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tv   News  RT  May 27, 2019 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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right wing and you're a skeptic parties along with the greens right europe's establishment in parliamentary elections the vote attracts the highest turnout in 20 years. in the u.k. meantime the newly formed part is expected to win big leaving the conservatives and labor in. politics there with british promise to treat them a step down after failing to get a plan through the contest to replace is already well up and running.
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by good afternoon just turned midday this monday here in moscow when i was cavanagh in you watching r.t. international 1st with most votes counted in the fiercely contested european parliament elections anti establishment parties along with the greens in the liberals are set for big wins while projections show the established centrist losing its grip on parliament and in perhaps another surprise of the night overall vote turnout was the highest in 20 years at over 50 percent. or right those votes still being counted but let's break down some of the election numbers for year in italy 1st of all these far right party the league projected to
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win 33 percent of the vote there over of france bring the pens national rally is set to overtake the party of president emmanuel mccrone with as much as 23 percent of the ballot austria's center right people's party is expected to snatch a sizeable number of seats and in neighboring germany the ruling coalition will be dealt a significant blow despite getting 28 percent of the vote so far now how is all this expected to shape the european parliament over the next 5 years well we're looking at a fragmented parliament for a start with established movements losing ground to smaller parties despite the gains made by the euro skeptic and right leaning parties pro e.u. groups is still expect there to hold on to about 2 thirds of the seats the biggest blow of these elections will be dealt parliament's grand coalition of center left and right they're set to lose their 40 year long majority charlotte who bensky has more next from paris. well europe's waking up night of change where we
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saw would be established parties at the center right down the center losing whites and most of the rounds in election that of course could spell trouble for that e.u. grand coalition is being too clueless to him which since its inception means that they will now have to reach out to a much smaller parties if they want to keep still reach the european parliament on course they was a suit for anti establishment parties across the bloc with parties like the national rally here in france and a leak in italy actually talking the polls in their own countries well let's start now with the leave it to the when much of the nice holiday not only took the polls it looks like it's projected to gave around 28 seats in that this election a couple of seats from 2014 and so the need speaking to the press after those results are coming in said that this was essentially the people in europe saying
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that they want to see something different other than the you all get you to today's vote shows that the rules of europe are changing it's not just due to the choice of the italians but also of the french the germans the british the hug ariens the poles and finns the swedes the danes a new europe is born well here in france we saw enough enough pens national rally party topping the polls because they also took the polls back in 2014 this time very slow each down on their turnout from the last election but still a very big result here in france particular as many people were seeing this is being a referendum on president michel whose party came in 2nd place they would just pick to the post they are trying to brush this off as north despite the losses they were expecting. i mean the pen is now calling for those anti establishment parties to
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form a grand law within the european parliament to be a stronger voice and she's calling for a new shake up of politics here in france. the president has no other choice but to dissolve the national assembly and allow for a more democratic voting system in order to better represent this country's majority political opinion the feeding of traditional parties and the polarization between the national wryly party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalists and globalists and that's what dominates our political life there are also big wins for anti establishment ruling parties in countries such as poland and hungary while meanwhile the ruling governing party in the oestriol also talked to the polls that we've more than 30 percent of vote the chancellor it's the best thing kurt said he was very pleased with that result particularly as it comes at a difficult time for his government you are supposed to be facing
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a new confidence vote later today i know that a scandal hit the party just a week ago but despite that scandal it seems boodles of people in austria still turned out to offer him their support send you a free i'm usually not to the last 4 words but i'm almost speechless we expected a lot we were optimistic but this is a fantastic result this is never happened before we achieved the best result of all time with the biggest distance from 2nd place of all time it is simply i'm believing the other big surprise of the night was the green vote which is up significantly here in france and also in germany and the projection is that they will get around 70 seats which is quite a surge compared to 2014 up around 20 seats on that but the reality is that make up now of the european. meant to be very different to that we've known for not just the last 5 years but pretty much since its inception and what that's
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going to do is it's going to make it very difficult for the old guard to continue to keep watch and to push things down that agenda well i would say that of course the big surprise is that the green party is going up very very broadly well it doesn't mean that it is enough to save the so-called system and of course we see that many skeptical audience of one to election throughout europe and i think that we are facing a new a proxy for a new era for europe but i don't see how they will solve the problems of europe the union is split and it will be very very difficult to apply a compromise between parties between let's say i the lodges which are very opposite but i do believe that this europe the present europe is dead. you know
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britain the natural for jews newly formed bricks in parties also in calls for victory in the elections you can was of course not meant to take part in the bow that all should have left the e.u. but didn't share the and was dusty unpick split in this current conundrum than. the eve party must be one of the strangest elections in political british history the united kingdom which is just about to leave the european union has just an elected candidates to represent britain in the broad and this absolutely possible setup can be best summed up in famous lines in alice in wonderland by the great british open us how. would you tell me please which way will to go from here that depends a good deal only where you want to get to i didn't much care then it doesn't matter which way you go but even stranger than voting in an election to an organization that the u.k. choice to leave almost 3 years ago is the fact that the part that one the lion's share of the vote is
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a newly formed in fact just 6 weeks old the threats that party or the still the party absolutely knows the european union and what its parliament stands for it's left to victory under one clear objective if you want breakfast you got to vote for x. it we did it once like notice so we're going to tell them again this time they don't realise that it isn't just the votes we get today it's what we want get at the general election the cost of all the jokes so they get to listen to what people say they want to be unemployed thank you now despite nigel fargus party being in its infancy stage there has actually no doubt shaken up the political spectrum and somehow managed to unite person after and bright.
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and see that's the twist and breck's is neither presented as a left wing issue or a right wing issue we witness the birth of a new political to jack it's called anti establishment and these elections it didn't matter whether you're a communist or a peer attorney what matters is where you stood on the brake issue so forget the tories and labor pensions and health care high or low taxes right now is the only dividing line in the u.k. and unlike alice in carroll's alice in wonderland this is not a jury charge edwards dashti r.t. london. the european commission for social media influences has left some of the invited outrageous they likened the experience to brainwashing with clearly dismissive of the approach to this rhythm and in the i have the impression that i was in the novel 94 and people are convinced that this
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is good they are convinced that they are acting in the interest of the citizens of the european union. while the main objectives of the event at the h.q. was apparently to convince the bloggers to promote positive stories about the block . we're waiting for you to speak more about europe on your own we hope to convince you to inject the european angle into your communications because this is an important aspect of political life and we are not sufficiently present in the media . explain to us that misinformation is the use of real facts to spread political ideas that contradict those of the european union they will said that all this is organized by russia to destabilise democratic regimes but fortunately european democracy is stronger than the us but we were explain the basics they talked about generally accepted ideas about europe for example that the e.u. provides competition they said we're here to debunk these generally accepted notions in fact the message was not to tell us that the european union fails to
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create competition at a global level but to explain to us that this is a good thing and they believe that the reason why many people support ideas that contradict their policies and ideologies is external influence but they they are acting out of the best of intentions of. south africa's new president still ramaphosa has officially been sworn in during his inauguration he proclaimed a new era in his country's history one of the main problems the new president is going to face is the heritage of apartheid policy which ended in the country 25 years ago nonetheless white people currently represent 9 percent of so that because population but own more than 70 percent of private farmland efforts to reclaim much of this land without compensation have been launched by the government and a new special are to report tells you how the dispute has brought violence as over africa with some fearing that a civil war is inevitable in the future too. i feel that my life and the
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life of my family members and the future of my children under 3. and no one has a new talk just who's some damn to have i carry a weapon for 20 years already because we are murdered brutally on the farms the problem that we face as a people. in south africa and also within the african continent. is the education of our country and the continent by a white minority it is very biased. because your skin is white there's definitely a white genocide. to. the. politics of the country at this stage want to explore our land without compensation apathy bridgie way colonialist in this country continued to take the lead to let people if we had to live by the way to us own advocate for
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a free and just society that perspective make people we must struggle for the return of let people suffer in this country about half of the population lives in poverty in this country the old propaganda is that if ever you were. you were a feat but we speak of the age of conquest we speak of a dog that you are and why people are prepared to pay my grandfather was diverted on our family falls a brother he was killed in a uniform attack we are paranoid you can see it all eyes. wide also find themselves affected by a crash and we are also affected we say clone does believe that a civil war in south africa is inevitable we have 15 with a ticking time bomb. what you wanted to national coming up the fight for the religious leadership gets
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underway well underway is millions making clear the bricks it means bricks it. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to signal from
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fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective from i'm used to surprising people by salt or not if you think . i'm going to talk about football nazi or else if you think i was going to go. by the way ways of the flying here. again focus on the u.k. next for the leadership race to replace trees of maize hotting up from mr and she's stepping down on june the 7th after failing to get her brakes it planned through again conservative m.p.'s are nominated 2 or more candidates than with 9 declaring they're going to join the leadership race the tories believe a new leader will be in place by the end of june no it means therefore it is times
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of the moment that tories of may will still be in office during both a contest for her replacement and donald trump's 1st official state visit to the u.k. next month the next prime minister is supposed to stay in charge until a general election in 2022 unless one is called earlier with many senior members of the conservative party lined up to head the government next this morning we look at some of the front runners for number 10. the goals of the road show if you will go. quickly through the world. putin is going to be the way he was the 130 seems a little bit here so i think the comparison with my team through the sixty's these sort of from the right you give me the right. let me tell you it.
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was the soviet union that stopped people leaving and the lesson from history is clear if you turn the club into a prison the desire to get out of the one diminish it will grow and we won't be the only prisoner that will want to escape. channels like a better known as russia today what better view is to believe that truth is relative than the facts when it was the kremlin official narrative.
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vince cable jameco been someone who has a clear plan albright said he wants to remain. because he's quite cold and waits until you see everything together for instance and he's going to be the next one now and it's then because i think i nailed. probably. the memorial day. stories and i will influence the. unexpected result. how has serving impacted you the combat cocktail
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p.t.s.d. severe depression anxiety isolation suicide attempts never ending rage it cost me my relationship with my eldest son and my grandson it cost some of my men so much more how did serving impact me ask my family i spend sleepless nights wrecked with guilt because none of the horror and suffering i've seen even matters because we're all just grist for a pay mill run by med men because if i speak up and say and this war is wrong my battle buddies fighting their own demons or me do i get to reply for the dad they can't get any more my husband became an ex because of his p.t.s.d. then he got agent orange cancer and died my cousin died of a rad chemical cancer my other cousin is in remission from the scene thing at the moment and also has p.t.s.d. . to everyone who responded to this thread thank you for sharing your story your
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stories are real they matter and they may help others in similar situations the army is committed to the health safety and well being of our soldiers. so this was a major issue among veterans despite the reduction of the overall rate $6000.00 kill themselves every year mostly with firearms according to statistics as young service men under 34 years old are especially at risk the vice president of veterans for peace us says that many soldiers are left to deal with their problems by themselves. and america people like to put soldiers on pedestals and create heroes out of them soldiers are last in this bind where they are being simultaneously hero worshipped and having to deal with really trying to mandate. experiences in life has it really negatively impacted my life and way is that i'm just not even yet comparable speaking about it made it
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difficult for me to have a family i had p.t.s.d. and depression for a decade without even realizing it is not anything i would wish on anybody to join the military and yet i know some for some people it's their only way to try to get out of where they're at it's no wonder that suicide rates are so high amongst the veteran population because that kind of intense experience when people are still trying to figure out who they are as a person is just it could only. make life more difficult for the individual. who are just a home for the many many stores across you to check out our culture or see more tell us what you think is what the likeness on facebook of following up to me on twitter in moscow this monday early afternoon is kavanagh and saying thanks for watching and have a great monday. there's
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an petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend a forum to address today's a vital issues. watch our special forum coverage on r.t. . you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than
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ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. this footage is unique because there's only a tribal lens a normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's listened to his personal doctor. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving young son flying in a crushed bed. now. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil.
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that's happening amazon. how are you so sis going to busy. nothing's going to do the population much good motives are going to people on his own. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something wanted us. to go right to the press this is like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interest. always in the waters of college. football. dish you will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all the school long months and the statutes which i command you this
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day in all these courses shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the white people the stolen property and must pretend to. get rid of whites only problems will go away. within the. presence of the physical being. wired for. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in the. mania somebody of somebody. like bin and his wife or so find themselves affected by credit when we offer to point to one of my means in dreams it's all sweats and a lot of. what are you going to have for dinner today we don't have anything i'm asking for
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a nice meet those needs to be civil war in south africa easy never to. drugs for the drug wars or any chong not be in the cold of your hand to get to. eat sleep eat. turkish patience is being put to test where. membership tops stalled and over and made us pressure to drop its arms deal with russia. i ask again and. former minister for affairs.
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decades of know on the european. dream seems to be getting cold and its other alliances with western values under strain to. deal with moscow raises hackles across the pond will he be counted back into the western fold by trade pressure from the u.s. what comes does it have up its sleeve to maintain its balancing act between east and west and what steps will ankara take next along its own. eggman bagus turkey's former minister for faris welcome to the show it is great to have you with us today allow us to talk about how you were turkish chief negotiator in a session talks with the e.u. and back in 2017 president of the about an openly declared that turkey doesn't meet the e.u. now i'm pushing for brussels to finally decide whether they want turkey in the union or not if turkey doesn't need the e.u. why not just quit the talks and be done with it i always argue at the e.u.
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is turkey's dietitian we all know that we have to watch what we eat and we need to exercise regularly to lead a healthy life but sometimes we need the prescription of a dietician would tells us how much to eat for breakfast what to eat for lunch what to eat for dinner and how much exit size to make throughout the day so the e.u. process itself has been fairly good for turkey it has helped us increase the standards of our democracy increased the standard so far baby food increase the standard so far roads and highways increased the standard so far telecommunication increased the standards of our human rights so the e.u. process has been good for trick. but the e.u. attitude towards turkey has not been as good turkey probably can apply to be in the book of records of guinness book of records because no other country has waited
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for such a long time to join any international organization in history we have been trying to become a member since 958 and it has come to a point where both the turkish public opinion and the european public opinion is sick and tired of this question so turkey can do with or without europe but europe also has to decide can they do without turkey and i think the time to answer that question is coming up so take this current foreign minister mr a china shop lew says that some member states are deliberately obstructing turkey's accession to the e.u. do you have any idea who specifically he means whisky referring to and wireless member states doing this well some of the states some of the founding members of european union nationally worry about turkey coming in because when turkey.


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