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polling stations close in crucial elections exit polls predict a shift in the blocs of power structure traditional parties seem to have lost ground while support for anti establishment forces from both right and left is the right. 17 charges of espionage by u.s. prosecutors for publishing classified military documents and diplomatic cables 20. years prison donald trump is on a 4 day visit to japan and while there he's contradicting his top diplomats saying north korean missile tests.
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good evening welcome this is our international. the huge e.u. vote to elect members of the european parliament has just come to an and the last polling station is. the vote count is underway there has been much attention on this election in fact turnout has been the highest seen for 2 decades down to the perceived threat posed to the traditional parties from anti establishment movements . ok let's go live to berlin now speak to our europe correspondent peter all of
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a very good evening peter. accord excited about these elections traditionally though the man on the street not really that bothered about him very different in the. elections there. well this time out the european parliamentary elections were taped is well be elections in which the power structure of europe could shift we have seen that and certainly these elections will grab the attention of the voters it's the 1st time that turnout is actually risen in 40 years of a you elections and currently we're estimating that will be somewhere between 49 percent turnout and 51 percent turnout should it go over 51 percent over 50 percent will be the 1st time that's happened since 1904 here in germany the way it's looking right now is well it's a big win for the green party it certainly seems so climate issues as well as
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global warming everything that goes with our very big issues here that coupled with the fact that the greens this time around campaigned as the party that wanted to make reforms in europe has seen them definitely become wealthy the destination of choice for the floating voter here alternative for germany they also they also look set to make to make gains the conservative opposition in the german bundestag they're set for around 10 percent of the vote that's not from 7 percent they took in 2014 however if you look at how they fared in the 27000 general election here and how they're polling not nationally that's actually down a few points there the christian democratic union angle a merkel's party set to be the the largest party taking the largest share of the vote here in germany however they have taken losses for the social democrats the s.p. day of the junior coalition partner in anglo merkel's government they've had
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a torrid time in the polls in every election it's been going for the past few months these european elections haven't seen any progress for them either by tonight for their internal struggles in the social debt. crowds there could have well big. big impact nationally here in germany not just on the european stage but when it comes to the the opposition alternative of germany party i spoke to some of their representatives who said they're hoping to try and use their time in the next european parliament to initiate some changes. the good thing out of this even is they will end up a new in a very strong group and they will send out this signal or the the wind of change is coming through the year for you and we are very happy there be got this resolved this evening and i think it's a good signal for europe because another conservative party is gaining additional votes and what we are going to do is we are trying to reform the
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european union together with the other conservative parties over in france marine le pen is celebrating it would seem on sunday evening her national rally party looked like they've won the biggest share of the vote in france beating of money on market share what we're hearing from quite jubilant marine le pen is that she says this is the proof that france needs to dissolve its palm and hold elections there she also says that this shows that she's right on track for a presidential bid in 2022 missing a bet of course ran against mr mccormick in 2007. and then which certainly seems confident now. he led the 1st war certainly the president has no other choice but to dissolve the national assembly and allow for a more exam a credit voting system in order to better represent this country's majority
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political opinion the feeding of traditional parties and the polarization between the national rally party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalists and. globalists and that's what dominates our political life. if we have a look over in austria where politics is will be rocked by scandal over the last couple of weeks. it would which is led to the government essentially collapsing their elections of being called the vice chancellors have to quit all of the members of the junior coalition partner of quit the cabinet however everybody seems to have come out and voted for. the chancellor's austrian people's party they seem to have done very well indeed in fact even the freedom party who were so employed in that scandal haven't suffered at the polls as much as they were predicted to they were predicted to be pretty much toxic doesn't seem to have panned out that way according to exit polls and the way that it looks at the moment however
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sebastien costs very happy with the results that his party seem to have picked up. the most can see early release and we have 3 i'm usually not at a loss for words but i'm almost speechless we expected a lot we were optimistic but this is a fantastic result this is never happened before we achieved the best result of all time with the biggest distance from 2nd place of all time it is simply unbelievable . very happy sebastian coe it's there you wouldn't think that around lunchtime on monday he's actually going to be facing a vote of no confidence in the austrian parliament so brief around a power it looks as those polls have closed the european people's party the center right it looks like they will continue to have the largest share of the seats in the european parliament the put them along with the socialist and democrats they've both lost a lot of seats it's been big wins for greens and liberals we've also seen some of those to the right of the political spectrum the anti establishment parties
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consolidating on results that they picked up in 2040 and of course we'll be bringing our viewers extended coverage of these results as they see. not to feed into is now over the next few hours many thanks for that roundup peter. in other news we're getting is co-founder julian the science faces up to 175 years in prison for publishing classified files u.s. prosecutors this week slap 17 new charges against him all of which fall under the espionage act and they come on top of a charge of conspiring to hack a u.s. government computer which forms the basis of an extradition request for sarge he's currently serving time in the u.k. are these on court or takes a closer look at what all of this means for the whistleblower. now much higher for imprisoned wiki leaks founder julian assange on 17 new charges by a notoriously anti whistleblower court and potentially up to 175 years in prison
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this new batch of accusations falls under the espionage act used to convict spies and detractors during the 1st world war the indictments legal ease of obtaining and disclosure of sensitive government information which often just means exposing government wrongdoings is lighting a fire under stablish when american journalists sense after all they're doing it to this is to put it bluntly wrong unconstitutional and downright tyrannical this is a pretty aggressive new move by the justice department the big deal here for a 1st amendment advocates the government is now trying to assert this brand new right to criminally prosecute people for publishing secret stuff and newspapers and magazines and investigative journalists and all sorts of different entities publish secret stuff all the time that is the bread and butter of what we do with the new indictment of a song the government is advancing a legal argument that places such an important work in jeopardy the administration has gone from denigrating journalists as enemies of the people to now criminalizing
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common practices in journalism notice anything not a lot about a songes work or fate but quite a bit about there's this is the hypocrisy of the mainstream media here in the united states just a couple of weeks ago the washington post editorial board ran an editorial saying that julian was not a journalist well guess what the washington post one pulitzer prizes you'll using the information that julian and we keep leaks published so you would think that in a normal world the washington post the new york times the wall street journal the guardian and every other major news outlet would be lining up 100 juliette to support him they're not the thing is though some might argue the war on freedom of speech began long ago back in 2000 and. elf assan fled to the ecuadorian embassy in london for political asylum over fears of extradition to the u.s. after exposing potentially incriminating acts by the u.s. military for 7 years he was interned there and conditions the u.n.
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said amounted to arbitrary detention at times he was denied access to the internet stifling his journalistic work and all the while an allegation of rape in sweden has hung over his head his lawyers claim the alleged victim said it was actually the police who sought charges not her the establishment media has had plenty of things to say back then and not much had to do with the 1st amendment the free press is not responsible for the origins of any material that gets to us. unless of course we are responsible for it because we had something to do with how it was a leak illegally obtained if someone's life was potentially a risk responsible media you would not publish yes these are conversations hard conversations that are had in newsrooms around the country and the world at the end of the day what would you say to those people who do claim that look he's his
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activities to follow mold john made the good you're not allowed to help instruct you're not allowed to try to help somebody defeat security system they prefer to accuse the sonnes of working with the russians and of course to claim at the end he neglected his personal hygiene and like playing with his fecal matter for years they've been ignoring restrictions on the songes freedom of speech and smearing him for the sake of the narrative but the monster they created has now turned against them when the mainstream media is absolutely hypocritical you know they spent these last several years criticizing critiquing damning. stones for constantly continuously all of a sudden now they've woken up and pretended to be so upset about the 17 charges of espionage they do. feel threatened now it has nothing to do with freedom of press freedom of speech they feel threatened because they do the same thing for the song she has done every day of the week it's just called national security reporting and so now all of
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a sudden it's getting closer to home and there are tend to be more concerned about it. to remind you here are some of the biggest revelations made by songs over the years back in 2010 thousands of documents and classified video related to the wars in iraq and afghanistan were made public details among other things the indiscriminate shooting of civilians in iraq here later the so-called get my files of huge routine torture at guantanamo bay and the death of inmates through harsh treatment and they tried to 16 with leaks of a pro clinton media bias to in the 2016 presidential campaign plus a plot to push bernie sanders out of the race. trees maze announced that she's stepping down as u.k. prime minister in an emotional speech and so on but may expressed regret for failing to deliver brags that despite her best efforts to resign as the party leader on june 7th throwing open the race for a successor. it's now clear to me that is it it is in the best interests of the
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country for a new prime minister to lead that effort i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. i on earth and. to be chosen by our sea to become. a strong you must be sure for the future of our country let's it means brics it will be no 2nd referendum no attention and we can risk no breaks it is all we can. i. or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that could be because it is now clear to me that is
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it it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort. the reason i made briggs a cornerstone of a premiership but delivering on the results of the referendum proved an impossible task and idea was roundly rejected in huge defeats 3 times and peace on both sides of the house became increasingly irate our common director of britain's crisis research institute in oxford believes that the country faces uncertainty and chaos . it's going to be a difficult task because the house of commons is still strongly against leaving the e.u. except on terms which involve remaining in a customs union almost certainly so that there's going to be a disconnect between the tory party members and supporters and presumably the people who defected to the briggs's party who are mainly conservatives who want a serious break with europe and the members of parliament and so must you change the arithmetic in the house of commons whoever succeeds mrs may if they want to leave the e.u. was going to face huge problems in the same sort can they force
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a new general election what will be the result of that we don't know but there's going to be a great deal of uncertainty and as i say there's this looming deadline of the 31st of october which is the end of the extension of britain's membership and the british politicians seem to forgotten that in the modern world divorce communicated from both sides the remaining members of the european union may decide we find you too much trouble we want you to leave now and so that could be a chaotic disorderly brigs it. were briggs it goes next that's hard to tell what becomes of the official conservative stance depends on who succeeds may labor the main opposition party accepts the referendum results it wants a deal but not may's ukip in the brig's it party are both advocating a so-called hard brigs it where britain quits the single market the lib dems the green party and change you care they all want to reverse briggs it and have a 2nd referendum brigs it's proved to be one of the most crucial issues during the parliamentary elections projections are put the newly formed brags that party of
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nigel farage at the top running a labor the greens and the ruling conservatives who are expected to receive only around 7 percent. really britain is a professor of european studies at stanford in berlin insurance when the line up very good you need to really the fed a look at some of the exit polls are you surprised by the many particular trends you've spotted. oh it's not really it's. apprising when we look at the bigger picture there is a channel trend that people's parties don't represent and a more different seated society that this is a channel of trend germany was kind of an exception in the past and now we see a similar development happening here so for some it comes as a surprise that the green party and the liberals do much better than some would have thought while the social democrats love than expected there was also a year that popular squid rise and become much stronger it did not happen like this
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and as a positive surprise it shows that the water to our knowledge is much higher and last time. he was why do you think that the turnout is so high looks like it's going to be the highest for 20 years is that people motivated to vote against the establishment or people trying to stop the anti establishment parties from making gains. and i think there are different motivations on the one hand we saw for the 1st time an orchestrated initiative not only from the european union but also from governments in the member states to motivate people to go and vote in general not for a particular party but to encourage people to vote this campaign clearly it resonated then there is anger and people who are angry with something also if you are motivated to go and people seem to know more about what is at risk so given
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brecht's it for example it really showed that we have something to lose and that mobilize people to support the european integration project as such it looks like the e.u. parliament is going to be more fragmented this time around that will that affect how it works. when we have this sophisticated balance of power that the european parliament represents the di masi although we practically you have 28 different the moyo and. member states are represented in the council and they form something like complicated. to do side on a piece of legislation the european parliament could only form one position if the 2 leading parties find a compromise now they both get weaker and they need to form coalitions which will make it much harder for the european parliament to speak with one voice in the future. and we're hearing that in the u.k. the uniform bragg's the party's going to come out on top very good result for that
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having lots of anti e.u. and me pays in c. she is not going to make life difficult trying to get anything passed. of course it will in the past we have one consensus on the china and narrative that european integration as such is good because it brings peace stability prosperity and we only disagree on certain ideological differences about is it green enough is it fair enough is it all business and now we have a large number of members of parliament who believe that the e.u. is not the solution but it is the problem it's the expectation was that this trend of having a lot of people will lead to even something like an equilibrium between the 2 and now it turns out that they are 170 something of 751 members of parliament so it's
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not so that if you are convinced that european integration remains a good thing. the final issue is to ask it is quite a strange scenario isn't it to have an organization. being run by people who the entity this is of it who actually really dislike it. if european integration is a western type democratic idea that gives freedom of speech and the freedom is the freedom. the other 2 everyone who can fight for whatever position and the idea of we would be better off without is also needs to have a voice if you will pretend that there is no alternative to european integration as such is great then you have a problem with a culture of diversity so they are there they will make noise but i don't think that the european union or the project as such or greece. would appreciate you coming on r.t. international to see newly broken is my guest professor for european studies at
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stanford in berlin. in other news donald trump said that he has no fears about the latest military tests by north korea despite his top diplomats john bolton among pompei are condemning gangs actions north korea fired off some small weapons which disturbs some of my people and others but not me i have confidence that chairman kim will keep his promise to me un security council resolutions prohibit north korea from firing any bill istic missiles in terms of violating security council resolutions there is no doubt about that this comes after north korea launched several short range missile earlier this month sometime selfhood initially condemned pyongyang's tests that broke a $500.00 day moratorium disarmament talks between the 2 countries collapsed earlier in this year after washington rejected a partial lifting of sanctions without full denuclearization. well tom's tweet
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comes during his 4 day visit to japan which has become increasingly concerned about pyongyang's military activity turkey has been highly critical of the tests with the recent missiles launched landing in the sea of japan and to also insist north korea's actions violate un resolutions fully u.s. diplomat jim jeffords plays that trumps keeping a balance between both carrot and stick approach as. far as mr trump's public disagreeing with mr bolton their number of questions raised the most obvious one to anybody who supported since the election is why is bolton there in the 1st place mr bowles been quite clear that he wants regime change in north korea by military means of necessary whereas i believe president drugs quite committed his relationship with god chairman him and to bring about a peaceful resolution on the korean peninsula and i think this is something that the his his underlings have been trying to sabotage for quite some time they've managed to tank the hanoi summit and i think what we've seen with some of the
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recent tests from north korea are showing a very impatient at that and that's one reason mr trump is saying i don't care so much about that because he still committed to the agreement most of the news coverage coverage about trumpeters of it japan has been about korea i think there are other rankly bigger issues on the table because we know sometimes destruction is one thing and that is another thing he wants to look at the way that he can he can keep some pressure on the north koreans but also keep the door open to an agreement can realize he can't trust the people he has around. staying with more reaction to those evil action results coming through around half an hour's time so that. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be
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an arms race is on the spear in dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful. to sit down and talk. if you will not obey the voice. to do all these months and. then all these courses shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the people. must pretend to. be. only. the. people being tortured to death the elderly people in the.
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white. beans and greens it's all sweat and. for dinner to be done here they need the. civil war in south africa never to. be in the polls and to prove it. was a tense situation in venezuela is still. all over the news the problem in venezuela
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is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been only implemented for inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against a troll to venezuela so if you. have a sample moment. that outputs that. data to see on the people of the moment the focus of the who story isn't new makes him cold in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the economy scream so wants now making the economy of venezuela screed. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately there was also
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a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist for the more we give them the sooner we all. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport this i'm show business i'll see that.
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so we ended 2014 with the u.s. marshals auctioning off some more of their big coin enter 2015 and we see the arrival of the banks and them trying to figure out a way to how to have blocked chain without bitcoin this was the year that we had
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blocked chain not big coin and in fact i'm going to skip ahead to this headline from bloomberg markets on october 25th 2015 and it has on the cover live masters the former head of the precious metals trading desk over at j.p. morgan and it's all about the block chain they claim this is an attempt by the banks to nudge their way into this emerging market and they can't recognize bitcoin as such because it's a competitive threat so they've decided that the underlying technology of block chain is something that they want to be involved with and that if they can push block jane over bitcoin they can get into this business but without having the competitor of bitcoin and blith masters is a well known character.


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