreign policy chief federica maka rini warning that the european defense cooperation all pascoe under 15000000000 euro european defense fund could fall foul of existing transatlantic military agreements to draft european development fund regulation and permanent structured cooperation general conditions represented dramatic reversal of the last 3 decades of increased integration of the transatlantic defense sector it would seem that the european union haven't really understood what president meant by spend more money on defense reading between the lines it probably would have been clearer if he'd said by made in the usa the letter to mark a rainy also contained well less than subtle threat should the e.u. continue down this path it's clear that simulate reciprocally imposed u.s.
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restrictions would not be welcomed by our european partners now allies and we would not relish having to consider them in the future when you take a look at how much defense sales for european allies was worth to the us economy between the period of 2008 to 2018 it's clear to see why washington isn't keen on a move away from the status quo germany spent a $1000000000.00 and took almost 2 thirds of its foreign military imports from the united states norway notes and a u. member of course but a member of the nato alliance on greece they spent almost one and a half $1000000000.00 while italy took over half of its foreign military imports from the u.s. and spent close to $2000000000.00 the white house will. you would expect also to be watching closely how proposals for a european defense force backed by french president to manual background and chancellor merkel here in germany develop the e.u. reaction to the letter from the united states to try and keep things calm. the
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european union is and remains open to u.s. companies and equipment with trump to be in europe next month we can expect more calls to boost defense spending as long of course if you buy from the united states peter all about. the former vice president of the parliamentary assembly of the l.s.e. even even miss as they that nato will not be weakened by any. spread is 0 on going to war effort on the side of so you know just suits and their farm when we come. in your all we have to be loyalists to go about this question the yellow t. is that there was always pressure on the side of soon. to. inform us sources and this is not seeing you when it comes to.
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where nobody sees a split at least not. as a countries like india china or even so option for the nation and therefore it is policy inside the west and therefore it is the behavior of somebody who sees your there's a plunder and not as a call poison well creating its own army is not the only concern for the european union because the rise of nationalism was among the most discussed issues too during debates ahead of the upcoming human pain elections elections shallot been ski reports now from paris. a polite debate which some described as being a little bit dull by the 6 candidates all vying to be the next president of the european commission they tackled some of the big issues dividing europe at the moment including migration taxation youth unemployment and of course the rise of if you were a skepticism or nationalism as they describe it saying it was possibly the greatest
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division in europe at the moment people who used to vote for my party and many parties here are now faulting from nationalist parties sometimes even extremist parties that's our fault we see that nationalism and echo dismiss back on this continent and what we have to do over the 26 overall of may for this year's elections we have to find against those who want to destroy our europe ordinary people in europe we are conscious that do not care about reduced politics are somehow tired from list european integration well that's because there are signs in many polls that euro skeptic parties are likely to make a big gains in this next election some polls suggesting that they could actually double the number of seats which would mean if that's the case they would hold around 15 percent of the seats in the european chamber a lot and many people are very concerned about that particularly the centrists and
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the liberals and all of the candidates urged people to do whatever they could to get out and to vote next week and some even suggested that they could be a prospect in the future of changing the mechanism of voting within the european union today we have in our external affairs the idea of unanimous vote that's for europe cannot act europe is not quick enough but after all of that who was watching suggestion that many of the big broadcasters in the larger nations across europe actually relegated that debate to be less so watched. smaller channels or online channels meaning that perhaps only a fraction of the 427000000 people who are eligible to vote next week actually saw who could be that potential next president of the you're paying commission child to be unscathed are you watching r t thanks for the company this morning more from us
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at the top you. know that. the other girls want to do things are you crazy with will be very clear. the way your. management. and the young lady while they have them they are.


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