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tv   Documentary  RT  May 19, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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no canadian crime. but i would to just show you how because 1st they come here to come to our security people we have motorola between our connection between us and the security and the security he calls us he says. please come one of them. is here on the gate so one of us one of the assistants like my colleagues or me or anyone would just come on. man with him. pick him to our main office here the entrance. this building its name was be a part of the famous very known slovenian company.
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sometimes used to have even the 600 or so and i'm going to laborers but unfortunately after the war many of the factories as the focus was almost collapsed this was a good choice. to have a lot of immigrants in this huge building you know with a number of them guns is a very big. module that goes through an entire snatches zone dastan how you can multiply and i'm down high yes the on those issues. could tell an astounding us how much is they can. do is off a vote is anybody's and about i also got involved. question is found out they go on and i do shout. out of some guy so i hope he does machine. yoga does without tony's or any other choice of them is there and
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should be done to share about a gift an a so one of the toughest suffers for us when i look at the going. to your 1st one each in you know the sound there is the oh yes one on the you're just want to be in error he said it was a said he couldn't i joke about it bout him agin i'm better but i was not all bad choice for just any bus or to. post a puzzle for the shona should only call on. those marger i said all are for a purpose or hero between us town i'm buzzing around or are eligible to vote so but it can and does it awfully close only on me because i live about jimmy fouchard. maggiano's photos tolling is all. i wrote about what's happened to us on the way why we left our country. what's the problem of the make grants how is that situation how they spend our days our spend our nights
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. well you know these are the tents they have double beds or roller. they like their privacy you know we give them this to put the thing that matters but they use it here to have their own privacy here you can see or maybe sometimes. bits out of food it will be our only see $100.00 people when they're in this tent we notice even you know we deceive but everybody knows you know that we did is no more room there is no more. complexity you know it's more no more room we can put. just keeping would be. globally deliberate locally and then. concealed. in any images of a conversation on the board. say there was
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a mind to it is. often that. they are forced. off to the very 1st time going with those standing with the doctor for some time closeness and more trusted and. if it's the t.v. experience i'm working on currently with the pharmacy a little bit experienced if not a lot of it. i am living on in the show or dead from the border near the border with a one of my own a.p.'s on a public school some time terrorists killing a lot of changes after that i'm very distasteful. and secure my life. so i decided to leave my country iow i'm good to see i'm continuous 30 off to the. little bit water. little bit of money i want to own and manage. and my family i bring my
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friends with me and in europe. i want to shop say to those who go to the coffee meat on photos we crunch. dorsey considered hostile but it was me caught out plus you going to be just as you . should judge it is a featured on. the judge it just doesn't hold the shot so you jump in with us here on the joe concha to shoot stuff. if a lot of shit is out to shoot us down but cosby cannot. but a permit to be able to use over the created. order to protect cool music. you
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know when. you don't have. to. build this it is you know you are going to i mean you satish just before the most. fun person i don't know who's dead he's still he's still one says. his want to son and he's stealing from the guy and he's scared and they are tiny if using one of those. entities. suddenly decided to fight me and decided to go. from distemper.
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to trial here and bye bye bye you're still in that troll and they're starting to find you know. broke all the news all that continue. we're really scared became almost missed in your door when. we told the rate you were attacked out this is ok ok. that's. ok to police that's. done via skill.
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you'll. want your mentally and. morally wrong this too. done to lose your. lose your. mind said it was dead. it's not 1 possible if you'll find the 1st one cause. that's again you know. it was me about a mile up it was you know this world is come from turkey and the people who once come from to get to greece by boat they called it again because like silk or clay you can't turn taken by sea can a team bit trees and suddenly you're so it's 33 it's a game you don't know anything about that's why they call this game and when your started to go it's 5050 you'll be alive are you all be. again
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towards to other side of another card for. you thinking so are extra clothes the trouser and the shirts cleaver. it's like trying to gauge the condition that we need on the. exterior clue. so explain the use on the. digits but. he. cannot really. good push him out to do that but talking. to people communicating joel. in him is a sure thing j.p. for me no one. you know. just like police involved without even
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thinking. about this and. that. those who they are supporting cuffed and they have they don't care about the beer
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they don't kill them or the libya the only thing the cure is about their own agendas. and so we might be bugged here for a long time it can be really a civil war that continues for 4 months. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. who happens to have family and daughters in florida alone my other daughter is buried in a cement terry it was kneeling with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court be. shocked shocked as far. as. we don't know
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just from. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know chill just. over the years i've talked to you about the in central ization of the economy where we humans are becoming like a colony of insects bees or dance and that's all enabled by this 5 be enabled surveillance pretty cool right.
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to move. a lot she could. also some of the dots. just. so bill. doxie pockets or the appeal is not his only supposed to. be a low ceiling. he says so salute. to. ok oh nazi always. on a person even. though he is in it anonymous can be seen in a oh and his profile going to nationalise us in all as he gets. his autos to. food now i cannot sleep which is not just lovin you i used to talk
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with a nazi oh they are putting us in a gale oh engineer must own economists sail on the money start name of. police to caucus on it's not it on the patrol i limit fees awards is that the look you do you you not i not turn and go to state i've been to patrol up of but all story is not but a prostitute on says a prolific way to school you bomb me small token yet to personally go to not see it cuz we'll doand all of the folks almost nazi side was a thorn in creating the sort of game organs are it's only a question when opossums create a nazi because evil is mean mop it does know he did a mommy's cowboy or just to be loyal to town a taco bell you also talked out to smear scully slickly stay close to pull over him for a mafiosi put on a mop polizzi doc with us on top and they cannot is local to be almost up to a type rules of the laws all c. would employ is a kook wrote prose not you plan you know vaio emotional some of the poser as not to talk of the may be more tomato i am created scenario but small local food simple
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what office at all in all media was not cheap yes although most wanted to die oh aki keep aquinas's vala nice meal is an icky very nice thought does not cipro nationally. make. noises of yellow bus spots lodging is not the most infamous when all they had an emo bus village diplomas leaning there was someone poured in the cars of the day own flock own as will talk of them where lebanon is was. bunches of. them well if not your full list. game. well 1st i'm going to like. this guy was in this in this camp over a what a month you know you know you could see in his both feet you know if we were going to live is spreading you know we managed one month ago to put him in the hospital you know but he doesn't want to stay with us but elena i would say he's got
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a mental problem you know. to take any kind of fundy beatrix any kind of egyptians no way we tried to persuade them you know many times just wear them you know but no we got some guy doesn't always he's thinking about some. other war that always now i think they are see that playing the major roles they will take you. could see you could see through almost by force. still a. handsome young. inventor model and surely now. tell a few. of the. physical.
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plant. and they. will go give it to you. but it was cause of all to get us to the ocean. chad bad dimitar see that evil side all the shards of the holocaust a sad one had a child mcadam less except in one as a south off the in the marathon it was all get a scene in the last half to my. sure there will be voters saying you followed up the last 30 years really little plan of our. blood cared you know but you just did a. little a little over a little but there's. here than. one of his own to. spittle but keyboard. because. he.
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told me quote the leak was the dumbest. who believes cd year. by national. news must so switchover. please cd a. major theme. for 2. dollars. a month it's more portrait is the creator paul or god will set. the same on the on then assistant to swallow some of the church board with
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a small may keep it may stick to it good enough. numbers the. barely visible the sort of the small cheer. them on name made me. more search with it all. or no you haven't done nor promotion to this wanted to demi's most of her troubled multum in equal chip in. the movie lead me use my mode bottom is the theme didn't supporter look at all the idea of them supported by well as to what. he thought the. not yet.
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just put them on there's the force of. guns are. not. going. to sit down with this it could be neither to school you. still don't school. those or the me thought occurred to me so yeah you know. someone how did the cause i'm all for nothing. when you drug nepos not. load. will. heal
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over. old los. lobos. playing games at night not in the day the playing football kids. hair i'm trying just one time i'm going. swimming the police sketch is. doing it i'm 1st of all told and also that they're deploying to this quiz show and chris. had made it very very serious in the book go a sense for i'm. just one fine not i am but more.
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more friends all or more friends anyway. one hill one here one here and he said open the car. and one by one is going one can kill one through a hill one like that and if somebody says he's gone it's still fendel he's a bit in there all 4 of them. so in the good of 54 he sits on a federal. job and i'm going to fish for the owner. if. she put out. a bunch of shit. that's. what he's going to be john doe what about it but it's a global.
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but. my. goal was. the process of border we run to the christian. in there i do know 393 was. the recent plays. out some truck a station that day is the driver get grazed in somehow also and this moment some of the 2 guys 3 guys go for checking the parking they're fine so i'm trying to be open to do oh i'm going in. in the morning they're start to go to the european union and
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we don't know which country you know really don't know it was in the morning that detroit i was seeing the truck was. somewhere to park to get some worst and. i hear that the police came and said hello open though when he opened those saw all full of negroes inside the truck is it closed the door they would call a lot of their colleagues to come to manage. and take us all off to trial for those interested when the deportation brought us to the police the station. and just yesterday night they deported does on the border of cologne to show their broker all our phones like this. and we come back again last spring in the ball station because there wasn't any bus station to be and you both to go. right now. it's in the canteen about the
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guys is. this in the future you are very very. good thing. many times i told them if 100 tons you captured me i was deported may well come again because i want to go on which my goal no one's gonna stop was not only me all the guys here and they are on their life they want to go into europe make a new life run just because no one can stop. this song one of which of course. if all not true are medicare and again these guys one by 1 1 they will go by walking by every incentive for is every now we have our way we can go no where no one's gonna sound. of course we'll do it.
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as one does to the challenge of the other national and. margit out 10000 years in the. morning dust on dust on a tower snug as steam is in the game a hammer shared victories. there you your body of a russia like chess junkie values and the. what is it going to coin is magic and the new type of digital currency
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decentralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a 2nd for bankers call the genesis blog for reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus is a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the moon with max and stacey. lake says and she forms part of a high altitude nature reserve. it's one of the famous chito room indonesia's principle which a way starts its journey. but
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if you got going to be some. top to bottom i got to stop. it runs 300 kilometers from source to mouth and there are over $200.00 industrial facilities ranged along its banks. i'm out on your muscle. to do 3 things. i might get out of them and to be in. the room here again scuba 4000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25000000 people. that's a moot point yes of course so married by so many of us about us and we have been all over people. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday
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shouldn't let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development that only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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the. president trying warns tehran the conflict would mean the official end of iran while president rouhani says his country has no interest in going to war and is ready for prices to. president putin says he has urged iran to stick to the 2015 nuclear agreement despite the u.s. withdrawal. but giants unveil a new rules to crack down on violent content after criticism of their handling of the christ church mosque attacks. what if this was an actual real time live stream of child pornography nobody would be even doing.


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