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president trump warns tehran the conflict would mean the official end of iran while president rouhani says his country has no interest in going to war and is ready for prices to. president putin says he has urged iran to stick to the 2015 nuclear agreement despite the u.s. withdraw. unveil a new rules to crack down on violent contact after criticism of their handling of the christ church mosque attacks. but if this was an actual real time live stream of child pornography nobody would be even debating this i would say you've got to fix this technology it's a very very. old moderate seen in real time or these videos.
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are broadcasting live from our studios this is our chief international client and to have you with. us president adama trump has issued yet another warning to iran tweeting that if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of iran that is despite an offer from president hassan rouhani to hold crisis talks to resolve the ongoing standoff in the persian gulf. why i look we welcome to go see a show and we do not negotiate with a party that behaves like a bully and takes a knife out of his pocket and forces us to own talks we do not hold such negotiations with anybody threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror everywhere we go in the middle east it's a really. major destabilizing influence in the middle east spread death destruction and chaos the leaders of iran are rocketeers the world's largest financier of
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international terrorism behind every problem is already. been trying to do is to get to the table like the old patient. the us has been waging what it calls a maximum pressure campaign against iran since withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal last year washington has imposed several rounds of sanctions and earlier this month tehran responded by saying it could scale up its uranium enrichment with more now on the butte here's artie's daniel hawkins. seems now although hostilities have reached new heights the u.s. has issued a security alert all its non-emergency personnel in iraq asking them to immediately depart from the u.s. embassy in baghdad and from the consulate bill that's an order that relates to all non-emergency personnel now why the sudden panic well this security alert mentions no specific threats or reasons nevertheless though officials haven't explained
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these recent developments and how any sort of iranian threat would actually manifest itself to harm u.s. personnel tensions were wrapped up last week when the u.s. deployed an aircraft carrier group complete with bombers to the region iran has described all such moves are psychological warfare. stating that they're not looking for confrontation or war but they would respond to anything made viewed as u.s. aggression that some. view rather echoed by washington as well now the root of all of these recent troubles this recent escalation was of course trump's withdrawal from iran nuclear treaty that was criticized roundly by the other signatories party to that agreement it was followed by threats of sanctions saber rattling and rhetoric on all sides certainly things are not slowing down and concerns globally are growing of just how far things can be pushed to the brink and you see this type of high you can't help it but you remember what the united states did men they wanted to attack iraq in 2003 come and go the. bogus intelligence.
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issues that really. something that should be taken seriously the same people john bolton. who work for the u.s. government is u.s. national security adviser. and he wrote an article in march of 2015 calling for a military strike on iran iran is not interested in a military confrontation with the united states so when you look at the u.s. history you see false flag operations you see different types of initiatives when the u.s. wants to attack a country they come up with excuses so i hope we're not seeing a repeat of this. iran was a key focus of discussions between the top diplomats of russia and the u.s. this week in the black sea resort of sochi the russian president was there as well and urged tehran to stick to the 2015 nuclear deal despite the u.s.
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pulling out. american solution to go if it was little americans have withdrawn from the iran nuclear deal so the deal is coming apart european countries can't do anything to save it and can't really cooperate with iran to compensate their economic losses but as soon as iran makes its 1st steps in responding and announces its withdrawal everyone will immediately forget that it was the u.s. who initiated the collapse and everyone will end up blaming it all on iran and russia saying that it believes the iranian nuclear deal of 2015 is the best option going forward it's a system a platform a framework that's already established that will guarantee to the international community that iran is in pursuing nuclear weapons the united states agreeing to disagree the united states will continue to apply pressure to the regime in tehran until its leadership is prepared to return to the ranks of responsible nations that
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do not threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror. and we have many disagreements on iran now but the fact that we've started talking on this issue gives us hope that we will be able to achieve agreements if both sides show willingness to do that nevertheless both sides have said that you know they will continue to work together on coming up with some sort of solution along with the other signatories of the iran iranian nuclear deal. and venezuela we have disagreement i urge my russian colleagues to support the venezuelan people as they return democracy to their country. the united states and more than 50 other nations agree that the time has come for nicolas maduro to go he's brought nothing but misery to the. and people. and we hope that russians support. former doro will and. democracy can be imposed by force the threats coming both from u.s.
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officials and the opposition leader. who is always reminding us of the possibility of military intervention have nothing to do with democracy. what's both countries seem to agree on is that it's. the to decide what happens to their country they've managed to talk about all their differences and they've managed to see say to each other we disagree on this this is how we see it. 5 internet giants have committed to combating violent content online after world leaders urged them to do so at its summit in paris on wednesday this follows the recent terrorist attack in christchurch new zealand which was live streamed on facebook and widely shared on other platforms. terrorism and violent extremism a complex societal problems that required all of society response for the commitments we are making today will further strengthen the partnership the government society on the technology industry must have to address these threats or
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the tech firms including google and microsoft have agreed to ban anyone who shares a violent or extremist content they have also pledged to follow up on material flagged s. terrorist propaganda more promptly while new rules for live stream will be implemented in new zealand 10 people have been charged for sharing the video of the christchurch massacre or minder in march of this year a gunman who killed $51.00 people in 2 mosques the video was uploaded more than a 1000000 times on facebook after the live stream. were discussed in the latest efforts to stamp out extremist content with privacy activist bill new media analyst online ill and rights attorney jennifer britain. you have an army not just with facebook but with twitter there's an army of contractors employees and other people who are there to immediately get it off right away as has been stated this happens with people that espouse certain political opinions and other ideologies and so now
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we're talking about you know we're talking about getting off far more egregious things monitoring or moderating in real time what these videos are and what the content is funding some research to try and improve their ability to detect this in real time with sort of automated means which is absolutely necessary given the volume of content but the technology simply isn't up to it yet the idea of somebody actually showing in broadcasting real time the slaughter of human beings i make it even simpler what if this was an actual real time live stream of child pornography nobody would be even debating this i would say you've got to fix this technology and now this is nothing to do with freedom of expression nothing to do with the dissemination of ideas in no way does it violate and by the way very quickly safe book has the most incredible celerity what it comes to shutting down and immediately knocking somebody off who are spouses a poll
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a little opinion just by merely supporting somebody you need to recognize the fact that a 1000000 copies were taken down effectively and we need to actually take a hat off to facebook the fact that it did take down so many different copy there would have been any number of different videos being all being shot similar to a new slate and i say dealing with all those in real time would be almost impossible but those were the perpetrators do you publish them is that report told do you allow that what about people who were filming atrocities in miami more they're doing genuine reports do you allow that if it appears to be atrocious attacks and therefore we actually have to be slightly more realistic than saying the technology could do it come on get you move get. there is a formal complicated challenges they have i do believe and i know that they have this technology not only do they have that they have hundreds upon thousands of employees of contractors of people whose jobs it is to sit there and to see what's coming up and the moment something that is violent that is agree just that is
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horrific the horrific thing about this is that we are now given social media giants like facebook and twitter a very very severe amount of power that was supposed to only be a spouse of the us government federal government and state governments under the 1st amendment and now it's as if social media giants and platforms like facebook or twitter have taken over the you know what you guys have your 1st amendment governments you can't do anything we're the ones who dictate your speech now that's dangerous and that's something that needs to be consistently watched i don't want to hear anybody tell me that the technology is not there or there's no way to monitor this because let me tell you something if this war is something that was contrary to the zuckerberg world view it would be awful for anybody even thought it so they're dragging their feet it's nonsense and they know exactly what has to be done and they're simply not doing it. the pentagon has reportedly developed a secret weapon nicknamed a new bomb it is
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a missile with blades designed to improve the accuracy of drone strike sorties kill mountain has. drone warfare has long been part of the u.s. government's war on terror and it's gotten ugly on more than one occasion. people by. drones basically sitting on a screen and eliminating people. dehumanizing them. as if you know from some other planet north giving them. proving their innocence i mean it it but. norms of justice on top of that it's all classified so leaking
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the methodology behind what human rights groups have called a method for extrajudicial executions can get you in a lot of trouble for daniel hale an n.s.a. officer and now suspected whistleblower that could mean up to 15 years in jail now to be fair u.s. leaders have long talked about their deep conviction over civilian deaths the architecture of the legal texture around to the use of drone strikes or other commercial strikes wasn't as precise as it should have been and there's no doubt that civilians were killed but shouldn't have but apparently it was u.s. president barack obama who ordered the creation of a new missile device that would increase the percentage and accuracy of these predator drone strikes and minimize civilian casualties it's apparently called the ninja bomb now it may be the pentagon's worst kept secret they have not officially confirmed it but so far several military officials have said that it's being used it's argued that the new missile might enhance the image of the united states in
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the countries that are already subject to u.s. military drone strike operations unlike a regular missile it doesn't explode instead it deploys 6 blades that fan out of its casing moments before impact blades are so sharp they can cut through vehicles and slice their target into pieces so we've got blades flinging through the air in order to reduce civilian casualties sounds plausible enough apparently the new ninja bomb has already been used in iraq libya syria somalia and yemen so is this new missile the answer will it improve the. image of the drone strike program in the eyes of the american public what do you think of the drone strike program. ok with it i know nothing about it it's pretty awful actually we have this thing now called a bomb right and what it is is it and when it detonates it sends blades through the air and the idea is this will minimize civilian casualties we can pick the terrorist we want to kill send the ninja bomb and fewer civilians will be killed you know that the blades kill the. terrorists and not the civilians it doesn't seem
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like that you can target maybe specific people with that seems like you'll just. spread out a lot of. a lot of damage i think that's also did a pretty good program number limit civilian casualties are going to do not that's not happening i think if somebody suggested that that. i don't think that is even real i don't think it really busy. will reduce actually so i think this is the. greatest propaganda whatever you want to put it that way to make people feel that there is a kinder gentler way of killing people want to. throw assassination which. you my declaration of human rights a kind of person they're talking about. this is central you know. and the notion of assassination whether precise or generalized is so totally unacceptable we asked
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the pentagon to comment on the reports and we will let you know if we get a reply the. united nations is urging the u.k. not to grant amnesty to soldiers accused of war crimes this follows a proposal from the defense secretary to shield personnel from investigations into offenses dating back more than 10 years many my dance plans have also been condemned by rights groups. it would be utterly disingenuous to have a presumption of non-prosecution for abuse yet at the same time claim justice is being served british soldiers who break the law must face just like everyone else these proposals potentially set a dangerous precedent. any more than added to the controversy by saying she would like to extend the protections to troops who served in northern ireland with one story his heart his. the new boss in here has proposed a new law one that would presume soldiers innocent of any offenses committed
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throughout the course of june abroad more than 10 years ago although that rule could have exceptions for example if new evidence of alleged crimes were to come to light it is high time that we change the system and provide devide legal protections to make sure the decisions how service personnel taken the battlefield will not lead to repeated or unfair investigations down the line for the new defense secretary the new legislation is about making the system fairer and preventing what she called law fare repeated and unfair investigations against former soldiers this is no surprise at preventing someone who's committed a crime from facing justice this is about stopping an industry that surrounds these processes which is not about the pursuit of justice i have the iraq historic allegations team spent 7 years trawling through allegations of murder torture
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wrongdoing at a cost of 60000000 pounds to the taxpayer none of the claims resulted in a prosecution and in 2016 the unit was shot down just because i competed self-interest. or with the infantry or associated units i lost many men. and i was involved in fatality shootings i was investigated along with others. the investigations were. aggressive and bloody awful to go through so while former soldiers and members of the military say that the amnesty doesn't go far enough that it needs to include northern ireland to human rights groups are concerned that the government's desire to better protect its former and current servicemen and women will is. back to every place them above the law it's reported that there are around $150.00 investigations looking into alleged abuses by british
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soldiers in iraq and afghanistan the question is how the victims of those alleged abuses will ever get justice if these new proposals become law because so many detained so many killed the troops are the reason for the total destruction the fate of those detained by them remains unknown. of course some against an amnesty because of the systematic killing some of the blood they said since no one cares we have to demand our rides through international courts because we're just simple people who just can't go by as selves to get our voices heard on one article there is great concern here that the crimes will be forgotten many people haven't received any compensation for the damage those who lost their homes or became disabled but what they're trying to do is create an exemption from european human rights or for soldiers or fighters on the battlefield that's obviously really dangerous because obviously the back of the is one place that is not so very
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wonderful people civilians are and others who might not be argue about who's human rights need to get those soldiers should have understood what they need to say just sr if you committed you or if we should you get punished if you haven't you don't so there shouldn't be a blanket amnesty or exemption for anyone anywhere the government couldn't find an easy way to say that we will now bring all of these veterans back into the court and it will be our intention from this. if you had between the philippines in canada over ways to disposal has escalated with manila recalling its ambassador and staff on wednesday that is after canada refused to take back 100 shipping containers of household waste it sent to the philippines back in 2013 that the recall shows that we are. very serious and asking them to get back their garbage otherwise going to see very early shows with
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them it was later discovered ways to have been mislabeled as containing recyclable plastic in 2016 a court in the philippines ordered the canadian company to take the waste back but it continues to languish at a landfill site last month the outspoken filipino president gave a stark warning after more than a year of waiting for the canadian prime minister to get things moving will declare war against canada we can take them down i'll return the trash just wait and see i will advice canada that your garbage is on the way prepare a grand reception eat it if you want to it is now theoretically possible to get it back but there's still a number of questions around who will pay for it where the financial responsibility is where the consequences are however a foreign affairs analyst we spoke to in manila says justin trudeau has failed to make good on those earlier promises. very long time to fill in size. unfortunately
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the recipient of top seek ways including nuclear waste from the united states in software western allies so this issue has been lingering for quite long time canadian waddles however a sour point for for the philippines for if you're president you go to target because with no plans or just entered the us here in 2 years you go for the odyssey and saw me he promised that they're going to take back the trash all the garbage top 6 cars it was left here a lingering it's a $1030.00 and it to your scheme does not have meaning i mean the canadian dollar to say that this was a private deal between a canadian company and it's silly to conjure the 1st get it is also good say that you know it's not only the company gets all these also whoever it was able to accept these back in 2013 in the philippines this is the greatest diplomatic crisis cool kid president too long term holidays philippines and canada. the
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gas pipeline being built from russia to germany has passed a key milestone 50 percent of nordstrom too has now been completed r.t.c. only patrol gained exclusive access to one of the vessels laying the pipeline along the baltic sea bed. there you have it what's probably going to be the longest spaghetti string and the wall that is making its way through the seawater and the pace is what i've said. a lot. so we're projecting germany were going to stay friends with the. although the special and the numerous countries go out and make
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a pipeline. thank you. to be honest i try not to think it over i mean we have played all over the world political future for you the full member of the end of the day if you will not supply your someone else you are still worth if you get. there does it for me i'll be back on top of the hour with more than likely you are watching our international.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to know from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people. why not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else if you think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show
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and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. this is a story about what happens austria stray bullets kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida another mother and daughter is buried in a cemetery it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better depend on him and what happens in court he. the big. shot after shot as far as society we feel that we don't know childress from. the end of this trial unfortunately due to the
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will still not know what childress. there's. max one thing we learn on our journey from the genesis block to the moon is that honey badger don't care and 2014 is definitely a year from honey badger not to care honey badger don't care is the meme of the best describes the antifragile nature of bitcoin unlike for example a banking system that is fragile whenever you have volatility shock stress or any
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kind of impact for the service and because the system adapts it grows and becomes more resilient so we use the honey badger as an analogy because even though he might be small and might look at offensive you get back a lion that attack a honey badger and he's going to care they're not going to be able to do anything he's too strong so it's kind of like a big conspiratorial since it cannot be stopped and you cannot be change significantly about any single party so basically even if some kind of a user or a union wants something different even if some regolith or one something different even if a city sees one something different from it going because he doesn't care and so far because he showed to be a pretty good pretty good on you badger he resisted to any kind of attempt to take you take it over and change it fundamentally you can just keep attacking and attacking and attacking and it will not care and in fact it thrives when you attack
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and be quaint as a grown up on the inner you know andrea sentinel plus a great speaker in this space as a great saying you know saying that because it is the sewer rat because between is born on the internet and has been attacked 247 every single 2nd of every single day for the past. 10 years and it is still here which is a testament to both the original code that's a to put in there and the community that continues to shepherd the continues to to take out things like 0 days to fix exploits do anything that needs to be to fix anything needs to be fixed so that the rest of the world can continue transacting with this so honey badger doesn't care it to me just means that the power of the centralization of the queen and the fact that nobody controls it. remember we ended 2013 with the us government being one of the largest hole there's a big coin in the world thanks to their seizure of ross all brakes and silk roads coin it ends up being over 50000 between that they then auction off in 2014 but
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january 2014 we start the year with a friend of kaiser report january 26th 2014 instant c.e.o. charged with money laundering charlie shrem c.e.o. of bit instant is arrested over allegations of money laundering in connection with silk road he is arrested at j.f.k. airport for charges filed and in manhattan federal court right i remember meeting charlie outside of the office of bit instant near silicon alley in new york city meeting with roger baer as well who was very active in the space and a friend of ours matthew mellon was also active in the space and an investor in bit instant and he was very excited about this new technology and he went to the office and they had a ticker tape set up with the price of bitcoin and this is part of that 1st wave again the pinwheels in the eyes of people that were transfixed by the technology who looked into the void of the coming fear nightmare.

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