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populist parties in the greens route europe's establishment in parliamentary elections the vote to track to the highest twenty's. in the u.k. the nearly four. times expected to win big leaving the conservatives and labor party. with britain's prime minister driesum a stepping down after failing to get a plan through the contest to replace or is already up and running.
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by their eight am monday the twenty seventh of may hear of moscow just turned eight o'clock is the same moscow time review of what she was going to do today because they were the next thirty minutes for this live news update so then with the most votes now counted in the fiercely contested european parliament elections populist parties along with the greens and the liberals are set for big wins the projections show the established centrist bloc losing its grip on parliament and it perhaps another surprise the night overall voter turnout was the highest in twenty years and over fifty percent. well this parliamentary election seems to have caught the public's attention i've just seen it flush open the official e.u. parliamentary feat there saying the official turnout as it stands at the moment is
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fifty point five percent if it stays that way or goes up at all it will be the largest turnout since one nine hundred ninety four so the big this certainly grabbed the attention of people just time around what we have seen is wins for anti establishment parties in. the anti establishment parties on the right we've seen them win hungary where viktor orban party is doing very well it's really where. these parties seem to have picked up quite a few votes as well in poland in greece as well now in greece has actually gone that bad for electricity prices that it's a party that he's actually called elections snap elections in greece following what's been a pretty much a drubbing for him and his party in the european elections in spain box will enter the european parliament for the first time with three seats as well one of those. right wing figures though who didn't have such a good night get builders in the netherlands it seems his party had four seats they
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will have no seats in the upcoming parliament while in france there's also. a jew bill and marine le pen speaking to the media she says that the fact that her party national rally a set to be the biggest winners in france means that the money will mark on the french president should dissolve parliament hold elections for that and she's also said that the good showing by her party shows that she set up to mount a big challenge for the french presidency in twenty twenty two he led the first or so. the president has no other choice but to dissolve the national assembly and allow for a more democratic voting system in order to better represent this country's majority political opinion the feeding of traditional parties and the polarization between the national rally party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalists and globalists and that's what dominates our political life well in austria it's been well
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a rough two weeks for the standalone written government there and the corruption scandal has cost cost them a vice chancellor and all of the junior coalition partners in the cabinet quit as well however since the end quote the chancellor has done really well in these elections his party is doing really well in fact it certainly seems to caught him off guard a little bit removes currency early release and we have three i'm usually not at a loss for words but i'm almost speechless we expected a lot we were optimistic but this is a fantastic result this is never happened before we achieve the best results of all time with the biggest distance from second place of all time it is simply unbelievable the cheery sebastien could there bear in mind at lunchtime on monday he will be facing a vote of no confidence in the in the austrian palm and in vienna elsewhere here in germany it was a night that seems to be
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a night of big losses for engler merkel c.d.u. c.s.u. union they going to still be the largest take the largest share of the vote here in germany but they've lost a lot of seats we have seen both big wins for the green party now they campaigned very hard on as you would imagine with the green party environmental issues but also. saying they wanted to see reform in the e.u. they've been really one of the protest votes also it's worth bearing in mind the stuff that came out from these things forty eight percent of germans who were polled said that the end. vironment was a major factor for them voting in these elections seems a lot of people have gone to the greens the conservative opposition alternative to germany dave well they've done better than they did all their own cause to do better than they did in twenty fourteen that could take around ten percent of the vote however that is less than they took in the general election back in twenty seventeen earlier i spoke to some of the members and they told me that they hope to
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be able to try and shake things up in the upcoming european parliament the good thing out of this evening is that we will end up a new in a very strong group and it will to send this signal or the the wind of change is coming to the year for you to be a very happy that we got this resolved this evening and i think it's a good signal for europe because another conservative party is gaining additional votes and what we're going to do is we are trying to reform the european union together with the other conservative parties we have our roots in a rule that ordinary people and the mass media are. big big corporate because permissions that's simply the frontline but it's not up to the nasty nationalists and they are the. globalists they are globalists but we are the commonsense party so to get
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a picture of how it looks across europe and how they the next european parliament will shape up it's very likely almost certain that the european people's party the center right group will take the most seats but it's been a good night for greens across europe a good night for liberals across europe as well and a good night for some of the anti establishment parties across europe as people have well certainly it seems shifted away from voting for one of the two big parliamentary groups in the european parliament and it seems we may see well a few new faces in the european parliament after this this election. it britain. parties also calls for the elections the u.k. was of course not meant to take part in the ballot bowl and leave the show the good stuff the next one picks britain's. commander of. the ear for it must be one of the strangest elections in print it's called british history the united kingdom which is just about to leave the european union has just elected candidates to represent
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britain in the block and this absolutely possible setup can be best summed up in famous lines in alice in wonderland by the great british open with power. would you tell me please which we want to go through that depends a good deal only where you want to get to i do much cow why then it doesn't matter which way you go but even stranger than voting in an election to an organization that the u.k. chose to leave almost three years ago is the fact that the party that's won the lion's share of the vote is a newly formed direct it party or to still the party absolutely knows the european union and what its parliament stands for not just by nigel farage is party being in its infancy stage it has actually no doubt shaken up the political spectrum and somehow managed to unite person after and right now although the party doesn't yet have a manifesto it's left to victory under one clear objective there we went big old first date. we will kill all for any prospects of paul the world forcing
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a strike a referendum apollo's because very well you would learn. if we put the brakes that policy your we would all. we do moment but we are part of the. show but we do leave the european union all the thirty first of october so the goal of the party was to win the election so that it would never have to participate in them again sounds like something carol himself would be quite proud of and in order for this to happen nigel farage vowed to put the shattered two party system out of its misery and in doing so manage to unite politicians from across the political spectrum who in other circumstances may have never politically aligned and on the one hand you have your craft foxes who's a former member of the revolutionary communist party who at times has been unapologetic and her controversial left wing views there's a lot to say and i take my lead for millions of votes is showing credible
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resilience in facing down three years of incessant defamation and on the other hand you have the likes of paul knocked on his the former head of you can't he's an advocate of banning the back and even bringing back the death penalty and see that's the twist and bracks is now the presented as a left wing issue or right wing issue we witness the birth of a new political to jack cherry it's called anti establishment and according to a study conducted this year by you can a change in europe when asked whether people use the term we'll say in relation to which side of the practice events they sat on what we saw as the proportion of leavers using we leapt from forty four percent to sixty five percent after the referendum and the results were quite similar in terms of the remain as you saw an increase to a whopping seventy percent but when the same question was asked about labor and the conservatives only around a quarter agreed with the increase of time in relation to their respective parties you see an. these elections it didn't matter whether you're a communist or a puritan what mattered is where you stood on the brake the issue so forget the
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tories and labor pensions and health care high or low taxes right now is the only dividing line in the u.k. and unlike alice in carol's alice in wonderland this is not a jury charge edwards dashti r.t. . meantime them with pm series of. june the servant thought of failing to get a plan through so far the counters to replace or is already up and running conservative m.p.'s are to nominate two or walk around that is with about ten so far declaring that they're going to join the leadership race the tories believe a new leader will be in place by the end of june it means to resume a will therefore still be in office during both the contest and also donald trump's first official state visit to the u.k. next month let's look at some of the front runners for the bit more detail for number ten than.
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the road. is. here so i think the comparison with the market. is right if you get near one. of them a lot but that. was the soviet union to stop people leaving and the lesson from history is clear if you turn the club into a prison the desire to get out of it well diminish it will grow and we won't be the only prisoner that will want to escape. russia today. the truth is relative to the facts from the. official narrative.
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nine out of ten economists agree that if we leave the e.u. the treasury would actually be hit which would have a shock to our economy which would mean less money coming into the treasury. don't support human rights and i believe in certain parts of this you've got a strong economy creating the revenue it's just a child's wish to sacrifice tens of thousands of disabled people the typical user is not so much languishing in. what happened last week was a personal game to end all personal games it was the political assassination of boris johnson's career on live television in the most humiliating circumstances where you said really humiliating things about the british people and destroyed him in front of all of us. with a lot of people say they say we get the leaders we deserve i think america deserves
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frankly. and in your heart. you know i'm right. no way to this country. to be obvious. so. they thought is the best pretty surprising result.
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and we. see everything good. that he's going to be the next one. guy. probably. a fifteen in the morning. you choose. influence is usually where you might go for. the european commission in a surprise twist my the benefits of social media is trying to get a positive message across about the block to young people. as for them on the i have the impression that i was in the novel ninety four and people are convinced that this is good they are convinced that they are acting in the interests of the citizens of the european union. seems one of the main objectives of the event is to
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inject a european angle into young people's social platforms however the commission's representative stated that the idea of hosting the info was influencers at the news headquarters is nothing new. it's something we do very often for journalists we thought it would be a good idea to do it for you you tubers as the media takes information and relays it to your audience. explain to us that misinformation is the real facts to spread political ideas that contradict those of the european union and they will said all this is what can i say by russia to destabilise democratic regimes but fortunately european democracy is stronger than this but we were explain the basics that we talked about generally accepted ideas about europe for example that the provides competition they said we're here to debug these generally accepted notions of fact message was not to tell us that the european union fails to create competition at
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a global level but to explain to us that this is a good thing and they believe that the reason why many people support ideas that contradict their policies and ideologies is external influence but they are they acting out of the best of intentions. most stories coming up after a break south africa's newly inaugurated president vows a new era question is can he deliver or coming up we'll see the issues he's facing right now. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. what is it calling the coin is magic and the new type of digital currency
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decentralized digital scarcity chancellor. of second for bankers call the genesis blog for reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing on to the next and stacy. i'm going to bonuses up to international so that because new president cyril ramaphosa
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is officially being sworn in jerry his inauguration he proclaimed a new era in his country's history. as truly gone you know a country. right up to the rising up on a sound off because the challenge is not to know what country they are huge down to zero but they can be saw me and i stand here to say. that they are going to be thrown. one of the main problems the new president is going to face is the heritage of apartheid policy would shift fish we had in the country twenty five years ago in theory white people currently represent one percent of south africa's population but they owe more than seventy percent of the private farmland still efforts to reclaim much of that land without compensation have been launched now by the government and a special report tells how the dispute brought violence to south africa with some fearing that
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a civil war is inevitable. i feel that my life and the life of my family members and the future of my children under three. and one person who talk just. to have i carry a weapon for twenty years already because we are murdered brutally on the farms the problem that we face as a people. in south africa and also within the african continent. is the education of our country and the continent by a white minority it is very biased. because your skin is white there's definitely a white genocide. to. the. politics of the country at this stage want to expose our land without compensation apathy bridgie way let me understand this country continue to take the lead let
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people if we had to live by rita are so advocate for a free and just society that let people we must travel for the return of the let people in this country about half of the population lives in poverty in this country the old propaganda is that if you are us. you feet but we speak you of the age of conquest we speak of a deal that your white people are prepared to pay. my grandfather was that it on our family for the brothers he was killed in a uniform and we are paranoid you can see their eyes like any of them at least white or still find themselves affected by credit and also that we say columbus believe that a civil war in south africa is inevitable we are sitting with a ticking time bomb.
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if you don't buy it then god will punish you. it says that will make a father new york king. exactly what happened. the german government has been slandered other countries jewish community often official advised them not to wear the campus skull cap in public in some areas because of a rise in hate crimes israel's president says the government's there for going to the jews are once again not safe on german soil i cannot advise juice to where they keep at all times and places in germany unfortunately i have to say this the responsibility for the well be him freed him and rights of the jewish
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community in germany is in the hands of the german government and its institutions fears for the security of german jews our a capitulation before and the semitism and a recognition of the fact that jews in germany and no longer safe. the statement by the anti semitism commissioner comes amid a rise of the number of crimes against the jewish community in twenty eighteen almost eight hundred offenses were committed which twenty percent more than in twenty seventeen according to the government their proposal could help to deal with this negative tendency the chief rubber berlin thinks other steps should be taken though. there has been a sharp rise in anti-semitism last year. this is obviously now a happy development at the same time as a group growth of jewish life and the cutis then every that the government has to do all the candid every person knows that nobody is unaffected those that are against jews are against all people that respect a democratic society and way of life and sure that decline had only good pensions
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the same time i disagree with the message the message should not be that people have tried hard to keep our people our is a clear symbol of jewish identity and the message should be not to hide it the country government should do more and all it can people should not have to be in a situation where they feel that the hard to keep our. well celebrating memorial day the u.s. army offered veterans the opportunity to share stories on home military service influenced their lives and they got some pretty unexpected results but to seems thousands responded on twitter many speaking of an inability to live a normal life depression and suicides among friends and fellow servicemen the u.s. army issued a formal response thanking everyone for their stories and highlighting the importance of talking about psychological problems. to go on with cocktail it is d
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c or depression anxiety isolation suicide attempts never ending rake it cost me my relationship with my eldest son and my grandson it goes some of my man so much more how it is there in impact me ask myth emily i spend sleep. to reckon with guilt because none of the horror and suffering i've seen the even matters because we are all just grist for a pain mill run by mad men because if i speak up and say endless war is wrong my battle buddies fighting for their own demons ostracize me my favorite don calls served in vietnam he was missing for three months i've never seen my gram's cry before that the sorrow was more than five year old me could understand he came back and was never the smiling playful fun happy go lucky uncle again a deep sorrow is in his eyes to everyone who responded to this thread thank you for sharing your story your stories are real they matter and they may help others in similar situations the army is committed to the health safety and well being of our
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soldiers suicide is a major issue among veterans despite the reduction of the overall rate seems six thousand kill themselves every year mostly with firearms according to statistics since young service men under thirty four years old who are especially at risk the vice president of veterans for peace us says that many soldiers are left to deal with their problems by themselves in america people like to put soldiers on pedestals and create heroes our soldiers are last in their bind where they are being simultaneously hero worshipped and having to deal with really traumatic. experiences in mind has it really negatively impacted my life and way is that i'm just not even yet comfortable speaking about it made it difficult for me to have a family i had p.t.s.d.
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and depression for a decade without even realizing it is not anything now and wish on anybody to join the military and yet i know some for some people it's their only way to try to get out of where they're at it's no wonder it's side rates are so high among the better half elation because they're kind of intense experience from people are still trying to figure out who they are as a person is just it could only. make life more difficult for the individual. well i just hope to have many stories were across few that they check it out to don't call for more tell us what you think like us on facebook or following up to you on twitter of course here in moscow this early monday morning is kevin on same time so what should this news update of a great day. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let
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it be an arms race is on off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very first character that you type into the search bar. there will always be one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results based on what they think you should be see if
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they have this kind of power democracy is an illusion the free and fair election. the more growth we give them the sooner we're all. patients being put to test with its membership top stalled and over netas pressure to drop its arms deal with russia. i ask again. former minister for. decades of.
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the dream seems to be getting cold and it's other alliances with western under strain to. deal with. across the pond. back into the western fold by trade pressure from the u.s. what comes does it have up its sleeve to maintain its balancing act between east and west and what steps will ankara take next along its own. game in turkey is former minister for affairs welcome to the show it is great to have you with us today lots to talk about how you are a turkish chief negotiator in a session talks with the e.u. and back in twenty seventeen president of the about an openly declared that turkey doesn't meet but now i'm going to is pushing for brussels to finally decide whether . they want turkey in the union or not if turkey doesn't need the e.u. why not just quit the topics and be done with it i have always argued that the e.u. is turkey's dietitian real know that we have to watch what we eat and we need to
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exercise regularly to lead a healthy life but sometimes we.


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