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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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and among changeableness you do us mainstream media now one of the dangerous precedent being set for journalists by washington's intensified as. president trump announces he's sending more troops to the middle east and speeding up arms sales to the region to keep the wrong in check. and crowds of yellow vests protesters have once again descended on paris for the 28th consecutive weekend of demonstrations. if you take aussie with you on the go just download are up for android or i phone coming up next on r.t. international going underground discusses the results of india's recent historic election and didn't u.k. and ireland sputnik looks at the last days of the soviet union.
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after a time said we're going underground as razor may finally resigns following a week of un accusations that britain has systematically pushed millions further into poverty. for good by claimed she had given a voice to the voiceless even as the u.k. detains julian the sons of wiki leaks now facing a possible 175 year jail sentence in the usa for doing journalism coming up in the show as world stock markets dip on the u.s. china trade war india's b j p and congress bodies tell us who really won in the largest democratic vote in world history and the management of so have a jury could western aggression towards iran create the next ice. new book one york
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times best selling author max blumenthal conical of the history of us consummated terrorism plus not one u.k. politician at pm cues thinks to ask about m i 5 and why no one has still been charged for the manchester atrocity 2 years ago this week possible coming up in today's going underground a fast let's go straight to india where 900000000 eligible voters to part in the largest democratic vote in world history joining me now via skype in new delhi is the national general secretary of prime minister moody's b j p party ramadan thanks for coming on the show so why do you think your party won the biggest political democratic vote in world history this in the history mandates that our party we have secured almost close to 40 percent of the popular vote is the most that includes field mandate that our party got it at and it was a leader the prime minister of india has a lot in them or if leadership is 5 years of the governance and it don't look and programs for the country it's all in there just don't aren't people. shift good
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this method to mend it this will be a watershed will make. it. right thing but be led by a mr morley executives at dimethyl mandate and vision to labor who would change the dynamic of this n.g. you see you probably know and probably prime minister modi may know that most nato nation mainstream media claims that your party is racist is islamophobia is he's just said right wing is kweisi fascist and it's bent on a nuclear war with pakistan you see it in that article completely baseless and malicious allegations are going to start party any other electricians to make it going to start a party the opposition some place to belittle it the mandate make executives nations and. the sheep i don't blame mr moti the gate of the world down the speed to get it. and don't look maybe
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sort of why do you think pakistan's leader supported prime minister modi at this election even while firing pakistani shaheen to ballistic missiles while you counted your votes that is something that you must be asking to let mr spock we have a look at a lot of the statement out there at their success the damage to the sea do not l.o.l. any extra notes that goes to influence are what i look sense if people who thought leadership they could not present in a 1000000 of the so connected a bit of a minister after the election that's of course. it will come by the way the be generally don't get it in any if it is you never live from outside when the prime minister modi was bombing pakistan the british foreign secretary hunt you know he may be prime minister we have a bit of an electoral problem here in this country arguably with resumes resignation and to jeremy hunt said round the clock diplomacy from london was going on to stop you going to war with pakistan why do you think britain still believes
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it has such an influence over your country you know i gave him he never did it but if the government or the officials in there. but we have all been maintained you must remember. the relationship between our 2 countries india and bug star will be beautifully i'm only bailiff what is our if not to challenge just fighting india it's a challenge for many condition the board at the head of bishops that if that. does start from this side of the talents took all the democratic countries in the world and obviously pakistan denies its sponsorship of terror bases do you not think that the b j p will be furthering isolating india given that it's still not signing up to china's belt and road initiative even even britain has signed up or is preparing to sign up in defiance of washington on the. very good. bennett
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relationship with china we have heard 5 years that strong arsenal bonhomie been the leader of the whole book at peace mission xi jinping and by mr moody the better to leadership will continue on the basis of building the ship it will 2nd biddy fundamental. difference if that initiated one up a part of it that he should do namely the. j.c.b. she baked in a box on economic data it passes through all part of the benefit which belongs to india our number illegal occupation of pakistan the shared they're probably going to slip india being be there having debt on the domestic and international obligations of the left lord's ok about the corridor we'll try to get the chinese ambassador london to respond to that but you don't think that there is some powers that are interested in undermining your country by creating fights between you and your neighbor pakistan not i totally in
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a that any other body if you see india is to lead india. a very self-contradictory nation would be we were not alone all those to be used by any other of the other issues of our problems to the neighbor of how to history go to the next from india of us but to share not until your flames and 47 we are finishing those issues we have had ups and downs in this relationship you have got we are getting relations but many. because of that it is only a hard problem of the other what's their heart problems but real issue these problems as they're down to the end but about hoping that things will improve by the middle of the concerns that india has been dating from time to love that happens that issue will become normal again you mentioned earlier she didn't ping and that i mean putin called mcclary quick to call your prime minister to congratulate him of course it's not that long ago that my pompei i was signing
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a massive military communications deal with india any danger that india may become a washington proxy in that region of the body or i made a strong defense partner has been pushed out. even continue to do all they can do they say prevent from the shark for example the latest well the other 4 in their platform displaying the reassure. us demand we went ahead be toward our friends in the us their 2nd medal issues ships been traditionally shipped through our. relationships on a stand alone because if we were we can't order gator. ramadan thank you now we can hear from india's opposition from the indian national congress under john joins me now via skype from mumbai sanjay welcome to going underground so it's usually the economics stupid as people used to say 270000000 people out of poverty in the
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past 10 years no surprise the b j b a back in well you know if you look at that number up to 70000000 people going out of poverty don't forget that a significant number if you look at that you would be to port it talks about the period between 2004 to 2015 so basically it covers 10 years of that you create congress dealt them up once and let government and just one year so there are real success in dozens of antique will the t.s.a. lifting many people over the poverty line is really belong to the cult it's funny you think the fact that the indian people didn't recognize that was partly to do with congress party election tactics things like being against the supreme court decision on female equality in carola as regards that temple scandal and it appeared that the congress party were congratulating the b j p on air strikes on pakistan by crowing about the airstrikes on pakistan back when they were in power.
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but you know the short i also do that this particular election the famous line is sick on me stupid which bill clinton said clearly was and it was because india is seeing a rampant unemployment direct quote 45 year high gradient distress in terms of the collapse of the real economy is a significant challenge india is also seeing discipline private investment our g.d.p. is being questioned in terms of the indignity of digital we've got a bit of china and you know there has been attempt to suppress in terms of the show mongers job crisis so i think indian economy frankly speaking has lacked a deceiver don't know. and therefore you know if you look at the endowed campaign of the beach as you reckon mentioned it's not about what nationalism marketing or language i was talking about the congress party and its hyper nationalism well let me tell you i think the congress party honest the lead of dissent out election on
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the front foot looking at the fundamental what we call it the meat and buggy do we shoes or get out of that we didn't even work if i could just interrupt there why is the congress party going there retired northern army commander lieutenant general d.s. huda who actually mowed being a prime minster but he likes to do a report on how congress would run the foreign policy of india think china is india's principal strategic threat is that the kind of congress government that indians were look forward to today of the b.g.p. have been one. well let me tell you i mean there is no denying that india's traditional rivals cross border have been up to stardom and china you know that we have had wars of these 2 countries and are as far as focused on is concerned india has been of victim of or cross border of violent death or attacks one of the worst thing $2611.00 it which was seen all over the world now the communist party has
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been at the head of affairs when we have had those wars against both these countries so he understandably so there's antagonism there with china which would certainly alarm some people in the finance sector in india i would think and surely the indian people remembered how new liberalism was created by a congress party as they turned into a cheap labor hub of globalization what are you not to be frank i mean it's a congress party that liberalize the economy it's a communist party which is actually being more informed. the stock markets have done much better under the u.p.a. than it's done under the india so there was this popular perception created that equality sparky only understands events that expenditure and subsidies well the truth of the matter is that india needs a combination of course you need to be growth oriented as then as you need to look after those who are below the poverty line are at the beach if you know what opinion is clueless of an economy i mean a very famous nobel laureate just the other with the one sick if that b.g.p.
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has an economists than i am of any doubts that. over the in to be bull disagree do you think it was wise again the congress party tactics in trying to prove moody's implication in corruption over the french military warplane the deal with rafal when the congress party is so famous or around the world arguably for corruption. when everybody all those allegations made against they're going to sparky what for larry but more than 2014 because all these strategies about just mudslinging and hoping something sticks to the truth is nobody got convicted then all cases against anybody over 5 years of a politically vindictive government there is no evidence because that is look at upshur now the point where mr morley is concerned i can tell you this that my party put it out in our manifest still that there are fed jed deal the biggest defense deal in the street is a corruption deal is a kearny capitalism gets when there isn't more the head of a very prominent industrial baron from india and getting that transaction off
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a humongous $5000000000.00 so we would investigate him if we were in government but we will continue to protest and make sure that the supreme court and other agencies stick notice of it even if it was to movies and but obviously mr money denies any allegations just finally then what for the b j b what for congress party politics in india because congress could move more to the neo liberal right now or maybe allied to the left maybe with the obviously the communist party of india what to tell you the congress party has run discovered in this country for 55 years we have seen downtime so we have seen how we have to be selected ourselves so we are very confident of many state elections we don't want to be in our corner india has 29 states or between now and the next general election will be $29.00 of them and each one of one of them will be a referendum on the us and the b.g.p. what they b.g.p. does we don't know because all they do is make daughter rhetoric lot of people believe he wanted a lot of gas they have to deliver definitely canonically they have divided our society they have been
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a threat to the minorities india's institutions are virtually commodores and the democracy and constitution in our countries are perceived as sec therefore we should be very alert as an opposition and would be very confident of coming back in each and every federal state election before the next big one is due in $0.24 or job thank you after the break instead of trump threatening iran when. extinction should be reading the management of savagery we speak to it's award winning author up next movement will all the more coming up on through i'm going underground. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the street. what happens to her family and daughters in florida you know the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery in meaning messes with your head what happens to the community the
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public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court b b b b. shot shot smar officer i feel. we don't know childress from. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know childress. there is a cyclical nature to things touristy globalization there's globalization there's a lowering interest rates there's rising interest rates so when the interest rates rise hit the impact it is said will be instantaneous death.
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welcome back this weekend pease commemorated a u.k. atrocity that killed or wounded 162 for which no one has ever been charged today marks 2 years since the manchester attack it was a callously and sickening attack that deliberately targeted innocent and. offensiveness children by joining the prime minister in commemorating all the victims of the match to bombing 2 years ago there is be not one mention of the defacto complicity of the u.k. intelligence agency m i 5 in the activities of the men just obama and how to raise a may facilitate the travel to libya of those around the boma instead an m.p. elected as a call the labor party politician appeared to resurrect a war britain was soundly defeated in with a bomb his allies fought on the u.k.'s now she may not tao long left and good luck with those meetings later today but she can act now against the return of
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chemical weapons british experts this morning investigating a suspected chlorine attack by al assad in will if she's proved will she lead the international response against the return of these indiscriminate evil but has it ever been proven that president assad of syria has ordered these chemical weapons joining me now from washington is the new york times bestselling author of the management of savagery how america's national security state fueled the rise of al qaeda rises and old trump backs blumenthal max thanks so much for coming back or let's just begin with the new reports of syrian chemical attacks just as we had that leaked. document suggesting there was a fake justification for last year's a french american bombings of syria what my book the management of savagery details is the whole history of u.s. and u.k.
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collaboration with jihadist an extreme islamist elements using them as proxies from the afghan proxy war starting in 1979 to the present in syria and you know as i detail this history i show how an entire propaganda apparatus has been set up 1st to obscure this sordid history of the. of this collaboration but also to stimulate western support for intervention for increased support for these proxy forces and direct intervention and you know this isn't surprising that the u.s. is now alleging that there might be another chemical attack because the trumpet ministration in this is this goes to the heart of another theme in the book which is the contradictions of the national security state the most islamophobia could ministration in u.s. history is actually protecting the base of the largest franchise of al qaeda since $911.00 which is live and this goes unmentioned when the u.s.
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makes these strange allegations about chemical attacks but the whole point of this allegation is to once again trip the red line and as a former obama adviser told harper's imposing the red line policy is an invitation for a false flag attack the same kind of false flag attack that we apparently witnessed last year in duma which in o.p.c. w. engineers report that was suppressed revealed i have to say that the press here is saying that it's a humanitarian catastrophe in it live as those islam is being attacked and as we know in the book it shows islam is being moved on from the war on libya the nato war in libya and also to syria but also arguably. this is the week of the anniversary of the magistrate draw city why why do you think it is that no one's mentioning u.k.
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intelligence links to the bomb or the area on the ground a constant my book details the whole history also of what took place to in libya under the grounds on the grounds of other responsibility to protect doctrine where there was this massive nato intervention and the m i 6 called on its route line in manchester of libyan exiles who had. affiliated with the libyan islamic fighting group which is a longtime affiliate of al qaeda led by figures who were trained and armed during the afghan proxy war by the cia one of those was ramadan who is the father of some an oddity went to libya they had their passports restored were given free passage to go fight khadafi ensoulment wound up training with isis was much more hardcore than his father then went to syria to train with isis comes back on a royal navy vessel and then blows up a nail bomb at an ariana grande a concert but this goes much further than one man and one bombing in the u.s.
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there was sort of the benghazi scandal and that was an attempt to kind of paper over the whole catastrophe of libya where john mccain actually parachuted into benghazi and met with kim bell who was the leader and co-founder of the libyan islamic fighting group long time affiliate of al qaeda in order to kosher this organization before nato intervened well john mccain features in your book because he and the rudy giuliani and a few others will associated with the group that is no off the terrorist watch list here in the u.n. the united states the m.e. kay do you see them using any k against the iranian government in terms of asymmetric warfare guerrilla warfare against iran well you know a lot of these figures also have their names on a lot of the regime change documents in the ninety's which are calling for taking down 7 governments in 5 years and now we're seeing those names checked off the
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regime change target board and you know now these figures are showing up in washington as well as john bolton who is the head of the national security council of the white house doing high profile well paid speaking gigs for the emmy getting like 40000 or 50000 a pop and what is the emmy. ok well it's an iranian exile regime change cult that abuses its members it appears to be funded not only by iranian exiles but saudi arabia and we recently witnessed rudy giuliani in new york at a gathering of the m e k celebrating the fact and i don't even know if it's a fact that iranians were selling their organs in the street because they had become so desperate thanks to the crushing effect of u.s. sanctions so this organization is dedicated as donald trump's vowed in a tweet last week to the full scale destruction of iran is a functional country in the fact that it has what is affectively an asset in the
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national security council should be chilling to anyone talking about of u.s. policy trying to stall of people into submission the european union and the british government obviously seek the overthrow of the venezuelan government what did you make of this week's announcement that the united states is trying to stop. the infamous few food program for the poor in venezuela on the one hand you have the united states kind of coming out in the open and essentially admitting that its goal with sanctions is to starve the venezuelan people especially the poorest members and most vulnerable members of its society the clap program feeds over $6000000.00 venezuelans over 15 percent of venezuelan society depends on these buy monthly food boxes that also provide sanitary supplies and i saw how it was distributed how effective and important it is and how it's distributed without political preference in the u.s. now wants to apply sanctions on this so the venezuelan opposition has to decide now
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do they want to have the mass starvation of their own constituents on their hands and that means going along with washington's agenda and i can actually see the venezuelan opposition starting to fragment with larger and larger segments moving towards dialogue which is what needs to happen to get venezuela. out of this crisis and of course washington and the organization for american states which is its tool in latin america want anything but dialogue and mediation so we're actually seeing a rift between washington and the venezuelan opposition and i think that's actually a positive development for venezuelans even as they starve and die under sanctions the epigraph to the book is one of the upper graphs with trump says we underscore that states that sponsor terrorism fooling victim to the evil they promote the book is full of information sources perhaps wiki leaks and so on are you surprised that actually the information is clearly there is much of
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a jump was specifically talking about the united states of the use doing about iran the yeah well busy one of the other quotes in the epigraph is from a wiki leaks document it was a state department email from jake sullivan hillary ready clinton's long time foreign policy adviser gleefully declaring that al qaeda is on our side in syria and so trumps it casts trumps disgusting quote where he was actually sort of celebrating and isis attack on the iranian parliament a democratic institution in iran in a very ironic light and this is the price that the u.s. has paid for getting in bed with jihad ists an extreme islamist to achieve a geo political goal $911.00 the whole catastrophe of the war on terror the boondoggle of iraq the destruction of libya the fragmentation of syria and the refugee crises as well as the rise of the islamophobia industry that figures like donald trump drew on to gain national popularity and just finally it's clear in the
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book that president obama and hillary clinton the d.n.c. come under particular scrutiny in this book ironic that you tend to privilege or accuse of privileging plus of identity when you see the show in the book that clinton michelle obama or even a little in president obama it's the it's the d.n.c. . that is responsible of the attack you know it's being racist being misfortune is being islamophobia gandhi semitic as a christian the considerations of the global population which is mostly brown and black never comes into focus when foreign policy decisions are made and so when on the hill on the side of the democrats you have the liberal interventionists who speak the rhetoric of the responsibility to protect doctrine of humanitarian intervention ism and what they always wind up achieving when they intervene in a place like libya is to make the most vulnerable populations of those societies
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the most exposed to harm from extreme sociopathic elements and so in libya you had the black to work a population getting massacred after nato intervention in syria you have programs in the mass slaughter of religious minorities christians shia. and so you know it really casts the identity politics that it emerge out of the halls of the d.n.c. and that are really the official line of the democratic party in an ironic light when you consider what happens to populations on the other side of the gun when there's a democratic administration in power and of course you see continuity through the trumpet ministration more than anything despite the freak out that the national security state of the democrats have had about trump being president and supposedly being putin's puppet trump has been much more aggressive across the middle east than you know that obama actually was he on like obama not only intervene
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twice directly in syria bombing syria twice apparently on the basis of false information but he has armed the ukrainian military he's imposed much harsher sanctions on iran and on russia and venezuela so it's not only continuity but a constant escalation. that harms the most vulnerable people of the world who happen to be mostly brown and black women tell thank you and that's it for the show he was asked by social media that will be back on monday off of european elections to discuss the 3 cases of rex that that's an actor in the fission benjamin zephaniah see that. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has
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become a leading global platform for discussing the key to economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend a forum to address today's abidal issues. one just national forum coverage on r.t. . you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching.


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