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putting all the pieces in place to wake the dog of war on the heels of last week's inspired bit of military theater that saw bolton blame some brand new incredibly bag iranian threat for the reason the placement of the abraham lincoln carrier strike group to the straits of hormuz this week the u.s. state department in a security alert on its website ordered the departure of non-emergency u.s. government employees from iraq both at the u.s. embassy in baghdad and the u.s. consulate in erbil once again under the auspices of some new threat from iran if threats obey the not even the top soldiers on the ground in iraq are apparently aware of it yes in a rare break from the new official party line major general chris the deputy commander of operation inherent resolve the u.s. led coalition against isis he told reporters the following no there's been no increased threat from iranian backed forces in iraq and syria but.
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what but here in washington d.c. thousands of miles away john bolton said there was a new threat how could the major general on the ground in the region know more than john bolton we most of them will be about forces is clearly one of them and we don't see any increased threat from many of them at the station. oh that's because they're literally muttered to them oh yeah looks like the general didn't get the latest memo yes my friends here in d.c. it's beginning to smell a lot like deja w m d's all over again which means we'd better start watching the whole us. what a. treat it looks like real that this would. be the plot of. the day like you that i got. with that we. would. be.
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welcome on the watching or i rolled with her off and on top of that so of course now we have a problem and it's even one that mainstream media is starting to pick up on as we saw a little bit earlier today even c.n.n. was in a lower 3rd kind of talking about this idea that you know there's an iranian threat allies are skeptical so. now you know we can we question right now are we allowed to question who are the 5 there are those on time you know that it's been such a weird couple weeks tabloids like you especially here in d.c. and having lived through the the run up to the 2nd you know the iraq war and even the 1st iraq war with the whole baby as an incubator thing and you can kind of smell that like and see all these pieces falling into place like oh or you're trying to start something you're trying to create
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a war that shouldn't even be really great you're trying to create a threat so you can justify a potential war down the line and it's getting pretty bad i mean this week we saw reports that the white house reviewed a military plan to send 120000 troops to iraq in the event of the iranian strike on u.s. forces or a speed up of its development of its nuclear program. but you know then when confronted trump denied the plan was telling reporters quote. no i would do that absolutely but we have no plan for the. plan we have a lot more troops. where's he getting them. i'm confused wherever you go we've done more than that i mean the golden army. you know if we're. going to. that would be the end of it well i mean the problem is a part of the evidence and that's the really the part that oddly enough we're
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interested in is actual as. new jersey senator bob and bob menendez he's in the senate foreign relations committee told the media that there are only 2 reasons to evacuate the u.s. embassy and iraq now it's either that americans working at the missions are risk or to prepare for military action. and on to declare that the trump administrator said it has not provided any information to this committee on the intelligence behind their decisions and what they plan to do in iraq or iran and this is the senate senate foreign relations committee and i think one of the things that the trumpet ministration is kind of pooh poohing and kind of turning their nose out is that they have to approve we have things about wars that congress has to. i can understand given the murky about recent history in the past couple presidents i can understand why the trump administration would be like bush who needs congressional
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oversight when we can start a war any time we want that since world war 2. now you're going to have people who normally were like no terrorism terrorism terrorism for the last decade and have well now have to be like now they're going to have to actually do their job but it seems like they might be they might actually start looking at these things what they should have been no in a long time ago and but at least they're doing it now and you know the rest of the world seems to be catching on and here you have you know that one of the committee you know the generals on the ground in iraq saying no there's no threat that i can send there's nothing new that i've seen and then you have spain with druids frigate from the lincoln carrier strike group that i mentioned earlier because the group is now focusing on these alleged threats rather than the agreed upon objective to mark they were actually going out to mark the historic seafaring anniversary together of the slave force but now they're suddenly being you know you have to cover this weird throw up that no one has ever read about and so of look i just i want to make
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sure i have enough time for this for the people at home i hate to be the one to ruin your summer travel plans but it looks like the state department is urging us citizens not to travel to iraq due to these heightened tensions out you might want to call and just let you know let's find out if you get a you know i'm shocked you're just back on sandals resort or below i guess i don't know if you know i mean maybe it's one of these things where they're ramping i mean i'm hoping that it might be one of those things where they're like ramping all of this up much like trump did before it with north korea and then later it's like all we did all this to kind of sit down at the table. that's me giving them a football field long benefit of about. 85 years ago american machinist had. re richmond discovered a way to mass produce what we now know as glitter soaps and glitter is going to a big part of crafting cosmetics and even celebrations however scientists
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universities and even music festivals are saying get out to glitter texas a and m. university is among a number of educational facilities banning glitter on campus especially during graduation ceremonies because while 7 they make for brilliant instagram pics they are impossible to clean up can poison wildlife and often end up washing into local water supplies in addition over 60 music festivals in the united kingdom have banned them citing that glitter is plastic and you know because we've been so hot watchers are you willing to give up glitter if it means reducing the litter is a really tough question because you know me i love her you know and i don't know if the people at home understand how much you love glitter this is one of those things where i look at a tab and i'm like you know we have to bend with the times like i get it glitter was really fun back in the eighty's and seventy's when you were on glitter has been around a lot it's just mass produce something we have this. is of. but the problem is
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modern glitter. yes they have figured out a way to mass produce it not so great how you did it so the thing about glitter is it's essentially made by taking sheets of very thin plastic and then putting a layer of metal like aluminum over it and then chopping up into little pieces and then just letting it out into the universe the plastic is obviously made from fossil fuels fossil fuels contribute to greenhouse gases that cause matter that you know probably cause mass extinction across the planet and also it's just because one or another out that answers the question is i'm sure a few people are wondering is why they're talking about why be concerned about yeah because it's interesting it's made from aluminum. going to sort of thing and just so you understand how this works how it gets into our water supply it's a lot like. we've talked about on the show look good are all over your body because you're a coach oh and then you wash your body i hope it goes down the drain what eventually
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happens is that glitter which is micro plastic and whip in the ocean still made 90 percent of the plastics and marine environments are micro plastics. little beads and soaps and things like that the same thing came up with the micro being banned around the world including the u.s. so maybe we've got a step forward and it's time for good or bad yeah and i wish i wasn't you know i'm not i'm not one to be about like. in ways like this where you say you know it's like plastic straw in that i don't know that these worldwide things sort of address the actual issue like the glare is not going to go away people are still going to get it from places but i do think we market. it all happened. right there. but the thing is i think we just need to like a lot of things whether comes to fossil fuels and energy sources we need start moving to something that's sustainable that isn't as toxic can move us toward that
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and that's one of the things about the alternatives and there are a lot of alternatives there's biodegradable cruelty flea free plastic free all these things on the market and they're made from things like cattle and it's a good to dissolve really quickly they're nontoxic but what you want to do to be clear is some alternatives for glitter are made out of which is a natural. natural mineral and it sparkles and you can sort of peel off layers of it it's very cool but here's the problem and this is why last the bath. company used to use as opposed to plastic and bath bombs they change out long ago for this reason they were using mike and they decided not to they're making a biodegradable version of it. the reason they're doing that is because most mica is mind of it's child labor lovely so you're either poisoning the fish or you're
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contributing to child labor by not thinking about the glitter and it's if you if you're going to craft if you're going to do these things have you to put your beard they are responsible about everybody else and you know get something you know also it's like these poor people who are the janitors and the people who have to work at these places there is literally no way to clean this up it's just glitter everywhere and they can't do anything about it so it's not fair to me but this is one of those interesting stories to me because i don't think it's one of those products the you don't think about now you don't think about the consequences of it and that's why it's important to bring up stories like this because there's a lot of products in the marketplace that you don't think about the bigger ramifications of their use of think oh glitter it's cute well that's you know plastic straws and then you see a turtle with its documents nose and you're like oh i get a new poll open ambition it's full of little bits of micro plastic well this is just another kind of micro plastic and as we're seeing it over and over there are whales washing up on the show or from mess and they're having plastic and micro
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plastics and it's getting that stretch mariana trench the plastic at the bottom of the deepest trench in the ocean yeah absolutely ridiculous all right as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the property cover the place for you too but what are your poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up we discuss the harsh anti-abortion laws just passed in 3 u.s. states and the fight over how best to change them and. alyssa milano sex strike. where the lawyer an hour ago. what is it calling his magic and the new type of digital currency essential lies digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd for bankers call the
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genesis blog for reason a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. this footage is unique because there's a tribal lens on normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's the personal doctor. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft that.
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he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening. already so since going to busy doing nothing is going to do the population because he's going to people. this week another bill criminalizing abortion passed the alabama state senate with
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a 25 to 6 boat despite the fact that even the bill's sponsor doesn't expect it to become law that's because the bill like those that have passed in 6 other states in the united states is actually a stunt as the bill sponsor alabama state representative terry collins stated it's to address the issue that roe v wade was decided on is that baby in the womb a person however it seems that the legislators at the heart of these bills aren't the only ones claiming to be allies while admitting they're not equipped to debate the issue actress and activist alyssa milano caused a stir over the weekend when she tweeted our reproductive rights are being racist until women have legal control over their own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy join me by not having sex until we have bodily autonomy back i'm calling for a sex strike passed it on well the twitter verse definitely passed it on right into the hands of activists who are none too happy about the proposed sex strike right or a political analyst and lawyer. reached out to milan him and posted an e-mail response in her tweet that showed
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a listen as she said share this with whomever i like so in the email from she cynically stated while claiming to be an ally saying i know you don't like me it's obvious and super cool mulatto then went on to state as she had on numerous occasions that she works in georgia which also has one of these bands and her kids go to school there she then wrongfully accused of docs in her by the next day when mulatto was asked specifically regarding the sex strike she's so vehemently called for she stated i mean i don't know i sent a tweet last night i haven't really thought about it this morning joining me now from atlanta is writer political analyst and lawyer i know it chunka thank you so much for joining us. thank you for having me 1st of all i want to start with the alyssa milano business mulattoes stepped into this kind of thing before most notably when she tweeted quote i'm trans i'm
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a person of color i'm an immigrant i'm a lesbian i'm a gay man i'm the disabled i'm ruben i want to ask you what is the danger of mulatto using her status as an activist as a shield the goods criticism. i really appreciate the framing of that question i mean in these times particular where everyone has been up against it is great to have folks like you know actresses like melissa mulatto who will signal boost elevate the actual work and actions and issues that we're passionately working on the grassroots level however when you sin to yourself as a privileged person as she is in those identities that are very much not transferable it creates this this is this confusion that somehow because you are an ally or you identify or empathize people that you can also stand in their place and many people during that whole that was like 2 months ago many different people including myself in a semi-private forum tried to reach out and explain kind of how that wasn't the
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best course of action in terms of expressing empathy and solidarity like there are lanes the solidarity and that just wasn't the best way to express it. i want to get to the core of what the sex strike sort of was i think a lot of people understand that makes sex strike sort of this idea come out of you know listen which i want to remind everyone this playlist out in which women monitors stop war by saying i'm not have sex anymore that was a comedy it wasn't like it was a comedy it was a mentor and started. oh i'm so i'm going to ask you do from your perspective do sex strikes actually work in real life and are they worth the haast. of using sag says it seems like a bargaining chip for women like our own right. i mean there there are some actual historical examples of sex strikes working and other cultures right but the
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at the core crux there are 2 different issues one you have a strike it actually has to be those who are doing the labor that is that is actually calling for the strike right so if you're calling for something to calm the strike for something and actually needs to be correlated to whatever it is you're protesting in this instance all of us who are liberal progressive minded not having sex with our partners isn't going to change conservative lawmakers from doing what they're doing they don't want to having sex anyway so that's one thing the other thing is that like you pointed out using sex as a bargaining true tool or acting as if it's something that we don't really have that this is the only source of power we have is to withhold our bodies from our partners and it also excludes. g.b.t. hugh i.e. women right like with women who are queer women who are not partnered to men and all of this also excludes transmission who also can become pregnant and have abortions as well so there's a whole litany of reasons why that was maybe not the best idea which is why the
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e-mail you all saw on twitter was actually in response to an e-mail that i had sent asking you know who works with you when you think of these ideas trying to really help her understand that when you're going to get out there as a as a major activists are calling for major action there really is a lot more work that goes behind it instead of just jumping out there and say hey let's do this thing it's a great point i think a lot of people a lot of leverage activists and even even activists i think they kind of jump they put the cart before the horse you know that kind of thing they don't really do the hard work before kind of jumping on the bandwagon and potentially mocking up. the good work that people are doing to try to change things it's interesting during the debate in alabama and alabama state senator bobby singleton had this to say. about their heartbeat bill and its intended purpose let's take a listen. i'll say that you better be very careful about what you want to overturn why you think that you have
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a president is ready to give you roe v wade and hand it to you based on the court that he's given you believe me that there are presidents there are constitutional statues that those men and women and here to 1st before they adhered to political parties. that's interesting how has the kind of provocative by republicans and activists like mulatto hurt the fight to protect women's basic constitutional rights and how do we stop that how do we fight against that. i think overall like the work but in the way alyssa has like stepped out i mean i think ultimately she is trying in her own way right to raise awareness but i do think that when we were just boycotting or striking without any real context to the issue at hand even taking credit for now everyone's talking about issue we've been trying to raise awareness you know since the start of our various sessions across the multiple states but there are some people who've been doing reproductive justice
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work particularly in the south for years now who have been trying to warn particularly their democrat allies that this is a fight that is coming to a head sooner or later this national effort we see now with these multiple states passing this similar type of legislation is it is a strategic effort it's not a coincidence that we're seeing state after state knowingly passing unconstitutional bills this is this is intentionally happening which is more reason why we need collective effort and support to actually lift up the voices of organizers of the executive directors of the legal teams in these various states who are actively fighting and have been actively fighting in terms of these anti choice provisions what do you feel is the best way to some of the best examples you've seen in these states. of pushing back against the exam type choice provisions that you've seen what or what are some of the good examples about. i'm just here and i notice the same thing in alabama because since we're on the southeast region we have this we have similar staffing in terms of like planned
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parenthood and some of the major like reproductive justice or so i see in the collective like there's actual direct lobbying that people did all across the session our law here in georgia passed by just a few less than 5 votes and they were active working with members of the state legislature to make sure that people were informed engage you know we were able to get some folks we couldn't split votes at least got some folks cannot vote so there's that type of strategic lobbying that people have been doing and then there's also raising awareness in organizing people been trying to inform people about what the law is and is because there's a lot of misconception because using the term heartbeat really implies something way more significant so what is really at stake we're talking about a 6 week old fetus which is really like a cluster of cells of electrical impulse right so there's been that as well like trying to educate people and really the medical community i mean the medical community coming in and giving testimony whether it's nurses doctors do was made was i mean having those people really lending their expertise and understanding of
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the issue has been really helpful as well to helping not only the public but also to help point out how ridiculous some of these members of the legislature really are because they're going against science they're going against the law they're going you know just basic common sense just to prove their point i want to say we just have less than a minute left for you but i want more out a show but i wanted to mention something and i want to thank you so much for coming on here because you've been attacked a lot about coming on stations like this and but nagware is actually a hit piece and w a b e n.p.r. say oh you. and i and you know and it george washington university the robert w. or tang actually said when progressive activists appear on sputnik or stations like that that. makes the outlet seem more legit russia may be using activist frustrations about u.s. politics for its own purposes i want to give you a quick chances like responded less now and thank you for. coming on here
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yeah i pause but i pause because but that experience last year was ridiculous and i've never let it stop me from going on by any means necessary with eugene puryear i do appreciate this opportunity and i really have felt that as long as we're verifying the information that we're receiving regardless of the outlet because fox news is the mystic and it's trash that gives us the opportunity to actually lift up the work of organizations like the yellow fund and alabama like a r.c. southeast like sisters long song like so many amazing organizations the georgia projects so many amazing organizations that are doing really powerful transformative work that unfortunately our mainstream media does not necessarily find room to highlight because its goal is to maintain the status quo and many of these organizations into these are actually try to smash not only the pain of patriarchy but the way things are being done currently so. i have always appreciated thank you want to thank you because if without voices like yours we can't tell that to the people and it's important that we tell stories like that thank you so much writer political analyst and lawyer and now
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a chunka thank you so much for coming. thank you for having me. i. forgot what you know or what you think you know about modern robots are supposed to look like this because researchers and interns at nasa langley research center in hampton virginia are bending all the rules called soft robots these robots forego the usual metal joints bolts and pistons and instead use silicon and air bladders for the body mechanics of their robots this creates a movement and look that appears closer to it a organic thing of nature than a machine made in a factory in particular researchers are investigating 4 key properties of the soft robot actuators mobility jointing leveling and shaping and how to use them in space exploration they're hoping that these soft robots could play a big role in the future of robotics and space due to their flexibility and potential ability to squeeze into tight spaces so. i guess in space
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no one can hear you score. i know i want one. more about us i sort of want to be remembered rumors were told we are loved. i am tired rover and have a lot of people watching all those hawks all over great. whatever the politicians do business going to work around it is stupid to support a politician who say they're going to impose a tax proposal regulation because the rich can just move right around it is easy as pie if you're listening if you want to be wealthy you want to be rich understand that if you know how to read a balance sheet and you know how to read the recent legal. guidelines you can because it's almost like falling off a log you can't figure that out because you either cannot read or you are incapable
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of simple math that's it that's the bottom line. because. as opposed to see on his attorney one name for you. born one who has a little bit. more which is. there's a rule if they give you to you they've got the guts to know people you see opposed to it's been made before it's yes it was true. and that's the ticket. if. that's their finish that you give. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want us. to do right to be for us it's like i'm up for 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my house. first sit. with lawmakers manufactured to sentenced him to the public will. when they're running close to some protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only one person. to ignore middle of the room signals. from the real news room.
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antiwar activists are trying to anti the protesters are being evicted from the venezuelan embassy in washington after a sit in protest lasting more than 30 days. as the u.s. ramps up pressure on iran senator bernie sanders accuses donald trump's national security adviser trying to lead america into a war we just happened with a run. on the philippines recalls it's. also a failed to meet the deadline to take back the tongues of falsely labeled trash shipped to the southeast asian countries years ago.


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