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tv   News  RT  May 27, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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thank. you. europe so dominant parties are dealt a blow in the e.u. parliament elections as the nationalist right of the liberals and the greens enjoy a surge and support. in the u.k. the newly formed bragg's a party storms to victory with support for the conservatives and the labor evaporating. and the austrian chancellor is forced from office in a confidence vote over a corruption scandal. are broadcasting live direct our studios in moscow this is our 2 international incheon
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thomas certainly glad to have you with us all right anti-establishment parties have scored a series of victories in the european elections along with strong gains for greens and liberals and the main centrist bloc has lost its majority in the european parliament the vote attracted the highest turnout in 20 years at 51 percent. so let's break down some of the key numbers for you in italy. right wing party in the league 133 percent of the vote while in france marine le pen's national rally over took president to manual party with 23 percent of the vote the austrian center
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right people's party also saw a huge surge in support and there was a significant blow in germany for the ruling coalition their share of the vote fell by around 7 percent so the big question for everybody now is how is all of this expected to shape of the european parliament for the next 5 years or so let's take a look we're looking at a fragmented a grouping with established movements losing ground to smaller parties despite the gains made by the euro skeptic and right leaning parties pro e.u. groups are still expected to hold onto 2 thirds of the seats the biggest blow of these elections will be dealt to parliaments a grand coalition of center left 3 and right they are set to lose the majority they have enjoyed for well the past 40 years or to show dubinsky reports now from paris . we sued the established parties of the center right down the center losing quite a lot of ground in that election and that of course could spell trouble for that
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e.u. grand coalition that's been the cornerstone of him which since its inception it means that they will now have to leach out to a much smaller parties if they want to keep that still reach of the european parliament on cool they was a suit for anti establishment parties across the block i would parties like the national rally here in france and a leak in italy actually talking the polls in their own countries. to be nice hearty not only top the polls it looks like it's projected to get a around 28 seats in that this election a couple of seats from 2014 and so the need speaking to the press after those results are coming in said that this was essentially the people in europe saying that they want to see anything different other than the your duty to today's vote shows that the rules of europe are changing it's not just due to the choice of the
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italians but also of the french the germans the british the hug ariens the poles the finns the swedes the danes a new europe is born. well here in france we saw a movie in love penn's national rally party topping the polls of course they also took the poll back in 2014 this time very slow it down on their turnout from the last election but still a very big result here in france particular as many people were seeing this is being a referendum on president mccall whose party came in 2nd place they would just pick to the post they are trying to brush this off as noticed by the losses they were expecting but marking the pen is now calling for those anti is. atmosphere of parties to form a grand law within the european parliament to be a stronger voice and she's calling for a new shake up of politics here in france. the president has no other choice but to
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dissolve the national assembly and allow for a more democratic voting system in order to better represent this country's majority political opinion the feeding of traditional parties and the polarization between the national wryly party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalists and globalists and that's what dominates our political life there are also big wins for anti establishment ruling parties in countries such as poland and hungary the other big surprise of the night was the green folk which is up significantly here in france and also in germany and the projection is that they will get around 70 seats which is quite a surge compared to 2014 up around 20 seats on that but the reality is that makeup now of the european parliament will be very different to that we've known for not just the last 5 years but pretty much since its inception and what
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that's going to do is it's going to make it very difficult for the old guard to continue to keep watch and to push things down that agenda. former italian foreign minister franco frattini told us the euro skeptic parties could work as a catalyst for a better europe the new parliament would be has really struck me and there will be many small groups not always on the same line on many issues that. i think this new poll parties had believed to go movements which. is one that was already in the pan with the polish and other words. don't knock represent a threat they care of presenting it pushing factor for the current elite to go to war was in deep trance formation because there was the economy and border
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collie talents of the many other countries do what is a transformation is to overcome the state or school days should be conserved even just they want to keep this teachers for 4 day all interests they should then be concerned eve day i would see a touched to the good for europe as a whole because the. impulse to push coming from those political parties can be very useful for making europe less bureaucratic more attentive to hold us to request even to do this fear of many many millions of italian us. in the u.k. the braggs a party which was only created a few months ago won more votes than 2 main parties combined he solly in london with a breakdown of the results. the newly formed party we should point out in fact they've
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won by far the most seats in those european elections for the u.k. and as you mentioned they're getting more than the conservatives and labor combined and then lead for raj he's somebody who has been really a figurehead not just in these elections but in the push leading up to that referendum in 2016 for the u.k. to leave the youth and he believes that the birds of quality control can go on and be successful in general elections if we do not leave the european union. then just as we've surprised people in these european elections we will go full would absolutely stunned them in the next general election there's a big wake up call here to westminster let's see whether they listen now the fortunes of the brigs that party in exact opposite to the decimation of the u.k. and they went for the full 2014 elections having won 28 piece but since then they'd
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suffer the number of defections not a number of votes counted it's shifting over to the briggs and polity and in fact we can have a breakdown of some of the more prominent leadership of that bread party. drugs that has been dominating the political sphere here in the u.k. to the point that perhaps votes is off fed up with it all and just want the politicians to get on with it now the 2 main parties here in the u.k. labor in the conservatives they had. tories of course are gearing up to try to get a new leader in place and they're going through that process now it is also worth pointing out that while the briggs and party did. well last night the leaf parties
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in general did what's the remain parties combined but the issue that the remained party face is the splitting of the vote between the lib dems who came 2nd in these elections and labor the greens and so on including the s. and p. who have done well in scotland so again while a very good night for. votes is on the broad policy in general it's not as clear cut to say that this would indicate that they would win any 2nd referendum if that was want to be held. the founder of the movement of it later became the u.k. independence party says the governing conservatives should now put a brigadier leader into downing street. theresa may just resigned as prime minister she was one of the was prime ministers in british history the party she led was obviously demoralised by have resignation since the conservative party in government had failed to take the european union on the day we were supposed to come on the 29th of march the voters
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a big stream the angry in the. call t would be high in the polls is a lose all which is what is the significance of the vote in britain and indeed in every other country in europe is how it effects the major qualities in the standing in domestic policy and politics and what's going to happen is the conservative party in this incident saying should get a new leader who will take the european union deal or no deal by the 31st of the polity having made its mark and having given the short to the established parties. will stay there waiting to see what the tory government under a new prime minister does if the new prime minister takes place in the deal and the deal on the 31st of it. then i think there won't be a general election until 2022. case during the. break
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supposed to will just dissolve all those conservatives who went to bed too it will drift back to the conservative party. chancellor sebastian curds has been removed from power along with his administration following a no confidence vote in parliament it comes a week after the ruling coalition collapsed as a result of a corruption sting targeting the van vice chancellor. i can understand the feeling of revenge the wish to put yourself in a better position for the election but what i truly can't understand is that this vote of no confidence against me is now being extended to the entire government only a few days ago the goal was to remove me as chancellor that's maybe understandable as a tactic but the wish to topple the entire government it's a few months before an election this is something i think nobody in this country will comprehend. but no confidence motion was tabled by the opposition socialist
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party and approved by a majority of austrian lawmakers members of the right wing euro skeptic freedom party which was in a coalition with her it's also voted against him the political crisis began with the resignation of critz is 2nd in command last saturday that was after video emerged of the freedom party's heins christians draka offering lucrative public contracts to a woman claiming to be a relative of a russian oligarch in exchange for political support sebastian cortes subsequently dismissed of the interior minister also a freedom party member over his apparent unwillingness to criticize struck his actions the rest of the party's ministers then staged a mass resignation in protest and were replaced by civil servants elections are currently scheduled to take place in september in the meantime the austrian president has appointed the former finance minister as caretaker chancellor. well despite the turmoil austrian voting patterns did not substantially change in the
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e.u. elections even the former vice chancellor struck has apparently secured a seat in the european parliament and curtis party made significant gains coming out as the country's top party. and you feel i'm usually enough to the last but i'm almost speechless we expected a lot we were optimistic but this is a fantastic result this is never happened before we achieve the best results of all time with the biggest distance from 2nd place of all time it is simply unbelievable freedom parties really believe it or leave early to say the least expected in themselves much various sides so it was only about 2 and a half percent but if they don't it means that if we don't buy 3. greece in the past. 5 may be a good time. for him to elections was to show up because at that time when the was
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released most of the voters had already made up their mind so they might change their mind. and actions. for months. teachers in finland are worried about the impact of the ramadan fast on muslim students that's why much more when we come back this is the interim. seemed wrong. just don't call. me. to shape out the attic. and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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i mean we were at camp rounds of america i think it's called there's like a chain of these camp around the trailer parks across america so yeah these types of organizations would be rolled up into a bigger rural up so you have economies of scale you now have lots of once a trailer parks all socialize reporting to one corporate behavior on wall street and they're extracting the calls and dimes and a lot of people are so. welcome back this is arching international now teachers in finland are complaining that the ramadan fast is having a negative impact on muslim students ramadan is noticeable do you increase thing
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sidey never do school life we cannot 1st feature or give injections with nutrients or can do is advise parents not to force children to fast fasting for young children can be successful at home not at school without food. this year ahead of ramadan the authorities in the southern finnish city of temp pair called on schools not to observe the fast some institutions have reportedly been offering water and extended breaks to muslim students others though are supporting the peoples of. the holy month of ramadan is the most sacred in the muslim calendar people abstain from food and drink from sunrise until sunset it is considered to be a month of purification and the 4th keep iller of islam meanwhile politicians in germany including the health minister are calling for a more compatible form of islam to be formed to preserve european traditions and culture instead of tolerating symbols of
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a reactionary miso journalistic form of islam we must promote the development of a european islam which shares our values in order to preserve our free european way of life. over the crux of the rao came down to the line between faith and flexibility when we discussed it earlier on the program or at least my colleagues that. young people are very religious. find the month of ramadan very spiritual and want to participate in that the real key issue here is that there is a war against islam muslims are course europe finished. sensibly do run the best education system in the world with their liberal nordic minds decided that they wanted to help muslim kids out a little bit and are trying to inject a little bit of liberalism and a little bit of tolerance into people who otherwise should know better there is so called liberal societies like the scandinavian countries who talk about liberalism who talk of individual freedom of speech and freedom of choice but in reality you
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want to restrict that for one section of society another thing that's deeply wrong or is a wider discussion to be hard you know the muslims are very passionate about practising their faith and we've got to ensure that we educate our fellow citizens who are not muslim about the benefits but also about the challenges of fasting if you go to tampa and you meet the finnish muslims and my kids are half inish you will see that they are very accustomed very tribal eyes come from a certain culture and tradition they're not used to having open dialogue integration liberal tolerant values which came from the islamic traditions to europe in the 1st place so muslims do need to change they need to get back to a key understanding of what islam is what islam is and we need to get our house in order because muslims have got problems to deal with mental principles of the stomach faith are non-negotiable in this same where the jewish community want to be told what they can or cannot believe and i think that's a really dangerous precedent has been set by the german government but also across
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europe this war on islam which is about demonizing and taking away the rights of muslims to practice their faith and i think the key point here is about tolerance it's about respect and for muslims it's about returning to the prophetic way which is one of tolerance to respect multi-faith co-existed you have a shift. could i come raise an issue with the islam you see today on all this or saying people should go to hard money came issue but we need to learn the obvious of tolerance and liberalism back from the europeans who took it from us in the 1st place and the islam that people are trying to meet but so you are not sure that's the way it should be. in the build up to memorial day this monday the u.s. army asked the veterans to share their stories of how military service influenced their lives and got some unexpected results serve something greater than myself obviously we're going to do just that what do i give to others never take the ones i love and to better myself as a man in a way or how has serving impacted you the combat cocktail p.t.s.d.
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severe depression anxiety isolation suicide attempts never ending rage it cost me my relationship with my eldest son and my grandson it cost some of my men so much more how did serving impact me ask my family i spend sleepless nights wrecked with guilt because none of the horror and suffering i've seen even matters because we're all just grist for a pay mill run by med men because if i speak up and say and this war is wrong my battle buddies fighting their own demons or size me do i get to reply for the dad they can type it any more my husband became an ex because of his p.t.s.d. then he got agent orange cancer and died my cousin died of a rat chemical cancer my other cousin is in remission from the same thing at the moment and also has p.t.s.d. . to everyone who responded to this thread thank you for sharing your story your
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stories are real they matter and they may help others in similar situations the army is committed to the health safety and well being of our soldiers. suicide is a major issue among veterans despite the reduction of the overall rate $6000.00 to die every year mostly with firearms and its young service personnel under 34 years old or especially at risk when the vice president of veterans for peace us says that many soldiers are left to deal with their problems by themselves. and america people like to put soldiers on pedestals and create heroes out of them soldiers are last in their bind where they are being simultaneously hero worship. and having to deal with really traumatic. experiences in mind
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really negatively impacted my life and way is that i am just not even yet comfortable speaking about it made it difficult for me to have a family i had p.t.s.d. and depression for a decade without even realizing it is not anything i would wish on anybody to join the military and yet i know some for some people it's their only way to try to get out of where they're at it's no wonder the suicide rates are so high amongst the veteran population because that kind of intense experience from people are still trying to figure out who they are as a person is just it could only. make life more difficult for the individual. south africa's new president cyril ramaphosa has declared that his country is entering a new era but with his party and country deeply divided he faces an uphill battle
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one of the key problems that the new president faces is the legacy of apartheid and the enduring challenge of extreme inequality white people for instance currently represent 9 percent of south africa's population but own more than 70 percent of private farmland the president has been trying to play down the risk to investors and landowners of the government's bill which could see it land seized without compensation a special r.t. report looks at how the dispute is threatening to rupture the social fabric. i feel that my life and the life of my family members and the future of my children under 3. and no one has a new talk just who therm dam to have i carry a weapon for 20 years already because we are murdered brutally on the farms the problem that we face as a people. in south africa and also within the african continent. the education of
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our country and the continent by a white minority it is very biased. because your skin is white there's definitely a white genocide. to. the. politics of the country at this stage want to explore our land without compensation apathy bridgie way youngest in this country continued to take the lead to let people if we had to live by the way to us own advocate for a free and just society that sped make people we must struggle for the return of the let people suffer in this country about half of the population lives in poverty in this country the old propaganda is that if ever you were. you were a feat but we're speaking of the age of conquest speaking over now that you're
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a white people i'm prepared to pay my grandfather was diverted on our family falls a brother he was killed in a uniform attack we are paranoid you can see it in the white or so find themselves affected by a crime and we also think that we. believe that a civil war in south africa is inevitable we are 15 with a ticking time bomb. and that just for mailbags more news in about $33.00 and a half minutes this is r.t. international. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and
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a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not be or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is it that's like here. what is it calling the coin is magic internet the new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a 2nd bailout for bank that's called the genesis blog for reasons to coin a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just
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a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. banks geysers financial survival bill they say money to develop. a plan to be easy this is a central plank support dying at the limits of the problem right now so you stop to . historically 2 of his opponents used to claim that there are 3 issues that turkey is too poor. and too if you still muslim the fact that we are too poor is no longer correct because our per capita purchase parity is high year than some of the current deal
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member countries. hello and welcome the cross-talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle briggs it claims another victim who will replace the rest of me bojo is waiting in the wings and trumps a very confusing and contradictory iran policy who's in charge. some real news i'm joined by my guest he's a political analyst with nick international and in belgrade because marcus papadopoulos he's the editor of politics 1st magazine or a german cross rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i
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always appreciate it's go to belgrade marcus we've had a tumultuous few weeks with the trump administration showing the world in one form or another it's a ram policy it is very confusing it is very contradictory and i have to wonder what is in play right here is this a big game of bluff or we just have multiple centers of power within the white house go trying to achieve their own aims because trump seems to be all over the place as a matter of fact even contradicting bolton and pompei you know it's a it's a very confusing picture what do you read go ahead belgrade. well. any discussion about the grow in american friends to iran would not be complete without reference to how iran is a great force for stability and security in the middle east because iran prevented the cancerous tentacles of the taliban.


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