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a leaked document appears to contradict the global chemical weapons watchdogs probe into last year's attack in the syrian city of duma. observations of the scene of the today occasions suggest that there is a high probability that both cylinders were money placed if there is to location rather than being delivered from aircraft new in the prosecutors in sweden have issued an arrest warrant for julian assange shelf to reopening a rape investigation all this to continue to divorce itself from the wiki leaks founder and in the coming hours he's about to hand over all his possessions in his london embassy to u.s. prosecutors. more trouble for whistleblowers to another story today despite police pressure a u.s.
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journalist about was to protect his source he's already had his home and office raided for publishing a confidential police report. he started to cry in my door open. to try to break the law be immediately and call me the next 3 hours searching my house. plus of the european elections just days away now belgium state security service says there was no evidence of a large scale russian influence campaign something that have been tripped up in the western media is a very real threat. tell your mother the 20th of may right here in moscow where if you're watching us from the world right now hi good morning my name is kevin though in this is out international i'm here with the next half hour a live update for you starting in syria. where the government is denying rebel
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reports that chemical weapons were used in a recent attack in the taqiyya province damascus has branded the reports as media fabrication and says it will not stop them fighting terrorism now this at the same time as a leaked document has cast doubt on the global chemical weapons watchdogs report on a chemical attack in the city of doom last year back then on the basis of the report the u.s. the u.k. and france launched more than $100.00 missiles against what they say were syrian chemical weapons facilities the o.p.c. w is yet to respond to a request for comment not easy goes down off as the background. we saw petrified children. we listened to the righteous indignation very terrible regime we read a scrupulous investigation into what happened by the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. report was meant to pose an indisputable and to speculations over what happened
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in duma in syria in spring 2018 except that it really. last week a group of activists published an expert's findings which were apparently sent to the o.p.c. w. but for one reason or another were not included in the report the 16 newly revealed pages challenges the bag bone of the official conclusions. after passing through the ceiling in impacting the floor at lower speed the cylinder continued in altered trajectory until reaching the position in which it was found. observations of the scene of the 2 locations suggest that there is a higher probability that both cylinders were money placed at those $2.00 locations
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rather than being delivered from aircraft the engineering teams account is well structured it includes pictures from the site of the incident blueprints and images of the test cases studied to deliver their verdict it's unlikely the project tile fell from above which would in that case mean one thing the assad controlled air force had nothing to do with it and while the sky was dominated by the government of the ground at that time was in control of the insurgents so the question is now who else could have placed the cylinder on that bed now the revelation. had the o.p.c. w. concerned except not the substance of it but the fact that someone in their ranks when rolled and exposed something they tried to bury as deep and far away from the public eye as possible now see talk to peter robinson who was among those activists who published the assessment the bottom line and this is the document has
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been passed to us which as i said before we have had we have confirmation from multiple sources which clearly shows that there are being an investigation carried out from within your p.c. w. an investigation which is not found its way all to muttley into the fire do not report and use your proper investigation into the o.p.c. w. and how it has been operating because if it is the case that it's organization has been subjected to political pressure and that has led to a distortion their investigations then that is an incredibly serious matter. but this engineering analysis is not the 1st blow to the official version of what happened in duma now this video purported to show the harrowing aftermath of the chemical attack resonated across the airwaves and was hyped by many channels 100
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think images of syrian children grandchildren suffocating in their homes the editor emergency shelter many with foam in their mouths disturbing reports of a chemical weapons attack chemical attack carried out by the acid regime except later people in the video said they had no recollection of a chemical attack some people barged into the hospital hosed people with water instigated panic and vanished even a producer with the b.b.c. a broadcaster that gave major time to the clip said he believed the hospital video was staged after almost 6 months of investigations i can prove without a doubt that the duma hospital scene was staged no fatalities occurred in the hospital. in 20 teen the allowed us to voices on the world stage were quick to deliver their verdict and punishment these
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are not the actions of a man. they are crimes of a monster instead the nations of britain france and the united states of america have martial their righteous power against barbarism and brutality. but with this new information it's not that obvious anymore and although it's speak the interest of the politically engaged classes there's a deafening silence from the great and good the entire body of evidence for that particular attack is questionable the o.p.c. w. would. or is designed to lay blame on this particular party or that particular party obviously they are going to be abused by elements on the ground because they know that with russian and syrian air. planes in the air and there they have
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nowhere to go they would desperately need some help by american planes where british planes so they could fabricate everything or anything and the interesting part is that the united states and and its allies weren't even wait for the investigation to take place whenever there is a hint of something they would use to me to go in bomb move a change we don't know it really depends if you ask me plus what do you consider for me. but is that really a high possibility i really doubt it. focused. for a number of reasons today there's some news just coming in prosecutors in sweden have now requested an arrest warrant for the wiki leaks and it comes just a week after they decided to reopen a rape investigation against him meantime everything from his near 7 years in the ecuadorian embassy in london is said to be handed over to u.s.
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prosecutors later as well we got cameras there listening to him to bring you the visual let's go. too because across this latest sweden very much all the songs his heels once again know an arrest warrant is being issued. here and then an official extradition request essentially on and on those requests of piling up for him this of course dates back to allegations of sexual assault back in 2010 and so now we've got a song wanted in washington and stockholm they want to try them in their court systems we need this case that's going to be reopened last week when the swedish prosecutors announced it and it appears now that with these 2 police lifting extradition back for an hour or more it's going to be up to the home secretary here decide which one takes precedence it's obviously going to be now more or less a political decision but the legal issues between us on are really piling up i'm
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outside the door ian and the a staunch obviously isn't he's serving out a jail sentence of 15 week jail sentence for skipping bail when he came in here back in 2010 bucks ecuadorian and officials are expected to go inside here today and take a sound just personal possessions. one of the reasons that he stayed in here 7 years and hand these actions and that to us ross accuses presumably impeaches and tried to be of the biggest interest to american officials now we're going to be trawling through them. a staunch was tracked down to this embassy last month when ecuadorian officials out east come in and arrest him and he wouldn't have had the chance to many possessions presumably and how this operation is expected today we're not quite sure but it is set to begin in about now it's going to be keeping
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silent now which themselves say that is entirely evil will ecuadorian official. to . which he said to take the stand that this is a violation of the sanctions right and also that there's a reason why u.s. forces are in such a hurry to get their hands on the scientists possession. that the u.s. prosecutors have into the routine chain to make the case against judy and it sounds right now the extradition request washington state that you wanted on conspiracy of trying to have the government computer and of course. that charge could now be found to depending on what u.s. courts peaches. i'll take a risk on just possession of so much as i said is in prison here and they had been and he was wanted in the region questioning these allegations of sexual assault
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back in 2012 when he still gets pulled back in the end if he's always denied the charge and said he was getting the right to us and be punished essentially for publishing activities that 7 years down the line he spent 7 years like the embassy but he wanted information in washington he's now wants to meet with. all right we'll keep a close look this is subtle things very big dramatic going on what we saw those exclusive pictures were being drawn the world when he was literally dragged out of that embassy i suppose it'll be a more full of boxes of stuff being passed but we'll wait to see with great interest over the coming hours thanks to the cross with the team down there. well as polly was saying continues to divorce itself from the songs and also those came to rekindle its friendship with the united states more and more these days to both countries have signed a new agreement which will bring them closer of a number of economic and defense issues. what we will do is look
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in which we can together. this memorandum is an additional demonstration of that activation of ecuador's relations with united states began last year which last year reached its highest and most important point. so next time you holcomb's takes a closer look at how a scientist souring relationship with they have played right into the hands of the united states. they used to be enemies but became be a fairfax in just one year ecuador and the united states from kicking out military personnel and even a us ambassador to new partnership and funding how can this be at least part of the answer julian assad's you see the whistleblower was granted asylum at the ecuadorian embassy in london under former president rafael career but the new president doesn't share that love for leaks. patients event google has its limits we are a tolerant and calm people not stupid we've revoked the asylum of this world brand
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and got rid of a thorn in our side and now a new era of friendship between ecuador and the us has been an else there's no more you think. the new iraq. between. good or new chapter new benefits help with social development and education with natural disaster response and the environment with no costs attached all on the us tab so how did this amazing turnaround happen it all began back in 2017 with a visit from trump's then advisor when mr moment for met with president. to discuss the china development fund the president rose with the money for his desire to remove from acquittals embassy it's unclear if those talks on assad's came to any conclusion but later that year they could all kicked off a whole raft of other negotiations including an i.m.f. bailout then in march last year ecuador cut the whistleblowers internet access
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citing his posting of messages which interfered with other states or risk that could always relationship with other countries thankfully songes messages didn't jeopardize relations with the united states and a few months later u.s. vice president mike pence arrived in quito to discuss a jackpot of funding that was heading ecuador's way it is. i'm pleased to announce that the united states will support that effort to root out corruption nearly want to have $1000000.00 to support your efforts. to end corruption and strengthen civil society in ecuador and that was only the start of the cash bonanza ecuador finally had a $4000000000.00 loan from the i.m.f. approved and later military tries with the us were restored a correlation isn't causation but a patent does seem to present a kind of get to know move through move soon and states approves of your conclusion is that illegal traded it's in julian assange and here's here's the line
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use it seems that it seems there can be a fine line between love and hate and it may be that line was drawn in there could or in embassy in london coming up looking ahead to those big european elections there was a big rumble that maybe russia would some trying get involved there or do something and mess it up but please say no sign of that we'll tell you more about it after the break. those who they are supporting cost and they have they don't care about the mayor they don't kill them or the stability of libya the only thing the cure is about their own agendas. and so we might be bugged here for a long time to can be really a civil war that continues for 4 months time.
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seemed wrong. will just all. get to shape out to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. join me every 1st week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. again with fears about being over for meddling in the upcoming european elections
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there might be some news to put your mind at rest since belgium state security services there was no evidence of a large scale russian influence campaign ahead of the polls us according to a belgian daily newspaper shela do but it's got more the story. when you hear russia being mentioned in the same sentence as an election where does your mind. russian actors continue to try to disrupt meddle infiltrate the u.s. political debate if not the elections themselves russia's interfering they're continuing to interfere russia has been mentioned as the likely source of this interference in terms russians and other nation states absolutely are attempting to manipulate us yeah i thought so but how much attention has really been paying ahead of this week's european parliamentary elections those along bells have been deafening with suggestions that russia is trying to muscle its way in and influence the vote yet the word on the street in belgium is that the so-called russian trolls
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actually haven't lifted a finger never say never but currently there appears to be no russian shows active in the electoral campaign i mean with just days to go you'd think that they'd be all over this ok belgium is a small country but it's also a strategic one it's at the heart of europe and the european union as well as home to nato headquarters so how about the rest of the e.u. well according to one expert there's also new evidence that russia has been meddling elsewhere. is stretching the russian internet. that was a dream moment for russia to question our constitutional state which in of european states to she's pretty quiet in the room for european elections what's interesting is that it seems that whenever there's a major showcase of democracy in the western world even takes place fingers are already pointing towards possible russian interference take breaks that according
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to some there is absolutely no chance that british citizens in their right mind wanted to leave the e.u. and those that voted to break that some 17400000 people were swayed by you guessed it. russian this information yet according to the then foreign secretary the evidence to support meddling amounted to die happy. and what about germany in the lead up to the 2017 elections tongues were wiking that it was all right for the picking and russia would be front and center there were no major attacks before and during the german bundestag elections we couldn't find any major keys at all so when it emerged that there wasn't a brightness to be found there either the real mystery developed into why not.
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interesting enough there is no doubt that the most important and. especially united states. are spreading. the new concern in the world of russia seems like they are. the only way to. change and to change issues. and to make others make young voters away needs any kind of well just connect. to a information to other questions rather than to priorities economics are you using any social or are you still i think that nowadays the evidence in the strategy of. storing expert a freelance journalist in the us is coming under increased police pressure to disclose the identity of a whistleblower source inside his house and office for raided earlier this month in connection to the publishing of a confidential police report 1st of speaks to us about the incident. the police
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came to my house we did not knock they started to pry my door open they used a swell hammer to try to break the lock i got up and i asked them if they had a warrant and they said yes and i opened the door and let them in the immediately handcuffed me it's been the next 3 hours searching my house and taking over 55 different i. from my home they discovered that i had an office so they got a 2nd search warrants and took me to my office and did the 2nd search warrant there and at that time and since then i have not revealed my source nor will i while this internal report leaked to brian come ot relates to a police investigation into the death of a san francisco state appointed lawyer last february the journalist then sold details of that report on to 3 t.v.
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stations meantime other media outlets were also able to obtain the document independently as well now authorities confiscated a number of items from the journalist including notebooks and computers under california law though journalists cannot be forced to disclose their confidential sources or to surrender unpublished materials the search on brown commodious house has been criticized than by press freedom organizations which says what happened was a violation of the law and the rights of industry professionals police maintain the raid however was lawfully say in warranted is brian come out again on that. right now i cannot do my work because of the equipment replay confirming they took everything from my home they took my tablet they took my cell phones my computers normally when there is an investigation you don't receive your property back and sorry investigation is over that could literally be years from now i have not been arrested i have not been
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a q.'s then i have not been charged with any crime we discussed the implications of this case with another journalist. it's not good it's it's very good very dangerous it's very disturbing in this case it seems to be this is the protections don't seem to be working they have been some dark periods in u.s. history in which journalists came under serious repression but i think this is certainly one of the worst cases in recent decades ringback journalists and also an anyone concerned with free speech to protest the police action in this case to be as strongly as they can. we have to see what the outcome is but it certainly is possible that the atmosphere is growing is darkening that freedoms are contracting america is a very bad state these days. after 8 years when the world's biggest t.v. shows game of thrones is coming to an end then we're well the last season was as massive as ever many fans were left disappointed though it seems if a well of
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a 1000000 people know signed a petition to redo the last 2 seasons of what they call competent right as. i'm not waiting for it to and yet. i know i'm crying myself to sleep tonight. so like what are we all going to do when game of thrones is over for our. anyone else are scared for game of thrones tonight i'm so not ready for the show to add and definitely not a would ever horrible way they have planned for us. i predicted game of thrones is going to and in the stupidest least satisfying way possible.
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you know it's complex i'm a little sad actually i wish we had a few more season. and others who say it was that up well it is for me as well for a minute with one about just about half an hour's time for the next my volunteer from out international h.q. mosco take tea with you on the move fred cheer up still and search for say the new i was going to have lunch as layout of the great monday. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted
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a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to suppressing. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is that that's like here. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implement from the inside venezuela things move different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. famously have a son of a moment in the temple something political battle song movie at the climax of
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the moment the focus of the who story is a new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so wants to make the economy of venezuela screed. i'm max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable. to them. destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered peter lavelle manufacturing narratives what really happened in syria what is really happening in iran also is the u.k. becoming ungovernable. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow glenn days and he's a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of the case of western civilization and resurgence of russia and in london we crossed
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a charles schumer age he is a security analyst and a former u.k. army and counterterrorism intelligence officer or a german cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump any time you want and i always appreciate charles let me go to you 1st in london you're that you flagged this story for me i'm going to read the headline from in our story on the website leaked o.p.c. w memo cast doubt on watchdogs. chemical attack conclusions in its in inverted commas their chemical attack i've always said alleged because the evidence was never forthcoming now it looks like a leak is showing that those of us that said alleged were right all along go ahead charles yes you're right remember you can immediately mouth of the do a chemical attack alleged chemical attack in march 2018 in which dozens of people civilians were reported to have been killed graphic photos you remember video shots especially of many children who suffered apparent catastrophic deaths and i think as much doubt that people did actually die systems how they died and who was.


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