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very confusing and contradictory. major a blow in the parliamentary elections. right as well as the liberal greens enjoy a surge in support of. the. party is expected to win big when the final results are. leaving the conservatives and labor coffers. his administration are. playing with. parliament passes a motion of no confidence.
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you're tuning in from right around the globe this hour. to our to international i mean and o'neill our top story with most votes today in the fiercely contested european parliament elections. parties along with the greens on liberals are set for a big wins projection showed the established centrist bloc losing its grip on parliament one in every 2 eligible voters took to the polls the highest turnout in 20 years.
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well let's break down some of the numbers in italy material salvini right wing party the league is projected to win 33 percent of the vote in france marine le pen's national rally is said to overtake president among them a party with as much as 23 percent of the ballot austria's the ruling center right people's party also saw a surge in continental support there was a significant blow in neighboring germany too for the ruling coalition there a share of the vote done by a rather than 7 percent to date so how this is all expected to shape the european parliament for the next 5 years we are looking at a fragmented grouping with a stop list movements losing ground to smaller parties that's what these dots are really saying on the gains made by the euro skeptic and right leaning parties we have to remember this pro e.u. groups are still expected to hold on to 2 thirds of the seats the biggest blow of these elections will be dealt to parliament to run coalition out of the center
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right and left they are set to lose their 40 year long majority. brings us more from priors. well europe's waking up night of change where we sued the established parties of the center right down the center losing quite a lot of ground in that election and that of course could spell trouble for that you grand coalition is being too clueless to him which since its inception means that they will now have to leech out to a much smaller parties if they want to keep but still reach of the european parliament on cool they was a soothing vote for anti establishment parties across the block with parties like the national rally here in france and a leak in italy actually talking the polls in their own countries to. be nice hearty not only top of the polls it looks like it's projected to get
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a around 28 seats in that this election a couple of seats from 2014 and so the need speaking to the press after those results are coming in said that this was essentially the people in europe saying that they won't see anything different other than the your did you get your today's vote shows that the rules of europe are changing it's not just due to the choice of the italians but also of the french the germans the british the and gary and the poles the finns the swedes the danes a new europe is born. well here in france we saw a movie in left penn's national rally party topping the polls of course they also took the poll back in 2014 this time very slow each down on their turnout from the last election but still a very big result here in france particular as many people were seeing this is being a referendum on president michel whose party came in 2nd place they would just pick
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to the post they are trying to brush this off as not as bad a loss is they were expect. but not being a pen is now calling for those anti establishment parties to form a grand law within the european parliament to be a stronger voice and she's calling for a new shake up of politics here in france. the president has no other choice but to dissolve the national assembly and allow for a more democratic voting system in order to better represent this country's majority political opinion the feeding of traditional parties and the polarization between the national wryly party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalists and globalists and that's what dominates our political life there are also big wins for anti establishment ruling parties in countries such as poland and hungary. the ruling governing
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party in austria also talked to the polls that we've more than 30 percent of the vote the chancellor besting kurt said he was very pleased with that result particularly as it comes at a difficult time for his government you are supposed to be facing a no confidence vote later today i know that a scandal hit the party just a week ago but despite that scandal it seems boodles of people in austria still turned out to offer him their support. and i'm usually not to the last 4 words but i'm almost speechless we expected a lot we were optimistic but this is a fantastic result this is never happened before we achieve the best results of all time with the biggest distance from 2nd place of all time it is simply i'm believing the other big surprise of the night was the green vote which is up significantly here in france and also in germany and the projection is that they
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will get around 70 seats which is quite a surge compared to 2014 up around 20 seats on that but the reality is. the make up now of the european parliament will be very different to that that we've known for not just the last 5 years but pretty much since its inception and what that's going to do is it's going to make it very difficult for the old guard to continue to keep watch and to push things down that agenda. well that's part of the country charlotte was speaking about them of italy we can cross live i'm very happy to say to a former italian foreign minister franco frattini mr pertaining welcome why is immaterial selvi needs league party proving just so popular in italy. well i think because italian bolter believe but telcel beanie will be able to keep the promises made during the campaign but also before. the formation of the
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italian government was able to reduce for example by 95 percent illegal migration. coming to each other eat all you was able to be good. for groomed and. new infrastructure but 1st of all italian ball tours where. did some who'd contribution to change you wrote by i would see all the coming to school you mention in your presentation. material to me has a lot of allies right across the bloc how much of a threat to the european establishment do you think the for mation of a strong euro skeptic alliance poses because we haven't really seen anything like this before. well it is through online and on the other hand as you
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rightly said in your presentation the new parliament will be have really shrugged meant that there will be many small groups not always on the scene line on many of the issues that that state i think this group all parties and political movements on which subnet is one together which might be in the pattern which is the polish and others. i don't not represent a threat they care a present it pushing factor for the current elite to go to war was in deep trance formation because the water italian border collie to audience by the many other countries do want these a transformation is to overcome this the schools are the bridge there for the to happen mr for attorney will the european establish actually be concerned with the
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results of this election though they should be consider even just they want to keep the status quo for de own interests they shouldn't be concerned even they i would see a touched to the good for europe as a whole because. even polls that push coming from both political parties can be very useful for making europe less bureaucratic more attentive to hold us to request even to do this fear of many many millions of italian so many subplots going on a run the constant just to get your thoughts on what's happening in the u.k. the braggs of party led by nigel farage a quite incredible result just weeks old but able to top the polls and not country do you think that mr ferrars is now in the position to impact on bragg's at
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negotiations he says he wants to the government so far are resistant but with such a monday to will he not have to be listened to. well for sure yes mr faraj should have a role after this very unprecedented result you abuse was exactly the result all negotiations and europe and the government in u.k. taking time instead of drawing immediately the consequences of the referendum where the british soldiers bolted in the majority to be out all european union after don't let on going to go she showing tactics taking time mixers size wasting time exit of size all these lead to the result of research for out now he said and you will say what the brits
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wanted was to get out please let's conclude let's finalize in a credible way negotiation this is say something where you should be there because he deserves very interesting developments in the past hour or so also in austria the chancellor sebastian current suffering a no confidence vote he'll be stepping down that's the spite his party gaining on topping the us elections doing well how's his political career been a replica of this or will we see him again do you thing. well i think the chancellor in ne year will be able to sort of buy this capital. for shore dougal. in european elections has not they seen.
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the domestic vote i can understand the current parliament in austria hold a no or the confidence of all while the borders voted yes the chancellor cools because they all do they voted why oh no we perfectly above this campbell my prediction chancellor coots will survive this can go is the best plays to be again the new chance and you know it's very interesting isn't it because i was looking out of a tweet of his actually on facebook which he said some hours ago before this occurred he said to topple the government a few months before an election is something few people in the country can understand so he is going out there fighting he believes he will be back but it is a big scandal do you 1st see this and he is one of the the forefront members of the center right could belive a knock on effects on other right wing governments in the block or is this
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a singular austrian situation do you think. i think it does that single all students situation i i cannot imagine i would see all legal negative come to me nisha from also. stays there where the ruling. in the center i can i think in also year what will be extremely important the chance for is to show a rapid capacity to get out of the krises and to preserve a fresh program. in that i think all students will build for he once again well we really appreciate your take on all those issues after what's been a very interesting 24 hours former italian foreign minister on the program franco
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frattini. let's continue with out story mr for teeny was just speaking on austria chancellor sebastian kurt is to be removed from power along with his administration following a no confidence vote in parliament it comes a week after the country's ruling coalition collapse those are result of a corruption sting targeting the then vice chancellor r t senior cards for them up to you joins us now to the scots the situation. politics is a dirty game when you look into the ins and outs of this you have the chancellor on the outside not actually doing anything wrong it's the junior coalition partner who has been involved in the corruption scandal but it's the chancellor who has had to step down just fill in the blanks of this story for all of the issue here is that the coalition partner of the chancellor has allied with the chancellor is in the austrian people's party the vice chancellor is the head of the freedom party
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a right wing party and they were in the coalition government now. of this it stems from a meeting that the vice chancellor the head of the right wing party had back in 2017 and lease was by all by all accounts a sting operation targeting him what happened was that he was filmed along with another fishel from his party in an informal or at a mansion meeting an alleged. woman who says she said the kind that she was the niece of a russian oligarch niece of a russian oligarch and the vice chancellor was heard apparently suggesting to proposing that she buy out a big stake in austria his biggest newspaper. realigned that newspaper to support the coalition his party and in return she would get rewarded she'd get public
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government contracts and make a lot of money by. by the sounds of it you know these things are huge. of course it was all being filmed but nevertheless it's the fact that this conversation took place the fact that he promised these things that set the public off. the reason why is. he. now as i said she wasn't turned out to be she wasn't the niece of a russian. he has new nice but this is an incredibly well set up sting operation was a honeytrap there were cameras hidden in light switches and microphones in.
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charges i mean the planning the funding that went into this was huge and it happened in 2017 released just last week right before the european elections which however it doesn't seem to have affected the chancellor too much his party making quite considerable gains with the results site this morning as we were going through what's the consequences here because we have the opposition party didn't we saying we have no confidence in you you're going to have to be removed seems to be helping with the consequences i mean with huge whether she was fake or not that doesn't really matter it's the fact that the chancellor was heard on camera video the vice chancellor is a leader among these is this is what really set the public and the media or. anybody look at it was wrong and the consequences as you said to no confidence
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votes one and chancellor could and the other in his government the freedom people the freedom party also pulled out of the coalition their members their ministers walked out in protest and so they're coming out i'm from both sides of the social democrats on the right way. is come out and said that this is this is you know this is revenge the parties are playing politics there will be now an election in september new. chancellor will be nominated had the government until elections happen but who says confident that he will he will run again and that he will win he says that the people will support him and they will call in this. sting operation and whoever set this up and pulled it off well it worked worked
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brilliantly for them as farmers are where the president comes put in a kind of technocratic government as you say it's september october that was next election so that's can be quite a long way to spin to be interesting times in austria will our senior correspondent because the if thank you. now and all face but a new party rings on the parade of the tories or labor in the u.k. i look up the brakes at party shaking things up in the e.u. elections right after this. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v.
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. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can sink i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. we start back in the u.k. where the newly founded briggs it party has had 24 hours to remember claiming more
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votes in the european elections than the conservative labor party's combined breaking down the results here see sally. in the build up to this election all the polls are indicating that the briggs and polity would do well on the newly formed regs and policy we should point out in fact they've won by far the most seats in those european elections for the u.k. and as you mentioned they're getting more than the conservatives and labor combined and then lead. he's somebody who has been a really a figurehead not just in these elections but in the push leading up to that referendum in 2016 for the u.k. to leave the ute and he bails out the boards of quality control can go on and be successful in general elections if we do not leave the european union. then just as we've surprised people in these european elections we will go full would
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absolutely stunned them in the next general election there's a big wake up call here to westminster let's see whether they listen now the fortunes of the brigs that party in exact opposite to the decimation of the u.k. and they went for the full 2014 elections having won 28 piece but since then they'd suffer the number of defections not a number of votes counted the shifting over to the briggs and polity and in fact we could have a breakdown of some of the more prominent leadership of that bribes polity. bragg's it has been dominating the political sphere in the u.k. to the point that perhaps voters are fed up with it all and just want the
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politicians to get on with it now the 2 main parties here in the u.k. labor in the conservatives they had. tories of course are gearing up to try to get a new leader in place and they're going through that process now it is also worth pointing out that while the birds and party did well last night the leave parties in general did what us the remain parties combined but the issue that the remained party face is a splitting of the vote between the lib dems who came 2nd in these elections and labor the greens and so on including the s. and p. who have done well in scotland so again while a very good night for. votes is on the birds and policy in general it's not as clear cut to say that this would indicate that they would win any 2nd referendum if there was one to be held we heard from a professor of european law they say is that for many u.k. voters nigel for she is the only political figure who could finally break the brakes and impose. many people were sad about the mess that the last 2 or 3 years
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and. especially those who want to leave the european union they were very disappointed with the conservatives. going around never never land and quite clearly mr ferrars offered a very simple and straightforward message i think britain is close so if you the number of people and the percentage of people who actually voted for the party who want a 2nd reference the crucial question is what happens in labor will labor get off the fence that has collapsed under them as somebody said and i think over the next 3 or 4 days this is where we work it out. south africa's newly inaugurated president cyril run proposer was the clear that his country is entering a new euro but with his party and country divided he looks set to face an uphill battle well i think the problems the new president will face is the legacy of
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apartheid and the injuring challenge of extreme and equality white people for instance currently represent 9 percent of south africa's population but only over 70 percent of private farmland the government has pledged to begin reclaiming land without providing compensation a special report looks at how the dispute is threatening to rupture the social fabric. i feel that my life and the life of my family members and the future of my children under 3. and one has a new talk just lose some damn to have i carry a weapon for 20 years already because we are murdered brutally on the farms the problem that we face as a people. in south africa and also within the african continent. is the education of our country and the continent by a white minority it is very biased. because your skin is white there's definitely
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a white genocide. to. the. politics of the country at this stage want to explore land without compensation apathy bridgie way youngest in this country continued to take the lead that people if we had to live by the way to ourselves they advocate for a free and just society that perspective make people we must struggle for the 10 of them let people suffer in this country about half of the population lives in poverty in this country the old propaganda is that if ever you were. you were a feat but we speak you of the age of conquest we speak you'll forget that you are a white people i'm on prepared to pay my grandfather was diverted on our family falls a brother who was killed in a uniform attack we are paranoid you can see their eyes any of them white or so
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find themselves affected by crime and we also think we cycle on this believe that a civil war in south africa is inevitable we have 15 with a ticking time bomb. peter guests have golf the next british prime minister on their minds next uncrossed. we were at camp rounds of america i think it's called there's like a chain of these camps around the trailer parks across america so yeah these types
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of organizations would be rolled out. so you have economies of scale you now have lots of australia parks all socialize reporting to one corporate behavior on wall street and they're extracting the eagles and dimes and a lot of people are suffering. will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these commandments and the statutes. then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you want to lead and then the white people the stolen property and the point must be returned to black people. they get rid of whites only problems will go away. with him. as president of the fleet. wide. free go. people being tortured to death expiation the elderly people in that wouldn't.
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be enough but he. may in the least wife also find themselves affected by a crime and. point to one of my teens and pre-teens it's all sweat and blood of no. one. are you going to go out for dinner trudy be living in the i'm asking for mamie bad slow things civil war in south africa easy never to. blood pressure drug wars or any chong not be in the job of your and to prove it to. me.


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