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tv   News  RT  May 21, 2019 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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i don't see how. very critical. you sit. in. testing. drew pulling production of low enriched uranium tensions with the us or. a nuclear deal. also ahead on the program. the scenes violent demonstrations once again erupt in haiti with the government accused of links to a must occur in the country's capital last november. the united states extends itself or of countries willing to switch from russian to me.
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247 news live from the russian capital this is our international my names you know neal good to have your company our top story. say's it's quadrupling it's production of low enriched uranium pushing the limits of the flow and during 2015 years it's a fresh escalation with the united states which pole died off the deal more than a year ago driving a round then to suspend some of its commitments earlier in the month. the country's capacity to enrich uranium has been increased without adding any new change or centrifuge so the design information related to these has been submitted to the international atomic energy agency this comes against the backdrop of increased tensions between the united states and iran and also the continuing unraveling of the nuclear deal that was signed back in 2015 if iran wants to fight that will be
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the official end of the rand never threaten the united states again. iranians have stood tall for millenia while aggressors all gone economic terrorism and genocidal taunts won't and that's why those days of increased tensions that was sparked by the american administration sending bombers and an aircraft carrier to the persian gulf now they did this because of what they perceive with critics from the ukrainian side it comes as he is very new president says he is open to holding crisis talks with international partners but that iran will not respond to any kind of threats any kind of hostility and any kind of attempts at coersion we welcome to go situations because we do not negotiate with a party that behaves like a bully and takes a knife out of his pocket and forces us on talks we do not hold such negotiations with anybody the american position has been clear for quite some time the leaders of iran are rocketeers the world's largest financier of international terrorism
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behind every problem is already what we are trying to do is to get the iran to behave like a normal nation the united states has been applying a maximum pressure campaign against iran ever since the nuclear deal began to collapse last year and at the same time it's been imposing crippling sanctions earlier this month he ran did warn that it would begin enriching uranium to high levels if the remaining signatories did not manage to offset it or in some kind of way protected against the american measures now the europeans have been trying to do this but it's far from clear whether one. they'll succeed washington claims that he ran is looking to develop nuclear weapons and this is a claim that iran has consistently denied at the same time the nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency has never found iran in contravention of any kind of stipulations in the deal what we've seen happen is an increase on the iranian side in production by some 3.67 percent of enrich uranium
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a spokesperson for the iranian nuclear agency has said that this does not mean that iran will increase the number of centrifuges in use which is one of the stipulations in the nuclear deal but however we could see that within weeks iran will reach that 300 kilogram limit and this is a stipulation in the deal so ultimately what could happen is that iran could soon go beyond the stockpile limitations which are specified in the nuclear deal now publicly both iran and the united states say that they don't want to go with go to war with the other side but the the big concern is that any kind of miscalculation at this particularly put carious time could see the whole situation going out of control where u.s. president trump says he's ready to negotiate with to run but only when quote they are ready mr trump also once again warn to run against making what he called provocative actions or threats. we have no indication that.
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anything happened or will happen but if it does it will be met obviously with great force. we'll see what happens if they call which certainly they go but that's going to be up to them i don't we want to call it they're ready to pre-crisis situation right now and a lot depends on the political will and the determination of the europeans to join russia and china are the other signatories to the party in order to preempt use where i'm getting into a full blown crisis there's a. we create a quote situation and we're at a crossroads basically of peace and war you've got iraq president in the white house surrounded by a bear hugs that thursday for another war we did ron and you know it is. saudi arabia and israel iran's right right walls that may instigate
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a false planted accident and saw for you know order to lure mr trump to war with iran despite is the stated intention of limiting him serve to economic warfare which is really as bad as war itself. to the car of being in a haiti where the government there is suspected of links to a must occur in the country's capital last november dozens of people including women and children were brutally killed tortured haiti's biggest ally the us has so far been silent on the accusations violent government protests have been raging in the capital port au prince for weeks. the situation in haiti is escalating a population that is largely unemployed without electricity and without money once
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the president out. there today the country has reached an animal the population can no longer accept the situation. where no one is out at night now there's reduced night life know all the streets. you just don't know what are you going to run into you just can't go anywhere now in addition to their other grievances the protesters have a link to the government one of the worst massacres in the recent history of the country.
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they were shooting and i was running to save my life it was a terrible massacre that. they went to asked in police uniforms with masks on their faces they snatched people and killed them the united nations has launched an investigation now in march of 104 members of the u.s. congress signed a letter to the u.s. secretary of state calling for an independent investigation as of yet there has been no answer. to support thorough and independent investigations into both the corruption allegations that sparked the current crisis and the human rights violations including extra judicial killings that have reportedly to. in place but the trump administration seems confident in the aligned regime we have always underscored in there are statements as well as our diplomatic conversations our belief in the g. 2 misi of heat is institutions and its elected officials so far there has been no comment from the u.s.
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state department on the massacre while washington routinely condemns governments around the world for allegedly violating human rights when it comes to haiti the white house is unusually silent the u.s. has relied on a policy of gang violence in guatemala and el salvador and honduras in haiti and numerous other countries so this keeps the people in fear it keeps them in desperation and they can rule from the washington d.c. by having these gangs in the paid off public is do the work that the us demands duchamp of ministry in the pool of those who didn't know anything about haiti a little the public regime is. and we're beginning. to be demonstrated in haiti there does not do you live in haiti so president of about it. ok an intriguing story to bring
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you know the u.s. state department is planning to offer more money to countries who are willing to switch from russian to american made arms it's an expansion of an existing program . takes us through. did the folks in charge of sales for the u.s. military industrial complex take an internship somewhere that sells these free samples work just as fine in the international big guns business but look what america does as it turns out if it gets assurances from european countries that they'll ditch and stop buying weapons made in russia or china free samples won't take long to arrive there's an entire government program under which these countries will get or already have just under $200000000.00 worth of
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hardware the idea being we can put in some u.s. grant military assistance they would then put in some amount of partner military funding of course the free batch should be followed up by proper contracts plus there's going to be maintenance upgrades and so on nice $1.00 0 let's face it try before you buy is worked for everything from clothes to kiss medics and the program is being expanded to other continents. appreciating customer loyalty is key remember when the killing of a saudi journalist in turkey could have led to international boycotts against the biggest buyer of uncle sam's toys back then the american president was quick to set things straight is the best equipment in the world but if they don't buy it from us
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they're going to buy it from russia or they're going to buy it from china or they're going to buy it from other countries so the saudi contracts should stay the way they are safe and sound. nato member turkey one's got too carried away trading with russia or so says the american government and thought it was a good idea to buy russian missile defense systems you will regret that came the message from d.c. . we've. clearly warned turkey that its potential acquisition of the 100 will result in a reassessment of turkey's participation in the f. $35.00 program. and risk other. potential future arms transfers to turkey. as well as lead to potential sanctions that someone say fair competition you know if you want to be rich thinking about fair
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is really something you can ditch. there's a united nations treaty that aims to make sure the global bad guys don't get their hands on conventional weapons and hardware even if they can't afford it it's called a.t.t. barack obama signed it a few years ago donald trump though did it his way and said this in april my administration will never ratified the. treaty and i am officially announcing today that the united states will be revoking. the effect. of america's signature from this badly misguided treatment when taking our signature back a champion gun seller just once to make sure nothing can stop them from adding new names on the buyer's list even if there are perhaps
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a few issues with the reputation. it's come to light that britain has changed its rules and it up pains and shares intelligence with allies according to the ministry of defense as late as guidelines information can be exchanged even if there's a risk detainees could be mistreated or tortured. well there remains a serious risk of torture a minister should be consulted but the presumption would be that we will not proceed unless ministers agree that the potential benefits justify accepting the risk and the legal consequences that may follow with these documents were obtained by an advocacy group through the freedom of information act they show that besides ministers having more powers the new policy also allows them to pre-approve essentially a list of high threat individuals about whom information may be shared well all this stands in contradiction to the government's previously stated policies on
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torture which clearly outlined that u.k. personnel must neither take part or encourage instances of torture abuse or mistreatment the so-called consolidated guidance procedure serves as a rule of conduct for the ministry of the fence as well as the u.k.'s intelligence agencies and peace have been response called on the recently appointed secretary of defense to explain the latest changes in torture guidelines. these laws and norms are there not just to protect the end they all say protect our own policy and activities in this area in accordance with both domestic and international law we cannot overrule the law nor can ministers be advised to. the law or disregard the law. or former u.k. ambassador and human rights advocate craig murry sees the ministries actions make the country complicit in torture no intention of cutting off those intelligence
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sharing agreements they'll just come out again with some more mealy mouthed language about not condoning or not encouraging it's plainly illegal in terms of international law the united nations convention against torture paragraph or talks of complicity in torture and by continually and pretty well on a daily basis taining intelligence film the torture chambers of countries like saudi arabia or bahrain the united kingdom is plainly complicit the united kingdom no longer cares it was acting illegally in international law the united kingdom has become a state. still to come can children be raised on a vegan diet or doctors in belgium don't think so we'll bring you more opinion on that to bring.
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we can all middle of the room say. the real news is. they want to bring in a part of the world not often spoken about almost 5000 islamic state fighters are positioned along afghanistan's remote border region with central asian republics the head of russia's federal security service ses the terrorists are consolidating their forces and seeking new ways to launch attacks. with specially concerned over terrorist groups transferred to northern afghan provinces that border with c.i.s. countries one of the arm is branches has already deployed around $5000.00 polluters their. citizens have fought in syria account for
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a great part of these militants afghanistan is far from the only hot spot on these lawmaker terrorism he for instance according to the information in possession of the f.s.b. such regions as the north africa and asia have become places where islamic terrorists have been steadily gaining a foothold and now the following piece of information revealed by border nic of makes things even more concerning apparently terrorists have developed and obtained all means necessary to produce chemical weapons and to carry out chemical attacks we do this there you have news we have obtained reliable data. riding that bandits testing new means and methods of conducting subversive activities criminals have materials to knowledge is an infrastructure for creating chemical weapons and biotoxins they use unmanned aircraft in order to deliver projectiles. terrorism are not limited to the well physical war if i may say so for instance according to
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board think of islamic state has been bolstering its so-called cyber departments they have been expanding their ability to bring down these cyber infrastructure of official bodies and apparently even governments now especially with islamic state doom's well holding no ground and they have moved their operations to the dark corners of the internet they have been spreading propaganda and misinformation even more actively than before according to the f. is be in a bit of course to gain new followers new sympathizers new recruits with world potential to turn them later into active terrorist cells. here story we'll be keeping a close eye on something else picking our interest today a group of leading doctors in belgium are warning parents against raising their children on vegan diets even suggesting they should face prosecution for depriving them of essential nutrients the assessment comes from the country's royal academy
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of medicine which has dubbed the dietary choices on ethical. it is not medically recommended and even forbidden to subject a child especially during periods of rapid growth to a potentially destabilizing diet requiring frequent supplementation and control these concerts nutrition is similar to a form of treatment that is not ethical to impose on children let's just go through it a.v. and diet excludes all forms of base products including eggs and dairy according to the study around 3 percent of belgian children stick to the lifestyle begins insists their diet has a number of benefits including increased energy levels as well as lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels but belgium's royal academy of medicine as we say they say most persons are not. able to provide all knowing medical supervision for their children which they say this restrictive diet regime requires
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an increased number of health complications a monk children prompted the report i'm back in 2017 a belgian couple received the suspended 6 month sentence after their 7 month old baby died of malnutrition doctors blame the parents choice to only feed the child vegetable based milk the whole issue of beacon diets for children a social media fired up to. kiss my vague and. my kids being vegan since conception on is perfectly healthy child abuse being an ism should be a choice left to mature humans meanwhile here in backwards belgium what's next you bunch of not to doctors sterilize us young children need milk butter and some meta along with vegetables as an adult you are free to make a choice but don't feed feed into young children it's criminal who should be. so is it right or wrong to patil renamo vegan diet valid question to our guests.
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i don't think it's necessary to penalize it's necessary to give a good advise and to take into account the preferences of the parents the more restrictions you're used the more. risk there is of deficiency if you're over the age of 16 or 18 depending on the country you're living in you can make whatever decision you want i personally to a low carb high fat diet but i know i shouldn't let my children do that because they need the carbohydrates to grow no parent has a right to abuse their child or no parent has a right to put their child in danger and this is clearly put in the main danger there are certain sentiments now you cannot get on a vegan diet parents don't make their children the beacon isn't is a protected ethical orientation at the level of human rights and all parents who live their lives according to deep convictions have the right to raise their
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children according to those moral convictions and if children are suffering neglect then this ought to be dealt with very precisely as child neglect regardless of the ethical orientation of the parent vitamin b 12 without dirt need supply mentation because it's not present in an active form in any plant based nutritional source be careful about fighting the twelth also in the mother if she has a vacant for a long time it's possible that she doesn't present symptoms of vitamin b 12 deficiency or while breast milk may not contain sufficient vitamin b 12 for the little child there are lots of belief communities that feed their children even a vegetarian diet the jains. the buddhists they they are
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vegetarian and feed at. so i really don't understand why the man the medical profession is targeting the piquant community on a street legal not reached out a strict vegan diet you do not get the visions they take these are super ones you cannot get servicemen's in particular b. 12 so denying children do that kind of meats and dairy i think it is a fool of child abuse i don't really want governments to get involved in family life but if we can she courage them as the belgian surgeon then the state just over responsibility when it comes to child abuse and that's what i think it is. you want to turn attention to some singing from monday where tension flared between police and activists in the italian city of belong. up to over a visit by the leader of the far right new force party ahead of european
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parliamentary election. i. riot police attempted to contain protesters who tried to break through a police cordon they the party's leader who i then to fight previously as a fascist is seeking reelection to a european parliament in the public which kicks off this coming thursday. when i get in new jersey leads to the tragic death of a 12 year old girl her family seeks justice but find the courts almost as difficult to navigate as the streets that's next stay with us. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation
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let it be an arms race is scary dramatic development the only really. i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. lake says and see it forms part of a high altitude nature reserve. it's one of the famous chito room internees years principal motorway starts its journey. but if you come down the sun down to the top to bottom i've got to stop the binocs stop. it runs 300 kilometers from source to mouth and there are over $200.00 industrial facilities ranged along its bangers. i'm out on your muscle.
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to do 3 things. i might get out of them and to be. room here again scuba 4000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25000000 people. that the employee gets a pool or so married by so many of us about us some have a pop over people. our
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i. was there was cold. on july. 14th. we actually hasn't. worked. out i'm also. going to the store and. that's when everything how. i get. to the clothes that. were happening. i hear. shots came from their. empty. soon after the murder of my daughter genesis jamir more trains often running so. jeffrey either be.
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themselves. for an accomplice or. it was picked up about a month and a half after all of that and he was picked up on gun charges that were linked to the murder. one of she looked. like. a crime scene. and i was. all day i was on i don't want to. go i was the people who put you out there and watch the same one person i'm not just saying to people i'm saying a lot of people and you know see the cameras are on the camera sees them or they have camera is a list or a camera is of all days had cameras everywhere and i was another right on this into you know what happened.

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