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tv   News  RT  May 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the british prime minister peas a vote on a 2nd of bragg's it referendum as she unveiled changes to her withdrawal deal to try a 4th attempt at getting it through paula months also ahead. up in the caribbean nation of haiti where the government is being accused of links to a massacre in the capital last november. and switch to get rich the u.s. tries to time countries the cash if they buy its weapons instead of hardware from libels like china or russia.
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it's 1 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all to international live from our studio with me welcome to the program. the chance of a 2nd to brags that referendum is back on the table the british prime minister said on tuesday that m.p.'s will have the chance to vote on another referendum if they finally pass her e.u. withdrawal bill which has already been rejected 3 times with more interest amazing a last ditch attempt to get a deal through parliament his apology. well she promised a bold new offer and here is to reason may's false the incarnation of a brags that belle she needed something different enough to sell to m.p.'s and there are a number of concessions that she's made she's going to be making the case to the country over the next couple of weeks there are 10 main points too many to list but the 2 main headline grabbers are is that she will offer m.p.'s
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a vote on the option of a customs union and that big big carrot that she's offered m.p.'s will get to vote on a 2nd way friend but only if they pass the deal in the 1st place the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement bill introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be rushed outside and ready there are rumblings in westminster from all sides of the political spectrum. because it's basically a rehash of what was discussed before that she. said. she ran. the job. exactly. the reason mays never wanted it herself she's always said that she would just like to stick to implementing the
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results of the 1st one but she's trying everything she can to try her already dented political legacy she is after all a one issue prime minister she came to power almost 3 years ago promising to deliver on gregg's it and she's still trying to salvage that take a listen to how worming if her deal is rejected again some suggested. even without a deal but whatever you think about outcome paula has been clear it will do all it can to stop it if not no deal then it would have to be a general election or a 2nd referendum that could lead to revocation and no bricks it. to reason may said that this is the last chance for m.p.'s to vote her deal through after all the default setting in october is for a no deal with drawl but it's also to reason may's last chance to save her
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political legacy and to deliver on the brags that she's promised throughout her leadership she's failed to pay her bill through parliament $3.00 times already she's failed in 6 weeks of cross party negotiations the u.k. was meant to leave the e.u. on the 29th of march that didn't happen and the u.k. wasn't supposed to be taking part in the e.u.'s parliamentary elections which is happening so naturally all the questions at the end of that big speech from journalists trying to make sense of it focused on one issue and that was when is she going to step down. within minutes of trade them a speech opposition parties across the board swiftly lined up to reject any offer even to members of the prime minister's own conservative party had been supporting or say she's betraying brags that. i supported the p.m.'s rotten deal last time as i felt we could then during line and select a new pm to pick up the pieces but i cannot support this convoluted mess that it
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takes is towards a rig referendum between her deo and no brakes it is just great task the pm must go i supported the dreadful withdrawal agreement before they thought it was our only chance of leaving the e.u. in 20 ninth's march there was draw agreement deal proposal is worse than before this is not bracks said and i won't be supporting it you three's a maze now supporting a 2nd referendum makes it very hard for me to support the latest withdrawal agreement bill when it comes to house of commons this is a betrayal of 2016 referendum and a betrayal of everything she has been seen since she became prime minister. historian alan scad told us tries a maze revised withdrawal bill will be roundly rejected by m.p.'s says anathema to the vast majority of conservative m.p. s. . approach to a new customs deal and a referendum will break promises she made in the last manifesto so i fear
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because labor said it won't support the new deal. even less support this time wrong as she got last time round a deal is dead just a dirt floor mess and mean it doesn't really appeal to either side i mean she has her hands are tied because you know she signed a deal with the european union and the european union is going to change the main structure of the deal so she can that propose anything radically new so this she's playing around the edges and simply doesn't have enough troops for maneuver. the caribbean country of haiti the government has been suspected of links to a massacre in the capital last november dozens of people including children with tortured and killed his biggest ally the u.s. has so far been silent on the accusations violent antigovernment protests have been waiting in the capital for weeks.
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the situation in haiti is escalating a population that is largely unemployed without electricity and without money once the president out. today the country has reached an end to the population can no longer accept the situation. what no one is out at night now there is reduced night life now all the streets are dark you just don't know what are you going to run into you just can't go anywhere now in addition to their other grievances the protesters have a link to the government one of the worst massacres in the recent history of the country.
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they were shooting and i was running to save my life it was a terrible massacre. they were dressed in police uniforms with masks on their faces that they snatched people and killed them the united nations has launched an investigation now in march. 104 members of the u.s. congress signed a letter to the u.s. secretary of state calling for an independent investigation as of yet there has been no answer. to support thorough and independent investigations into both the corruption allegations that sparked the current crisis and the human rights violations including extra judicial killings that have reportedly taken place but
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the trap administration seems confident in the aligned regime we have always underscored in there are statements as well as our diplomatic conversations our belief in the determinacy of heat is institutions and it's elected officials so far there has been no comment from the u.s. state department on the massacre while washington routinely condemns governments around the world for allegedly violating human rights when it comes to haiti the white house is unusually silent the u.s. has relied on a policy of gang violence in guatemala and el salvador and honduras in haiti and numerous other countries so this keeps the people in fear it keeps them in desperation and they can rule from the washington d.c. by having these gangs in the pain of poverty is. the word the u.s. demands the example of ministry and will do no good in haiti alerts
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the public regime is. and will beginning by. 2 being demonstrated in haiti now does not the u.s. . president of. britain is planning a wide ranging update to its espionage and trees in the north which could lead to the introduction of a foreign agents register and tougher penalties for whistle blowers the proposed overhaul was announced by the u.k.'s home secretary. getting this right and having the right powers and resources in place for countering hostile states must be opposed to bricks and priority so i can announce today that we are preparing the way for nash benard bill this will bring together new and modernized powers giving our security services the legal authority they need to tackle this threat. at this stage is not clear exactly what house will be included in the new espionage bill is
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intended however to address perceived short for the new case treason laws as well as the official secrets act which is last updated in 1009 and prohibits the leaking of any information that could be considered damaging former m i 5 agent unemotional told us what she believes the changes will entail. what they're trying to do is amalgamate all of these different acts including the treason act trim the middle ages and say actually we need a new act the 21st century but what they're doing with this is they're making the provisions much more stringent and draconian than they used to be so for example under the 1989 act if you are a whistleblower talking about the crimes committed by the military of spies you would face 2 monkeys in prison you know under the new act what they're trying to suggest is that if you're a whistleblower revealing the crimes of the spies then you will face 14 years in prison they actually have also suggested they get rid of what's called the prior publication defense which came in in the 1980 s.
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now this means because something is in the public domain you can then report it without any penalize ation what they are now suggesting is to take away that so that means for example if i want to talk about some of the things that are in my former partner disclosed 20 years ago under this new law i would not be allowed to talk about them even though they were already in the public to me have already been exposed across the international media so this is a very draconian law they're proposing. your state department is planning to offer more money to countries who are willing to switch from russian it to american made alms it's an expansion of an existing program in the trunk and now takes us $3.00. defocus in charge of sales for the u.s. military industrial complex take an internship somewhere that sells these free samples work just as fine in the international big guns business but look what
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america does as it turns out if it gets assurances from european countries that they'll ditch and stop buying weapons made in russia or china free samples won't take long to arrive there's an entire government program under which these countries will get or already have just under $200000000.00 worth of hardware the idea being we can put in some u.s. grant military assistance they would then put in some amount of partner military funding of course the free batch should be followed up by proper contracts plus there's going to be maintenance upgrades and so on nice $1.00 0 let's face it try before you buy is worked for everything from clothes to us medics and the program is being expanded to other continents.
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appreciating customer loyalty is key remember when the killing of a saudi journalist in turkey could have led to international boycotts against the biggest buyer of uncle sam's toys back then the american president was quick to set things straight is the best equipment in the world but if they don't buy it from us they're going to buy it from russia or they're going to buy it from china or the. going to buy it from other countries so the saudi contracts should stay they way they are safe and sound. nato member turkey once got too carried away trading with russia or so says the american government and thought it was a good idea to buy russian missile defense systems you will regret that came the message from d.c. we've clearly warned turkey. that its potential acquisition.
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of the 100 will result in a reassessment of turkey's participation in the f. $35.00 program. and risk other. potential future arms transfers to turkey as well. it's lead to potential sanctions did someone say fair competition you know if you want to be rich thinking about fair is really something you can ditch. there's a united nations treaty that aims to make sure the global bad guys don't get their hands on conventional weapons and hardware even if they can't afford it it's called a.t.t. barack obama signed it a few years ago donald trump though did it his way and said this in april my release trace you will never ratified the. treaty and i am officially announcing
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today that the united states will be revoking. the effect. of america's signature from this badly misguided treatment when taking our signature about a champion gun seller just once to make sure nothing can stop them from adding new names on the buyers list even if there are perhaps a few issues with the reputation. britain's defense ministry is facing a backlash over claims that instituted a policy that allows for intelligence sharing with international partners even when there's a risk it will lead to torture u.k. government rules state that its personnel should not participate in condone solicit or encourage torture and other forms of degrading treatment or punishment documents obtained through a freedom of information requests show however that last year the provision allowing ministers to override those home office guidelines the controversial
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provision says that even if there is a risk of torture menaces can push ahead with intelligence sharing should they consider it to be beneficial to the u.k. it also says they must be ready to accept the legal implications of that decision. where there remains a serious risk of torture ministers should be consulted but the presumption would be that we will not proceed unless ministers agree that the potential benefits justify accepting the risk and the legal consequences that may follow. in the wake of the revelations the newly appointed defense secretary has pledged to review the defense ministries guidelines on intelligence sharing and torture but he wouldn't insist that the u.k. has not broken any laws. these laws and norms are there not just to protect the enemy they also protect our own policy and activities in this area in accordance with both domestic and international law we cannot overrule the law nor can ministers be advised to. the law or disregard
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the law they have no intention of cutting off those intelligence sharing agreements they'll just come out again with some more mealy mouthed language about not condoning or not encouraging it plainly illegal in terms of international law the united nations convention against torture program for talks of complicity and torture and by continually and pretty well on a daily basis of training intelligence from the top 2 chambers of countries like saudi arabia. united kingdom is plainly complicit the united kingdom no longer clears it was acting illegally in international law the united kingdom has become a state. or a back with more news right after this break. what
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observations do you shop to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president if you. want to. get it right the price is right. for you to get. interested or is it. less. when i was choked small seemed wrong in one old roll just told. me the world to get to shape out this day to come get educated and in the game because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the.
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welcome back to the program the leaders of russia france and germany held a joint phone call on tuesday to discuss a range of hot button issues from the syrian conflict to the war in ukraine and the dispute over iran's nuclear program but did a clutch of reports. the leaders of france germany and russia discussed a range of high profile issues in a telephone conversation of the 3 part is reaffirmed their support for copper ration with iran and also stressed the importance of preserving the 2015 iran nuclear deal which is currently in jeopardy as the us unilaterally withdrew from
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the landmark agreement and iran that it stopped fulfilling its obligations with ending nuclear deal and gave the other european signatories 60 days to decide whether they will support of the deal and also trade with iran now another topic which was discussed was the situation in ukraine in light of the power we shuffle in kiev with the new president elect and also the leaders spoke about the situation in syria once again stressing that it is important to settle the conflict in line with the un security council's resolutions. tensions are running high in the relationship between poland and israel the world jewish congress president has accused warsaw of profiteering from confiscated jewish assets that comes after the polish prime minister declared that his country won't pay restitution to jewish property seized by the nazis during the holocaust. there
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are those in the world who have the nerve to ask compensation from poland for german crimes there is no agreement for such compensation and such behavior this is a posthumous victory for hitler. the polish prime minister's remarks were apparently in response to pressure from the united states the u.s. policy legislation in 2017 encouraging european countries to compensate the holocaust survivors for their losses but poland is the only e's states not to have done so earlier this month in warsaw with several thousands of nationalist protests against the us restitution all opponents of the legislation time it would inflict serious damage on poland's economy moreover on may the 12th poland consul to visit and israeli official police said that the talks with focused on the issue of jewish restitution we spoke to mark shulman columnist and editor of history central dot com he says rise of anti semitism empowerment is
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a real option. when i talk about reparations so much we're talking about property and the return of property and the problem of property in poland is that i know less than is in warsaw half of the war so no one knows who owns what because it wasn't only the question of the jewish property then came the communist rule and people didn't have didn't have ownership of their apartments and no one knows who owns what and i personally understand the problem on a very personal level i when i returned with my mother 25 years ago to the town that my grandfather grew up in and we visited. a wood factory wood mill which my grand uncles and they managed to survive the holocaust were yugoslavia some with fighting and they came back after the holocaust to that town and they were killed by the local pols who didn't want to give it back they would know so you know it's very complicated on the other hand i have no
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interest in the wood mill i'm the only surviving relative who survived the whole jewish issues become significant in polish politics so you know there's this problem of anti-semitism there's no jews now the jews are always been throughout history when a convenient kicking goes on. you know the jews are responsible for whatever is going on and so that's really very very very interesting i think the reparations as an excuse i think the rise of anti-semitism poland is a real problem. canvassing for votes on the streets of britain has become a fair bit trickier and stickier of those on the political fringes whereas over the years i might add at and suspect a politician the weapon of choice now is apparently a milkshake. regardless
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of where you stand on the issues i think we can all agree that blocked toes in the intolerant is one of the best games ever in the future of aleutian will not be posture right i'll have what he's wearing but in strong. nikki our own that will bring you more global updates there on 30 minutes time so
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do stay with us. if you will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these commandments and. then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the white people is stolen property and therefore it must be returned to black people if they get rid of whites only problems will go away. within the community as president of the free the. white farmers in. every single day. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in the. mania somebody. in the
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race why of course will find themselves affected by credit and we should point to what effect means in greens oh it's all sweats and a lot of. what are you going to have for dinner today we don't have a need to be asking for a night the. civil war in south africa is you never to. profit from. any chong not be in the code of europe and to gain. leet. with this manufacture consent instinct of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the frame and
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larry go around to be the one person that. we can all middle of the room signals. because there's a survival guide. to the story. he should. repeat. the 7. keyser soze. join me every thursday on the alec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that.
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iran america's response to south africa nation skinny in fact it's well it's. no texas nonsense it's. been to your heart ours and yours until the road we'll have mr gray of course will. testify that my client there are more is a number of pretenders there and. you don't have any role whatsoever of the investigation of this case that involved a. murder of genesis recall right and you have no personal information whatsoever with regard to how this part of the place if. you weren't there already knows you needs to fire the shots fish. the thing for her to call her. let's talk about and the child.


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