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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  May 21, 2019 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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most specifically the war in afghanistan you remember the war in afghanistan the start of back in 2001 and brings up an estimated cost of around $45000000000.00 a year on u.s. taxpayers i can understand it's easy to forget these things you know it's been a while since afghanistan made the headlines but hold on to your buds because there was a new wrinkle in the war and it involves the united states giving money to the taliban yes the taliban according to roll call the trump administration asked congress to leave this year for funds to reimburse afghanistan's taliban for expenses the insurgent group incurs attending peace talks. you cannot make this up folks roll call goes on report that the expenses include things like transportation lodging along with food and other supplies when i asked about the funding request pentagon spokeswoman commander rebecca told reuters that the pentagon was seeking to lay the groundwork in anticipation of opportunities to priscilla take talks with the afghan government to find a way to end the war while most of us are all about the are about the idea of peace
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in afghanistan many are a tad wary of paying the taliban's expenses during the process but the obvious legal and moral mire it brings up so today let's delve into that moral quandary and start watching the hawks. that i got. to. welcome on the watch in the robot and that half. dollars to the taliban in order to get them to the peace table fascinating.
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yeah i mean i obviously it's not ideal i guess. i guess it's not an ideal. situation but i mean you know. that's the thing it's like critics or pointing out you know obvious major flaws with this kind of you know with this with this idea that hey look we need a little bit extra money to pay for these guys food and lodging so they can sit down and talk peace. pointing out how you know isn't that essentially breaking the law and abetting and giving you know dollars to terrorists which any one of us if we were to be caught doing that even remotely we'd be thrown in jail and probably forget about us and. we'd never be heard from again right. well steve ellis the executive vice president of taxpayers for common sense pointed out that their request to reimburse the taliban is a bit like life imitating the reference to. the terror goal. newspaper
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that everybody sort of knows and. the sort of ridiculous headlines that turn out to be true he's told roll call that leaving aside the terrorist side of things and that they're actually they are in active combat against our allies as and saying they could have having to pay for someone to be on the table undercuts our bargaining position and demonstrates their lack of enthusiasm for it. yeah i mean that's kind of what the problem is here ultimately in the town was that . everybody wants peace like we all want we all want their way does everyone really want is i'm sorry i mean i don't mean to be a jerk but if meghan like a can do it why can i when we all really want is that what everybody is looking. think that's kind of. literally paying the travel. for the taliban to come down and. that's kind of the ridiculousness of it. what's their incentive to come
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to the table beyond that oh you have passed to be their great literally our entire foreign policy for 8 plus years. and going back into even the trumpet administration has been bags full of cash to warlords or other terrorist groups to beat up the other people that we don't like that we all agree on it doesn't work so i'm not sure anybody but i think people are smart enough to know that not intended to work they are in fact the house of representatives appropriations subcommittee on defense that's a lot. of the bill barring the u.s. government from using money to pay for the expenses of tell the members taking part in the peace talks with the united states unless the talks include members of the afghan government directly like small group versus small group and did not restrict the participation of women in the talks so as you can see like the legislature is
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starting to say wait there was a little ridiculous that we're paying them to come over here and sit at the table if we are going to do something like this then there's got to be a whole lot of parameters put in place and milestones and goals they have to meet in order to get their food lodging reimbursed disperses the peace table i'm sorry not war that's what you should come to the peace table for and i don't understand why this is literally where paying somewhere else to sit and have these talks again why is it the only way they can get peace is with a 5 star hotel. that is a good question it doesn't make any sense and we spent millions and millions and millions of dollars but the idea. now we're going to congress and saying hey well we may have even less money for the last money for children for education for everything else let's make sure we can sit down at the table with the taliban but keep in mind your you're a traitor to this country and you're a traitor the u.s.
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if you sit down and have discussions with if you sit down with but hey the taliban's ok we'll even get your over for you. so when you say don't we all want to you know i don't. all of us around i don't think so this isn't how you. know it's about anytime you are dumping money. just to get people to sit down and talk because that's my opinion piece by piece that way you're going to get people to take the money and run and that's what they've been doing things up with this. from funding terrorism to the terror of big pharma drug raid yes big pharma as in the crosshairs again the hot water is dusting off a page from the big tobacco lawsuits of your 44 states across the united states have recently filed lawsuits against some of the top pharmaceutical companies in the country are 2nd other media outlets are now reporting that according to the
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lawsuit 20 leading drug companies including tiva pharmaceuticals pfizer novartis and mylan were in cahoots for years to fix and dramatically inflate the prices of more than $100.00 generic drugs in some cases to raising prices well over 1000 percent the lawsuit lays out how the pharmaceutical companies concocted a scheme designed to ensure that each was being responsible to the greater good of big pharma profits by playing nice miss sandbox together all to ensure that everyone got their fair share of the profits from those generic drugs the impact of this scheme is epic given that 90 percent of all prescription the united states are filled by generic drugs naturally the biggest drug dealers on the planet are crying foul over the lawsuit kelly dorothy tiva vice president said misstatement the allegations in this new complaint and in litigation more generally are just that allegations so hot water is the question now is will big pharma finally face the music for putting profits over people or will the song stay the same in the biggest
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drug dealers will dance away from justice once again and i hope they don't just dance away again because that would just break my heart. like you said earlier i also think. everyone wants peace so. i don't put my rose colored glasses on you know but. this is this is gnarly raising generic drug drug prices a 1000 percent essential for the price fixing is as truly truly heinous if this is proven to be true well i mean that's the thing the $1.00 side while everyone is trying to say you know we need to get more things out there so they can be generic and be cheaper when in truth it's not as if all the generic drug manufacturers are out there for. charity the good of mankind like they have profit margins to do they do and let me just so people understand look patents rely on this kind of quid pro quo idea right. you know essentially in return for
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a time limited government backed intellectual monopoly you know they'll develop the sometimes the government itself develops the drug but you know they have the drug they're given x. amount of time that they can only sell that drug before it kind of the patent on it is released and then everybody can make generic copies of it right. this approach as opposed to essential allow pharmaceutical companies to produce these generic low cost versions of drugs once they're off patent people benefit that they can buy drugs at much cheaper price than they were when they were still in their patent however this is not what actually was happening here this was them basically price fixing and making deals between each other to keep those generic drugs as high not as high as the patented ones but keep them alive so they can keep on making dollars . so the states are saying that the pharmaceutical companies sort of conspired together to keep the prices they carved up markets for certain medicines rather than compete on the price they kind of figured out which ones they make at around this area so that we can all get around to it so there's. no
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fancy dinner party. out of. part of that part of the what the lawsuit and all of this is charged with is saying that they have all these text messages and things from. the doctor to big to these pharmaceutical reps to the companies text messages and phone calls michael carrier who's a professor at rutgers wast school who specializes in antitrust and pharmaceuticals he told the media that i think the evidence is damning this is the whole gun store of smoking guns there's literally no one that can defend the story of behavior price fixing is illegal because it's so anti-competitive and there is no good reason for it and there really isn't i don't understand why you would want to sort of fix the whole market because if anybody understands anything about how free markets work and how you know cycles of markets work.
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sure you might make a little more money up front but inevitably you don't have a toehold in the market shark or you so you're not actually it's like getting to the top of the ski hill and you're like i got these really great. skiers and somebody is like. the boots aren't on this you're not connected to the skis and you know we were going to jump down the hill they don't have what it takes to withstand any sort of economic. it's true and this is where the thing comes out of well we can't force them to do this because they go out of business the only reason they would go out of business is because they're fixing the prices and not having actual competitiveness if there was a real free market if there was real free market capitalism happening within the pharmaceutical industry we would have and we would have different things and you wouldn't have a bunch of big pharma pharmaceutical companies going. i mean this was wrong we
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shouldn't have been you know not really competing with each other and just on the outside competing for the years you love your kind of reminds me of the lab or scandal the financial scandal where you had like all of the you know all the credit and banks and all that kind of sharing the numbers with each other just to make sure that kept in a certain level rather than what the actual market dictated which goes against all of those supposed to free market congressmen and in washington all that that they would allow something like this that's why whenever you hear of a well this is about free markets well this of about and we have other stories today that talk about that same thing is whenever you hear a politician or somebody going for free markets it's usually a lie and it has nothing to do with free markets means freeing up the part of the market they want to be. very good very good and look this is not this is not something new back in 2015 tivo agreed to pay ready for this to have a $1200000000.00 settlement to settle a lawsuit over
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a paper delay scheme that kept competitors from launching low cost generic drugs the basically no keep it under patent little longer don't do the little bit squeeze every last little bit when i was just going to finally admit the fact that the health care industry here in the united states is not out for the good of people and is only for the good of profits. his slave wanted. all right as we cut a break mark watchers forget to let us know what you think of the property recovered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are tea dot com coming up we go forward environmental as we look at a new law in texas that could turn pipeline protests phelim on the lines of attempted murder you want to miss to stay tuned to watching the.
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white farmers in south africa go every single day. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in that wouldn't. be enough somebody. not being the white horse will find themselves affected by a crash and we often point to one of my teens in dreams oh it's all sweats and a lot of. are you going to have for dinner to the feeling that you. might meet the civil war in south africa never to. live. wires or be in the code of your and to believe.
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despite the fact that state local and federal legislators across the united states can't seem to get one half way decent infrastructure bill written and passed. at the same time at least 20 states have managed to introduce bills criminalizing peaceful protests of oil and gas pipelines with punishments that exceed those of most violent offenders this week texas join the fray with h.b. 35 $57.00 which would impose a 3rd degree felony with between 2 and up to 10 years of prison for what they call intentional acts that impede inhibit or interfere with the operations of critical infrastructure and that critical infrastructure is pipelines even those still under construction however there is little public support for these bills mainly because they're heavily supported by oil and gas industry leaders and put corporations over
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the rights of people. to be exploited with no. cigars mr blake even speaker members we should take a look at the structure. so how is the right of corporations to make money from environmentally questionable pipeline projects and more important than our constitutionally protected right to protest. what state you live and how much money you know about from their particular. pipeline corporations feeding off of the oil spill there is 20 plus and rising. it would be almost half the states that's incredible texas under brian birdwell who would do is respond by so that he told the pro se ready years his reaction out to everybody
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for it ok this bill does not impact and to do your group of people's ability to protest peacefully what it does do is create a deterrent that says if you act upon those interests or act upon them detrimental to their critical infrastructure the consequences are appropriate to the nature of the infrastructure. can your. please you're much much europe you went to college i did not you have a long history of education behind you what does that mean. loosely translated it is water and power maybe that. loosely translated. oil and gas industry just gave me these talking points and we put them in the bow and decided that because they give us money if we get elected that's about words. well here how does this happen i mean 1st of all it does this idea of the bill doesn't impact anybody that's nonsense it does because if it's obviously putting you know you keep a deterrent if it's not going to affect people that it's not
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a debt. that you really are saying you're saying but the idea of the what do you say is that well you can say you know but if you stand by it or you stand near our equipment and or you talk to somebody who stands by the equipment and like we can we can put you in jail for 10 years because it's so critical that we move to our sands oil from canada or go to somewhere else this is not our oil keeping my must this pipeline have nothing to do with us they're not going to know we're not going to run out of electricity if these pipelines stop gas will not run out because these pipelines stop that's what critical infrastructure is stuff that actually will shut things down your stuff hasn't even been bell yet and they're already trying to play like my uterus doesn't get to be protected but the oil and gas industry to me it's
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a very delicate they are their delicate flow delicate flowers that i wanted so shocked that guy was 2 of the group that you played really. well over the google group just because people are protesting our law has stopped that for a protest you know what we're talking about earlier is a big. you know not only who. is what he's kind of representing but also the fact that most laws that tell you you can't like you know break things or wreck things or be on private property they already exist you know. it's become a point where they have things like trespassing destruction of property these are all things that you just put on there is you cannot make a law that this is another one much like the abortion bill that i feel like is trying to push something to the supreme court and birdwell who aside from being someone who that the texas ethics commission showed during his during his election during a campaign that had been shown to be attending american legislative exchange
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council annual meeting and seems that the travel expenses were paid for by his campaign so that is alec if you don't know who alec is american legislative exchange council lovely group of. group of folks in fact many percent of the revenue comes from corporations and corporations foundations like pfizer state farm insurance energy transfer partners. especially comes the pipelines united states steel corporation. oil does well the group of people that alabama. one of the things about the alec is that they have this model right alex this web site by the way and it's called bill called critical infrastructure protection act so there is a bill they make up this bill they give them the layout for it and that's why you have 20 states with that haven't been passed that are setting mary like part of that so one of the reasons that they had is that they have that we should have
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these these. these ads coming out the act also prescribe criminal kind of these penalties for organizations conspiring with persons who willfully trespass are and are damage critical infrastructure and hold conspiring organizations responsible for any damage of what they're saying is other organizations that need be and that may be in the area when someone break. something they're going to be held responsible gun by association could it get any better if the one kid from greenpeace happens to be part of the group the you know the bribery or even if the actually is standing next to those people at the at the bar about how he can do it yeah yeah bill bad and while our ability to protest environmental disasters waiting to happen is being carved up in texas a whole different kind of environmental disaster is taking place in the western pacific ocean deep down in the mariana trench yes the deepest natural trench in the world with estimated reaching 11000 meters known as a rather on want to brazil or ark watchers and his legs are cousteau james cameron or steve's easy it's our old friend plastic gas from miami here is our team america
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is john hardy with a story. at the bottom of the pacific ocean lower than mt everest is tall explorer victor of a scovel and his 5 deeps expedition made the $35850.00 foot journey down into the deepest part of the mariana trench challenger deep he found what is believed to be several new marine species including a shrimp like amphipod never seen or documented before he also found something any person can find on the sidewalk or gutter trash biscoe the city spotted what appeared to be a candy wrapper and plastic bag garbage that apparently sunk 7 miles down settling on the silty bottom where no human had ben before and yet again highlighting the problem of pollution worldwide a recent united nations report shows that plastic pollution has increased tenfold
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since 1980 along with the 302400 1000000 tons of metals toxic sludge and other waste from industrial facilities dumped annually into the world's water further the united nations estimates that fertilizers draining into coastal ecosystems have create. dated more than $400.00 ocean dead zones roughly the size of the united kingdom and if that isn't enough to raise concerns the report also found that around $1000000.00 animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction many within decades more than ever before in human history there are ongoing and continuous efforts to fight the problem of pollution worldwide but it's still seemingly out of control that nowadays it's hard not to find a beach that isn't littered with trash and garbage like whether it's plastic bags or water bottles that have been either left here or that have washed up and now the massive floating piles of garbage in the middle of the ocean. the great pacific
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garbage patch between hawaii and california is estimated to be the size of texas and growing there are other floating garbage heaps drifting in the atlantic indian and southern oceans many of the world's major rivers are also dangerously polluted like the yangtze river in china and ganges in india the scale those 5 deep sacks position is certainly a testament to human exploration despite the sad findings after all he went where no other human being has been mapping the deepest part of the pacific ocean floor for future expeditions to come along with other dives to the deepest depths of the atlantic indian and southern oceans next up is the arctic with a dive scheduled in september the question now will they find trash on the bottom of the arctic ocean as well john hardy artie. tears or no man was an egyptian pharaoh a little over 3000 years ago and 97 years ago archaeologists dug him in as many
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jewel belongings up for the world to say and now the origins of the desert glass found in his chest piece adorning making have been discovered there were these canary yellow stones used as a scare and center piece that's been much debated for the better part of a century but a new study in the journal of geography found that 29000000 years ago in media right made impact in the libyan desert its impact created such a force and that the sand was melted which then created the yellowstone better known as shocked minerals and cold reignite of course the mysteries of king 2000 common remain though as scientists are still trying to figure out how the stones found their way to egypt and the pharaoh. mentioned. me a table this could be i mean that it well they came from outer space all we know is the cave or rather the base there it is actually our eyes that was very sober today
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remembering. everyone in the world we are not told that we love them up so i tell you all i love you i am die roll been thrown and i'm doubtful and keep on watching all those hawks out there and i would remember it everybody. says and she forms part of a high altitude nature reserve. it's one of the famous charles internees years principal waterway starts its journey. but if you come down the sun down to the top to bottom i've got
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a septic tanks up. to grown this 300 kilometers from source to mouth and there are over $200.00 industrial facilities range along its banks. i'm out on your muscle. remember. to do 3 things. i might get out of the mine to be in. the room here against over 4000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25000000 people. that the employee gets a pool or so made by so many of us about us a member of our economy at. the same wrong. roll just don't call. me world that is yet to shape out these days it comes to asic. and in the game.
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when some find themselves the part. of the common ground. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been only implement from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against. venezuela associated famously have a son of the moment who's moved out of something. the. moment. the whose story is a new nixon called henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. terms of economic and social system could take hold
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and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants to make the economy of venezuela screen. tested limits iran's quadrupling production of low enriched uranium as tensions with the u.s. . continues to unravel. to bomb the demonstrations are up once again in haiti with the government accused of links to a massacre in the country's capital. and the united states extends its all for of money to countries willing to switch from russian to american made.

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