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governing coalition goes into a tailspin as the freedom party says all of its ministers are quitting in the fallout over a video sting against the party leader. testing the limits the romneys quadrupling production of low enriched uranium as tension with the u.s. and the nuclear deal unravel. prosecutors seek an arrest warrant for julian a song after reopening a rape investigation setting the stage for an extradition fight with the u.s. . by broadcasting live in moscow this is our team international. talking with us. all
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right austria's that governing coalition was left in tatters this monday after the right wing freedom party announced that all of its ministers are to step down the mass resignations are in response to the chancellor's attempt to sack of the interior minister over his response to a corruption sting that has tarnished the party's image more. what's happening is it's been trying to clear the decks really here he's been trying to distance himself as much as he can from the beat the tape scandal and what he said is that he needs the interior minister as well as others to be part of a transparent investigation been. i am of the firm conviction that full transparency and a complete and impartial explanation is no need in my opinion it all leads to a conflict and situation which would have concluded if the interior minister had withdrawn from his functions he didn't take that step and in this respect i decided
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to in consultation with the federal president and i would recommend the dismissal of the interior minister but all of this is part of the fallout from the the bombshell really that was the be theft tape or the a big thick gate scandal as it's being called in some circles in which well it cost former vice chancellor christine here his job he stood down on saturday after this video of an emerged ready with him in a look a bit thin villa talking to you a woman who purports to be representing a wealthy russian who we understand has a latvian passport who said that she wanted to make multi millions over hundreds of millions of euros worth of investment in austria and perhaps could even look to to purchase a big share in a newspaper in order to try and promote and his party.
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mean he's alive. he's in. this. yes it was stupid yes it was responsible yes it was a mistake but at the same time it was a victim of a targeted political attack that he used illegal means but when we're looking at positions that some from the. party hold in the cabinet they had major positions talking about the foreign ministry the health ministry that offense ministry all of these posts now have nobody filling them as it were what we have heard from sebastian coe it says he was never going to work with the freedom party after the scandal broke he's called for fresh elections snap elections really and they're going to have to come quite quickly because if we look to the opposition in austria the social democrats of austria they're saying everybody should go including sebastien courts and that actually an interim government should take over until there can be fresh elections we are just days out though from big european
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parliamentary elections and parties who are campaigning at the moment are certainly using this scandal in austria to say well in particular in angela merkel's words as she was campaigning in zagreb in croatia she said look at this it shows you can't trust the populist you can't work with them and they'll only let you down we haven't to deal with populist movements that in many areas a contemptuous of this values who want to destroy the europol values it has long been known to try to win populist destabilised our press freedom and democracy far right populists are the enemies of freedom strikers is only the 1st domino to fall getting ready for le pen or by one and other extreme right wing puppets of moscow's leash but what this could do is actually throw a major sponsor in the works of a plan put forward by material the deputy prime minister of italy to try and build a bloc of right wing more right wing minded parties in the european parliament as
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it stands at the moment parties that the subscribe to that viewpoint is set to win 250 out of the 751 seats that are available however a big problem would be a big problem that exists right now for them is that nobody really wants to work with the austrian freedom party right. now following this scandal. iran says it has quadrupled its production of low enriched uranium pushing the limits of the floundering 2015 nuclear deal it is a fresh as collation with the united states which pulled out of the deal more than a year ago driving iran to suspend its commitments earlier this month here's our middle east correspondent there. iran has quadrupled its production of know in which the rainy of the country's capacity to enrich uranium has been increased without adding any new change or centrifuge so the design information related to these has been submitted to the international atomic energy agency this comes
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against the backdrop of an increase in tensions between tehran and the united states if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of the iran never threatened the united states again. iranians have stew troll for millenia while aggressors all gone economic terrorism and genocidal taunts won't and now this follows an increase in tensions between the sides that was sparked by the american administration's deployment of bombers and also an aircraft carrier to the persian gulf and this was because of perceived threats from to read and now the iranian president has responded by saying that he is open to holding crisis talks with international partners but he has said that iran will not respond positively to any kind of threats more we welcome to go situation good we do not negotiate with a party that behaves like a bully and takes a 1000000 for out of his pocket and force against all talks we do not hold such
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negotiations with anybody. to go to work everywhere we go in the middle east it's a real honor and major destabilizing and influence in the middle east spread destruction and the leaders of iran are record piers the world's largest financier of international terrorism behind every problem is arrayed and what we are trying to do is to get the wrong to behave like a normal they should not the united states has been imposing a maximum pressure campaign against iran ever since the nuclear deal collapsed and at the same time has been imposing crippling sanctions earlier this month however in iran did warn that it would begin enriching uranium to higher levels and this it said was the remaining signatories to the deal did something to it the american threats and also protect them from american penalties now europe is at pains to do this but it's far from clear whether or not the europeans can actually succeed in
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this now washington claims that iran is really aiming at developing nuclear weapons to iran has consistently denied this and it's worth pointing out at the same time that the nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency has never found iran. of any stipulations of the deal what we are seeing now however is an increase in some 3.76 percent enriched uranium now a spokesperson for iran's nuclear agency has said that this does not mean that iran will increase the number of centrifuges in use which is one of the terms of the agreement but however in weeks it could reach the 300 kilogram limit and that is a term that was set out in the 2015 deal they have informed the nuclear watchdog of the international atomic energy agency and as of yet there's been no response from this so the real concern is that iran will go beyond the limitations there for sit
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by the nuclear deal and although the public statements from both to random washington are that neither side wants to see them the 2 countries go to war the concern is that any kind of miscalculation at this particularly tenacious time could result in the whole situation spiraling out of control. meanwhile u.s. president donald trump says he is ready to negotiate with iran but only when they are ready made the remarks before flying to pennsylvania where he plans to address supporters from also once again warned iran against making what he called provocative actions or threats so we have no indication that anything has happened or will happen but if it does it will be met obviously with great force well that. we'll see what happens if they call it certainly they go but that's going to be up to them i don't we want them to call if they're ready we already know pre-crisis situation right now and a lot depends on the political will and the determination of the europeans to join
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russia and china are the other signatories to the party you know or did to preempt this what i'm getting into a full blown crisis is a very critical situation and we are at the crossroads basically of peace and war you've got iraq president in the white house and surrounded by ideas all bear hugs that thirst for another war we did ron and you know it is. saudi arabia and israel iran's right right walls that may instigate a false flag planted accident and saw for it in order to lure mr trump to war with iran despite is the stated intention of limiting him safe to economic warfare which is really as bad as war itself. the u.n. security council has rejected a russian request to hold a discussion on
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a new controversial language law in ukraine russia's embassador says the law is a violation of international agreements and accuse the council of double standards . we deeply regret that a number of delegations nevertheless decided to apply double standards in discussing the craning in topic in the security council of the united nations we understand this is a topic that is not pleasant for you because it does not make it possible for you to justify your charges in kiev. who are violating their right to fundamental rights and freedoms of millions of their own citizens well russia brought to the 15 member body that leads the united nations a proposal to discuss the russian language in ukraine now there was just recently a bill signed into law by ukraine's outgoing president poroshenko on may 15th that stipulates that all ukrainian citizens from now on are obliged to use the ukrainian
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language in all areas of life and it's important to point out that even according to the lowest estimates the most conservative estimates at least a 3rd of those living in ukraine speak russian as their primary language now russia wanted to bring this up at the un security council but that proposal for discussion was blocked and when the russian ambassador tried to raise his object and objections he was then interrupted by the british representative let's look at what happened lack of readiness by the authorities. not to engage in dialogue with the distinction of sense of the russian federation is not giving an explanation of ots giving a substantive intervention on a meeting which is not happening in so doing mr president he shows disrespect for this council and he shows disrespect for the ruling that you just gave him i asking him to limit his remarks to an explanation of his vote and. asking you to give
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me the authorization to complete my statement you can continue your statement now at this point russia is saying that it intends to bring this. issue of language is in ukraine to the security council on one more occasion so people are waiting to see what happens next with this but it was rejected when russia brought it up to the security council. but as well and president nicolas maduro has proposed early elections for the country's national assembly the opposition won control of the body in a 2015 vote and the next elections are currently scheduled for late 2020. 1 of the coalition to not. only have you. run the 1st you know i want you. to know. if you call the. we will fight until we win or die
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regardless of how much of a blockade the impose on us how much the opposition tries to hurt us internally and externally we will and we may not but at this moment many people one. and oldest people notching he is a great victory it's saying that we don't want any war we want absolute peace so it comes as mature as supporters celebrated the anniversary of his election. on may 20th last year at the same time venezuelan opposition leader why doe's that representative in the u.s. attended meetings at the pentagon and state department he characterized of the talks as positive and constructive quite a shared his agreement on twitter. before all the. people of venezuela we are advancing and capacity building an international cooperation that allows us to get out of the crisis and start rebuilding our
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country we're still going. we spoke to sara flounders co-director of the international action center who told us nicolas maduro still has popular support. 1st of all going to as well has every right to have an election for the national assembly in 2020 or to move it up to this year constitutionally they have the right why no was never elected president never ran for president he was on a rotating basis the temporary president of the national assembly his election isn't even in the cards and he can only he feels come to power on with the us tanks in some military effort that is also not likely to succeed the resistance we're seeing in venezuela today makes it pretty clear that the people have made a choice and are determined to back up their own government. so it is
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prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for with the leaks founder julian assange after they reopened a rape case against him last week that could or an embassy in london meanwhile has started handing over the whistleblowers possessions to u.s. authorities who are also seeking asylum seekers extradition breaking down the latest developments here's our g.'s public work. today is the start of the sort of formal proceeding whereby ecuador. someone has personal possessions in order for u.s. prosecutors to get their hands on them it's expected that there's 2 police officers and a prosecutor from that i can then be going through his things presumably he's accumulated quite a few possessions in 70 is holed up inside and according to wiki leaks neither julian assange his legal team nor u.n. representatives have been allowed to be for this process in the wiki leaks that it's a kristof profs and has said that what's happening today is
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a leak on monday before a property at the embassy if it were in london for the masters in washington the transport minister ation is and you seem to behave like it's. the wild west so us authorities have until june to potentially expand the charges against a songe at the moment his extradition request from the u.s. says that he's wanted for conspiracy to hack and government computer but there's concern from wiki leaks that once the u.s. prosecutors get their hands on someone just computer hard drives that charge could be handed out and made much more serious now julian assange just supports have been head you can see that still outside the embassy they've been heckling people that go in and out there's been a few police offices they are very unhappy with what's happening and we spoke to a few of them it's a disgrace that the british government should be attempt to persecute you really
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and he's done nothing but he had to be a witness. of the. travesty of justice. things belong to julian assange and he doesn't give him any admission. if the case has reached. the intent to commit a crime you can take a. police officer is coming and going all day as we're watching both the entrance is the main entrance to the embassy but there's also a back exit which there's no traffic now so i can show you but there's a police van there and a police officer walking past a side exit i straight to the full month hold still the ecuadorian consul here in london who said he was actually dismissed by the new leadership when lenin miranda came to power because of his support for julian a son which is illegal these abuses what's happening is basically stealing things
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from a person who cannot defend. talk to today. take the things straight away today. you do today. by the front door. basically wait. as for the money shot that picture potentially about salinger's computer being taken out and handed over to u.s. processed prosecutors are just taken out well according to the former console that i spoke to that he says that after artie's video agency caught my son being dragged out of here against his will last month the authorities and the ecuadorian officials inside are going to make it their priority to try in a raid the cameras this time around in a long time supporter of julian assange we spoke to says the search may come as
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a blow to the whistleblowers legal case. disgraceful way for an independent sovereign nation to behave but that's what they're doing i don't know exactly what they want to find but they're going to get an awful lot they're going to get. judy and legal notes from the legal meetings what should have been privately held in the embassy obviously i think that's of great concern to those who are preparing to fight in case here i think that the 7 years that julian spent in the embassy war very hard on him he's an incredibly resilient person but i did see the cost exerted on him i don't think that you should have served any time but. his enormous achievements in reinventing journalism. inspiring not just chelsea manning that's one of the whistleblowers we've seen been in a measurable benefit to the world we should be extremely grateful to julian and
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what has happened to him is a travesty as we mentioned prosecutors in sweden have requested an arrest warrant for the wiki leaks founder if granted it would be the 1st step to have extradited from the u.k. where he is currently serving a 15 week prison sentence for skipping bail back in 2012. decided to reopen a rape case against him after it had previously been dropped in 2017. switching gears now the syrian government is denying rebel reports that chemical weapons were used in a recent attack in the western coastal latakia province the reports came as the syrian army advances retaking the main highways and trade routes around the rebel held province of italy the government branded the reports as media fabrication insisting that syria has never used chemical weapons before and will not use them now adding that it will be. it will not stop in its battle against terrorism.
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few days ago a week to document raised questions about the global chemical weapons. watchdog's report on last year's chemical attack in the city of duma just 10 kilometers from the capital bank then blaming assad's forces u.s. britain and france carried out airstrikes against the syrian government facilities the o.p.c. w. is yet to respond to your quest for comment here's artie's it was done. we saw petrified children. we listened to the righteous indignation very terrible regime we read a scrupulous investigation into what happened by the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w reports was meant to pose an indisputable and to speculations over what happened in do more in syria in spring 2018 except that it really.
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the 16 newly revealed pages challenges the bag bone of the official conclusions. after passing through the ceiling and impacting the floor at lower speed the cylinder continued in altered trajectory until reaching the position in which it was found. observations of the scene of the 2 locations suggest that there is a higher probability that both cylinders were money placed at those $2.00 locations rather than being delivered from aircraft the engineering teams account as well structured it includes pictures from the side of the incident blueprints and images of the test cases studied to deliver their verdict it's unlikely the project tile fell from above which would in that case mean one thing the assad controlled air force had nothing to do with it and while the sky was dominated by the governments
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of the ground at that time was in control of the insurgents so the. question is now who else could have placed the cylinder on that bed now the revelation at the o p c w concerned except not the substance of it but the fact that someone in their ranks when grow and exposed something they tried to bury as deep and far away from the public eye as possible the bottom line in this is that the documents have been passed to us as i said before we've had we have confirmation from multiple sources which clearly shows that there has been an investigation carried out from within you. an investigation which is not found old to move leak into the fire do not report and use your proper investigation into your p.c. w. and how it has been operating because if it is the case that it's organization has
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been subjected to political pressure and that had led to distortion there investigations then that is an incredibly serious matter. but this engineering analysis is not the 1st blow to the official version of what happened in duma now this video purported to show the harrowing aftermath of the chemical attack resonated across the airwaves and was hyped by many channels horrific images of syrian children fighting for brownfield and suffocating in their homes the editor of urgency shelter many with foam in their mouths disturbing reports of a chemical weapons attack chemical attack carried out by the acid regime except later people in the video said they had no recollection of a chemical attack some people barged into the hospital hosed people with water instigated panic and vanished even a producer with the b.b.c. a broadcaster that gave major airtime to the clip said he believed the hospital
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video was staged. after almost 6 months of investigations i can prove without a doubt that the duma hospital scene was staged no fatalities occurred in the hospital. in 28 seen the allowed us to voices on the world stage were quick to deliver their verdict and punishment these are not the actions of a man. they are crimes of a monster instead the nations of britain france and the united states of america have martial their righteous power against barbarism and brutality. but with this new information it's not that obvious anymore and although it speak the interest of the politically engaged classes in lots of the new evidence from
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our no p.c. w. engineers report i hope the guardian newspaper will have the good grace to print and then reserved apology for their scurrilous ad hominem attack on me after i denounce the white house potently concoct a story for what it was when they have just discovered to major piece of the puzzle explaining how seemingly independent international organizations how deceive us into consent into wars and regime change interventionism around the world there's a deafening silence from the great and good the entire body of evidence for that particular attack is questionable the o.p.c. w. would. or is designed to lay blame on this particular party or that particular party obviously they are going to be abused by elements on the ground because they know that with russian syrian air. planes in the air and there they have
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nowhere to go or they would desperately need some help by american planes were british planes. so they could fabricate everything or anything and the interesting part is that the united states and and its allies weren't even wait for the investigation to take place whenever there is a hint of something they would just immediately go on. changed if we don't you know it really depends if you ask me the question on the if you c.w. would make the report but is that really a high possibility i really doubt it 31 minutes and 30 seconds that's when i will be back with your headlines this is international stay with. us. manufacturing what happened in syria what is really happening in
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iran also is the u.k. becoming ungovernable. if you will not obey the voice of the lord your god to do all these months and. then all the shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the people. must pretend to. get rid of whites only the problems will go away. with and. the. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in the.
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white horse will find themselves. in. teams and greens it's all sweat and. true that we don't need the. civil war in south africa. and in the code of europe and to get. those who they are supporting. their own agendas. here for a long time to be really a civil war the news for former.


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