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my name is that is. forgive the sins of white europeans who moved into this country in between these 2 even in the 19th century. we live on a family farm near bluefin in so that africa and the 3rd generation of my family on that farm and currently for the best to you 2 years i've been working the farming with my father. my father is the easier both my dad and my posts. on this call me for most through this. whole school therefore be. we don't multiply at all for commercial purposes.
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or the of my daily routine on the phone is to mix the. traditional supplements for the cattle which we feed the cattle so i spend i spend a lot of time in our own. forming is just part of what so. it is it is something that i thought i could i probably would do it for the rest of my life. get them good. actually it's a meaning that you are a farmer you cultivate the lead. and you. read stuff and that became
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also a national name for us. and identity. the african people all of the disengaged of the white european peoples and these people were really just refuse g.'s from europe and fringe you know it's. been this german protestants. in the i was born and raised in this country my family as lived in this country for over 200 years and i love my. but i just i just don't feel like i can raise my family in this country and who. i married. i was good to be a full wife and easy to love little children adored she's 2 years old and the
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son who's just turning one he was appointed on the phones for instance when he had only cheated death don't get interested in what it 4 or 4 seen if it's almost certain what those who have it nice is chrysis know. i should tell you that before that we didn't have anything like that i feel that my life and the life of my family members and the future of my children under 3 in this could be the most immediate 3 just the 3 don't boylan's of being attacked on the fall this is. good advice to skid did he leave the country and to. do the capital like there's definitely a white genocide they are hundreds of forwards hundreds of white people did in the
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country every year thousands of white farmers have been over the past decade was this move is certainly a race issue it is a this is it is explicitly a race issue. my name is done in one month. for missionary movement in south africa called let's 1st learn 1st in short b.l.s. . out which is red. symbolizes blood of our people through colonial wars that must occur this in genocide. and then let's circle
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inside the prisons let people and then at the bed which is their trademark before movement is the end of. time. so. this is the. passage that. we are going to have national general elections in clinton 19 waking that if it had not expecting to get less than i would say feisty is a place you want. to happen as the deputy president office movement. i think these are baseless ability that i would be a member of parliament. to know why. we believe this and lo contradiction poured out that the problem that we face as a people. since our last week also within the african continent. is the education
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of our country and the continent by a white minority plight no. fight back. from this time i learned to really look 1st for you also prove that i did not think of the old and the many reasons. i think regime inside of me got conned as a result of color and yet it is where they are placed in the subjugation of a people based on the other. was legislated and made to rule i didn't think of as it was implemented was a workable system i do admit that if this thing wasn't done the right to it's the
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black people of south africa a lot of principle in this country was that if you are white. you are human. you have to like to own everything and if you let us subhuman and therefore you are a 3rd of the white minority and the the white man. mainly white people at these their feeling of superiority especially during that period it is through with their apathy bridgie way the youngest in this country continued to take the lead to lead people if we had to do better they taught us so and advocate for a free and just society that the suspects make people we must struggle for the 10 of them and. to the indigenous people.
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is not going to be some kind of blanket approach. we take from white cryptic while going to move out of the. truth be told get to be dismaying follow that is not big news under utilize this and then that is vote count south african ruling african national congress will push ahead with plans to amend the constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation the question of land remains among the most sensitive and devises in the country land but still and under apartheid it still hasn't been given back all major political parties in south africa have agreed there is a need for extensive land reform in the country the constitution as it stands. it's going to impede expropriation of land without compensation and of course if that were to appen to my family it would be get there for
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a free. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic to follow only closely i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. with the lawmakers manufacture them sentenced to the public will. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round to listen to one. night we can all middle of the room signals. to leave room for the real news group. home climate we were at camp rounds of america i think it's called there's like a chain of these campgrounds and trailer parks across america so yeah these types of organizations would be rolled out into a big a rural up so you have economies of scale you now have lots and lots of trailer parks all socialize reporting to one corporate behavior on wall street and they're extracting nickels and dimes and a lot of people are suffering. from
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. the left people suffer in this country about half of the population lives in poverty in this country. and the. people every day being says they don't know what they are going to eat. and they don't they don't know what they are going to feed their children. and. no one deserves to live their lives without basic services. don't know what. you're in a village blissett see. because you are cut out of the economy and part of the problem is that the white minority is in demand that they took a whole company from the people our economy is facing serious challenges at the
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moment the recently released figures on unemployment are quite worrying what are you going to have for dinner today we don't have anything because there's not going to she was the printer enough she was the only one who was making sure those things well you're not going to have any before you do that next week i'm asking from miami bad things how are you going to feed your kids to come i got 2 nights out of my nice tony back getting me out faithful to me be a kid. got
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to go work out at. the time go with the. one when i see. my. make up is let's just let 1st you also support them to patients in the country because people have no houses people are not. there's over. into our house we're going to educate the land and we're going to use it primarily for this denture to pose as you can see that people want to have a look at themselves obviously it works tristan chelsea that she was so this complaint is that this particular community to those that don't work there and like they work with the tribes job and friends where this. didn't work but you. my story doesn't like why they don't have jobs it's very unfair they became pipe tight potential this is my cock so i want to fix if i don't have my new also as
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i'm gonna shut the fuck bells and to fix the cars. no predicts what kind of car you would like to have kind of cut yet favorite part about it god you want to drive. the road one member over level. that over. 80 percent of the land salafi. is owned by 35000 white families including white businesses 80 percent of that led me on the needs of people in this country that i missed.
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we had this house for most 20 years it started off as a small single house and then we went to the top and then we were in this way in through the years we could turn it into quite a nice log house but when i go to europe i come back in a realize this is what i want to be it's the spaces the incredible space with. singer songwriter also just the right. flight of the laws decay dose of abuse was that age to become an activist for some of the interests of my tribe steve a fire is an artist is a singer and also an actor and he's a very successful artist. one of the most successful or to since of africanists tree today i would describe him probably as the most in. through in childbirth. the decision to move from apartheid to dismantle or to share the entire country was a small decision that whites only could make in 1902 and at that stage i voted yes
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for it i still think theoretically it's still a very good idea but you have to work with reasonable people and within about a year of voting yes i realized that yes vote was a dagger in the heart of my people my tribe will be the more modern definition of this is the offical that i had says to us all european but we africans you know we're very proud to be african. gonna be his lead for a few days she's also a babysitter. and she speaks also my language which makes it easier for us to get along that is you know just wave you know the people of home for me and i discuss with other forget it we we have workers also in the gardens and all that and people have sketched it almost as green was as if you went up there and force people to come with you but they did on the other question in a country with a 50 percent unemployment rate under the u.s. and a 50 percent unemployment under the racist people look i'm going to be here for 3 rand. we have
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a election coming up so you'll have. most populous expressions out there. the lead exposure debate was extremely controversial the moment it was mentioned if what he said we've been waiting for this for a long time it's not news but without compensation that was and you want for us for me that's nothing else but safety because the. let people buy their white and you know it it's got the kind of that is a crime against humanity. and how it becomes possible it's true what the disposition of people. in the old propaganda is that if. you were a thief but we speaking of the. of context we speak of are not that your depth does not locked away and get on what do we do with the known boards when they are found the most just thing to do is for the store yet to be returned to the i told him.
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you know how much you st you have to be bold and sidestep to get to the point where you could say i was here 1st to lead the host to be you can't have birthright birthright is not the way to say i was the 1st. plate of one of my kings and queens in this country. all of us all. went and lot of people. do you believe that if the government will take the land from whites owners and then we just reviewed it among the black populations will it help you know how it will help us because we will be able to regain our lives and not be able to provide for themselves if i had a land for myself i was going to be able to put she couldn't go out and be as if
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black found the a.n.c. to. reaffirm to its position that a comprehensive lender form program. that and neighborhoods equitable access to and . economic growth this is not so yes you see you can put up here is really a blow to spin you should include beach for details so that people can watch. let's get closer to. this. these pictures tried to called in the wrong. chinese. belief this is this is africa's been if this is our trainees finish. what. this very is they give us what they've stolen then we can fight there's no problem. the land is
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belong to us they know very they've stolen them and while i did the show did what if what if for example those farmers would refuse to give you the way you were a why why why why didn't because they know their fathers their fathers said good father tall and then no more. because they don't belong here they're not africans person that keeps coming from this is colonize. who are white who live with us here in this country is that you are learned you are incapable of anything what are you going to use the land for it comes from an attitude. of wanting to proper trade black people. as if there is. that must constantly be supervised by a white minority or misplaced must our nation should we do not need to explain ourselves.
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my name is smile i'm not to lie i'm the sort of throw the c.p.a. and i would just in fact do you see people just. provide justice the ship this for must by the before we came in. before the government acquired the it it was owned by. dismissing the family that's when they came here and most of the indigenous people was then taken out from the north and none inside of the. films would you with the books some with. some feel when you pull you over to
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a few. moments of brilliance for truth for those who feel. you move to google who will think you're just a group of consumers. so you know the new. york. girls. become far more come for the office you know beautiful girls. you're supposed to show off that you're not the rose you were 3 more years i was going for you or it's possible for you offer to buy a life was a or national this unfortunately or fortunately with contacts in the far more than just of the from a company now of course my own. work companions if you're going to go for what he was as if you skip what's useful to go for sure if someone was here if i was.
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i'm fortunate because i believe that the best night in times of london for me if they're all nice can themselves be the. be. you might feel moved almost surely it's good for a book it's revealed some oh just for me it was just for me you. mistook i mean it's true of me. how many hours do you work night. going to lunch. how do you like working on a farm that is run by white people. that. white people use with the feeling.
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that the gentleman himself was part of that i'm to say if it's a white boy most of those. men are just clowns many just a christian. of course the a wife they come here and. when they leave here. is a lot of racial issues so the african people don't like the white form. they want to get you out they don't like you. so it's a struggle struggle to get the people to work for you but. we have to. who is to blame for the fact that you can't draw on this farm my yourself. we i think the blame should be put on the shoulders of the so-called mental floss
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to. know that people are capable of providing. and tough prizes but unfortunately those that. were dismissed for maybe. just evil. disposed midfielder rebuilds. will probably here with us i mean baseball trends that was born. so they can only spend this money. when they have to fund.
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now we must explain ourselves to the coloniser comes off. less people like the messenger for what it's going to be used for it's good a 5th and yet in mindset. i really think that you know. why people i'm prepared to pay any income for coming into business and commercial capital of the field for one play local.
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it's seemed wrong. to me to be yet to stamp out this they become educated and gain from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. with the whole make this manufactured consent instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent.
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we can all middle of the room signals. from the real news. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results geist on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election besant. exist the more rope we give them the sooner we're all.
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this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's this is his personal doctor. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move sailing yachts and flying aircraft that just puts us on the. phone. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. with all that's happened almost all. our associates going to busy doing nothing is going to do the population lachrymose is going to people on his
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own. it is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for america at some point your life from venezuela to afghanistan and even europe u.s. vice president mike pence preps military academy graduates right to said was so cross with a load of. us president takes on america's intelligence services demanding they declassified the origins of the probe into russia collusion coming up we analyze the media backlash and. teachers in finland warn muslim students against fasting through the holy month of ramadan saying it affects their concentration in class until principles. in the same way the jewish community wants you know.


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