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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. more somehow i want to be rich. that's why the press is like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the why is it not how. things should. and as it was in new york which because of the both issue of should go there really when the prince could go through with you. it was a cute yup it posole cause. as up and as long as story when you know it's not any good. for you when you go to use some of those are through but it gets on this list and it's going to go. slow to this which is when you know early for you know the destroying important it is over. done did it step on the
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thanks low really. the hero status of step on bond was short lived in 2010 victoriano covert each was elected president this time the international community had no doubts about the legitimacy of the elections. in january 2011 victoriana coverts repealed the hero title of bond era. almost 4 years into his presidency though another revolution shook ukraine unfortunately this one was anything but peaceful. night. mr yanukovych which i'm an american i'm an outsider to the situation and it's very complicated but i would like as a as
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a filmmaker just to jump into the action and go to those moments in november 2013 you're president of the ukraine you've been president for 3 years at this point the country is in bad economic shape very bad you have a trade agreement with russia and now you are seeking to make a better agreement with the e.u. with the european union and you are negotiating can you bring me to that moment and what you're thinking just sitting at the bill or video for the media. but i believe him would be pleased to treat that in knots them but them will not. drop out of kyoto because there's a shoot too early in numbers not on the what do we fund. new form. but it is really a new. god really peter how water numb but it loud you pretty your head then that's what that is saying this is not shit in there but not you know. very full
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blown the silliness clears you see we're now in that on the sea chilly in the house or was the trip to new york also hold of mr lynn but also the whole bit but he isn't here when they are the only partially blues really drew here very on here. but also. i think the customer is not old nor will you know when the when they are but here deities to try to not some of us thought well less at this year. but i see it now because a storm we had always wanted aboard it but if you want to use to which you and your national interests it. began when it will rain erase you. so there's no risk of you doing the economy closely so when you can only afford where you can get machine. bullish who are committed no since you are about it i'm not going to
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separate them which is almost just going to. take you a bit of them. was a paid user seems to me that what i mean the national t.v. to do is just take it to go where. it got them when that tradition died belongs. to all in the you would. prefer. economy q i scored 0. but year your little park and insert thing you put it pretty close to you. really at them blow. struck a shelter. because you can usually use the korean issue as opposed to be get the you who brought him into the. norm when you don't need to back up let your. say you would open a new even shelly's to spear home where the more net them put you. really zealot but was a. violent clash. is erupted in the ukrainian capital kiev fast rules and
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100000 people protested against a government decision to delay an association deal with the e.u. . the tele you are a minister of interior affairs for the ukraine during this period when you were chief of police essentially of the country can you tell me your version of what happened from november protests through february protests. these are ship with. them. and putting it. right but this on your. see it appears consumers are semi a new leader of the opposition party fatherland book leader of the opposition nationalist far right political party vitali klitschko leader of the opposition
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party you. both e.u. and ukrainian officials said on thursday the suspension of talks on closer ties could be revived after the 2 day meeting but officials said the deal was off the table for. war. pro e.u. protests on the streets of kiev and to their 2nd day the crowd of iran a 1000 protesters were joined by the leader of the opposition or any well boxing champion vitaly klitschko he called on the demonstrators to maintain pressure on the government after it decided not to sign a major trade deal with the e.u. you go back to kiev the next day after the meeting with merkel and the protests erupted can you take me through that period.
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by the minute the worst with the mutely see. more snow. yet at the mobil have. to go to. me a. little will grow. up just in the coming few months what you see is little bizarre. little release the world will to shift my ground. robert perry is a long time investigative journalist based in washington d.c. best known for his major disclosures about the iran contra scandal in the 1980 s. he is the founder of consortium news where he has reported extensively on the crisis in ukraine and the forces behind the unrest and in geo is a non-governmental organization how many n.g.o.s are quite legitimate they
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represent good causes that maybe they help people in a country the door deal with water problems or deal with various kinds of social problems but there are some n.g.o.s that have become funded by government entities and serve more the purpose of that government rather than trying to serve the people that they are sensibly working for one thing we saw in the 1980 s. at that point the central intelligence agency had been largely discredited because of the scandals that had been exposed in the 1970 s. but that being years the cia has secretly financed its overseas activities of the national student association but then there came to light a fantastic web of cia penetration so when the reagan administration came in there was this concept that instead of having the cia which traditionally would go into these different target countries funding their media funding n.g.o.s funding different political operations that was essentially farmed out to. a new
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organization called the national endowment for democracy which was created in 1903 and it would do pretty much what the agency used to do it would go into one of these countries and it would support various political groups train activists deal with journalists business groups and try to advance u.s. foreign policy interests sometimes against the interests of the host government the target government and beyond that they receive financial and other logistical help from the national endowment for democracy and other u.s. agencies that help them training activists working with journalists to get their side presented more favorably they work on things like how do you get traction how do you get things to go viral how do you then use that to generate support for your cause and support was generated was the. founder of one of ukraine's new media outlets. these t.v.
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knew very well how to make something go viral. it was his notorious facebook post on november 21st 2013 that brought the 1st crowds to my dog. gets in the south of the quit your bitching it's illegal to put the list. if you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed if you read the newspaper you are misinformed. to deliver your message efficiently enough in the modern world with so many different technologies and means of communications you must embrace them all as the disturbing events of your own mind don started on november 21st 20133 new t.v. channels one on the air and suddenly became stunningly popular in ukraine spill no t.v. november 21st. t.v. nov 22nd. t.v.
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24th directly. from opposition protest these channels went viral supporting the protests and encouraging more and more people to come to my down. to play in your must so intellectually spittle which slug let's go on the other. deal is that me. 6 not only is the euro. just weak for a while and you know. you could. do due to what. you when you just don't feel for you mots like a mirror was. just all the ships. are within you to be a mr know it. the conclusion the same each and then i mean.
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did lots of. really. agree see what. i. mean you stole the idea in your muscle to go for a while for me to look at the. starter when up with the union. would be supposed to clean the prism of what's about that was just one little new business. note that its author was just. south of the sea on his attorney.
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you. it. was a rule if they gave you to your neighbor i got to know people who supposed to answer me it's you who was good. and that's the thought of you. if you are still there if they're finished if you are that you give. lake says and she forms part of a high altitude nature reserve. it's one of the famous chito room internees years principal waterway starts its journey.
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but can be summed up to the top to bottom i got a sceptic going up close up. it runs 300 kilometers from source to mouth and there are over $200.00 industrial facilities ranged along as bangs. i'm out on your muscle. to do 3 things. i have to myself of the mind to be a part of. the room here again over 4000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25000000 people. that the moon gets up or so married by so many of us about us from have a pop over people. november
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30th of 2013 became the 1st turning point of your own mind down from one of its most reported and mysterious events the other then you must go. to some with you. when you want but what. it means thoughts are in the world like you are on google so though it was you wouldn't that much material was always each of it all doing a loan that would you know push it yeah you more beast no but your pocket would you know what some of your photo do with names that. were in your chest a motion to go with muscle would be machine for use of these are not so much the good will but you will know so could you tell us a little bit of us to carry us personal you will teach visiting their quarters with your son but you won't because all. the flow of books was a conscious shame for months so you'll took them still feels like one choice but
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almost full foci just gives them out spittle which is low we will continue to post those who. remember but some do watch soaps and could do all those spikes okola through yup but to them as a rule just trust that it's wrong. to make use of some of them from the possible so when we have been a storm and about to come out it will take on no demons to deal with. motion company 13 after riot police attacked peaceful protesters with clubs happening in the early paying our eyewitnesses that were there said that the police did he's trying since we're just going to prosper hold the port. said. del what the d.c. police say is when they'll be in the. lead of the storm they'll pick us at us and the admitting who is sure but i mean that can him seal yeah we'll put you in your committee who is simply mean you're less seal or not will surely
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put on while you did. the queue of course almost certainly putting in my post and. you will somewhere with focus. to the poor will some go in the gym with a glow of me as thoughts of thirst so here with even a little which can. coincidentally sergei love again is a close associate to many u.s. politicians. the security service of ukraine had evidence that on that night in was in contact with opposition leader yatsenyuk where they discussed the clearing of mind on on the pretext of installing the annual christmas tree news media reported that the riot police cruelly attacked the students peacefully sleeping in their tents but scenes from the event seem to tell a different story it appears that the protesters were waiting for the police
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additionally there were dozens of journalists and cameramen from all the new public t.v. news outlets prepared to cover the events and most ominously a group of well trained young men arrived to mind on almost simultaneously with the riot police. they infiltrated the crowd and began provocations with insults stones and torches. the right sector in ukraine represents a part of the ukrainian population that has often favored fairly extreme right wing positions they had militias that came especially during the may den protests. there were groups that were being shipped into kiev where they would provide the muscle in effect for the demonstrations so the demonstrations went from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent the 1st step in a new detective work is to establish a motive. it is now said that sergei login is held in high esteem by
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his powerful u.s. friends. outraged by what was reported in the news the ukrainian people came out in force on the next day to vent their anger with the police actions. the violence started to take off when. naturalised was rigged. with institute they're not so old. t.v. which you're going to do when you put in the new will not cease. the. serious. bit don't just lease was almost in the premier. i read that i mean that i mean now you. know. i need to. look at the shell or any of the well as the white teeth but he just is
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the study of the structure of this is. what is the deal more decoy. i mean your list. as a failed unmasked as the color revolutions can be an attentive viewer can see subtle patterns and similarities revealing their true nature. to make crowds act as one group they have to be united at the unconscious level the masterminds of color revolutions know this well and have perfected the art. symbolism is one of the most powerful tools to achieve this and revolutionary political organizations with surprisingly similar names and even more similar logos have appeared time and again almost as omens marking the countries that would be
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hit by the colored plague next. they're often described as being aware and active when they're actually trained and radical they are the ones who take the 1st. literal and metaphorical to transform the peaceful protests into full blown. their fingerprints can be found everywhere on the map of the color revolutions. using all the experience of past generations simple but effective tools like catchy singalongs and chanting glory. well known for exciting the crowd and creating a group identity. and make them easier to manipulate.
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oh clear over the littlest look in your. incidentally one such organization t.v. receive generous donations from the dutch and u.s. embassies as well as from the renaissance foundation an ngo founded by george soros . i set up a foundation in ukraine before ukraine became independent of russia. and the foundation this me i'm functioning ever since and through the and the important parts and events now. i like criticism but it must be my way. did you see any evidence of u.s. involvement did you feel the presence of the u.s.
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just i mean i stammered billy put a statement in there said you know english thought of going to just me and live their lives just goes on a little long but is well out which in chelsea will not. just. be on the floor and i'm way done but deals will up it's the issue given you know what i need to near or honey but i mean yeah this shit is made up with you know some of it you see i'm listed and we did it in the way that we. split this with. the members of congress were visiting ukraine during that period most famously congressman john mccain so some of the people who were challenging their government their elected government at that point were were being told by a senior u.s. official a person who ran for president in a top official in the u.s. congress that the u.s. was with them and senator john mccain and it's always
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a pleasure to be back in ukraine senator mccain was in a sense giving the people in the maidana feeling that they had the backing of the most powerful country on earth. this is about the future you once were your country this is a future you just. did you had. yeah. we need. you probably need some. conflict god i mean what that would put if you just in is the idea which it is the . who is that on the bus the will. push through all the who issue. it was the pretty handy if. they didn't. yes should tell you. when you what do you want to peace is that in the
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. new political with the shit who is your highest level contact with the us government in this group yup us. close within them by them because the president. just this them to look for in the video water. store those but didn't buy didn't already love nor. a new deal little who is in the us ambassador. on the putting him well but it. was a bell post so as to be in with the which he was not with rule it he says that while us the queer part should lead us to all. those social switched up. at the gym but it's. not that.
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they're going to do it yourself. and you very easily read the reviews very. well. then they have the news. you need to feel it is very. soft what do you. do you wonder.
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if you will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these months and. then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the white people. must pretend to let. him get rid of whites only problems will go away. we can be. the. people being tortured to death the elderly people in the. been the case why of course will find themselves. in. means and means it's all sweat and blood of. what are you
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going to have for dinner trudy we don't have a need to be asking for a. full fledged civil war in south africa. why is there any chong not be in the tone of your hand to prevent. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully temperament for inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associate. in the school have a son of the moment those who flew in and out person that political battle psionic know the path to the magic at the moment the focus of the who story isn't new nixon
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called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the economy scream so once and making the economy of venezuela screed. fetched. the big.
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feast of the big news of the week the united states warned that airliners flying over the persian gulf could be misidentified and targeted amid a spike in tension with a rather. high became one of the topics on the gender of russian and u.s. foreign minister's talks in the russian resort city of sochi which he described as productive in detail. and human rights advocates raise the alarm over the u.k. defense secretary's amnesty proposal for a british veteran saying immunity for criminal offenses sets the dangerous president. plus 2 the world's biggest tech companies pledge to crack down on violent content on veiled murals in the wake of the christ church mosque.


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