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headline stories this hour prosecutors in sweden request an arrest warrant for julian. reopening a rape investigation. continues to divorce itself from the wiki leaks founder. all his positions in the. prosecutor. coming off a leaked document raises questions about the global chemical weapons watchdogs assessment of last year's. observations of the scene of the 2 locations suggests that there is a high probability. that those 2 locations rather than being delivered from.
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coalition government collapses over a corruption scandal politicians across the european union gain momentum to their own anti establishment parties reaction coming up on the program. with 30 minutes of news views ahead welcome to our teams or national live from moscow i mean and only good to have your company top story prosecutors in sweden have requested on the arrest warrant for wiki leaks founder julian assange it comes just one week after stockholm decided to reopen a rape case against them also everything from his nearest 7 years in the ecuadorian embassy in london is to be handed to u.s. prosecutors later polyploid is outside the embassy. i didn't think i'd feed back kids so soon because you know songe isn't it he's serving out his 50 week sentence
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for skipping bail back in 2012 when he 1st came in here in prison but his things are still here and his legal team say that they haven't had access to any of them ever since julian assange was dragged down to the embassy against his will last month when ecuadorian authorities allowed british police to come in and arrest a song and today is the start of these sort of formal proceedings whereby ecuador hands over someone just personal possessions in order for u.s. prosecutors to get their hands on them it's expected that there's 2 police officers and a prosecutor from quito that are going to be going through his things presumably as accumulated quite a few possessions and 7 is holed up inside and according to wiki leaks neither julian assange nor his legal team nor u.n. representatives have been allowed to be for this process in the wiki leaks that it
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said christopher austin has said that what's happening today is illegal on monday before. the. in london for the masters in washington the trying. to behave like it's the wild west so u.s. authorities have until june to potentially expand the charges against a songe at the moment his extradition request from the u.s. says that he's wanted for conspiracy to hack and government computer but there is concern from wiki leaks that once the u.s. prosecutors get their hands on someone just computer hard drives that charge could be handed out and made much more serious now julian assange just supporters have been hey you can see they're still here outside the embassy they've been heckling people that go in and out there's been a few police officers they are very unhappy with what's happening and we. to a few of them it's
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a disgrace that the british government should be attempt to persecute you really and he's done nothing but. particularly about the crimes of the usa and you. know if he had to be a witness of this travesty of justice. with julian one small is the betrayal of. these. things belong to julian assange and he doesn't give him any admission. would just wonder if the u.k. has reached. the intent to commit a crime you can take a call saying there's police officers coming and going all day as we're watching both the entrance is the main entrance to the embassy but there's also a back exit which there's no traffic now so i can show you but there's a police van there and a police officer walking past a side exit i straight to the full month consul the ecuadorian consul here in
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london who said he was actually dismissed by the new leadership when lenin miranda came to power because of his support for julian assange which is illegal these abuses what's happening is basically stealing things from a person who cannot defend himself. talked to today. not obliged to. take the things straight away today. today goodbye the front door. basically wait until there's no coming to us now today marks the start of this formal process of handing a verizon just things as for the money shot that picture potentially about salinger's computer being. taken out and handed over to us processed prosecutors
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are just taken out well according to the former console that i spoke to there he says that after artie's video agency caught my son being dragged out of here against his will last month the authorities the ecuadorian officials inside are going to make it their priority to try in a raid the cameras this time around. speaking to me earlier colvin a long time supporter of julius caesar the search may come as a blow to the whistleblowers legal case. disgraceful way for an independent sovereign nation to behave but that's what they're doing i don't know exactly what they want to find but they're going to get an awful lot they're going to get. judy and legal notes from the legal meetings what should have been private legal meetings that he's had in the embassy obviously i think that's of great concern to those who are preparing to fight his actual case here i think that the 7 years that julian spent in the embassy war very hard on him he's an incredibly resilient
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person but i did see the cost exerted on him i don't think that you should have served any time at all for his enormous achievements in reinventing journalism. inspiring not just chelsea manning but one of the whistleblowers which so show since you've been in a measurable benefit to the world we should be extremely grateful to julian and what has happened to him is a travesty. prosecutors in sweden have requested an arrest warrant for the wiki leaks founder if granted it would be the 1st step to have a extradited from the u.k. where he's currently serving a 15 week prison sentence for skipping bail back into it it will last week stockholm decided to reopen the rape case against him after it had previously been dropped in 27. ecuador continues to divorce itself from
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julian a surge the country appears keen to rekindle its friendship with the united states across the board. we will do look. we can go. is an additional demonstration of the activation of accruals relations with united states which last year reached its highest and most important point. there used to be anyways but became beer fair in just one year ecuador the united states from military personnel. even the u.s. ambassador to new partnership and funding how can this be at least part of the arts judean assad's you see the whistleblower was granted asylum at the ecuadorian embassy in london under former president rafael career but the new president doesn't share that love for leaks. patients of ecuador has its limits we are a tolerant and calm people but not stupid we've revoked the asylum this spoiled
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brat and got rid of a thorn in our side and now a new era of friendship between ecuador and the us has been an else there's no more you being. the new iraq. between. your new chapter new benefits help with social development and education with natural disaster response and the environment with no costs attached all on the us tab so how did this amazing turnaround happen it all began back in 2017 with a visit from trump's advisor when mr moment for met with president. to discuss the china development fund the president rose with the money for his desire to remove from acquittals embassy it's unclear if those talks on assad's came to any conclusion but later that year they could all kicked off a whole raft of other negotiations including an i.m.f. bailout then in march last year ecuador cut the whistleblower's internet access
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citing his posting of messages which interfered with other states or risk that could always relationship with other countries thankfully assad has messages didn't jeopardize relations with the united states and a few months later u.s. fires president mike pence arrived in quito to discuss a jackpot of funding that was heading ecuador's way today i'm pleased to announce that. to root out corruption we want to support your effort. to encryption. and that was only the start of the cash but could or finally had a $4000000000.00 loan from the i.m.f. approved and later military tries with the us were restored a correlation isn't causation but a patent does seem to present. a move. to proof your conclusion is that illuminated it's
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a jewel in the sand. line. it seems there can be a fine line between love and hate and maybe that line was drawn in could all remember see in london. let's move on to some more big news the syrian government is denying rebel reports that chemical attacks were used in a recent attack in the western coastal let taqiyya province reports come out of this syrian army advances retaking main highways and trade routes around the rebel held province of lip the government branded the reports as media fabrication insisting that syria has never used chemical weapons before and will not use them that it will not stop in its powerful against terrorism. well a number of days ago a leaked document raised questions about the global chemical weapons watchdogs report on last year's chemical attack in the city of duma around 10 kilometers away
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from the capital damascus back then as you may remember blaming assad's forces the u.s. britain and france carried out or strikes against syrian government facilities. the background. we saw petrified children. we listened to the righteous indignation very terrible regime we read a scrupulous investigation into what happened by the un chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. report was meant to put an indisputable and to speculations over what happened in duma in syria in spring 2018 except that it really. last week a group of activists published an expert's findings which were apparently sent to the o p c w but for one reason or another were not included in the report the 16
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newly revealed pages challenges the bag bone of the official conclusions. after passing through the ceiling in impacting the floor at lower speed the cylinder continued in altered trajectory until reaching the position in which it was found. observations of the scene of the 2 locations suggest that there is a higher probability that both cylinders were money placed at those $2.00 locations rather than being delivered from aircraft the engineering teams account as well structured it includes pictures from the side of the incident blueprints and images of the test cases studied to deliver their verdict it's unlikely the project tile fell from above which would in that case mean one thing the assad controlled air force had nothing to do with it and while the sky was dominated by the government
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of the ground at that time was in control of the insurgents so the question is now who else could have placed the cylinder on that bed now the revelation. had the o.p.c. w. concerned except not the substance of it but the fact that someone in their ranks when grow and exposed something they tried to bury as deep and far away from the public eye as possible now see talk to peter robinson who was among those activists who published the assessment the bottom line and is that a document has been passed to us as i said before we've had we have confirmation from multiple sources which clearly shows that there aren't being an investigation carried out and when you don't do you an investigation which is not found to muttley into the fire do not report and use your. p.c. w.
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and how it has been operating because if it is the case that it's organization has been subjected to political pressure and that have led to distortion their investigations then that is an incredibly serious matter. but this engine airing analysis is not the 1st blow to the official version of what happened in duma now this video purported to show the harrowing aftermath of the chemical attack resonated across the airwaves and was hyped by many channels horrific images of syrian children grandchildren suffocating in their homes the editor of urgency shelter many with foam in their mouths are stirring reports of a chemical weapons attack chemical attack carried out by the acid regime except later people in the video said they had no recollection of a chemical attack some people barged into the hospital hosed people with water
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instigated panic and vanished even a producer with the b.b.c. a broadcaster that gave major airtime to the clip said he believed the hospital video was staged. after almost 6 months of investigations i can prove without a doubt that the duma hospital scene was staged no fatalities occurred in the hospital. in 20 teen the allowed us to voices on the world stage were quick to deliver their verdict and punishment these are not the actions of a man. they are crimes of a monster instead the nations of britain france and the united states of america have martial their righteous power against barbarism and brutality.
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but with this new information it's not that obvious anymore and although it's speak the interest of the politically engaged classes in light of the new evidence from our no p.c. w. engineers report i hope the guardian newspaper will have the good grace to print a nun reserved apology for their scurrilous ad hominem attack on me after i denounce the white house potently concocted story for what it was we may have just discovered to major piece of the puzzle explaining how seemingly independent international organizations how deceive us into consent into wars and regime change interventionism around the world there's a deafening silence from the great and good the entire body of evidence for that particular attack is questionable the o.p.c. w. would. or is designed to lay blame on this particular party or that particular party obviously they are going to be abused by element on the ground because they
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know that with russian and syrian air. planes in the air and there they have nowhere to go or they would desperately need some help by american planes where british planes so they could probably get everything or anything and the interesting part is that the united states and and its allies weren't even wait for the investigation to take place whenever there is a hint of something they would just immediately go and bomb movie changed we don't know it really depends if you ask me the question on what the n.p.c. doesn't make of the report but. it is a really high possibility that the german chancellor warns of the rise of the riots in europe as reports after this break.
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seem wrong. to shape. and in. the trail. find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. over the years i've talked to you about the insects troll is a show of the economy where humans are becoming like a colony of insects bees or ants and that's on the table by this 5 d.n.a. bowl surveillance pretty cool right. join me every thursday on the alex salmond and i'll be speaking to us from the
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world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. 20 minutes into the program welcome back the european elections get going on whedon's they with politicians across the block voicing concern over the dramatic surge in support for euro skeptic forces the fresh wave of condemnation of the nationalist right comes following the collapse of the austrian government over a corruption scandal it all for now reports on the. last few days. being quite the weekend for austrian politics the government in austria has collapsed over the weekend following on for what's being called the be ther video or gate what we have seen is angle america and others come out and say that what this shows what the sting operation shows is that well you can't trust the
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populists the far right there's a lot of scandal involved in this and it's certainly being used by those that would like to see those parties suffer frankly when it comes to the european elections we haven't to deal with populist movements that in many areas a contemptuous of this values who want to destroy the europe it has long been known to try to win populist destabilize our press freedom and democracy far right populists are the enemies of freedom strikers is only the 1st domino to fall getting ready for savini le pen or brown and other extreme right wing puppets of moscow's leash but this doesn't look good for those on the right and particularly when you're looking at the likes of. italy who on saturday the same day the. resigned as vice chancellor held a giant rally in milan in which the idea was supposed to be getting together all of
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the anti establishment organizations and political parties across europe under one banner if we look at the projected results for the european elections that are coming up $250.00 out of $751.00 seats are expected to go to those that would be described as either populist or far right it doesn't look good though what's happened in austria the vice chancellor. another senior member of his party being caught on camera back in 27 speaking to a woman who purports to be the niece of a wealthy russian investor it doesn't bode well and looks like the worst type of scandal ridden scandal videos. i. mean he's a liar. he's. a who you heard on camera
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there he stepped down on saturday and said that he was the victim of political assassination this is. yes it was stupid yes it was responsible yes it was a mistake but at the same time it was a victim of a targeted political attack that he used illegal means but the timing of the sting of this hit piece however you want to call it well it coincides in the lead up to the 0 pm elections in which the mainstream parties were set to lose quite scant siddur a plea i still say really to lose quite considerably to those parties that have been termed populist or right wing in the past. ok let's delve a little bit deeper into this i'm happy to say hubris from the alternative for germany party joins us live on the program good to see here hi thanks for sharing well they struck a case do you think proved to be for white wing nationalist parties in the european elections. well it won't have much of an effect to be quite honest i mean on the
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contrary it could very well backfire against the so-called establishment parties because simply the way the video was presented you had a sort of 6 minutes cut out of in this recording 2 years after its making and has all the ingredients of a conspiracy to damage not only mr strafford but also the austrian government i mean lots of vodka european beauties with money to spend a back house on a pocket island in the mediterranean 2 powerful men a toxic ated and ready to go all the use as the quality of the sea rated spine movie for sunday afternoon showing no i don't believe that europeans and voters will fall for this it's a big week ahead isn't it with these european elections to see what happens whose message comes out a lot is how concerned do you think pro e.u. politicians are about the so-called. right.
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they're petrified they're absolutely afraid of losing power of losing status across the continent petro he can lead a 2nd painting very hot before this coming week selections for him for the european parliament and they'd daddy turn into crease the chair and the chamber and now the latest poll say about one 3rd to one hof could be dominated by patriotic parties coming from europe and of course the establishment is absolutely afraid to give up power. just on the struck a case you what was your initial thoughts when you heard it where his actions on acceptable. i mean yes they were and acceptable i mean but it's a single incident don't forget that i respect his resignation both from his position and palm and from the party leadership that was an honorable act he don't cling on to power like many other politicians would have done he did he make clear
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steps to prevent damage from his pocket and from his country and he should be saluted but also mr humphreys statement from high percentage spirit spent certain copious amounts by pretty woman in a secluded holiday resort that is never a recipe for a good outcome it's a pretty important party in the country it got 20 percent of the last vote the freedom party and also across europe to the forefront of anti establishment populist at politics you don't see a way i repel i wave here coming up on people think well ok if this is happening in this country what are politicians like this doing in other countries. no i don't i don't believe so honestly i don't i will of course it will have some effect and probably the freedom party will lose. some points when it comes to polling day on sunday but it won't have the big effect that some others hoped it
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would have all of the policies on the right spectrum of the politico agenda no i don't think so because this after all is a singular incident it's 2 years ago and many people see that this is. an assault on mr strong on his party and on his position in europe and probably his position and it future coalition all busy patriotic forces in europe ok so people will see that and i don't think i don't think this will transfer this will be transferable to other parties all right thank you very much for your time and thoughts this hour hugh bronson from the alternative for germany party life on the program thanks for having me. a sunday cargo ship believed to be carrying 2 consignments of military equipment which rights groups fear could be used in yemen has docked at the italian port of genoa it's been met by protests and dock workers there have reportedly refused to load any more materials onto the vessel. this.
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gentle war is taking to the streets because of the city's pacifist tradition and should the docks in our port to load equipment that could be used during a war like the one being fought in yemen where many have died among the civilian population can be a part of this. this morning unfortunately we had confirmation even here in general a plan to load military equipment we call for a strike because we don't want to be accomplices of the war in yemen where saudi ship has been making the rounds of ports around europe it was reportedly loaded with arms in belgium that then c o 2 fronts where it was prevented from collecting any more cargo following legal challenges now after that the vessel had to sometimes are in spain picking up military hardware that officials have said comply with all the norms well the saudi flag to a battery is a $50000.00 ton ship its european trip has closed along amongst activists on rights groups who allege there is
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a real possibility the weapons could be used against yemeni civilians riyadh for its part denies ever intentionally targeting noncombatants in the conflict and claims are used for the fence and purposes. just approaching half past 5 meeting here in moscow this monday hope you're having a great start to the week where every year chiming in from stay close though for more great program starting in. manufacturing narratives what really happened in syria what is really happening in iran also is the u.k. becoming ungovernable.
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a. 100 times here we're going on the ground as the u.n. security council is briefed on threats associated with groups linked to british backed syrian rebels isis and al qaeda coming up in the show as washington about to add more to the hundreds of thousands of children killed by u.s. sanctions or war in the middle east we get baghdad's view of u.s. policy after violation of international law and deployment of military attack aircraft to the question gulf and with world nuclear powers threatening iran we learned to stop worrying and love the bomb with daughter allegedly dr strangelove director stanley kubrick coming up in today's going on the ground but 1st today one of the most influential companies are tough post its annual general meeting stand by for flashing images. this is old a decision to.


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