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it is a virtual certainty that you will fight a battlefield for america at some point your life. from venezuela to afghanistan or even europe president mike pence preps military academy graduates for active service busy of the globe. u.s. president takes on america's intelligence services demanding they declassified the origins of the. russian collusion coming up to reanalyze the media backlash this morning. lections deliver a mixed bag of results with anti establishment parties making a strong showing for the greens the liberals.
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say their good morning just turned 80 on tuesday morning here in moscow watching out international with me kevin owen in this latest world news roundup 1st and be ready for combat around the globe that's the advice u.s. vice president. for students america's elite military academy west point speech on sunday one of the dangers of the modern world and promise that the graduates will see action reports. you will fight on a battlefield for america some point your life if you didn't notice the words in the background that was mr vice president talking to the graduates of a top class u.s. military academy and that wasn't it how do you like this degree of certainty it is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for america some point your life. you will lead soldiers in combat.
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you will have so what is the 2nd most important official in the country trying to make clear by that the good old boots on the ground will certainly be on the way to quite a few different places after all come on no one in this world would dare to send an army against america to put up a fight there nobody will realistically send soldiers to attack the superpower of all superpowers and so men and women of west point no matter where you're deployed . you will be the vanguard of freedom here they are the future of basters of freedom you look at their faces and frankly it doesn't seem they're in raptures over what mr pence is saying but let's hear where in the world we might expect to see a boost in freedom in the days to come some of you will join the fight against radical islamic terrorists in afghanistan. and iraq oh these are
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familiar places where the pro says so to say began a while ago soon it will be 20 years any more destinations some of you will join the fight in europe where an aggressive russia seeks to redraw international boundaries by force probably in this area it's a bit of an exaggeration that the graduates will find themselves on a battlefield taking part in nato as big war games there that's more like it. well at least for now it's only been in the form of drills for now and finally the most curious part and some of you may even be called upon to serve. in this hemisphere it won't be rocket science for you to figure out where the boots on the
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ground money to be marching off to next in the western hemisphere van zyl well all where for the white house it's a classic all options are on the table plus we heard from the opposition big guy there one of why don't he wouldn't mind at all it's reflex this administration that has been gunning for war any run for a war in venezuela it seems to think that the us is allowed to do rejean change in other countries and take other countries resources i think that it reflects this idea that the united states is the only superpower in the world and it gets to wage war if it wants to and certainly continue the wars that we have been in is a war as the president trump said he was going to get us out of and we continue to be in those who are supporting other wars proxies like saudi arabia and threatening
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new wars. the green zone the liberals have emerged victorious from parliamentary elections of the european union that's come at the expense of the centrist blocs them without establishment parties coming in on top and it's a leaf from some belgium next we shall do penske reports this morning there was no shortage of political drama in the run up to it either. some months pundits have been predicting a rise in empty establishment policies ahead of the e.u.'s. actions afterwards they were wrong but across the globe in the weeks leading up to the vote panic was setting in and let's be clear that panic was and without ground scandals emerged all reemerged in a timely fashion. take martin pen days before france headed to the polls the e.u. top court ordered her to pay back 300000 euros to the european parliament
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this followed a case in which the national rally leader had been accused of paying an aide incorrectly but the timing felt off it was almost as if it was a way to tell voters that her party just couldn't be trusted that came hot on the heels of accusations that former trump strategist steve bannon was actually the one pulling all the pens strings yet the public didn't seem to care and the national rally still talked the polls here in france other scandals that were rife in the media included one russians well at least the alleged russians no shock there but of course not a single troll in sight. it was of course if. the party which was in coalition best ink people's party found itself under the spotlight not for its potentially dubious policies but for
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a good old cash influence gambit. measle. there was even an attempt to drag le pen's name into the thick gate as it became known a few months ago marine le pen was singing the praises of austrian vice chancellor heinz christian straka saying how formidable he was struck as being forced to resign we find out why he was trying to sell his services to foreign forces behind this nationalist movement is a submission to foreign forces despite this the f p o still managed to pick up just over 17 percent of the vote in austria. there was also of course the elections very own 2 moment one swedish democrats
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candidate accused the other of sexual harassment and even though this scandal washed away it didn't hamper the anti immigration party's performance they increased their share of the vote to more than 50 percent. and despite merkel not calling it out warning the populous parties wanted to destroy europe we are haring to deal with populist movements that in many areas are contemptuous of our of fail use and want to destroy the europe of the values we represent we have to stand up to this these parties significantly increase their representation in many parts of the e.u. sex money the long arm of washington reaching for controlling europe nothing seemed to put voters off seeking something new what is clear from the results of these elections is that the old guard could no longer count on the masses to support them
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in blind faith what europeans want is something different it seems a godless want that is. ski r.t. paris political commentator john y. believes that europe's centrist bloc had it coming and voted for straight and simply finally boiled over. since the global economic crash into terms of meet centrism has failed to win anywhere since and in have events no move towards any kind of reform whatsoever in response to the rise of your skepticism from the right is the mainstream political current we had before it always been on the margins certainly on on what trend is no fashion upon and the european union is going to be nigh sooner rather than later what can people across europe have been suffering monumental disappear in iraq and light of this economic crash and the ensuing austerity programs that have been implemented across europe. don't try going head
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to head with america's intelligence services the us presidents demanding that they declassify the origins of the mall or investigation into trump russian collusion the special counsel's 2 year pro found no evidence of criminal conspiracy between the trump campaign of the russian government during the 2016 presidential election next as one of our senior correspondent looks at how the mass media's shifted stance song whether the u.s. president can question the activity of the intelligence services or not. the thing with spies with all this secrets and power and egos is that it really seems to goo to their heads and honestly how can you blame them they are literally be yawned public scrutiny anyone tries to stick their nose in you just stamp everything as classified and loudly denounce them as unpatriotic see it is a very very serious and outrageous move on the part of mr trump once again trampling
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upon the statutory authorities of the director of national intelligence and the heads of the independent intelligence agencies how dead trump what true american would ever question why they're being wiretapped and spied upon good thing america has m.s.n. be she true patriots. this is the bread and full time so you can vent his frustrations for everyone to hear of course to do that m.s.n. b.c. had to sacrifice their principles and integrity president obama said today he still stands by his cia chief john brennan even though it turns out the cia was indeed spying on the senate and some senators are calling for brennan to be fired now just to be clear that was in 2014 when they weren't on the same side then spying on everyone your own elected leaders included was considered dubious these is
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2019 and the word spying is now considered politically incorrect it offends people who see people who secretly eavesdrop and record and film everyone agents the good guys. a talking point from the president and those around him telling congress buying dinner on the trump campaign it's a loaded word. no the implications of using that word has now gone trump's favorite new word and the trump media's favorite new word. senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein accuse brennan cia of secretly tracking the senate's investigation into one of the worst abuses in recent cia history and now factor in this huge new scandal the fact that brennan cia was spying on members of congress turns out the cia was indeed spying on the senate the cia was spying on the senate intelligence
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committee basically busting into their computers but i give m s n b c too much credit or others to washington post gave brennan his column where he publishes pieces with nubile noble titles i will speak out until integrity returns to the white house promises well done washington post it takes courage to set aside what you believe in to go back on your word but again it's been 5 years who remembers things like that right the guardian same thing surprisingly brandon isn't working for the guardian yet one by one though the pundits and the seeing wrong from right question is are they going to demand brennan's resignation or accountability within the cia the patriotic answer by the way is no holding the
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cia accountable would be sure to put secret agents do top secret stuff and drink martinis and have things and carry out special secret missions i didn't see anything improper on lawful and yes james clapper brennan's former boss is now a c.n.n. employee i'll tell you this every true american can be proud of their a brave brave. ball watch over you and record everything you do or say they night whether you want it or not and if times all politics change in 5 years no one will remember it ever happened more aghast have reporting that say 40 the morning moscow time for a good morning from a covered only the rest the team on duty this morning here at the international coming up after the break france in one hour working week sounds great yeah well that's the recommendation of an environmental think tank to save the world
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motivating we'll tell you all about it when we come back. what politicians do you suppose. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted over checked. so when you want to express. something that's.
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actually going to be for us it's like the most extreme of all people. interested in the last. 6. i got good morning teachers in finland that express concern over muslim students fasting during the holy month of ramadan they claim it affects the students' concentration during classes. ramadan is noticeable due increasing saidee never d.c. school life we cannot 1st feature nor give injections for nutrients or hindus advice parents not to force children to fast fasting for young children can be successful
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at home not at school without food this year ahead of ramadan authorities in one southern finnish city called on schools not to observe the fast and some institutions of reportedly been offering water at extended breaks to muslim students a bit of a background here as you probably know there are a month of ramadan which ends next monday is the most sacred of the muslim calendar people abstain from food and drink from sunrise until sunset it's considered a beer month of purification and the 4th key pillar of his lap. mean time politicians in germany include health minister calling for more compatible form of islam to be promoted to preserve european traditions and culture. instead of tolerating symbols of a reactionary missile journalistic form of islam we must promote the development of a european islam which shares our values in order to preserve our free european way of life. we told her this but it seems the crux of the road came down to the line between faith and flexibility. ental principles of the stomach faith are
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non-negotiable in this same where the jewish community won't be told what they can or cannot believe and i think that's a really dangerous precedent is being crossed europe this war on islam which is about demonizing and taking away the rights of muslims to practice their faith finished. sensibly do run the best education system in the world with their liberal nordic mind decided that they wanted to help muslim kids out a little bit and are trying to inject a little bit of liberalism and a little bit of tolerance into people who otherwise should know better there is a liberal societies like the scandinavian countries who talk about liberalism who talk of individual freedom of speech and if you do a choice but in reality you want to restrict that for one section of society and i think that's deeply wrong if you go to tampa and you meet the finnish muslims and my kids are half finished you will see that they are very accustomed very tribal
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eyes come from a certain culture and tradition they're not used to having open dialogue integration liberal tolerant values which came from the islamic traditions to europe in the 1st place so muslims do need to change they need to get back to a key understanding of what islam is what islam isn't and we need to get our house in order because muslims have got problems to deal with there is a wider discussion to be had you know the muslims are very passionate about practice you know and we've got to ensure that we educate our fellow citizens who are not muslim about the benefits but also about the challenges of fasting look i think whether it's the issue of fasting whether receive the headscarf whether it's the any other range of issues when we're talking about how islam co-exists there's a lot of debate a lot of pressure on how do muslims whether they assimilate or whether they integrate the key point here is about tolerance it's about respect and for muslim. it's about returning to the prophetic way which is one of tolerance or respect of our multi-faith co-existed you have
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a shift i can i can raise an issue here the islam you see today i'm not this or saying people should go to hard manichean issue but we need to learn that values of tolerance and liberalism back from the europeans who took it from us in the 1st place and the islam that people are trying to move back to are not sure that's the way it should be. elsewhere the smaller you were young environmental activists continue the push for protests to fight climate change seems some research is now proposing a much more peaceful solution my like this idea the autonomy think tank is suggesting to drastically reduce the working week they claim is going to cut c o 2 emissions according to the study country should take an individual approach for instance the u.k. moving to a 9 hour week maybe a journey to just 6 hours the scientists say they're sure that will help d. carbonized the economy and prevent temperature rise we asked people in berlin wonder what they thought of the idea of maybe go. i would rather stop air travel to protect the environment i would spend more time in my garden. we should work less
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if that means consuming less whatever we do we should be doing less of it and less driving and flying in industry netiquette c o 2 and the shooter has limits need to be set but no one is ready to do this sittings will stay as they are of change do i don't believe that if we started working 10 hours you could change anything that is climbing i would not want to carry only 10 hours a week during my earnings and if you did work 8 i work with children in the need more attention time working less smarter but since. working with a basic income baby garrity i did what would push me around the biggest whole since i was in the ada bar because doctors handle doctors so what a lot of hours a week for 6 hours a week or whatever else it's not the work economy or the whole field we need people in. it's the economy. just like how college or not work i'm going to work out what
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it's going out that way. how people get away at the savoy. if a quote attributed to president trumps gone viral on social media or 7 are using it as an example of how false news can spread.
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does this when dog became our president was it when he kowtows of putin and house think you. ian bremmer now admits that he made up a completely ludicrous quote attributing it to me this is what's going on in the age of fake news people think they can say anything and get away with it really the libel no should be changed to hold fake news media accountable. even spreading misinformation thinking that's his plan and something he's proven that he's not to the source of information and should not have the trust of the damned. untasted social experiment in bremmer shows that members of congress like ted knew or share fabricated quotes and never fact check or confirm. things like his so far the smaller so much more from us of course. called. in the rest of the morning table judy here in moscow this morning thanks for watching and
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have a great day. there's an international economic forum is a unique. today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's vital issues. special forum coverage on r.t. . join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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what is it calling the coin is magic and the new type of digital currency decentralized digital scarcity chancellor bring a 2nd for bankers call the genesis blog for reason to coin a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. dish you will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these commandments and you state huge. in all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the white people the stolen property and therefore it must
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be returned to black people. get rid of whites only problems will go. with him. as president of the free. white farmers in. every single. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in the. mania somebody of. these white horse will find themselves affected by crime and we often point to what effect means in greens oh it's all sweat and a lot of. what are you going to have for dinner to the ceiling be asking for my bad feelings to civil war in south africa is even if it's. good was one who was there and each be in the top of your hand to get to.
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and we don't know what facebook's aims are in fact facebook doesn't know what its aims are because it's going to be the sum total of all the people who are working on these algorithms a whistleblower someone who used to work for facebook came forward last year and said i was one of the news sure eaters at facebook a bunch of us used to sit around every day and we used to remove stories from the news feed that were too conservative and now and then we inject a story that we saw it was really cool. the facebook founder mark zuckerberg says he's committed to giving everyone a voice news from responding to an allegation that facebook edits conservative views out of its trending topics they can suppress certain types of results based
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on what they think you should be seeing based on what your followers are presenting now a new report claims that according to a former facebook employee the social media mega company sometimes ignores what is actually trending among its 1000000000 users if the story originated from a conservative news source or if it's a topic causing buzz among conservatives. facebook costly manipulates or users they do it by the things that they insert into the news they do it by the types of posts they allow their users to see and the fact that they actually decided to do psychological experiments on the users is something that i think a lot of people. to really fully understand and they were doing it based upon the fact that different things that people posted they want to see how other people would react to a. health watch why your facebook friends post can have a direct effect on your mood new research shows the more negative posts you see the
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more negative you could become. so if for example let's say somebody wanted to post something that was on the news feed that was a very negative story they want to see how their users would react via their likes by their statements by their posts and they would show people who already had a predilection to maybe having some depression or maybe having some other issues in their lives and they can figure that out based upon your like space upon your connections based upon where you're going and so what they want to do is take that information and then use it to basically weaponize this information against their users so that way their users could see different things that may affect their mood and may affect how they interact with others and that's something that is highly unethical it appears that some young people may have been so affected by this that they may have done harm to themselves based upon what they saw on their facebook feed and it was all because it is experiments do things that we have no standing
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with facebook we're not citizens of facebook we have no blood on facebook it's not a democracy it's just this process is not a way we can design the future we can't rely on this single company to invent our digital future. there's there's what i call the creepy line and the google policy about a lot of these things is to get right up for the creepy line but not cross it google crosses the creepy line every day. not only does google cross the creepy line the location of that line you keep shifting well it's an interesting word creepy right because it's a word that connotes horror he didn't say dangerous he didn't say an ethical there's all sorts of words that could have fit in not slot he said creepy and a creep is someone who creeps around and follows human spies on you for unsavory purposes right that's the definition of a creep.


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