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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 25, 2019 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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and to this. we you. know she will show. an attack on journalism and a direct assault on the 1st amendment some reaction pause then for media freedom group says the u.s. will fall 17 new charges against julian a song each carrying up to 10 years in jail. and emotional to reason may call this a day and i don't think she'll step down as conservative party leader on june 7th. i do so with no ill will but with the enormous i'm doing during gratitude to have caused the opportunity to see the country. and president trump announces he's sending another 1500 troops to the middle east
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as tensions with iran mounts so that number is much lower than recent book or was shifted. a day or 2 to have your next news updates in the past now right now though cross talk that's the bottom of the vising tensions between the u.s. and iran. hello and welcome across the uk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle it was only days ago we were told the u.s. was preparing to strike iran for nonspecific reasons to deter specific threats then the narrative simply disappeared into thin air just exactly what is the trumpet ministrations policy regarding iran and where is trump in all of this.
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cross talking iran i'm joined by my guest will not get on in washington he is a policy analyst at the arab center washington d.c. intern we have mohammad marandi he's a professor at the university of toronto and in philadelphia we cross today lindorff he is an independent journalist with a long experience covering u.s. military as well as founder of the new site this can't be happening dot net or a german cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate mohamed let me go to you 1st in toronto and i'm typing this program nonspecific around there's been a lot of nonspecific stuff being bandied about a lot of threats maybe a lot of bluffs and a lot of people are nervous a lot of bluster out there so what is the nonspecific threat coming from the country in which you reside for i'm in it against the united states what could you define it because nobody in power can define what would specifically is going on
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except for there is a lot of hype go ahead mom and i think it's the same question that people are asking here as well the united states we hear that. there was something a rocket fired at the u.s. embassy and turns out it was like 3 kilometers away and then within hours iran is accused of carrying out i think it's by the obvious. for anyone that iran has no motive to do such a thing it doesn't gain anything by doing such a thing and i think the americans you quite well that have nothing to the iran with iran where it's probably some sort of operation carried out by some elements or a cell within isis with so the. but. the mood in tehran is that. and from the very beginning more or less except for some people was
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that the chance for military conflict has always been very low because i think the iranians. have stated to the americans on numerous occasions that if you strike iran we will strike back very hard and the persian gulf region is a very sensitive region all the oil and gas insulations are very vulnerable and oil and gas insulations will be as well as the anchors will be destroyed and in the crossfire and that with the to global economic catastrophe and there is nothing that can attack anyone who sloan over the persian gulf region knows quite well that there is it's absolutely impossible for a few ships or an aircraft carrier to protect such insulation yammer as if the saudis out the americans or any other country helps the americans then they will have to face the retaliation from iran so that would lead to an old global economic catastrophe you have a degree in the me go to dave in philadelphia doesn't mean you can't have fantasies and want to live them out i'm thinking of john bolton here dave i mean can you kind
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of put into a nutshell what what the administration's policy is towards iran i mean even trump glibly it was a few days ago he said well nothing's happening we don't expect anything to happen can so what was the last 3 or 4 weeks all about dave go ahead in philadelphia. it's pretty hard to figure you know i've been looking at this and scratching my head which isn't good because i don't have any hair you know it leaves marks. you know trump and so the only thing transparent consistent on is saying that obama made the world's worst deal with erin on the nuclear fuel enrichment agreement. which the u.s. of course it's always expanded into you know a huge agreement that iran is supposedly violating the terms of but you know aside from that he's totally inconsistent he's talked about bombing iraq until it doesn't
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exist he's talked about wanting to strike a great deal with iran you know he's back and forth. and what i think has happened is that he's farmed out his foreign policy to bolton and pompei you and bob bolton is a crazy man who has for years had this ambition to be in charge and i think he's actually overstepped his authority enormously ordering an aircraft carrier out you know i don't think that was trump that did that so it's a pretty weird way and what is a little scary what is the place of a national security adviser to be ordering aircraft carrier task groups around that i've never heard that i thought he gave advice let's let's go to joe here i mean what is there were that straight the name in his title is adviser yeah well that's what i'm getting at here let me go to joe in washington you know is there is there
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any rhyme or reason to this because he could always go back and say the more you confuse your adversaries the more you're it's to your advantage i mean you know the whole nixon madman analogy here i tend to think that's not in play i tend i used the word outsource trump is outsourcing this policy here and basically saying do whatever you want but don't get me into a. because i want to be reelected go ahead joan washington. i mean obviously the sudden decision has a different approach on iran recently there was a more conservative course additional power between bolton poor people and others so there was a big push on sanction obviously is the breaking point the problem there is no communication lines between watched on thought on anymore so there was a lot of miscalculations and that sense there was a report from the intelligence that came to to the white house it seems bolton exaggerated the routine intelligence information that came and then i don't think he personally only took the decision off as it was endorsed by the white house but
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he claimed that in the new york times story and then after the things got out of control there was a lot of miscalculations from both sides and trump eventually put some more about us on what i was pushing what does he know there exists a perspective what what is the other side you said both sides miscalculated what sides are you talking about. iran is definitely not in the red line and how do they do that how did they miscalculate. little assumptions always in and to her on the part of the regime she is true to the invasion maybe. they thought there would be more pressure now on them so we thought what happened and the whole seize the rockets and saudi arabia so there was some little bit of messages that the iranians feel under sanctions under the strain so they've been trying to basically send a message to washington and elsewhere that we can basically they tell you what the
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at the end of the day both sides cannot go to war in iran the traditional military is weak to face the u.s. they have a big economic crisis also here in washington we are sort of getting out of the this particular crisis we have the election coming coming over there they want to protect the troops in iraq they're trying to distort each other so they basically it's right to do the logical war with played with and it's a this is where we get to do miscalculations not yeah but it seems to me one side is more proactive in the you have the right think everyone would agree with that i don't see iran starting out with threats what it's doing is reacting it was go back to mohammed in in town it's seems to me that again if you look at what is important to trump obviously the israeli lobby is important to him and donors in the united states as he goes into the election campaign and he always seems to want to bend over backwards for the saudis so he made the israelis and the saudis in some donors happy that's the only thing the kind of logical thing i can draw out of all of this
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go ahead mahmoud into. yes i think we have different voices coming out of the white house trump wants to be reelected and his calculations are based on that. of course christian zionists as he speaks of the rapture and then bolton isn't in an american supremacy who as a grudge against iran or anyone who's ever opposed to american policy i personally though don't think that iran has miscalculated i think that the strikes carried out by on saddam a lot of the houthi using yemen is a ongoing war between saudi arabia and yemen the saudis are starving the country and as time goes by the yemen the resistance the government the state the army and the whole of these they are becoming more sophisticated and in their capabilities of striking. things so i wouldn't let riyadh go go ahead
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jump in go ahead. no i don't i don't they would never strike without that under consent would never strike this is very critical. it's very clear and this is a subtle iranian message which we understand spoke of what's going on between the 2 but you cannot tell me that that's the hosts on their own that decided one day to strike inside saudi arabia of the oil if the what evidence do you have of that joe what evidence do you have i think that they couldn't have those weapons without without with those 1st iranian support 2nd at this level and this moment of tensions between the 2 doesn't come across just the regular regular. regular message of the regular routine operation i mean i cannot conference i will i don't have well i have to for a while and in any human holding you know when you me when you make an argument evidence is a kind of helpful don't you think dave you want to jump in there in philadelphia go ahead yeah i'm going to say i think that if the iranians have miscalculated to me
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the miscalculation that they make is when they make you know these. threats against the u.s. you know that you know will destroy your your military whatever you know the have these these set phrases that they're going to get the united states and punish us badly. which maybe they could do maybe not i don't problem with don't you they're thinking they are days don't you think in the well let me finish let me finish you know united. in the united states the american people the american people react very badly to being told that we're going to wipe you out you know and it it hands then i don't think they realize what that hints to the right in in the government to trump to the republicans in congress and even to many democrats in congress react very badly to these you know over the top threats to the u.s.
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if you do this we'll do that well and i. it doesn't it doesn't advance the cause when they do that ok well you know the scene did it set in the same to me yeah i well i think that's that's for not i care not cringe when i hear that you know i think when i the united states does it all of the time it has been in decades of history of making those kind of oh no i'm going to actually eat now don't you saying it's not understandable i can't i'm going to jump in here guys we're going to go to what i understand after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the run stay with us. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next that the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the
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home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can sink i was going to the. by the way ways and such like here. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been only implement from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela so see you. in a school that have a son who's. down but that football battle song yet to come
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last. one moment. whose story is a new nixon called in angry kissinger to tell him that he would not be tolerated in latin america an old turn of the economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants to make the economy of venezuela we. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered on peter lavelle to amount to discussing iran. ok it's go back to joe in washington. after the aircraft carrier abraham lincoln was sent to the gulf and they then these numbers were bandied around 120000 troops
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and then that kind of story fizzled the aircraft carrier still there and now they're talking about 10000 troops need to be sent to the region they're not saying where or why what would 10000 troops to i mean it seems to me this is just messaging what is the message that the white house is sending out because everything is nonspecific it's that's why it's difficult for is a kind of connecting the dots because there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason except for when it comes to iran domestic domestic politics and in the u.s. domestic politics as well so why is this in the media dribbling this out to us what kind of message were supposed to come what kind of conclusion are we supposed to come to joe go ahead. i mean this should be a specific conclusion as i said there's a psychological war and some sense they want to show that they are they are flexing their muscles they are serious about what's happening and they want to bring it on basically to let a bit of a political issue to negotiation table eventually and this is the ultimate goal
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intro know what's happening you know this is a proxy war basically between the u.s. and europe it's not like we came out of nothing here in the u.s. and syria and iraq and yemen you don't want to see it in yemen you'll be a lot of evidence is basically of the organ support the obviously they're surviving competition for for influence and that will change they want to bring them back to life again what is what is your evidence for the 2 of them what is your evidence for that you know everything it's a it's a sound bite i hear all the time but nobody likes to really sit down and give the evidence i let me go to mohamed here mamma what is near brilliance of that moment in norad you always cut me off i did not look well i mean what was your ideas here to be i mean i'll state my riddle ok go ahead muhammad. i understand joe's argument. but. the difference between iran and the united states and iran and saudi arabia is that the americans have oxys in the region the saudis have proxies but they think that therefore iran's role in the region is the
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same and therefore they see your runs allies as proxies and that's simply not the case the reason why iran's allies in the in the region are what they like to call the resistance are so successful is because they have a relationship that is not top to bottom the houthi is don't or i'm sort of not doesn't get orders from teheran they are fighting their war but they see that you're on ian's on their side as the united states and the europeans are helping the saudis. bring about starvation they see that the only one of the few countries that is signing with them sincerely is the iranians or in the case of syria or iraq or lebanon i have to say the case there is no the issue is not money because the other side doesn't generally point it's the other side the saudis the americans have infinitely their wealth is infinitely greater than iran pulled together their
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resources are infinitely greater but they failed across the border they failed in syria they failed in iraq they failed in that and on the yemen and that's simply in my opinion because these are not iranian proxies because they are people who feel that an unjust head germany has ruled over them for so long and has destroyed their countries and their lives and they are resisting and they see iran is on their side so i don't see i don't believe at all that iran gives orders to hezbollah or the hopis but i do indeed believe that they have a very close relationship with iraq and with the hashish i.v. with the mobilization popular mobilization in iraq and so on i think that's the case but i don't see them as proxies and i think that's one reason why the americans are always miscalculated. dave in philadelphia you want to jump in go ahead i would i would like to enter yeah i have been suspicious all along a bit you know i have no doubt that iran is sympathetic with the who tease and may
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coordinate things with them when they can but you know i'm very suspicious when they hear that erin is supplying the who tease with advanced weapons to attack the saudis because if you look at the map. there's no connection between iran and yemen in any direction and the u.s. has so many satellites over that area planes flying everywhere blockaded craft carried carriers destroyers with radar a blockade and if they were shipping large rockets to yemen. in we're after all these years of this civil war going on and we're from saudi arabia and yemen where is the capture of the same i mean the u.s. intelligence unit has this irrational how this is ok it's not a hassle and learn ok that joe jump in washington go ahead joe. no i mean.
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but there's been u.s. intelligence about this for 40 years especially for the obama years the things that are going through a month but no cash or and captures no destruction of the trance it. you know it's all along the will is action in lebanon or in iraq i had to stand i said i agree what pummelled said regarding the picture and how the delicious racial get on with the proxies but my problem is we cannot deny that there are mixed messages we are getting from yemen you had some was rolled from what they had and then launching of the weapons at the same time before the law talking to us mediation basically in lebanon to the israelis so yes i mean there are mixed messages coming coming from iran and again the study of this thing on saudi arabia didn't get it could not be at the stand with the context of the us american tension
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the timing was very clear at this moment after what happened in the new york times and the between the 2 it doesn't mean it's very obvious even hezbollah said that clearly if you don't is under attack we're going to come and help them so yes and also us approx is serving us interests of the saudi proxies even the little and the weak and inefficient also that are trying to serve saudi interests so there is this war going on and denying that there is that the u.s. out of nothing just lunch all of the. issues is not accurate yes bolton is actually of the. it is not i think but now it is back channels now and we are trying to as we have you can see else plenty of evidence we have plenty go ahead to date go ahead we have plenty of evidence of us. over and over if we find evidence of u.s. weapons being used against the who he is and the yemeni people buy of american weapons you see them exploded then they show the pictures of the parts with the u.s.
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labels on them in serial numbers and everything we don't get the evidence of iranian weapons being fired at the saudis and the kind of evidence that would show major support for the rudeness from erin and you know saying that he. ok you got a little bit of a word that is something that's or evidence ok let me go to mohamed here i'm going to toss the rules we're not going to make it now how many and where they come from ok i'm going to get it right now how is this. hyper activity on the part of the united states and its allies impacting the region because it would seem to me that you know i've been watching closely my pompei on john bolton as the trial the global trot around the world pitching an anti iran policy and most people are irritated by it. they feel like they're being bullied right here i mean it seems to me this this this heightened activity is really alienating and actually isolating the united states they're not going to get the allies they want to go along with
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this not in any way i mean they're very publicly scorning it is well go ahead. without a doubt while the americans are hurting the iranian economy and or and their intention is to make people suffer i mean this is something that even trump admitted in his recent interview on fox where he also said by the way that the military industrial complex wants war which was an interesting statement but he he he's saying that he's waging economic warfare in iran and it has an effect but what he has also done is that this fight the powerful american narrative and the fact that it controls all the media across the globe and that the united states is has been the sole superpower for for quite a while the united states for the 1st time has isolated itself when it comes to iran and we see that across the globe even american allies at these verbal ie they supported iran and are critical of the united states even the europeans who though
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they are abiding by american demands and they're in clear violation of the nuclear agreement and they're showing their weakness as a result but still at least a verbal either oppose the united states and what the americans have done actually by sanctioning china by carrying out an economic trade war with china and the sanctions on russia as they've created a convergence among different countries and i think that's going to be more of a problem in the in the months ahead for the united states you know the united states and in my opinion of course they believe that iran would either collapse or that the iranians would come begging to the negotiating table and neither are going to happen and this is going to be a failure in itself as i said despite the fact that ordinary people are hurting but i'd like to just add one point going back to what joe is saying again the term that i find problematic is is. proxies these are not iranian proxies there is no eve equal in between the 2 sides the whole thesis and sort of
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not the yemenis if they were proxies they would have. by now many years ago and it would have allowed the fact that the been able to stand up against this infinitely more powerful opponent meaning the united states the french the british the germans the canadians and so he's bringing in tens of thousands of mercenaries from north africa and central america that the defeated this powerful forces because they have their own agenda the they want to protect themselves they want to eat and eat it as brutalized them so much ok definitely iran is. here i didn't lose money not iranian we see we have one more minute and i cut joe often during the program i want to give him the last word in the last minute on the program go ahead joe where do we go from here and go. i mean we have no some channel. going gone with all money iraq switzerland so i think there is at least. it doesn't mean they want to talk
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soon but maybe to try to go to the prebuilt on a crisis to merge the differences now you see more conservative voice in iran know what conservative voice here so at least they can merge their relation to get to the presidential elections and we see what happens next i think it's eventually for them to talk but no they're not ready well joe i really like i think you've pointed a new phrase here pretty bold to an ok the arrow pretty bold tin i mean and that was pretty chaotic ok i want to thank my guests in washington and and in philadelphia and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t. see you next time and remember. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has
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become a leading global platform for discussing the. economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's vital issues. special forum coverage on r.t. . lake says and she forms part of a high altitude nature reserve. it's one of the famous chat room indonesia's principal waterway starts its journey. but it can be summed up at the top to bottom i've got a septic tank up. it runs 300 kilometers from source to mouth
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and there are over 200 industrial facilities ranged along his bankers. i'm out on your muscle. to do 3 things. i might get out of them and to be in. the room irrigates over 4000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25000000 people. that's a moot point yes of course so married by so many of us about us a member of our economy and. the more i tried to understand venezuela the more i could see the signs of all solitary unism emerging on my continent as well. as a. lot.
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however what venezuela's critics didn't didn't do was compare human rights issues to those in other countries on the american continent. civil and political rights have been violated in venezuela. but they're violated every day in colombia and they're violated every day in mexico and they're violated every day in brazil. what i call human rights i like. what i call selective integration. you show enormous in the nation with regard to one country. and keep trying with regard to many other countries where the situation is many times worse. in brazil the police killed 14 people a day on average. the colombian army killed 10.


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