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tv   News  RT  May 27, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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europe's dominant parties are dealt a major blow in the e.u. parliament elections as the nationalist right liberals and the greens enjoy a surge in support of both attracted the highest turnout in 2 decades. the u.k. the newly formed party storms to victory with support from the governing conservatives and labor opposition evaporating. the week of scandal and recriminations of course the world's youngest state media is the austrian chance to . offer an unprecedented no confidence for.
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either its 9 pm monday evening here in moscow money welcome to world news from r.t. international 1st for you this hour with the most votes now counted in the fiercely contested european parliament elections anti establishment parties along with the greens and the liberals are set for big wins or projections show the established centrist bloc losing its grip on parliament one of every 2 eligible voters took to the polls eyes turn out in 20 years. let's break down some of the key numbers then in. right wing party the league is projected to win 33 percent of the vote there while in france marine le pen's national rally is set to overtake president party with as much as 20. 3 percent of
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the ballots austria's central right people's party also saw resurgent continental support and there was a significant blow in neighboring germany too for the ruling coalition their share of the vote down by around 7 percent so far so how is this all expected to shape the european parliament for the next 5 years we're looking at a fragmented grouping to say the least with the established movement losing ground to the smaller parties that despite the gains made by the euro skeptic and right leaning parties though pro e.u. groups are still expected to hold 2 thirds of the seats the biggest blow of these elections will be dealt to parliament a grand coalition of center left and right they're set to lose the majority they've enjoyed for 40 years john or do bensky reports now from paris. well europe's waking up night of change where we've sold the established parties of the center right down the center losing quite a lot of ground in that election and that of course could spell trouble for that e.u. grand coalition is being too clueless to him which since its inception it means that
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they will now have to leech out to a much smaller parties if they want to keep still reach of the european parliament on course they was a soothing vote for anti establishment parties across the bloc i would parties like the national rally here in france and a leak in italy actually talking the polls in their own countries to. be nice hearty not only took the polls it looks like it's projected to gave around 28 seats in that this election a couple of seats from 2014 and salvini speaking to the press after those results are coming in said that this was essentially the people in europe saying that they won't see anything different other than the your get you to today's vote shows that the rules of europe are changing it's not just due to the choice of the italians
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but also of the french the germans the british the hug ariens the poles and finns the swedes the danes a new europe is born. well here in france we saw muffy in love pens national rally party topping the polls of course they also took the polls back in 2014 this time very slow it down on their turnout from the last election but still a very big result here in france particular as many people were seeing this is being a referendum on president michel whose party came in 2nd place they were just picked the post they are trying to brush this off was noticed by the losses they were expect. but mopping the pen is now calling for those anti establishment parties to form a grand law within the european parliament to be a stronger voice and she's calling for a new shake up of politics here in france. the president has no other choice but to
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dissolve the national assembly and allow for a more democratic voting system in order to better represent this country's majority political opinion the feeding of traditional parties and the polarization between the national party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalists and globalists and that's what dominates our political life there are also big wins for anti establishment ruling parties in countries such as poland and hungary the other big surprise of the night was the green vote which is up significantly here in france and also in germany and the projection is that they will get around 70 seats which is quite a surge compared to 2014 up around 20 seats on that but the reality is that make up now of the european parliament will be very different to that we've known for not just the last 5 years but pretty much since its inception and what that's going to do is it's going to make it very difficult for the old guard to
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continue to keep watch and to push things down that agenda former italian foreign minister franco frattini told us he believes the euro skeptic parties could work as a catalyst for a better europe. the new parliament will be have really shrugged meant that there will be many small groups not always on the same line many of the issues that that state i think this group will part is a political movement which. is one together was merry and apparently is the polish and other words don't knock your present effect they carry present it pushing factor for the current elite to go towards a deep trance formation because that what he eats alyan baltar not only to audience but the many other countries do what is
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a transformation is to overcome the state and school days should be conserved even just they want to keep the state of support for the day all interests they shouldn't be concern even day i would see a touched to the good for europe as a whole because the debt creates the impulse to push coming from those political parties can be very useful for making europe less bureaucratic more attentive to all to request even to did this fear of many many millions of italian us. follow the u.k. the brics it policy which didn't even exist until a few weeks ago has outgun the 2 main parties combined live reaction of the moment 1st breaking down the results in westminster here's these are early. the newly formed policy we should point out in fact they've won by far the most seats in
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those european elections for the u.k. and as you mentioned they're getting more than the conservatives and labor combined and then lead for raj he's somebody who has been a really a figurehead not just in these elections but in the push leading up to that referendum in 2016 for the u.k. to leave the e.u. and he bails out the boards of quality control can go on and be successful in general elections if we do not leave the european union. then just as we've surprised people in these european elections we will go full would absolutely stunned them in the next general election there's a big wake up call here to westminster let's see whether they listen now the fortunes of the brigs that party in exact opposite to the decimation of the u.k. and they went for the full 2014 elections having won 28 piece but since then they'd suffer the number of defections not a number of votes counted it's shifting over to the briggs and polity and in fact
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we could have a breakdown of some of the more prominent leadership of that bread party. drugs that has been dominating the political sphere here in the u.k. to the point that perhaps voters off fed up with it all and just want the politicians to get on with it now the 2 main parties here in the u.k. labor in the conservatives they had bad nights and the tories of course are gearing up to try to get a new leader in place and they're going through that process now it is also worth pointing out that while the brig's of party did. well last night the leaf parties in general did remain parties combined but the issue that the remained party faced
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is the splitting of the vote between the lib dems who came 2nd in these elections and labor the greens and so on including the s. and p. who have done well in scotland so again while a very good night for. votes is on the broad policy in general it's not as clear cut to say that this would indicate that they would win any 2nd referendum if there was want to be how. ok live now to professor alan scott a british academic and found the party that's now known as the u.k. independence party professor scared welcome to r.t. again you can't the party that not a fraud run a few times as well was an m.e.p. for them for more than a few years before going it alone but the success of his bricks it party it was predicted to do expect it to be this much and is it just fleeting sentiment on voters' part that really was just about giving the conservatives and labor a kicking. well it was predicted in then everyone is expecting a brick supported to do very well because theresa may just resigned as prime
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minister she was one of the was prime ministers in british history the party she led was obviously demoralised by have assignation and. everyone expected that since the conservative party in government had failed to take the european union the day we were supposed to come on the 29th of march the voters a big stream be angry in that the party would be high in the polls who sold which is what is. the program main parties still have a way with the largest number of votes that didn't have the greens doing well there's the liberal democrats coming from the doldrums it depends. the it's no indication of what would happen if another referendum to play so i still think there would be a majority for. but i did say we're going to have a 2nd referendum the significance of the vote in britain and indeed in every other
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country in europe is how it effects the major parties in the standing in domestic policy and politics and what's going to happen is the conservative party in this incident saying should get a new leader who will take the european union deal or no deal by the 31st of. what about niger for immediate prospects he's demanding a seat at the table for negotiations from now on but given the right to do that on the. night he's got no right in the world happened the tory party wouldn't allow it i don't think the civil service would allow it. i think it's going to happen is that the polity having made its mark and having given the short to the established parties. will stay there waiting to see what the tory government under a new prime minister does if the new prime minister takes britain deal or no deal
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on the 31st of it then i think there won't be a general election until 2022 in which case during that period the poetry where you just sold all those conservatives you went ahead with 2 will drift back to the conservative party but even if not go for r.'s can't speak brought to the negotiating table legally constitutionally one thing he can do is always whip up his supporters into a frenzy and the established parties underestimated him but their peril over the past 10 years. yes that's perfectly true if it looks like the new tory prime minister is wavering or about to sign up to some deal is not in britain's 2 interests if it looks too soft the brics it then of course will be by elections a below clear. elections of which the party will make it small once again but he'll
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be a constant reminder in the press and the media that if the new prime minister doesn't take it probably with a new deal then the tory party faces extinction i could just ask you more widely across europe and the result sort of thing coming through in the projections there of does the formation of a euro skeptic alliance mean that it's going to be a fundamental shift in how brussels is organized after 40 years of coalitions being in charge. you must remember the european parliament is very few pause the european union is not a democracy it's run by a bureaucracy called the commission and the elections and the real effect on that. pas be will have got to elect very soon a new head of the european commission they've got to head elect a new president the european council will to arrange for a new president of the european central bank and put them into these 3 figures will
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mean much much more in the shaping the future of europe than anything that's happened in the elections over you say the european parliament has limited powers that there's been such a turnout this time around and you know as well as our european parliamentary elections that's a pain without a trace normally it doesn't. it doesn't matter the turnout was not huge it was only 52 percent which is actually quite quite modest in fact they were very lucky to get over the 50 percent more but most 52 means 48 percent of europeans just stayed in bed. it's almost 5050. between those who didn't pull the voting in those who voted that's not a huge democratic can do all sort of the european union and so what's going to be on the minds of europe's leaders at the moment then the trouble from within all focusing on brussels and strasburg. no i think they'll be trouble from within i mean max. will have to worry about his position in france he's not very popular you
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only gets about 20 percent of the vote when it comes to opinion polls and his popularity he got 21 percent in the european elections it's not at all clear that he's in a position to draw it's through the european reform agenda which he's proposing this not at all clear that he will win the next presidential election so he's got domestic problems and this is him in germany the ruling coalition in germany may not last the socialist party in the coalition is done to about 50 percent of the vote it might be the end of angela merkel's korea and there would have to be a sort of new chancellor probably new elections in germany. in italy the rise of salvini will put strains on the coalition government of these 5 style. and we might get very quickly do elections in italy so the main result of the european
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elections is what effect they have on the local domestic political situation in 100 poland and the really polities. being in pot and staying in power ok well no doubt the next table in chapter will talk to you again i hope for now there professor alan scott in london thank you. thank you. haven't seen me europe as well the world's youngest state leader the austrian chancellor sebastian curtis to be removed from power along with his administration following and confidence votes in parliament on monday offering it comes after a week out week after the ruling coalition collapsed as a result of the corruption sting that targeted but then vice chancellor. i can understand the feeling of revenge the wish to put yourself in a better position for the election but what i truly can't understand is that this vote of no confidence against me but is now being extended to the entire government
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only a few days ago the goal is to remove me as chancellor that's maybe understandable as a tactic but the wish to topple the entire governments a few months before an election this is something i think nobody in this country will comprehend. and the no confidence motion was tabled by the opposition socialist party been approved by a majority of austrian deputies members of the right wing euro skeptic freedom party in curt's until a week ago had been governing with also voted against it the political crisis in the collapse of the ruling coalition began with the resignation of curtis 2nd in command last saturday that was after video emerged of the freedom party's hinds christians try offering a lucrative public contract woman claiming to be a relative of russian all agog exchange for political support spassky incurred subsequently dismissed the interior minister also a freedom party member over his unwillingness to criticize truckers actions the rest of the party's ministers then staged a mass resignation in protest and were replaced by civil servants elections are currently scheduled to take place in september in the meantime the austrian
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president will appoint a caretaker government. despite the turmoil austrian voting patterns didn't substantially change in the e.u. elections even the former vice chancellor strata has apparently secured a seat in the european parliament because his party made significant gains coming out as the country's top party. and you feel i'm usually not to the last 4 words but i'm almost speechless we expected a lot we were optimistic but this is a fantastic result this is never happened before we achieve the best results of all time with the biggest distance from 2nd place of all time it is simply unbelievable freedom about these really really believed to have early to say the least expected in themselves much. so it was only about 2 and a half percent. that means that the. strong breeze in the past. may be time to build green b.t.u.
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all into elections was to show up because it. was released most of the voters had already made up their mind so they might change their mind. about actions in 4 months. next teachers in finland da complaining that the muslim holy month of ramadan and the fasting that it entails is having a negative impact on the performance of pupils parents or been advised not to force their children to fast in school as it causes anxiety and a lack of focus this year ahead of ramadan the authorities in the southern finnish city of a temporary have called on schools not to support the fast some institutions have reportedly been offering water in extended breaks to muslim students others though are supporting the people's. holy month of ramadan is the most sacred in the muslim calendar people abstain from food and drink and other sinful actions one fasting taking the place between dawn and sunset is considered to be
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a month of purification the 4 key pillars of islam. and while politicians in germany including the health minister according for a more compatible form of islam to be formed to preserve european traditions and culture i'm joined now by social affairs commentator. and mohamad the chief executive of the ramadan foundation in the u.k. gentlemen both thanks for coming on r.t. again and saw 1st to you what a ride to the authorities in finland have to interfere with people's religious decisions it sounds like it was taken without enough consultation with the people it's going to affect. i think we're hearing these kind of stories regularly about muslim communities in europe in britain around the world trying to live their lives as muslims and they're finding themselves coming at loggerheads with authority figures specially around education so i think finnish. certainly do run the best education system in the world with their liberal nordic minds decided that they wanted to help muslim kids out a little bit and are trying to inject a little bit of liberalism and
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a little bit of tolerance into people who otherwise should know better. there are risk that some of the people's mind will be able to cope with a rigorous schedule in the classroom coming under pressure from parents. well i don't think in many cases they are coming under pressure from parents actually young people are very religious. find the month of ramadan very spiritual and want to participate in the teenage daughters we don't have to push them they really want to wake up in the morning to keep the fast. you know the body is able to adopt a number of scientific investigations into this are proven bodies are able to adapt to the month of fasting cleanse yourself allows people to be able to be closer to god that the real key issue here is that there is a war against islam muslims are course europe. which is saying that there is so called liberal societies like the scandinavian countries who talk about
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liberalism who talk of our individual freedom of speech and if you do a choice but in reality you want to restrict that for one section of society enough not deeply wrong most there are plenty of exceptions to ramadan for all sorts of reasons for health and children don't have to take power for instance teachers have a duty to make sure the children are developing not just mentally not just with their intelligence but physically as well why would it be seen as so offensive to allow the nutrition to developing age. look i think whether it's the issue of fasting whether receive the headscarf whether it's the any other range of issues when we're talking about how islam co-exists in the west how most in life perform in the west we've seen a massive rise by the far right anti muslim parties just in these european elections recently so there's a lot of debate a lot of pressure on how do muslims whether they assimilate or whether they integrate now you're absolutely right there are medical grounds upon which. there
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are limits on fasting and there are exceptions you know you don't you don't fast if you're on well if you're medication if you're pregnant if you're too young or too old there are all kinds of exceptions also there are exceptions if you kid you don't have to fast one of my kids used to go to the park say he's fasting come back ask for groceries you still got you fasting set off fast again in a minute you know this is how kids work now days and muslims wrote the book on tolerance on secular valleys on integration 100 years before the birth of prophet muhammad jews were on the verge of extinction in europe says professor to start from vanderbilt university there are all kinds of records which show that white christians hard right far right intolerance causes a great deal of hardship and tyranny towards really just minorities now muslims then 100 years after a time of prophet mohammed effectively wrote the book on completing god's revelation if muslims are correct and they said we need to have more tolerance and liberalism now muslim parents muslim families have forgotten what islam says about
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homosexuality what it says about exceptions what it says about having freedom and inclusion in tolerance and these are the same virtues that gave rise to the enlightenment and the us constitution the declaration of independence so muslims need to find their way back out although the far right and some of the people might be asking the wrong questions there is a conversation needs to be had. i want to move on to another part of this for the 1st even those pupils who might want to observe ramadan it is supposed to be challenging isn't there a risk that some of those pupils might suffer if they're not given any special. well i just think there is a relationship to be had between the school teachers and parents and individual people to make sure that you know those circumstances are developed in regards to how you treat somebody who's fast you know make it more easy for them as they. continue through throughout the month but there is
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a wide discussion to be had you know the muslims are very passionate about practicing no faith and we've got to ensure that we educate our fellow citizens who are not was about the benefits but also about the challenges of that jump on the other element of this story that i mentioned before we started on this was a call from some european politicians including the german health minister that there are changes to religion in order to adapt to today's europe let's just stick with europe for now show we've for many of them for most muslims i imagine the whole point is to stick to the key elements of that religion that it doesn't shift with the vagaries of time politics or lifestyles wherever it may be. your thoughts on that. this is a huge question and it's a question that's been burning at the heart of european civilization for over a 1000 years. i'll give a small example within the scriptures for most people of the abrahamic traditions
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and i preferred so what ways of life than religion religion boxing things up into like serial packets in the supermarket different brands of different. flavors it's all the same stuff in a day and comes from the same place many muslims live their lives according to what they see as islamic values and i spent time with scholars and you know used to be. so i mean you had things change but what i learned and what i understood was that there's this great big feel logical jigsaw puzzle where you've got all the revelations all the profits along the time line 1st profit last messenger and the islamic texts and the last prophet is the final piece of that jigsaw puzzle which completes all of the jigsaw puzzle and right now the whole thing is meant to be called islam not just the last big so puzzle piece so if you go to tampa and you meet the finnish muslims and my kids are half finished you will see that they have very accustomed very tribal eyes come from a certain culture and tradition they're not used to having open dialogue
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integration liberal tolerant values which came from the islamic traditions to europe in the 1st place so muslims do need to change they need to get back to a keen understanding of what islam is what islam isn't and we need to get our house in order because muslims have got problems to deal with. there are areas where islam can adapt to today's world we've already talked about exceptions for ramadan and i hate to trot out that old line that you always hear a lot of non muslims say that normals into expected to adapt for islam in their communities but it doesn't seem to work the other way is there room for change. well i think there is room for. the principles of these faith to modern. happens has happened over hundreds of years in terms of scholars who have been able to adapt so. you know using the microphone was in there the time of the prophet so what a sermon is used today using television more modern media so things do move on but the central principles of these faith are non-negotiable in this same where the
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jewish community won't be told what they can or cannot believe and i think that's a really dangerous precedent has been set by the german government but also across europe this war on islam which is about demonizing and taking away the rights of muslims to practice their faith and i think the key point here is about tolerance it's about respect and for muslims it's about returning to the prophetic way which is one of tolerance respect multi-faith co-existed can i can i raise an issue here just quickly. just very quickly what if we find in 2019 that islam has been so a muslim communities worldwide in the cabin so oppressed corrupted 20000000 dead muslims of the war terror parents some people are saying i was just having a conversation about how churchill might kill 3 times more muslims than hitler kill jews i mean the islam you see today i'm not this are saying people should go on a hard manichean issue but we need to learn that values of tolerance and liberalism
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back from the europeans who took it from us in the 1st project woman and the islam that we are trying to move back to are not sure that's the way it should be so we're out of time now but we do appreciate your time on this my answer and how much of it thanks for joining us on r.t. international thank you so much. thanks for checking in with us this hour be back with more from the moscow news team in just about half an hour. claims another victim who will replace to wrestle me bojo is waiting in the wings and it trumps a very confusing and contradictory iran policy who's in charge.


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