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tv   Documentary  RT  May 24, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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hard brigs it where britain also quits the e.u. single market the democrats the green party and change you k. they all want to reverse briggs it and have a 2nd referendum while common director of britain's crisis research institute in oxford says that the country faces uncertainty and chaos it's going to be a difficult task because the house of commons is still strongly against leaving the e.u. except on terms which involve remaining in a customs union almost certainly so that there's going to be a disconnect between the tory party members and supporters and presumably the people who defected to the briggs's party who are mainly conservatives who want a serious break with europe and the members of parliament and so unless you change the arithmetic in the house of commons whoever succeeds mrs may if they want to leave the e.u. was going to face huge problems and same sort can they force a new general election what will be the result of that we don't know but there's going to be a great deal of uncertainty and as i say there's this looming deadline of the 31st of october which is the end of the extension of britain's membership and the
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british politicians seem to forgotten that in the modern world divorce can be initiated from both sides the remaining members of the european union may decide we find you too much trouble we want you to leave now and so that could be a chaotic disorderly brigs it. and finally a reminder of our breaking news story this hour which is that at least 8 people have been injured in an explosion in the french city of leone the media say a parcel bomb went off near a bakery after the package was dropped by a motorbike rider it detonated shortly afterwards police have sealed off the area no one has yet claimed responsibility for that matter on called this incident an attack it's being confirmed that there were no deaths the french antiterrorism force has reportedly launched an investigation into an attempt to deliberately kill or bring you the updates as and when we get them. ok thanks thing we don't see international updates at the top of the hour.
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it was only days ago we were told the u.s. was preparing to strike iran for nonspecific reasons to deter nonspecific threats then the narrative simply disappeared into thin air just exactly what is the trump administration's policy regarding iran whereas trump you know. the more i tried to understand venezuela the more i could see the signs of all solitary unism emerging on my continent as well. however what venezuela's critics didn't dare do was compare human rights issues to
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those in other countries on the american continent. civil and political rights have been violated in venezuela. but they are violated every day in colombia and they're violated every day in mexico and they're violated every day in brazil. what i call human rights. what i call selective integration. you shoulder enormous in the nation with regard to one country. to keep quiet with regard to many other countries where the situation is many times worse. in brazil the police killed 14 people a day on average. the colombian army killed 10000 civilians between 20022010. that doesn't include hundreds of political activists assassinated every year by power ability groups
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tolerated or even supported by the authorities. even in the us and. people in 2018. some of those countries have called the military intervention in venezuela to protect so they say its citizens. but we have troops all over the world that places a very very far away venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and they're dying we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary. i'm always careful when we talk about south and central america and the cia there's a lot of stories. we are very hopeful that there could be
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a transition of venezuelans i was just down in mexico city and in bogota week before last talking about this very issue trying to help them understand the things they might do so that they can get a better outcome for c.n.n. can now confirm the president trump asked a number of his top foreign policy advisers last summer about the possibility of invading venezuela thank you. and now opposition needs you on honda has declared himself the country's new president have you also the president of the united states for any military support in your struggle by and saw it on on the amount of it's going to and i would in
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terms of taking decisions don't even though this is a dictatorship the little people want to advance with whatever pressure is needed this is no time for dialogue this is time for. any negotiations with nicolas maduro. no. the strange thing about the coup and threat of invasion is that they didn't just come from the usa. supporters of the right wing opposition asked for a foreign country to invade then as you. and i made the mistake of answering one of them. i told him it had happened in greece back in the days of nazi collaborators. i hadn't noticed that the person had hundreds of thousands of followers on twitter .
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dozens of them offered to teach me new expressions in english and spanish. using teaching methods from the t.v. series norco's. call. that. easy whole day. key. was when i received an interesting message. i had just been given my next mission. twitter friends explained that if i was a real journalist and wanted to understand venezuela i had to go to the border with colombia. they were absolutely right. ringback ringback
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that night i boarded a bus with dozens of venezuelans leaving the country. just a nation the border crossing out in colombia. a place where the local mafia random to members of colombia's civil war paramilitary groups me to operate only. for breakdowns one flat tire and an attack with stones flying past my head resulted in a 19 hour journey. and plenty of time to read international press articles on venezuela's immigrants and refugees. from reuters to the daily mirror dozens of stories repeating that the case here resembles syria and the people of myanmar.
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they compared an economic crisis to civil war and genocide. in the news i mostly saw people leaving the country here i could see a few returning to venezuela even within a day. they see. those humanity. vase. on. at the colombian border i experienced one of the many side effects of economic collapse but i learned nothing new about what caused it.
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surprisingly i found more answers in a town just 40 kilometers east of san cristobal. hundreds of. hours of gas stations. this was another artificial shortage caused by private. smugglers collaborating with local offices buying gas and other government subsidized commodities in colombia. taking advantage of that as well as price controls contraband goods have become a lucrative business in neighboring colombia where these products can sell for prices at least $10.00 times more it is estimated that almost 40 percent of this
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will is food is illegally transported across the border. hiding food away in storage for political and economic purposes is bad enough. not being able to find gasoline when you have the biggest oil reserves is a real. especially when the government provides gas almost feel free. to understand what was going on i had to return to caracas where the gasoline flows generously.
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as i couldn't reconcile the oil production in my mind i decided to walk somebody who's been. following venezuela's energy policy professor carlos mendoza patella. a consultant on energy issues for the central bank of venezuela. we begin. with. the he's. been there as well he never seen it or nah. you know again not a moment. and i. want to thank you you. know.
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according to international media of venezuela. even though it's been proved to have the world's biggest oil reserves. is that really true. he's. being. shown these. relief and i know you know. he's. there but only. you have that. because it will. give me.
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the link this. to put on the. critical. so you know. we are not shy to talk about. chinese navy blue water navy actually we have. it is clear that if i need a century g.l.a. will be developed hopefully into the military that would even crude of the class the chinese maybe. there is
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a cyclical nature to things there's the globalization there's globalization there's lowering interest rates there's rising interest rates so when the interest rates rise hit the impacted us that will be instantaneous death. even without the all right no co reserves venezuela has a lot of oil. so how did it get into its current situation. many people told me that it suffers from a strange disease. and familial and there's a lot of. thinking c.d.c. you can see. because it's called the dutch disease and i thought i should go to whole and good
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judgment. sadly we see that many of these countries and much worse economic performance much worse in a call to you much more poverty than before the end or well for the gas well or the middle so that's been cold i'm dutch my soap has been called a dutch disease. the dutch disease is something which is taught in the mountain sneddon's was one of the main gas export you had all these guys he holding up the north part of holland. as a result of the gas being exported it was a long. backstrom to mom for the guilder for the currency that pushed up the value of the giver and the made in very strong currency but as a result of that the rest of the industry in the netherlands became less competitive found a more difficult to export aboard so although we were belford in terms of gas our
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industry was suffering and might have been causing on the point. venezuela has suffered from the dutch disease since the 930 s. when oil income was converted into holidays clothes and mentions for the elite. sea economy so. you had that but you are not you are not safety more on uploads you . know. now these are friends who will. be always one of them i thought. well good luck if we see a bank we'll get but of the moon. good luck getting.
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people of course. with bog us indians. as wouldn't kill the dutch disease. but for the 1st time an oil revenue wasn't going to the elite or to foreign multinationals. let's look 1st at the old times and shove assholes to life then chavez put a lot of the money over the oil the huge oil money eventually gets into helping the people of venezuela as he put it into the education system and put it into the health care system and if you can poverty. is a different. tree
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. from the usa. for this purpose we're going to announce sanctions against. the state. we're looking at the oil. big. oil companies.
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with me. as well as the official exchange rate for the. black market right. facebook page. things have changed they can find it on instagram.
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by controlling. anyone citizens against government. so. 2 opposing sides have been trying to explain the crisis in venezuela. economics.
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prosperous nation. for all. economic model socialist utopia this is not a failed socialist state. socialist venezuela this is the socialist dilemma was it socialism i don't think so because actually during that period you know the vast
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majority were in the private sector. and they didn't come anywhere near say france which has 55 percent of its g.d.p. is government. more socialist than. even when chavez nationalized companies mainly in the oil sector the private sector grew more rapidly than the public sector. venezuela was therefore never a socialist country. and even its greatest opponents knew it. when its economic growth rate was doubled out of the usa and poverty was down by 50 percent. the international media attributed the growth to capitalism.
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but when the crisis struck socialism was blamed. the 2 made narratives putting the blame on sanctions or on socialism the reality i saw in venezuela was much more complex. and maybe. very a revolution. an inherited all the structural problems that the economy had faced in the 20th century. destroyed production high inflation and huge inequalities. but for the 1st time. did not flow into the hands of the
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few. people. all those problems old and new came to the surface. and the rich.
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there was something. in the sixty's and seventy's. but that's not acceptable today. and. must be crushed.
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george w. bush the president of the united states government of iraq and the future of your country. belongs to you. in the battle of iraq the united states and our allies have prevailed. what we can do and will do is support the aspirations of the libyan people came the soft side.
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i might perhaps the vice president of the united states and on behalf of president donald trump and all the american people. let me express the unwavering support of the united states is you the people of venezuela raise your voices in a call for freedom.
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it was only days ago we were told the u.s. was preparing to strike iran for nonspecific reasons to deter nonspecific threats then the narrative simply disappeared into thin air just exactly what is the trumpet ministrations regarding a rare case where a strong. person petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets around the world thousands of business community members attend a forum to address today's vital issues. watch our special forum coverage on r.t. .
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and attack on journalism and a direct assault on the 1st amendment rections been pouring in from media freedom groups as u.s. authorities filed 17 new charges against julian a song each of them carrying up to 10 years behind bars. and emotional treason my calls it a day announcing that she will step down as conservative party leader on june 7th. i do so with no ill will but with enormous during gratitude to attach the opportunity to serve the country i love. and president trump announces he's sending another 1500 true.


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