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russia's envoy to the un accuses the global chemical weapons watchdog of becoming highly politicized after a leaked document appears to contradict the o.p.c. w.'s probe into a chemical attack in syria. french intelligence chief question 3 journalists are overly detailing the use of french weapons in the yemeni conflict . and an austrian province introduces some rules of behavior for refugees supposedly to help them integrate we put the issue of the debate. to. graeme just going to ask further we still grateful for having been forced to
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flee that country in the 1st place because we have to remember that it is because the west and north to their country their children and. it's 1 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching r t international live from our studio with me in india a tutor welcome to the program lead documenters cost down it's on the world chemical weapons watchdogs final report into a deadly incident in the syrian city of duma last year it contradicts the o.p.c. w.'s official conclusion that toxic cylinders were dropped from the air which western governments used as evidence to blame the sunni government for the attack that russia's ambassador to the united nations responded to the new leaks saying it raises questions about the work of the. we are trying to get the o.p.c. to be back on track because it has diverged from its path and used to be
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a technical body where consensus prevailed but it has become highly politicized we want it to return to the way it was originally our senior correspondent has more on the latest revelations and how they change the picture of what happened in doing that last year. this alleged leaked documents came from the u.p.c. w. it was it was one of the documents of fact finding little investigations that was entirely emitted from the report and this document portrays a very different version of events and make no mistake judging by how in depth and detail that was the authors the experts scientists behind this they looked at everything even simulated the physical properties of the canisters themselves the concrete roofs the rebbe's the steel supports and they simulated under different conditions how the canisters could have penetrated the roofs and ended up where they allegedly did end up and they came up with a lot of questions
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a lot of questions an inconsistency for example in one location which they apparently visited they found that the impact crater in the canister simply don't match and they think they allege that the impact crater itself was caused that prior or later date by a high explosive shell it's consistent with an explosion canister didn't explode mechanics that just fell through they also remarked that the impact crater itself the steel rebar and the canister. there would have been marks left if this thing had fallen for hundreds of meters and penetrated through its steel supports but they found no such markings on either the roof or the canister itself. a 2nd location they found that the canister simply couldn't fit through the impact crater with the nozzle still intact that it should have broken off and there's
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much more many more examples in consistency that they found but the conclusion that they drew was that the canisters were likely placed there. observations of the scene of the 2 locations together with subsequent analysis suggests that there is a higher probability that both cylinders will money placed if there is $2.00 locations rather than being delivered from aircraft you'd think these findings are incredibly important day in the face of the u.p.c. w.'s official report but so far there's been no comment from the u.p.c. w. regarding what was inside these documents what these experts found instead we have the official narrative which completely contradicts what was in these leaked documents and the narrative that was established hours after this incident took place the chemical incident in duma where asaad was blamed of ordering helicopters to drop canisters full of chemicals on dumont civilian areas
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and narrative that was then used to launch an armada of cruise missiles at syria. now the c.w. has admitted the documents were leaked which perhaps. helps you know hints at their veracity the legitimate they're also investigating how this happened they've been very quiet otherwise the documents themselves what was in the mall they said is
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that they looked at all versions of events the different sub investigations by different teams and compiled a final report we asked for calm. and we sent a list of questions a week ago last friday asking the p c w you know why did you meet these why did you go for one version of events and not the other why are you now being so quiet about it why is there no comment being made so far all we've gotten is silence unfortunately but you know with the story gaining traction and so on says sometime soon. professor piers robinson is a leading member of the british academic research paper syria which obtained the report says the o.p.c. that was response to the lake is significant it's very important that you easy w. not dinara eat that this engineer report comes move in the o.p.c. don't leave and are denied that what they're trying to do is to create all break
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going between this engineering report and your investigation and that as we make clear and. there is no good reason to accept what they're sounding at face value the bottom line in this is that the document has been passed to us we have confirmation from multiple sources which clearly shows that there has been an investigation carried out from within the o.p.c. w. an investigation which is not found its way all to might leak into the fire and do not report which came out about a month ago really question our question now is what has been going on within the o.p.c. w over the course of the last 12 months and why is it the case this document has not found its way into the final o.p.c. w. scripts have criticized what they are calling an
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unacceptable attack on the press freedom in france there's a growing that 3 journalists who need to classified 17 page dossier on the use of french weapons in the yemeni civil war could face prison time with the latest here's a charlotte de belsky. the question that's being asked now is press freedom under attack fronts and that question is being posed not just by journalists but also by human rights activists who are hugely unhappy about this investigation that's going on now back in april we covered a story here an r.t. which was that a number of french outlets had revealed and uncovered a secretive military dossier which was allegedly showing that french weapons sold to saudi arabia will you being used on the front line in yemen a french government has always denied it but this dossier has said that the french government was made aware of this fact now as a result of that an investigation was launched by the domestic intelligence services here in france and 3 journalists were hauled in as part of that
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investigation to be questioned about their sources and some say to be pressurised to reveal who their sources were which is course is something we as journalists considered to be absolutely sacred well our sister channel r.t. france has actually been speaking to one of those journalists from disclose who is now under investigation of course for we were very surprised that we were summoned because it's unusual for journalists to be treated in this way we were summoned yesterday morning for disclosing national defense secrets and we were told from the beginning that we were not there is journalists and the case would be decoupled from our role as journalists i think the freedom of speech needs to be supported by as many people as possible this is not an isolated case there would be many documented instances of intimidation especially during rallies. so why was this revelation so controversial not just because the french government according to that dorsey you knew that these weapons were being used by saudi arabia on the
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frontline in yemen it also showed how they were being used and suggested that friendships were actually being used to blockade yemeni ports which meant that much needed medication and to monetary assistance into. the food was not getting to the civilians who are being hit by this war and this one has been going on since 2014 it's been described by the un as the worst manmade humanitarian disaster it's seen thousands of people killed and millions of people pushed towards the brink of starvation and human rights organizations have said that in june this should be doing this kind of work this should be revealing things like this that are going on and governments the undersigned n.g.o.s consider the information unveiled by disclose and its partners to be of essential public interest the threats of prosecution against the 3 journalists constitutes an arm except through press freedom and the protection of journalistic sources the fresh government has
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repeatedly denied that its weapons that it sells to saudi arabia are being used on the front line in that conflict and even last week we had where surance is from president michel that he had spoken to the government in riyadh and they had once again confirmed that that was not the case but the reality is here on the ground many people aunt seemed to be believing that in fact so much so that last week saudi called the ship was due to pick up arms from the french quarter of last it had to leave because there were protests by people who just don't want any more french weapons to be sold to saudi arabia possibly being used to implicate the country in war crimes you are wrong this week that yemen is sliding into oblivion and has almost reached the point of never turn with one child dialog bridge every 10 minute 30 bombing campaign has been on thanks for 4 years and the latest air strikes killed 6 people including children and injured more than 50 the raids on
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military facilities and residential neighborhoods in the capital sana'a obliterating a number of. the state media said the bombings were in retaliation for intro raids by the hokies on infrastructure and only to. sites controlled by the militants locals though have disputed those claims. we won't voices in shouting the only thing now left of the building is a column everywhere there was destruction and burst children were shouting our neighbors were running towards us there were more strikes and other buildings nearby then help arrived and we were taken to hospital showed him how about the holy month of ramadan and didn't even stop them this just didn't bother them suddenly a bomb hit the house why why us we weren't hiding anything you know we are normal simple people just look at us god will punish them i hope their own lucky they suffer the same fate. or who are saying they are killing us saudi arabia's yearly rate in america chasing us ad of our homes what have the people there killing done
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. the north austrian state has launched initially they hope will encourage asylum seekers to integrate their being issued with a so-called set of 10 commandments on living in austria list includes demands to learn the german language and here to laws and respect austrian values it was drawn up by the far right freedom party which is known for its hardline stance on immigration the local minister behind it claim this designed to improve integration however while all new arrivals are told to sign it there will be no inforced meant all penalties for noncompliance has been branded a publisher to stand by critics who say asylum seekers in austria already have to sign a declaration which covers integration language and austrian values. at the height of the european refugee crisis in 2015 just under $90000.00 people applied for asylum in austria that's about one percent of the country's population in 2018 the
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government announced it would withdraw from the un global migration pact an agreement between $193.00 countries to cooperate on and monitor international migration we went head to head earlier with the e.u. opinion journalist and catherine schachter is a senior analyst at the alibi and center for planning and studies. they tried to do like the americans do you know microphones to america are welcome but they must integrate they do so readily you of course in most cases the love of the flag above the national anthem these ideas want to be developed by the austrians but also in many other countries in europe i think the issue here is that it's targeting specifically the muslim community and i think there is a great sense of stigmatisation incrementally zation of obviously all together in austria i can understand why it was true i would want to you know to to set up in a place or 2 laws to regulate immigration it's actually it's provocative and i
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could understand as well that the recent issue with hispanic product is a myth that that issue needs to be addressed i'm not sure that those 10 commandments would actually address anything other than further alienate a community that is actually trying to you know to integrate the best they can it's islam that creates problems because part of the islamic community or the muslim community. things the west is responsible for many things and it's the enemy these people come in yes it we have an issue we radical islam but again we now addressing the issue by trying to criminalize the entirety of the muslim community and i think that's the problem because we're talking generically religious freedoms and that's an issue that you know i think worries me greatly because by if we're doing in one community is rightly overriding all of our rights and i think that we need to wake up to this reality that it's also a problem basically with the status of women and i'm afraid that it is clearly saw with islam that the status of the women who come. it's not what it should be in
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western societies they stay home they cannot go out they don't want the language in most cases we have seen that in most european countries for decades now the we mean don't learn anything because they can't even read or write they stay home and. husband wanted sort of a surprise probably give me all these issues are transparency in these 10 commandments you know when they say the children must go to western school learn western values are european values and not the values of the koran we don't one koran exclusively we need to understand you know people have different traditions in and religious belief and that we need to get down to a certain extent of course i'm not saying that everyone has to bend over backwards but that being said i don't think that setting a law that criminalizes people's differences is the way to go you don't want our societies to get in the name of multiculturalism and islamic community developing
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which is an entire west that is the problem and i know it would be worried that the slower that was 3 had just set in place we only lead to further radicalization and actually end power those people who do believe in racism who do want racism to be pushed forward into the agenda because it's something that suits them and they want to see immigration being some kind of a grand criminal act because again they would like their country to stay the same but we live in a very global society nothing ever stays the same they simply want the people to realise that they are welcome in a country that would put their social welfare to the disposal of these markets that will welcome them so they shoot show gratitude it should be ingrained in them i'm just going to ask whether we should feel grateful for having been forced to flee the country in the 1st place because we have to remember that it is because the western powers brought to their trade their homeland that they had to secret as well so should they feel grateful for the. report claims the u.s.
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media has steadily become more biased over the past 30 years. after this break. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class to some project. with the right. wing or middle of the room. most people manage public pension funds don't know anything about them they're just
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clerks that they just signs in this job they give them a bunch of money and wall street guys come around and they take them out to lunch that thomas marty is and then they sell me a bag of worms some a lot of garbage most toxic risk on wall street is sold into these troubled pension funds where it goes to die that's why the returns are so. welcome back to the program one of the front runners in the 2020 us presidential election will officially launch his campaign on saturday since joe biden threw his hat into the ring last month several polls have put him neck and neck with veteran senator bernie sanders for the democratic party nomination but there is skepticism off to the pollsters proved to be trying to off the malk in 2016. more probably
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explains. there has been widespread criticism of how major new media networks in the united states are reporting on the polling surrounding the presidential primary for the democratic nomination now recently of a number of media networks have come forward with polls that they say conclusively show joe biden to be the front runner ahead of bernie sanders however of people are starting to scrutinize some of these polls for example c.n.n. is citing a poll they conducted themselves showing that joe biden is the clear front runner in a far lead ahead of bernie sanders however those who examine this poll have looked into the fact that it seems to under represent the voters under the age of 50 the age group of 18 to 49 which is a rather key voting constituency especially for bernie sanders a number of his supporters are younger people while the age group of 50 and older which tends to not favor bernie sanders a strongly is overrepresented in the result now it's also important to look at
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a poll put forward by m s n b c saying similar things saying that joe biden was the clear front runner let's take a look at this poll they came forward with a new poll shows just 2 percent of nonwhite voters support to judge that is far behind joe biden and 28 percent and bernie sanders the 27 percent now this is even more questionable because those who dug into this actual poll they cited have seen that the results are completely opposite the actual results of the poll show sanders as the front runner yet m s n b c reported it showing that joe biden was the front runner now from there many sanders supporters have dug into the fact that m s n b c is a part of the media conglomerate known as comcast and comcast chief lobbyist is none other than david cohen and david cohen the chief lobbyist for comcast the media conglomerate that owns m s n b c actually hosted fundraisers for joe biden in his home joe biden's kick off campaign fundraiser within the home of david cohen
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the chief lobbyist for the media can go. that owns m s n b c so many sanders supporters and others are very critical of these polls that are being presented in mainstream media in the united states now it's important to note that in the lead up to the 2016 election almost every poll showed that hillary clinton would be the clear winner of the vote however the results came in and trump was victorious the results were trump winning winning the election so many people are questioning and have been questioning how accurate these polls from mainstream american media really are and now as we face the lead up to the democratic primary in 2020 to determine who will be the nominee for the democratic party many people are scrutinizing those polls busy and looking in and seeing kind of a bias in the lead up to the vote. and you study has pointed to some alarming trends in the us media landscape and research from the very think tank summed up the findings. so we end up in
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a situation where not only are we not sure what's true and what's not but we're not even really sure where to go out to find that factual information that's cognitive bias and the way we process information we like to be right we seek out things that prove that we're right we disregard things that say that we're wrong technology changes fast and institutions change slow so schools haven't caught up in terms of providing students with the skills they need to be able to navigate that space and then finally polarization and we've alluded to it here several times in the political space but it's also important to think about social economic endeavor graphic polarization and in a digital age report examines the coverage of 15 media outlets they include the new york times and the washington post made the t.v. networks like c.n.n. n.b.c. and fox are also under the microscope along with digital platforms politico breitbart and buzz feed the report suggests that from 989 to 2017 u.s. media has taken a gradual and subtle shift toward subjectivity and away from facts and analysis it
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says online media in particular reflects personal frames and subjective references it also claims t.v. news reporting is being replaced with opinion based shows led by pundits prize winning journalist chris hedges says the findings are accurate. i think on the cable news channels whether it's imus and b. c. or soon or far they've actually given up on journalism. and replaced it with. we are really show. you know news programs newsprint at the same times become so let me make. the real journalism in most major cities as with the way you take for instance philadelphia live an hour from philadelphia the philadelphia inquirer was once one of the great newspapers. foreign correspondents it's all gone. through the free
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for all people go to war and stage you know whatever the titular political belief system or you know conspiracy theory did you have to do bruce really foresaw if you look at the specially the electronic media does interchangeable with really people believe whatever they want to. the french president will meet the libyan rebel commander khalifa haftar next week as part of efforts to win the peace talks in the war torn country and when it came after the general matter the italian prime minister for crisis talks in rome on thursday have to us forces control large swathes of libya and since april have been waging an offensive against the un recognized government in tripoli fighting is continuing around the libyan capital so far it's called more than 430 people and left over 2000 others wounded libya has
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endured fighting since 2043 years after the toppling of moammar gadhafi middle east specialist crush shannon told us europe is doomed to fail in settling peace in libya. this going to be very very hard to to get in libya because libya is a country with a lot of tribes the real power in libya has been held by these different tribes and monica that he was the one who could control disrobed and you have a lot of militias general half that feels he can get libya in one piece he's going to be like the one michael duffy 2.0 and he can get back to libya in one piece but a piece is not going to happen because you have of the people from syria all the terrorists from this and i'll kid of who has fled from syria and iraq and afghanistan that now are fighting in libya so peace is going to be very very hard to get for for either of the party either prime minister if the road you are backed
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by the you. when half that wheeze back by the western countries and the united states. showing thomas will take have been around 30 minutes with more wild updates so they stay with us. is donald trump's national security advisor john bolton a clear and present danger to america and the world is saber rattling in the middle east particularly against iran should concern us all we are forced to ask a fundamental question is fulton the primary architect of trumps all. those who can very well known case because of what's shown that was stolen in 69 in . his sleep very important painting and somebody from the mafia just said a few years ago that day has stolen and stored it in the hall. and when they wanted
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to think it up it was called because tourists had eaten it. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not 3 or else you can think i was going to do. by the way what is it that slide here. 6 guys or financial survival does. when customers go buy your gift of time. in elf well reduce some flour.
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that's undercutting not what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. is up the ceiling is at the 10 new one in korea calls for a new one flew over the gate. to get. it was only will you take him to united is usual for those of us who know
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people who see boasting that's when it puts you out of let's get. good city looks like a geek you know. like this game he said i love this game want to get it there but. that's the time to get. if you. don't finish if you're not that you give all. the hardship to. control of the. police approvals for me it is just those who called in the.


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