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practical it is responsible it is deliverable and right now it is slipping away from us we risk losing a great opportunity this deal is not the final word on our future relationship with the e.u. it is a stepping stone to reach that future a future where the people of the u.k. determine the road ahead for the country we all love. this deal lays the groundwork and settles many of the core issues but in the years ahead parliament will be able to debate decide and refine the exact nature of our relationship with the e.u. some will want us to draw closer others will want to become more different distant both sides can make their case in the months and years ahead. the key thing is decisions will be made not by any piece or commissioners or the council but by the united kingdom parliament elected by the british people that is what being an
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independent nation state is all about those debates those decisions are for the future what matters now is honoring the result of the referendum and seizing the opportunity that is right before us so we are making a new offer to find common ground in parliament that is now the only way to deliver bricks it. over the next 2 weeks the government will be making the case for this deal in parliament in the media and in the country or what is best and right for our country now and in the future and on what the majority of british people of all political persuasions want to see happen. tomorrow are make a statement to the house of commons and there will be opportunities throughout the bill friend these on all sides to have their say but i say with conviction to every m.p. of every party i have compromised no i ask you to compromise to we've
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been given a clear instruction by the people we are supposed to represent. so help me find a way to honor that instruction move our country and our politics forward and build a better future that all of us want to see thank you. i. have just been listening there to the british prime minister embattled british prime minister treason may laying out her plans for what is no chapter a for a 4th attempt at getting the briggs's bella for the united kingdom to leave the european union with a deal trees and bailing out a 10 point plan really trying to echo home to hammer home the point that it's different from the 3 previous attempts so yeah a lot of different aspects to that let's cross live now to london polly
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or correspondent there and see what has being going on in factories in may still speaking let's go to to our side only straight to see what's happening right now with treason. of the bill and think about the importance of delivering breck's it because this is the way that we can russia find agreement and ensure that we leave the european union that must be at the forefront of our thinking and as i said i think this is the opportunity we have to do just that so look at the details of this bill as i say i've compromised i think i ask others to compromise too so that together we can do what the british people voted for in the referendum and leave the. beth. prime minister whatever happens now with your bill you have promised to stand down as prime minister would
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you like to see a brics a t.r. replace you or do you think. that would just prolong the polarization of politics that you've just spoken of nice try best but. i'm not going to comment on the future a future leadership election that will be a matter for the conservative party in all of its parts. we got. there i c. c robert. prime minister. i'm over here yes don't worry i'm just scanning the other. so i'll give you my father robert the pleasure the pleasures that await you. you have said you've said prime minister that you will give m.p.'s the opportunity to vote on whether to have a so-called confirmatory referendum does that mean you're giving
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a commitment that if they vote for that referendum there will be a referendum and you've also said that you will give m.p.'s a vote on whether the u.k. should remain in a moment customs union without the ability to negotiate trade deals in other countries again is this a commitment that if they vote for that that is was a conservative government would negotiate well as i said in the speech obviously as we take these issues through the through the house of commons what the commons will be saying is what they want to see in the in the final bill and if you want a deal it's about russia find the bill but i do have to pick you up robert on the fact that you said that i had said there would be a compromise solution of a permanent customs union on the table no i didn't i said a temporary customs union which would enable
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a future government to take the customs arrangement in whichever direction it wished wished to do so. francis. francis really from the times you said going to take the case to the country over the next 2 weeks. you have rather important actions on 1st day when we actually see the bill 37 clauses in the new you committing to publishing the bill. before recess . we'll be publishing the bill in the next few days and as i say i would ask people to wait and look at the details of what is in the bill and as i say this is the opportunity that people have to deliver on bricks it what does the bill do it enables us to get out of the e.u. it enables us to take control of our money our borders and our laws i think that's what people voted for that's what this bill would enable people to do.
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thank you picked her up from the mirror i'm prime minister you came in to number 10 promising to deliver bricks it and to put the issue of europe to bed once and for all for the conservative party how successful do you think you've been in doing that patiently obviously i just said in my speech that i have an effective exit this is about what i'm doing today is about setting out what you believe is a new bricks that deal that can command a majority across the house of commons can enable us to do just that because it's not just my responsibility to deliver bricks it i believe it's the responsibility of the whole of the house of commons to have a bracks it we gave the british people the choice in the referendum the house of commons the government at the time said it would abide by the decision the house of commons voted to trigger article 50 the house of commons passed the initial withdrawal act that set the scene for us being able to withdraw when we had a deal in the legislation would be to say she would be necessary to put that deal
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into place and now we have the opportunity of confirming that bret's it by passing this by passing this bill i'll take one last question from jason. jason go to the daily. some your colleagues seem to be opposed to this not because necessarily what's in it but because it's you who's doing the asking what do you say to those who. think it's your duty and in the national interest for you to step aside and let someone else have a go before this whole thing gets even worse well on the. issue of myself as i said to norah you know the situation as i set out. last week following my discussions with channel 22 but look what i say is this isn't just about me it was just about me and how i voted we don't really have left the european union. actually this is about a responsibility across the whole of the house of commons for us to come together
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and find a way of delivering on the instruction people gave us people want us to leave you we need to deliver that this deal enables the house of commons to do that to come together to support the withdrawal agreement and ensure that we leave the european union thank you. ok pretty combative theresa may there feeling questions from the british media giving her take on what she just spoke about a little bit earlier her 4th plan to try and get brags it through and it's gone 3 times before it's gone to parliament gone to the commons and it hopes will be able to pass through parliament or 3 previous attempts all firmly rejected let's get a reminder. kind of deal is dead is the deadest. i
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believe it is possible to have that future relationship which is deep in place with the european union that gives us the freedom to do what we want to do. a minister has been recklessly wasting time holding the country to ransom with the threat of no deal the prime minister of peace the fact that his little support for a deal or no deal in this. week. why on earth would we walk away from this to be frank i have lost trust in the prime minister's ability to negotiate a good job. if this deal is rejected is that we have the risk of braces. to carry new york making derogatory comments about that stick on the subject of bricks it happens to be. affixed to the windscreen of my wife's car yes i'm sure all the
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owner who gentleman wouldn't suggest. i was a wife is somehow the property chattel. house. ok just to recap in case you missed that the past 20 minutes or so trees i'm a prime minister of the u.k. has been laying out her plans for her 4th attempt at getting a deal for bragg says the united kingdom to attempts to leave the european union that will help in the 1st week of june she laid out a 10 point plan ranging from speaking about the buck stop in northern ireland saying that there will be no. by 20 at 20 that's been a major sticking point for the pm
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a big headache of hers for quite some time she went on to talk about cross party talks saying in fact to labor m.p.'s. trade had been given the go ahead maybe trying to reach trying to get more liberal votes it's going to take a big push to get the 4th through she's going to need a lot of people not in our own party to vote for the deal workers' rights saying it's going to be bad for the currently is or at least. it is in the continent environmental protection being one of the key factors the past few months here about climate change. was also made in she said the most difficult aspect though has been customs policy what is going to mean. this withdrawal bill is going to have to go through 1st in the 1st week of june
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before any talk about a 2nd referendum which is want to ask sizable proportion of people in the. general public are calling for. a lot of people calling for a new deal to go ahead if it happens if this is given the go ahead in the 1st week of june it will happen by hall of the 31st of october. so a lot. to get through with a big. a big problem you would say to try and get across party support she hasn't done a 3 times before can she do it this 4th time in the commons perhaps just going through some of the questions that were asked there by the press. one of the big things was how long prime minister are you going to be prime minister the press not in fact speaking about some of the details won't you
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know will she still be there come october treason may not giving any give away about whether or not she will remaining as prime minister she said she would talk about thought in the coming months or so today she did not mention all another question what do you see of the tory m.p.'s who say it is your duty to stand and deliver a deal themselves to of course there's. whether or not there will be a tory conserve the party leadership bottle coming up whether enough that happens before the leaving the european union is another word we do not know at this stage but we know some of the income tax the boris johnson's. a lot of people currently putting their their front foot forward let's cross though to. if we can to. in
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a few moments polly standing by just getting for with some of the main points on this so we'll let polly get our thoughts together. to stop. try on just exactly what this speech means for not but to a few other stories in the meantime. in a move. the total implosion of the 2015 nuclear deal iran it's quadrupling its production of low and rich rhenium not the session coming in response to the united states withdrawal from the london market over a year ago amidst reimposition of sanctions on iran. not concentrate only on the cum richness of iran do you have to change your body or so if you don't especially remove all the of sanctions on just sunshines this is a college no soft and behold it will be able to do something the other boys.
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have to reach for mood stronger actions this comes against the backdrop of increased tensions between the united states and iran and also the continuing unraveling of the nuclear deal that was signed back in 2015 if iran wants to fight so that will be the official end of iran never threaten the united states again. iranians have stood tall for millenia while aggressors all gone economic terrorism and genocidal taunts won't and that's why those days of increased tensions that was sparked by the american administration sending bombers and an aircraft carrier to the persian gulf now they did this because of what they perceive with critics from the ukrainian side it comes as he is very new president says he is open to holding crisis talks with international partners but that iran will not respond to any kind of threats any kind of hostility and any kind of attempts at coersion why we welcome to go situations because we do not negotiate with
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a party that behaves like a bully and takes a knife out of his pocket and forces us to all talks we do not hold such negotiations with anybody the american position has been clear for quite some time the leaders of iran are record here's the world's largest financer of international terrorism behind every problem is a red and what we've been trying to do is to get iran to behave like a normal patient the united states has been applying a maximum pressure campaign against iran ever since the nuclear deal began to collapse last year and at the same time it's been imposing crippling sanctions earlier this month he ran did warn that it would begin enriching uranium to high levels if the remaining 6. the trees did not manage to offset it or in some kind of way protected against the american measures now the europeans have been trying to do this but it's far from clear whether or not they'll succeed washington claims that he ran is looking to develop nuclear weapons and this is a claim that iran has consistently denied at the same time the nuclear watchdog the
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international atomic energy agency has never found iran in contravention of any kind of stipulations in the deal what we've seen happen is an increase from the iranian side in production by some 3.67 percent of enrich uranium a spokesperson for the iranian nuclear agency has said that this does not mean that iran will increase the number of centrifuges in use which is one of the stipulations in the nuclear deal but however we could see that within weeks iran will reach that 300 kilogram limit and this is a stipulation in the deal so ultimately what could happen is that iran could soon go beyond the stockpile limitations which are specified in the nuclear deal now publicly both iran and the united states say that they don't want to go with go to war with the other side but the the big concern is that any kind of miscalculation at this particularly carious time could see the whole situation going out of
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control. ok the chump's of a 2nd bragg's a referendum in the united kingdom is bark on the table within the past hour as you might have seen british prime minister koizumi saying that m.p.'s will get the chance to vote on a referendum if they pass her with her old bill which has already been rejected 3 times the new deal as treason is calling it it will be put to a vote in the commons in the 1st week of june trees in the outlining new concessions in fact going through a 10 point plan to try and get enough people board to show that there are enough differences between this time the. 4th on the 3 previous times to try and get that over the line let's go live now to polly boyd who in london probably has been listening in as well to some of the main points. that was always the big issue wasn't is there
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a nuff in this deal enough differences between what's been done before is there enough concessions to try and get this over the line this 4th attempt to break said what were your what were your main take away points from a poly. well this possible 2nd referendum which would only be an option for m.p.'s to vote on if the withdrawal deal that she's presented as a new withdrawal deal and i'll talk you through what's new about it in a moment but if m.p.'s vote for the withdrawal bill then they can then vote on the option of having a 2nd referendum which is a pretty big u.-turn from the prime minister she said that she's never been in favor of a 2nd referendum she still committed and if it was her way we would have stuck to the outcome of the 1st referendum of course it was close but decisive she said but interesting because of course theresa may fail to push her old withdrawal bill
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through several times in parliament and she failed at 6 weeks of crossing party negotiations with the labor party so this was her coming back and saying let's do it all again and she had to say what was going to be different this time around so she's made a number of concessions that she says is going to be outlining over the next few weeks so get ready for it to be sold by the government for the next few weeks and the main difference is that m.p.'s are going to be getting a vote on whether there will be that 2nd referendum if they voted it through but also this idea of the customs arrangement so parliament going to be able to vote on the option of a customs union or sticking with the option that reason may has already negotiated and the arrangement that she's already made. that's the big difference here really but there were quite a few points that she said she would make in order to try and push this through
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parliament she said that the government's going to make sure that this deal is aligned to northern ireland effectively making sort of this very contentious issue of the backstop hopefully obsolete so she can't take away the. start from the deal but she can say i can commit the government to not ever having to use the government we can try to stop because so many m.p.'s and the d p which is the party that's supposed to support conservative government they've got this confidence and supply agreement the d u p is so against the deal because of the backstop and she's trying to negate that with this alignment to noir northern ireland she also said that he would get to vote you should trade deals now that was something that came about as part of the cross party negotiations it was actually labor m.p.'s that suggested that to her she said so she's trying to show you that she's taken
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suggestions from all sides of the political debate she also said that she would commit to having his rights aligned to workers' rights so the the people that are concerned about the u.k. forwarding back in terms of regulations that there are concerns there would be a way also environmental standards would be aligned with the e.u. as well she said that she would endeavor to negotiate as close to frictionless trade as possible with the e.u. and to keep up with agricultural standards as well so there wouldn't be a difference there and disruption to some of the supply chains that come from here and into year and that was that big customs compromise but all of this really especially with this 2nd referendum promise but only if you agree with drool deal it's a bit of a head scratcher really it does really show how much of
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a dog's dinner bragg's it has become in the u.k. but it's clearly a message to. the to those who are advocating a no deal breakers that that is definitely not the way to go that's not an option and she's deter. meant to either push this through or potentially be left with no brakes at all. probably just before we go to break it was quite interesting wasn't the question and answer session after the end with assembled. dignitaries usually of all of the of the newspaper press we heard from them particularly they didn't seem to a number too excited by what was actually in the deal they want to do to know when she's going to stand up at a possible tory leadership contest treason it wasn't a hard thing that she's under a lot of pressure on all fronts here do we know just anything briefly about what way that would happen a new leader could come in before that hollowing deadline or otherwise. well it's
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not clear i mean she's known as teflon to reserve isn't she and she works really she doesn't really commit to any dates either so it's funny because we've kind of got her to system in a way now because to resume a on the one hand she's still trying to push this withdrawal deal through but if you look at the domestic press has oh my gosh the campaigns. will be next potentially leader of the conservative party are very much up and running already we've got different sides of the party the brags that the extra maine is all vying quietly with p.r. campaigns for the top job but at the same time to resume a won't say when she'll stand down and we've got this very open ended bragg's it cannot now and this is how going in really the final attempt to try and push this deal through in order to secure her legacy she came to power with the promise you
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know almost 3 years ago of delivering brags that she's said that she's found it much more difficult than she even suspected it would be and it's just incredibly incredibly difficult for her but she's trying to salvage this withdrawal deal and to push it through one more time she'll be hoping that those 2 massive concessions that she's made will be enough to push it through and then of course she's going to have to hope that m.p.'s don't vote for a 2nd referendum on it as well yeah laughs rule of the day's time polly thanks so much for talking us through all the proposed 10.4 briggs's chapter number 4 by trees it may work in london thank you. is your arctic news update this summer. school back with our headline stories in a few minutes time they want to see if you can.
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this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida another mother and daughter is buried in a cemetery in meaning messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court to. be. shocked shocked as far as i feel. we don't know children just from. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know children.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only recently i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. ah. ah. ah ah. join me every.
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time i'm sure. i'm sure. i'll see if. there's financial survival. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report.
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the british prime minister on feels changes to her briggs it deal for a 4th attempt to get it through parliament. votes. also ahead this hour on the program. in the caribbean nation of haiti where the government's being accused. in the. november. switch to get rich the u.s. tries to tempt countries with. its weapons instead of hardware for rivals like china. russia.


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